Did You Ever? Ch. 06


Sitting on the couch naked beside his mom, cum everywhere, seconds after learning his father loved to perform oral sex on men, Tony was both humiliated and curious.

His mom, Jenn, had caught his best friend, Max, sucking Tony’s cock. After Max ran from the basement, Jenn revealed her husband Michael was bisexual, causing Tony to cum right in front of her. And she seemed to be OK with all of it, suggested Tony was bisexual. Jenn told Tony to wash off before telling him all about IT.

Tony stood up, his hands covering his cock, and headed toward the shower in the laundry area. “I’ll be out in a few minutes,” he said sheepishly, turning toward his mom. Jenn, though, was right behind him. He instantly stopped, blurting out, “MOM, no, I don’t need you in there. I’m embarrassed enough.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “After all that I’ve seen today, you don’t need to be so shy. I want to put a load of clothes in the washer. We can talk while you shower.” A little flabbergasted, Tony threw up his arms and walked into the shower area. As Jenn separated white clothing from colored garments, Tony turned on the water, getting it nice and hot the way he liked it. When he stepped under the spray, water splashed all over Jenn’s back, causing her to squeal and run for cover. Laughing, she exclaimed, “wow, that was not a part of the plan!,” and then kicked off her sneakers and pulled off her socks. “Well,” she said. “I might as well just throw my stuff in the washer, too.” Tony was transfixed as he watched his mom’s hips wriggle as she pealed her wet jeans over her legs.

“Mom, what the hell?” Tony shouted as she unbuttoned her plaid shirt and shrugged it over her shoulders. Standing only in a sports bra and bikini panties, Jenn laughed again. “Kiddo, you’re killing me, here. This should not be a shock porno izle to you. You’ve left your computer on plenty of times, and what I saw on the screen was plenty raw. You’ve been looking at a lot more graphic stuff than me in underwear. I didn’t know about your EXTRA activities until today, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence that you’ve been taking matters into your own hands for a while.”

“Damn,” Tony thought, another person checking out his trash can for wads of tissue. “OK,” he finally said. “I masturbate. I’m a big, dirty, serial masturbator. You have the goods on me. But what are you doing with bikini underwear?”

“Bikini underwear,” Jenn responded, bending over in laughter. “What? Do you think I am a senior citizen? Should I be wearing granny panties that go up over my belly button? I think I should be insulted. But given your ignorance, I’ll forgive you. And guess what, sometimes when I wear leggings, I don’t wear panties at all.”

“I’m sorry,” Tony said. “It’s just that you’re my mom, and I never thought of you in any way but that. I never thought of you in bikini panties, and I sure as hell never thought of you as you and Dad having sex, and I never thought of him as sucking … .”

He never finished the sentence and turned his back to Jenn.

“Anthony,” Jenn said, realizing her son had reached the height of embarrassment. “This is all OK. I can see you have a lot to learn. Tony, have you ever seen a woman naked in person? Have you ever touched a girl? Have your ever even KISSED a girl?”

His back still turned, Tony croaked a soft “no, none of it. Girls make me nervous. I wouldn’t know how to ask, wouldn’t know what to do. What do you do, walk up and ask to kiss a girl, ask her to undress?”

It was not technically the truth. He once saw his sister, porno Pam, naked, for like a second. She came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and talking on her cell phone. The phone slipped out of her wet hand and, and when Pam reached out to catch it, the towel dropped. She shrieked and ran back into the bathroom. Tony was not sure exactly when he saw or how much, but he figured his mom didn’t need to know.

“Tony, look here,” Jenn said. Tony turned around to see his mom totally nude. He looked away then felt his mom’s hand on his shoulder. “Son, I want you to see what a real woman looks like, a woman’s body looks like, not an airbrush, faked-up image of a porn star. Any 19-year-old girl with the right make-up, hairstyle and clothing can look pretty good. Look at me and see someone who is 45 and fighting to keep her figure, battling wrinkles on her face, a woman who has had two kids. I am not wearing any make-up right now. This is the real me, a 45-year-old woman with a husband who likes men as much as he does me. You are my son, and I love you dearly. You are inexperienced and exploring your sexuality for the first time. I love you if you are straight, if you are bi or if you are gay. I just want to help you sort through it all.”

Turning slowly, Tony suddenly saw his mom in a different way. In truth, she was lovely. A shade under 5-feet-tall, she was tiny. With her hair pulled back in a pony, he looked at her face in a way he never had. Jenn was not classically beautiful in the Hollywood style, Tony thought. She was extremely pretty, though, in a way he thought of as cute. Pam, a year older then Tony, closely resembled their mom. Jenn was slender but well-proportioned. One look at her legs served as proof that her time spent in the gym was well spent. Her breasts were pretty small, maybe rokettube the size of lemons. They were giving away slightly to gravity, although still pretty perky, Tony thought, scolding himself silently for staring at his mother. However, he couldn’t resist, couldn’t turn away. Her nipples were small, pointy and pink. Tony looked lower. “Did you have an operation?” he asked, pointing to a light-colored, horizontal scar on his mom’s lower tummy. “You were a big baby,” Jenn whispered, tears suddenly running down her freckled cheeks. “I was in labor with you for 12 hours. The doctor finally said I needed a C-section because of the stress on you. I don’t mind the scar. It is forever my reminder that you were able to enter this world a healthy baby.”

In that instant, Tony felt a wave of guilt for all the times he had given his mom grief. He walked over and embraced his little mom and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Tony, I just want to help you learn. If you want me to stop, I’ll go upstairs.” Jenn said.

“It’s fine,” Tony responded, returning to the shower. “I want to learn. I have been so confused lately.

“If you’re sure, all right,” Jenn said. “I’m a mess now, so I’m going to rinse off, too.”

She stood beside Tony and used her hip to bump him to the side. “Don’t hog the water,” she said. “Give me some room.” They shared a good, long laugh.

“Hey mom,” Tony said, pointing to Jenn’s hips. “I have one question. Do you know the hair on your head is lighter than your hair down there.”

“Well, if you must know, I’m starting to get a few gray hairs on my head so, I dye my hair. Big deal. This time, I went a little blonder than usual,” Jenn responded, feigning anger. “By the way, I have a question, too. Are you aware you are hard again? Maybe you should take care of it now so there won’t be a mess later. The evidence will go right down the drain.”

“Geez, Mom, shut up,” Tony said. He was embarrassed again, but not enough to keep him from stroking his cock – right in from of Jenn.

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