Disciplined Daughter Pt. 01

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Susie and her mother Felicia had been a team since her fathers death when she seven. His death out of the blue had hit them both hard. Although her husband did a great job of securing their future and an education for Susie there was still a hole left. With that said, Felicia after mourning only a little, threw herself into the parenting duties and took on the challenge of being both parents and the only bread winner.

Susie for her part had understood things had changed when her dad passed and felt the need to help her mother by good grades and staying out of trouble. Things had functioned well until Susie’s sophomore year. Susie discovered her body and what males could do to it. She had developed early and had filled out a curvy figure with larger than normal breasts and a bubble butt below a tight waist.

There had been a string of boyfriends and hook ups for the teenager, but nothing serious. What seemed to go hand and hand with Susie’s discovery was a slipping in grades from near honor roll to a B average and neglecting of responsibilities around the house and all the while Felicia observed and began to disapprove. She had let Susie know her concerns about ‘giving it away’ and a waning commitment to school and chores. The conversations always ended in an argument with Susie saying that everything was fine and school was going to be okay.

Inside Susie was biding her time until she graduated and go off to college. She had been Pre-accepted to a State college and tuition would not be a problem as her father had provided for her.

Things finally came to a head a couple weeks after Susie’s eighteenth birthday when Felicia got a call in the afternoon. It was the mother of Susie’s Boyfriend of the Month.

“Hello is this Susie Markinson’s Mother?” The woman said.

“Yes? Is Susie okay?” Felicia said beginning to panic.

“Well, I just walked into my house and your daughter and my son were fucking and my whole house smells like pot!” the woman said.


“He’s only sixteen and I know Susie is eighteen…”

Felicia thought for a moment, wondering what the age of consent was in the state. After an instant she said, “I’ll take care of it. If she hasn’t left already send her home.”


Susie walked into their modest well kept house thirty minutes after the call from her boyfriends mom. Felicia looked at her daughter’s eyes they were watery, she was still feeling the marijuana.

“Hi mom,” Susie said meekly as she tried to make a beeline for her room.

“Don’t even try it!” Felicia said. “We need to talk.”

“About what?” Susie said trying to play dumb.

“I just got a call from Brad’s mother. That’s his name by the way, Brad. The guy you were fucking and getting high with is named Brad.”

“I know what his name-” Susie cringed knowing she had walked right into confession.

“Did you also know he’s sixteen?” Felicia snapped back.

“He turns seventeen in two weeks it’s not that big a deal.”

“Yes it is and we’re going to fix it!” The last few years of frustration coming out.

“Mom relax! In five months I’ll be out of high school and on my way to college so you won’t have to worry about me. Just stay out of my life until then!” Susie’s attitude coming out.

“Excuse me? If you think I’m going to spend one dime on you going to college with your attitude and behavior like this, you’re crazy.”

“Honestly mom,” Susie said with a smile, “You don’t have no say in the matter. Dad laid my college money aside for me. Also, I’m eighteen I’m going to college wether you’re going to spend a “dime” or not.”

Felicia looked at her daughter bewildered shaking her head, “Do you know how marriages and finances work?” She faked waiting for a reply before continuing, “I was his wife, his money was my money. Him ‘setting aside’ money for you would have been him stealing money from me.”


“Trust me there is not a single financial document with your name on it. You have nothing unless I say you do.” Felicia stopped letting her words sink in.

Susie was in shock, her mom made perfect sense. She could be stopped from going to college and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her mother’s words brought manisa escort her back to reality. “Right now we have two options,” Felicia said, “One you can continue your behavior and once you graduate High School I will through your butt out of my house.”

Susie swallowed hard. What had she walked into?

“Option number two,” Felicia began. She had started planning this out when she had gotten off the phone with Brad’s mother so far it was falling into place perfectly. “You start listening to me, you start following my directions, and we do something about your… habits…”

Felicia waited for a response.

Susie was still stunned not understanding line about ‘habits’ but her mother was offering her a way out.

“What’s it going to be?” Felicia prompted.

“Shit, I guess the second.”

“Great. Take your clothes off,” Felicia said subconsciously straightening her posture. Power was coming to her.

“What the fuck?” Susie asked bewildered.

“You heard me.” Felicia said, thinking her language would need to be dealt with also.


“‘Why’ is not part of your vocabulary anymore. As a matter of fact I’d say questions aren’t going to help you with me either.” Felicia could see the fear and bewilderment in her daughter’s eyes. She fought the urge to comfort her.

Susie put her purse on the floor awkwardly. She looked at her mother for sympathy and got none. Slowly she started unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her ample breasts in a white bra. She placed the blouse absently on the couch next to her.

Susie waited looking at her mother, hoping she would be told to stop. Felicia made a point of looking down at her cell phone disinterested. She looked up and gave her daughter a quizzical look.

Susie sighed and stepped out of shoes and unbuttoned her jeans and began to pulled them down revealing simple white panties that matched the bra. She stepped out of them and looked at her mother.

Felicia looked down at the jeans on the floor and gestured with her face to the couch. Susie placed the jeans on top her blouse.

She stood in front of her mother clad only in a bra and panties and waited. Felicia looked at her and whooshed a hand at her daughter, gesturing her to continue.

“Mom why are you doing this, this is weird!”

“What did I tell you about questions and ‘why’? You’re really starting to try my patience! Should we just go with option one and I can have the police come out here and throw you out of my house now?” Felicia knew she was pushing the envelope with her daughter. The teenager might call her bluff soon.

“No, no,” Susie said quickly tears starting to form in her eyes. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra exposing her 32D breasts. Nipples erect from fear and embarrassment. She put the bra on the couch and then almost in a daze removed her panties exposing her untrimmed dark brown bush.

Felicia paused to get a look at her daughter, Susie had filled out well with a lot of curves and Felicia understood the sway she had on the opposite sex. As she looked though, she could see her daughter having weight issues as she got older. ‘She got that from Steve’s side of the family,” she thought.

Felicia on the other hand was religious about the gym and jogged regularly. Naturally skinny already, anyone would say that she had tight body.

“Go to the arm of the couch,” Felicia ordered.

Susie did as she was told; repeating to herself, ‘This is for college. Only four months.’

“Keep your legs straight and bend over, put your hands on the couch.”

Susie complied, realizing what she must look like with her ass sticking out in front of her mother. A chill went through her body as she her mother could probably see her asshole.

“I’m going to spank you now.”

“What!” Susie tried to shoot up but Felicia had expected it pushed her back down and held Susie’s body down.

Felicia continued as if uninterrupted, “I’m going to spank you so you understand what punishment is coming when you disobey. I’m also spanking you so you understand when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it right then. I’m also spanking so you know how to talk to me.”

“Mom you don’t have to kushinagar.net do this,” Susie said struggling to stand up, but unable to fight her mothers leverage.

Felicia ignored her daughter’s remark and said, “You have a decision to make. You can accept the punishment and we can see about paying for college or you can keep fighting me on this and we’ll go the other way.”

Susie thought for a second. No one would believe her over her mother. Her mother worked at a bank and was respected. There seemed to be only one real choice.

Susie quit struggling and straightened her legs when Felicia eased up the pressure on her back assumed the position she had been told. “That’s a good girl, you made the right decision,” Felicia said as she ran her hand over the small of Susie’s back. Goosebumps appeared immediately.

Felicia paused for a moment to look at her daughter’s ass. It had also filled out nicely, bubbly but not fat, she could imagine her partners grabbing it and smiling. Milky white with just a touch of tan lines.

Her hand came down hard on Susie’s closest but cheek making a loud noise that echoed through the house. “Ohh wee!” Susie shrieked. Tears falling freely now.

“This is what happens when you get punished now,” Felecia slapped her other cheek equally hard as the first!

Susie let out another whelp and grabbed ass cheeks protectively. “Move your hands!” Felicia ordered.

Susie was bawling now and complied reluctantly. Felicia slapped Susie’s ass quickly switching cheeks randomly. “Are you going to ask me a bunch of questions?”

“No, I won’t. I won’t! Please stop!” Susie sobbed.

“Call me ‘Mommy’ when you answer me, because you’re a little brat that needs to grow up,” Felicia ordered Susie still spanking her. “Do you understand?”

“Yes mommy!” Susie answered gasping and crying uncontrollably.

Felecia continued for a minute more until she was breathing hard and felt sweat bead on her forehead. She stood up and admired her handy work. She lifted her phone and took a quick silent picture of her daughter in the prostrate pose. Susie was oblivious in a sea of pain and humiliation.

Felecia waited for her daughter to calm down. When Susie caught her breath. “Are you going to watch your language when you talk to me?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Are you going to quit acting like a slut?”

Susie wanting to do anything to avoid a spanking replied, “Yes mommy.”

“I want to believe you, but I think it’s going to take a little more to prove that. Do you understand Susie?”

“Yes mommy.” Susie answered fear running through her body.

Felicia softened her tone slightly, “Okay sweety, you can stand up now.”

Susie stood up and faced her mother. Felecia looked at her daughter, eyes red and tears running down her face. “Now pick up your clothes and the laundry from the hamper in the bathroom and wash them. Then go to your room and wait for me.”

“Yes mommy,” Susie answered meekly as she gathered her clothes and went upstairs.


After Felicia heard the washer start up she gave her daughter 30 minutes to stew. Things had been working great so far but there was still a lot of work to be done. Susie needed to know who was in charge and how the real world worked.

Felicia walked into her daughter’s room to see Susie bolting off of her bed to standing. Susie was dressed in sweat pants and tee-shirt, her usual evening attire.

“Why are you defying me?” Felicia said sternly.

Susie gasped, she couldn’t take another spanking, “I’m not mom,… mommy. Please.”

“Then I guess you aren’t very smart.” Felicia responded shaking her slightly in disbelief.

“I’m sorry mommy, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,” Susie said frantically, fear building inside of her.

“I told you to start the laundry and go to your room!” Felicia waited for a response from her daughter; it came in the form of a frantic confused look. “I didn’t tell you to put some clothes on and get comfy!”

Susie’s shoulders drooped at the thought of the continued humiliation. Think about her stinging ass made her fly into action though. “I’m sorry mommy!” She pulled off her shirt quickly then dropped her sweats making her naked again. She placed her hands over crotch for an attempt of some self respect.

Felicia let out a disappointed sigh, “I expect those to be folded when I come back.” She waited for confirmation.

“Yes mommy,” Susie said the feeling the humiliation replacing the fear of pain as her main emotion. ‘How did she end up naked like this in front of her mother?’

“Where’s your phone?” Felicia asked another pivotal phase was about to be entered. Two hours ago Susie would have drawn blood to protect her most prized possession. Now it would be a litmus test on how far she has brought her arrogant and entitled daughter down.

“Umm l,… over there mommy,” Susie answered pointed to her bed as a chill went down her spine. Her life was on that phone she had always made sure she cleaned up the racy content and deleted pictures but still, you never knew.

Felicia held out her hand waiting for her daughter to pick it up and hand it to her. With only a slight hesitation Susie complied.

Felicia looked at the bangled encased iPhone. “What’s the passcode?”

Susie shuddered, beside her privacy being taken from her, the code itself was embarrassing now. “Six-nine, six-nine, six-nine.”

Felicia didn’t bother to look up. “Classy,” was all she said.

After she confirmed the code work Felicia told her daughter, “Turn around facing away from me.”

Susie complied, her fear rising. “Grab your ankles.”

“Please mommy,” Susie pleaded feeling she was about get spanked again.

“I’m not going to tell you again, spread you legs and grab your ankles,” Felicia ordered her voice rising.

Susie complied. She thought of what she must look to her mother right now; her asshole, pussy in plain view and tits hanging in her face.

Felicia snapped a quick pic of her displayed daughter with Susie’s phone. “I should spank you for not following directions, but I’m starting to think you might be stupid so I’m going to let it go for now,. Does that make you happy?” Felicia said to her daughter.

Susie let out a small sigh of relief. “Yes,… mommy.”

“What should you say?”

“Thank you mommy,” Susie answered.

“I expect you to move the clothes to the drier and start a new load.”

“Yes mommy.”

“Stay in that position until you hear the door close. Do you understand?” Felicia asked.

“Yes mommy,” Susie said quickly wanting her mother to leave so she could stand up.

“I need to make sure because you’re not very bright. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes mommy.”

“What are you agreeing to?” Felecia prompted, she was really starting to enjoy this.

“I’m no very bright,… mommy.” Susie answered, her voice cracking.

Felicia walked out and closed the door behind her and listened for a moment. On the other side of the door Susie fell to her knees and bawled. The pain, the helplessness, the humiliation, the confusion all hitting her at once.

One the side, Felicia smiled at her sobbing daughter thinking, “You ain’t seen nothing yet baby girl.”


Felicia sat at their small kitchen table her lap top in front of her. She was looking through her daughter’s phone. So far chat and the web browser were clean. Felicia figured Susie was using a different app for chatting, she find it later.

Next she went through her image gallery. It appeared that there were only a few benign photos. That all changed when she went to the folder of deleted photos. There she found a variety of close pics of her daughters various body parts. Picture like; ass in panties, bras, a hand covering her naked breast, one arm covering both breasts. Then there were about half a dozen dick picks. Alecia guessed they were from three different people.

She sent all of her daughter’s selfies and dick pics to her personal phone. Just then she had an idea.

She wrote another note for herself on her laptop. Her task list was growing, it would be a busy weekend them.

The washer stopped. Almost immediately Susie walked out naked with a basket of dirty laundry. Felecia had a perfect view of the laundry room and smiled silently as she secretly took more pictures of her daughter in various poses that would be sure to humiliate Susie when they saw them.

The night progressed with Felicia making some calls and a knock on the door around 10:00 PM. Susie’s heart skipped at what it could mean. Did her mom have something else planned?

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