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Hi, the name’s Ellen Franklin. I used to think that I was an average pretty girl, but now I know there’s nothing average about me. It all started out as a little harmless thought. I have to admit I was surprised with myself when I started my little fantasy about a guy that worked at a store in the mall. I didn’t know his name, but I didn’t care. I figured I’d never see him again, since I rarely go to the mall. At first glance, he seemed to be in his early thirties, but I was too afraid to ask. I, myself being 25, didn’t know if he was married, but a guy with such striking presence had to be. Or maybe he was gay. I felt ashamed that I would be thinking about him when I had a perfectly good man at home.

However, my thoughts would wander to his powerful body and his round ass when I wasn’t satisfied fully. Amazing what a one time meeting will do to a girl’s head. As I fingered my spit slick pussy I would imagine other men inside me. It didn’t have to be this guy but he’d do. When I got caught doing it, my husband got upset. I decided I would be more instructive and abandoned the whole masturbation afterwards plan. Besides, sometimes I didn’t need to or was too tired.

I’d pushed the mystery man from my mind for maybe a year, until I realized I’d been avoiding the mall, and decided to go to ‘his’ store. There he was. His long dark brown hair fell in waves over his face as he read something at the register. What was a thirty-something year old guy doing working at a store in the mall anyway? He sort of answered my question when I finally got close enough to see his managerial name tag. Dominic. I meowed in my head as I repeated it. He lifted his leonine head and focused his electric blue eyes at me. He smiled slightly and said, “Hi, can I do something for you?” His deep penetrating near whisper made me quicken inside.

As I thought, ‘You can do whatever you like,’ I said, “I’m looking for something special for my husband.”

With a slight change in his demeanor, he tilted his head and said louder, “You’re married? I thought the ring was just for show. Some girls do that to keep away the riffraff.” He scanned my slim long legged body, and asked a silent question. I knew he hadn’t a clue as to how old I was. I’m blessed with the body of a teenager and flawless dark chocolate skin. When I pull my hair back, I can pass for sixteen, maybe less if I wear a baggy shirt to hide my breasts. Today, I was dressed modestly in a small shirt and a stretchy pair of pants. I think he figured I was legal and took me in a little more than I liked. I’m sure, if I was capable of being red, I would have resembled a beet. I smiled back, “No charade here.”

He firmly said, “You’re sure you’re married, little girl?”

As enamored with his body as I was, I still got a little angry at the little girl thing.

“Look, I was wondering what kind of shirts you have.”

“Okay,” he smiled calmly and offered a selection of shirts my husband Ron would like. He left me to choose the one I wanted, and I got a view of his hair flowing down as he tossed it out of his face. He repositioned himself at the register and, after giving me a few more good head tosses for my trouble, finally pulled his hair into a loose ponytail. He caught me watching and looked away quickly. He seemed annoyed with my attention, so I decided to get out before I made more of an idiot of myself. As he gave me back my credit card, he looked down directly in my eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Ellen Franklin. I get so many kids in here. They think we’d stock cigarettes, since we’ve got the wine in the back.”

I whispered, “It’s okay.”

His fingers were warm on my fingers, and I wanted them to be other places on my body. I shook off the thought and started to walk out of the store with my card in my hand.

“Uh, Ellen!”

When he called after me, I didn’t think that he’d run up and kiss me, …but, he did hand me my purse, which I’d left on the counter. I felt like the biggest moron on the face of the earth. His gorgeous smile made me shrug off the shame and go home. As soon as I got home, I went online to talk to one of my friends. I needed to purge my fantasy. No one was on! I contented myself with listening to the endless drone in the chat room. I was just about to shut my computer down, when I heard a low soft voice come on.

“I saw her again today,” the voice nearly rumbled.

It caught my interest immediately. I didn’t see the guy’s name, but I wanted to know who it was.

He spoke again, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. She’s just as hot as before. I think she caught me looking at her, this time. I just thought I’d vent.”

It was Ire_It_ takesawhile03. I’d seen him around in chat, but he’d never spoken out load before.

I typed in:

Who did you see?

He sighed heavily, “My_queen, I saw the most sensual girl I’ve ever seen again today, but I couldn’t even talk to her.” my_queen_is_gone99: So, what’s the problem? “At first, I thought she was out of my league, but now she seems more open. I wanted to touch her, but I’ve no reason to. She probably thinks I’m weird anyway.”

my_queen_is_gone99: Take it slow. Introduce yourself, and go from there. You don’t want to scare her off. Your a big guy. I remember you saying that, right? “Yeah, I’m 6’3”. I guess, I could talk to her more when and if I see her again. bursa escort ….My_queen? Why aren’t you talking?”

my_queen_is_gone99: because I’d rather stay anonymous. And I like to hear a man call me his queen. 😀

A coy laugh came over followed by, “I bet you do.”

my_queen_is_gone99: See, you’re back into the swing already. Go get her tiger. I got offline and thought about what I’d said to him. I could follow that myself. I was just being silly with the school girl crush routine, anyway. It’s not like I was planning on cheating. The next time I needed to get something from there, I’d be self assured. He couldn’t be as great as I was building him up to be.

The next time, I strode right in and introduced myself. Dominic responded, “I know, Ellen. I couldn’t forget you. You nearly left me your purse.” I knew he hadn’t meant to embarrass me when he responded to my change in expression. “And, let’s not forget that I thought you were underage.”

He apologized again for his abruptness, then he smiled and softly asked what his store could do for me. I smiled back and said, “What kind of entertainment stuff do you have?”

“Whatever the lady desires. I even have a few things in a back room I haven’t put out, if you like.”

“Um, okay.”

After a few weeks of coming in every few days, I decided I shouldn’t go so often to talk to some guy as he’s lifting boxes and making himself look generally powerful and appealing. He never came too close or hit on me, which also annoyed me a bit. Didn’t that mean he wasn’t even the least bit interested in me? I told the chat room that I was swearing off my crush. I didn’t say anything to him, but he got this look on his face when I said good-bye. I guess I kind of lingered on the farewell. That night, I went up to my husband and gave him the time of his life, but it wasn’t enough. I tried to satisfy my urges by chatting with a few people on the net. I didn’t care if it was a girl or boy. Just as long as they gave me what I wanted. I even had a go at Ire_It, but he wasn’t interested. He said he had enough married women after him as it is. My response was to say that I’d never let him in real life, so he should take it while he could get it. He said I should go back to my imaginary guy and not distract him from his woman. I said he wasn’t imaginary and that he should follow his own advise and stop mooning like a puppy dog.

my_queen_is_gone99: Why would you want someone you can’t even talk to, when you could have me? Ire_It_ takesawhile03: Look , you little black cock tease, I need a real woman with a real pussy. If you don’t want to give it, don’t complain

about not getting any.

I apologized for making him angry, but I thought he knew I was joking. I found another chat room to frequent, because he knew a little more than I wanted. How did he know I was black? I never posted a picture. Maybe, I told him to kiss my black ass or something.

When I decided to turn up at the store again, I didn’t walk straight over to Dominic. I played it cool and went through the new music section. I found one of my favorite songs from high school on the sample list and I played it. I caught my own laugh as the song started in my head phones. Memories of unspoken crushes drove me to near tears at the sound of the ending chorus. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I ripped the phones off in fear. He just stood there staring at me. I let out the breath I was holding and I said, “That song brought back a bunch of old memories.” ‘And feelings.’

His hand was still on my shoulder when he said, “That’s why it’s still on the list. You’re feeling better, now?” He let his finger slide down my arm and rest at my elbow for a second before releasing me. I reached out for my only chance and touched his arm in return. He covered my hand with his and smiled.

“Where’ve ya been?” His voice was soft and caressing.

I smiled at him and said, “I come here too much.”

“Yeah, you do. You want a job or something?”

I laughed at the joke and started to move away.

“You’re coming back tomorrow. We’re having a sale.”

“I didn’t see an ad…”

“It’s a special sale. For a select few.”

“Okay, and why am I invited?”

“You come in here all of the time, Ellen. I figured, I’d finally meet your husband if I gave you a discount.”

I laughed and said, “Sure, I’ll bring him with me.”

“Good, then I’ll size up the competition.”

Size up the competition? Was I acting so obvious for these few weeks? I didn’t ask him what he meant by that. I just went home and told my husband that there was a sale I wanted him to go to. Ron’s response was puzzlement and then a comment about shoes. I was so excited. Why was I so attracted to this guy? I didn’t know what to wear, so I just grabbed the nicest t-shirt I had and some jeans.

When we got there, Ron looked at the store and said, “It’s not so special.”

“I would beg to differ,” Dominic said as he shook his hand.

He put a hand on my shoulder and slid it down my arm again. Ron didn’t notice because he was looking through the store.


“Call me Dom,” Dominic said as he looked at me.

“Yeah, Dom,” my husband, corrected himself and said, “What kind of money do you make from this?”

“I malatya escort make a pretty good living. Partly off of Ellen’s money,” he smiled as he kept his fingers on my elbow.

Ron laughed.

“Anything in the store is at extreme discount, Ron. You just let me know what you two want, and it’s yours.”

His fingers went to the inside of my arm and stroked the skin as he held me back. “Why didn’t you tell me he was white?” His breath tickled my ear as he whispered to me. His other hand went under the back of my shirt and he let his lips brush against my ear. I grew warm just by smelling his subtle odor, but his hand stroking the skin of my back was making me wet. I hadn’t reacted sexually to a man’s touch in a long time.

“It never occurred to me to tell you that,” I replied honestly. I thought, ‘Are you thinking since you’re white you’d have a chance with me? You WOULD!’

“I know. I thought I’d be dealing with a big stud, and all I get is this.” Nick waved toward Ron’s 5’10” thin frame and shook his head at me.

“Big stud?”

“I’m gonna shut up, now,” he sighed as he let go of my arm, “before I say something stupid.”

He walked off and talked to an employee. The person rushed off and came back with something small. Nick took it and pulled out a pen. I looked to Ron and told him the coat he’d selected was a good look for him. When I looked back in his direction, Dominic was gone. Convinced now that I’d taken this whole fantasy too far, I clung to Ron’s general vicinity if not literally his arm. When we came to check out, Dominic’s smile was genuine and he took 70% off of everything. Ron whistled and gave him a check. I didn’t quite want to look at him. I was afraid of what I would see. When we were all set to go, Dominic followed and handed me something hard and rectangular. He shoved my hand toward my pocket and I put it away for later.

“You guys enjoy the stuff, and come back soon,” he smiled.

When I got home and to the bathroom, I locked the door and took a look at what he gave me. It was a plastic business card holder. I opened it to find a piece of paper and a card. I read the message.


You either know what you’re doing, or you’re just as innocent as I thought you were.

If you’re going to come see me, I’ll be in the back room tomorrow, so ask someone to show you back there.


I folded the letter back up. Yes, I had an idea I was getting to him. I tore the paper into little pieces and flushed some of it. That was it. I’d never go back there again. After all, I was a married girl. I felt the heavy paper of the card for a moment before turning it over. At first, I didn’t see anything on the card. Then, the light gray letters came into view.

After seeing the competition, I’ve decided I’m coming to get you.

We’ve wasted enough time as it is. Dom

I was both frightened and enflamed by it. Some guy wanted me so bad that he’d want to come and get me. I tossed the card, too. I went in and finished the evening as we had planned. Ron was as distant as ever and I just needed to set my mind at ease. I decided to settle on a little self manipulation. Instead of hiding it, I sat down on the couch next to Ron and pulled down my pants. He raised an eyebrow at me and looked back at the TV. I reached into my panties and looked at the pinkness of my pussy. I spread my lips and looked at the tiny little clit hidden within. It had been neglected for far too long just to be good to my husband. I traced a lazy circle around it to prolong my pleasure. When he realized I wasn’t stopping, Ron raised my shirt and licked an already stiff nipple. I stroked forcefully on my little love button until I could feel myself start to contract. Ron shoved two fingers inside me and I came. It felt good to have him help me for a change. Then he opened his fly and asked me to suck it. I figured I’d return the favor. He was ready for me and as I slid my lips around his dick, he put his hands on my face to direct my motion. I knew what he wanted, but he insisted on the hands over my face. I sucked him off just the way he wanted. It was better than penetration to him. I thought it was a chore. He hadn’t drilled me in way too long. It was as if my pussy didn’t exist anymore. He kissed me softly and we went to bed. I felt this cramping in my lower abdomen as my insides begged for release.

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for work. Ron was already gone when I woke up. He usually was. The masturbation the night before hadn’t been enough. I got myself off again and got dressed for work. I was just about to open my car door when a black SUV blocked the drive. I thought about whether I could make it back into the house before whoever it was jumped out and attacked me. I couldn’t move as I watched the driver’s door open. Dominic looked at me from over the hood. He didn’t smile as he walked deliberately toward me. He looked around at the houses in the neighborhood and put a finger to his lips. I wasn’t planning on making any noise, but just the gesture made me afraid. He walked toward the door and I followed. I asked him what he was doing. He just asked to be let into my house. I opened the door with this odd sensation. He was too close. I didn’t know what he wanted yet, but I’d always wanted him. I couldn’t çanakkale escort look at him when he sat down on the couch.

“Are you okay with me being here? You seem a bit off this morning.”

“I’m just surprised to see you.”

“I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable. I don’t mean to. You don’t know how you’ve gotten under my skin, girl. I’ve been wondering how your smooth dark thighs feel. And those lips… You probably get that all of the time. I want you to know how serious I am about this. I don’t want you out of revenge or fear. I won’t break up the arrangement you have here. It’s up to you whether you want to sneak around or not.”

I thought about it for a few minutes as he watched me sit down across from him.

“You don’t have to make any decisions just yet.” His voice was firm yet inviting. “It should be up to you.”

As I watched, he slowly moved his hand over his crotch.

“I’m sorry.” He was focused on my thighs. I hadn’t straightened my skirt and he could see a glimpse of my blue lace panties. I had the ability to make him aroused. I hadn’t felt that way in a while. I spread my legs so that he could see the outline of me. The lioness was on the prowl. Well, maybe not really wanting to capture prey, but interested in it anyway.

“Don’t be sorry.” I felt my abdomen tighten as I said this.

“Can I see it,” he calmly asked as he moved closer. I nodded, but I wasn’t as sure of myself.

He knelt down and put his strong fingers on my thighs. He roughly ran his palms up the outside of my legs and pulled the slightly damp fabric down to my feet. His intensity increased when he saw my hair covered opening. He spread my legs and put his face close but not touching my slit. He pulled in a long breath and moaned, “You smell so good.” Why didn’t I move? I put my hands on his and ran them down his arms. He quickly moved up and gripped my butt. He planted a kiss on my mound. I moved forward and pushed at his shoulders. He dragged me toward the edge of the chair. “I can smell it on you, El. I know you have to put up a fight. I understand. But, why not just let this happen. You can say I forced you, if you really want to,” his words were a low growl.

“I can’t do this! I’m married!” I sounded like a moron at this point, since I did let him expose my pussy. “Let me help you,” He whispered then put his tongue on me.

I never felt so charged up. He licked my clit gently and looked up at my strained face. I closed my eyes and braced myself against the back of the chair. He alternated rough forceful jabs with gentle teasing strokes of his sucking. I felt myself trembling from the attention. He stopped and I let out a groan of disappointment, until he shoved his experienced tongue into my entrance. I cried out at the unexpected pressure. “You’ve been neglected,” he rumbled up at me.

He forced his tongue in more and sucked in my wetness. I couldn’t stand the intense sensation and I pulled away. His fingers dug into my ass and pulled me up to stand. His head was covered by my skirt as he continued to lick and suck at my overcharged clit and lips. My knees started to give way and he held me up as he kept me on his face. I found myself moaning and gasping as he pushed his tongue into me again. He finally concentrated solely on my clitoris and I jumped away. I didn’t want to come. It was humiliating. I’d never came for anyone but Ron. I held my hands over my crotch as he crawled after me into the hallway.

“Come on! You were nearly there!” He seemed more frustrated than me.

He got off of his knees and pulled his shirt over his head. He smiled as I watched his muscled chest ripple as his hands move to open his pants. I froze again when I saw the monstrous thing slowly make its début. His penis pointed at his chest as he kicked off his shoes and slid his pants all the way off. He saw my trepidation and said, “It won’t hurt you.” He pulled me close and unbuttoned my blouse. I slid it off myself and let my skirt fall down my legs. He opened my bra with a little effort and massaged my waiting breasts. I knew I wouldn’t protest anymore.

I led him to the bedroom and let him lay me down. I’d cooled off some, but it took very little to make me go over the edge. He seemed so pleased to have finally done it. I didn’t wait until the feeling was over to get him off. I worked my way down his body. I kissed his eyelids and sucked on his earlobe. I tasted myself in his mouth as our tongues rolled in each others mouths. I left angry bruises on his firm chest with my lips and teeth. He caressed my back as I slid down his body and put my hand on his cock. I’d never felt a thing so big. It was awkward to try to stroke it with my small hand. I sat on my heels to get a better view. He just watched as I examined him. I made the decision then that I was too small for him to fuck. Ron was nearly too much when he decided to enter me, and Dominic was way bigger in every way. I used both hands to stroke his huge dick and he sighed in appreciation. It grew in my hands! I put my mouth around the head of it and tasted his pre. It didn’t taste any different than Ron’s. Maybe they all tasted like that. I watched his eyes close as I licked just under the glans and sucked out his pre-cum. I felt his hips tense as I fondled his body and let my head slowly take in more of him. When I got as much as I could, I cupped his balls and began to give him a ride. As I sucked him in and out, I enjoyed the quiet sighs and grunts I drew from him. I was just getting into it when he grabbed my head and gently pushed me off. “I can’t reach you,” he moaned as his hand went out toward my ass. “I need to do something with my hands.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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