Duped Into Love

I don’t write quickies I believe you have to know the psychology of the people involved. This is fiction if you think you see yourself in this story please contact me as I’m sure we don’t know one another. If you lived this, you had fun I bet. The characters are my creations so every thing is consensual. Please rate and give feedback it is how authors improve. Let’s all thank my editor who took time out of her busy life to help me.

Duped into love

Tanya Joyce Wilson was at work. It was boring but paid the bills. She was the receptionist at Johnston Real Estate. She mostly answered the phone, redirecting calls and taking messages. She also sorted mail and greeted clients. She was 34 and overweight but not obese. At about 152 pounds, she was a little flabby. Luckily she was tall — five foot nine inches — so she could carry the weight, even with her small frame. Her breasts were enlarged by the extra weight, to a 38D. Before she gained all the pounds she had been a 36C and weighed 129 pounds. She had shoulder length deep auburn hair that had some curl and café au lait eyes with naturally long lashes. Her face still showed the beauty that had been there before her body grew. Her skin was very fair and had no blemishes. Her legs were well muscled, long and shapely, usually covered by stockings, and ended in nice flats when she was at work.

Hollie Leah Perkins watched her every move. More than anything she wanted Tanya but Tanya did seem not be into into women at all.

Tanya was not very sexual. She was the only one who could get her off and only to fantasies of pretty girls. She had a boyfriend for eight years, but she finally tired of his hesitance to marry and dumped him. Paul’s ego was hurt and his lack of maturity led him to spread it around that she was queer. She was not a woman who commanded attention but did get a few invitations for dates every year. Most of the time the suitor would be informed she was a lesbian and never pick her up. She could have moved to a new town but she did not like the idea of giving up and letting Paul win. She waited in hope and drowned her unhappiness in ice cream and other sweets. She knew if she lost the chunky body she would have better luck with men. She even bought a membership to a gym but her body embarrassed her too much to go.

It had occurred to Tanya that she might be better off with a woman as a partner — she did love looking at them. The latest object of her obsession was Hollie. She had sat next to Tanya at the holiday party two years ago. To Tanya’s mind she was the sexiest woman she had ever seen. Tanya knew she had no chance with her but she could fantasize, right?

Hollie was trying to come up with an idea to get Tanya’s eye. She was an agent and about Tanya’s age. Hollie was slim and pretty. She was five foot four inches and 122 pounds. Her black hair was in a pageboy cut. Her ice blue eyes attracted both men and women. She had long lashes to set them off. Her bust was a pert 34B. She always wore heels, smart business skirts, and blouses that showed enough to attract sales. Her body was well toned, since she worked out three days a week and either ran or swam the other four. She was a very gay woman — she had known from the moment she first had sexual urges. She was also very discreet. She favored full-figured women. Why she did not know — maybe they seemed maternal to her. Her own mother was a career-oriented woman with little time for her.

Hollie had lusted for Tanya for six years — she’s heard the rumor that Tanya was a gay girl. Hollie was not so sure about that. She had tried to get a feel for Tanya at work events. Tanya was friendly but did not appear interested in her. Hollie was seriously infatuated and had to do something soon or she would wear her finger out as she had done to two vibrators so far.

It was the Ides of March when the idea hit her she would have to trick Tanya into a date. Hollie did not like doing this kind of thing. She had been treated that way in the past and it had pissed her off. But, of course, that was a man. She decided on a simple plan: She would send a flower in a vase to Tanya at work, with a card with a heart containing a question mark in it as a start. The next day, while Hollie was out showing a house, the orchid arrived. She had taken a lot of time picking it out. When she came back, the vase and flower were on Tanya’s desk. Hollie stopped and noticed the card was opened. “Nice flower, Tanya. Who sent it?”

“I’ve no idea.” Tanya handed the card to Hollie. Hollie’s eyebrows arched up.

“Ooh! How romantic! A secret admirer! Any ideas?”

“Hollie, I’m not very popular or even pretty, so I think it must be a mistake or a prank.”

“Don’t put yourself down, Tanya. I think you’re very attractive.”

“Coming from a stunner like you, that is quite the compliment, Hollie. Thank you!”

“Oh, well, back to the salt mines. See ya later, Tanya.” Hollie left with a smile on her face. Tanya sat wondering bursa escort what that all was about — Hollie had not been that friendly before.

The following day about nine a.m., a courier delivered a Waterford crystal candy bowl filled with little heart candies with a question mark on each one. There was no need for a card. Hollie saw the candy and just raised an eyebrow and shook her head when Tonya was watching her. Tanya was starting to get worried — who was doing this? Was it some sick man from the train?

The next day, a box of Neuhaus truffles showed up at Tanya’s desk with the same gift card. When Hollie walked by she stopped to gawk. “Tanya, those are the best in the world! Wow! Do you know yet who sent them?”

“No, but this is not a mistake. And it’s even a bit much for a joke. I’m getting interested and a little fearful. I don’t need a stalker. I still can’t figure out why, either way.” Tanya was looking around the room to see if someone was watching her. It was only Hollie who had taken notice. Some of the other women in the office asked for a piece of the candy. Also a man or two.

“Put those away! If you don’t, the girls here will eat them all, you know.” Hollie chuckled as she walked to her desk. This is fun.

The next day, a heart-shaped cake with pink icing arrived. On it was a very gothic question mark. There was a group of women around Tanya’s desk. Hollie walked by and heard Tanya say, “I don’t know who sent it.” Hollie could hear the agitation in her voice. It was beginning to put all kinds of ideas into Tanya’s brain, many of which were frightening to her.

Friday, there was a half pint of Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra with the same gift card, delivered by a messenger, in a cold box with dry ice. Hollie watched Tanya’s face turn crimson when she saw the contents of the box. She asked the courier who had sent it. He said he didn’t know; he just delivered. Tanya ripped the card open. Her face clouded over — she was about to erupt with fear and a growing need for knowledge of the giver of romance. She finally lost control and stood up, announcing loudly. “If someone here thinks this is funny, it’s not. Just tell me what you want.” Jason, the owner of the agency, came to her desk, wanting to know what had upset her. Tonya told him of all the anonymous gifts and showed him the latest — his face showed his ire. This was totally unprofessional. Tanya was a good employee and this smelled of bulling to him. Tanya was happy that tomorrow she would not be working. There was a weekend receptionist. She was going to eat that damned ice cream and have a go at the candies.

At nine seventeen a.m., there was a knock at her door. It was another messenger — she had to sign for an envelope. She shook as she opened it. Inside she found two tickets to ‘Beautiful The Carol King Musical’ and the expected card. Tanya fell onto her settee and cried. It was bad enough that she had no idea who was doing this to her. But she had no one to take to the play. Just then her phone pinged with a message notification. It was from Hollie. I remember she asked for my number in case she needed my help on a holiday.. The text read simply:

I hope you are feeling better today. Would you like to go out and get some drinks? Hollie.

Tanya thought this could be a possibility so she texted back.

Sure, I got sent tickets to a play from my SA. Would you like to go? Tanya.

The reply came back as fast as Hollie could type.

When do you want me to pick you up? We can stop for a drink first. Hollie.

Half past six. Tanya.

Tanya had her first date in years and had to go shopping for everything from her undies out. Her first stop was a boutique she liked. The saleslady helped her pick out a dress — it was a mid-calf emerald green wrap dress. She had some nice black closed-toe strap sandals that would work with that dress. Next was a lingerie store. She knew no one would see them, but new undies made her feel sexy. She chose satin French-cut panties and a matching bra, in black. She also got two pair of thigh-high holdups, one seamed white and the other fishnet black. Next, she went to her salon and had her hair done and a mani-pedi with French polish. She wanted to look nice next to the lovely Hollie.

Hollie was also busy. She had a cobalt blue dress she had never worn to work that looked good on her. She was wearing a new set of matching lace undies with a garter belt holding up black seamed stockings and a pair of four-inch black platform heels. She did not want Tanya to tower over her tonight.

Although they didn’t know it, they had both worn clothing that the other found most enticing on women. Tanya showered and placed her scent that she liked for dates, Narciso Rodrigues, at strategic points about her body. She did stop to ponder why she was working so hard for a woman, and decided that it was also for her. She dressed in her new things and put on simple but nice makeup. She was done just as her escort bursa doorbell rang, so she swept over to greet Hollie. She was taken aback by the stunning woman at her door.

“God almighty, Hollie! You didn’t have to suck all the air out of the room! You are so dazzling! At least we don’t clash — I don’t have much dressy that fits anymore to change into.” Tanya stopped laughing and gave Hollie a hug and a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

Hollie just stood and stared at Tanya. She was more deeply drawn into her fascination by the sight before her. Hollie said, “What’s wrong with what is standing before me? Answer? Not one damned thing! Tanya, you are resplendent, stunning, breathtaking. I really am going to need a drink before I swoon! Are you ready?”

Tanya just nodded. She had not expected what she had heard and she had to ponder its meaning. They walked down to Hollie’s car, a BMW 760i xDrive Sedan. This black beauty was the poshest auto Tanya had ever been in. Hollie walked her to the passenger door and opened it, letting her in and softly closing the door once she was inside. If Tanya’s mind wasn’t already whirling she would have thought about how chivalrous Hollie was acting. Instead, she sat asking herself if she was being wooed by a woman. This woman. Do I like this? Oh, hell, yeah! I like being wanted by the sexiest person I know. Hollie glided around the car almost effortlessly and slid behind the wheel. The car was almost silent as they merged into traffic. Hollie headed for a very elegant bar near the theater. She pulled up to valet parking, and attendants opened each lady’s door. Hollie walked around and offered Tanya her arm, which she took, still a little off balance. Hollie was known by the staff, and they were escorted to a quiet table where Hollie ordered a white wine. She had watched what Tanya drank at work events and had arranged the wine with the staff.

“Is it all right that I ordered for you, Tanya? I overheard you say you don’t go out much so I want to make your night special.”

So that’s what’s up; she’s just being nice. “Thanks, Hollie! So far you are doing a crack job of making this a memorable night.” Tanya settled down for a spell and just enjoyed the small talk, wine, and lovely company. She also started to deliberate again on the idea of a woman as a partner. Men had certainly sucked so far. After they finished the wine, they headed out to the play. Hollie had chosen it for the music, hoping that Tanya would love it as much as she does.

Again they dropped the car at the valet and walked into the hall, greeted by interested stares of both men and women. Tanya picked up on the looks they were both obviously getting, and a realization hit her: She might not be as unattractive as she thought.

They were shown to their seats, third row center. Hollie let Tanya have the aisle seat as she had longer legs. The play was almost superfluous to Hollie — it was all for her companion, who kept her attention. Tanya was into the music and reached over to hold Hollie’s hand. She was having a wonderful time and made believe Hollie was the one who made this possible.

At intermission, Hollie had them run to the bathroom at a side entrance rather than the main lobby. For a minute or two they were the only ones using it. Hollie went to the theater often and had learned this trick. Both women took time to fix their makeup. They headed back to their seats just as Act Two started so that people did not have to climb over them. Tanya sang quietly all through the second act — she was having the best time of her life. She held Hollie’s hand and smiled when she was not singing. After the play ended the two took their time leaving. They were close to the stage so everyone would beat them out anyway. They would be last for valet and took time to decided where Hollie would take them to dinner. Tanya said she cared not one bit where they ate dinner. She was enjoying her fantasy that Hollie was her true date and had planned this all out. And indeed Hollie had.

When they got into the car, Hollie took them for a ride to the shore, where she had reserved a special table at one of the best restaurants in the country. Tanya almost balked when she saw the name. It was too much money! Hollie just waved her off. She made gigantic commissions on the expensive real estate she sold — she was the go-to agent for the wealthy. She had not been spending anything on dates since she had first seen Tanya so now she wanted to splurge.

They were taken to a table that overlooked the water. All the lights from the area around them were like jewels in the ripples. A divider had been strategically placed to give them privacy. They were practically alone, just as Hollie had wanted. After they were seated, a waiter served them wine with antipasto — Hollie had preordered the dinner. Tanya was being swallowed by her fantasy. Was she really being wined and dined by her luscious date? She did notice she was getting a little wet by the bursa escort bayan whole idea but it didn’t put her off. She was just having the best night ever. The entrée Hollie had picked came: Linguine with Shrimp and Creamy Roasted Tomatoes. She didn’t want the food to be too heavy. Dessert was Ricotta Crêpes with Honey and Walnuts, with Rosé. Hollie had picked wine for every course. After dinner they talked over a limoncello. Tanya would probably have been easy for Hollie to seduce but she wanted her to come to her without all the alcohol.

She had arranged for a driver for her car to take them home. She wanted everyone safe. The two sat in the back seat and held hands, saying nothing as the city flowed by on the way to Tanya’s apartment. When they arrived, Hollie walked her to her door just as an attentive date should.

“Tanya, I had a delightful evening. Thank you so much for inviting me.” Hollie gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Tanya’s eyes were dark, her pupils dilated with lust. She reached out and gently grabbed Hollie’s shoulders, kissing her for real, deeply soulful and a little lusty. “I had the best date of my life, Hollie. My feelings are totally confusing me. Please forgive my forwardness.” She blushed with uneasiness, hoping Hollie was not affronted.

Hollie had to calm her so she wrapped her arms about Tanya’s neck and pulled her in for a somewhat more than virtuous kiss. This calmed Tanya down, and both women smiled and held each other for a short time. Hollie spoke at last. “I better go, Tanya, but if you don’t mind, I’ll call tomorrow.” Tanya nodded yes and Hollie went home. In the back of her car her heart was doing flip flops and her sex was wet. There was hope now.

Tanya floated into her apartment. She was absolutely as hot and bothered as she had ever been. Now she had to figure out why. She took off her new clothing — the panties were soaking. The bouquet did not put her off one bit. Tanya knew her unique spice. She wondered if Hollie had smelled it. Would it put her off? Hollie at that moment found a wet spot on the back seat where Tonya had sat. She took out a hanky and sopped as much as she could. She held the linen to her nose. As Tanya’s scents permeated her nose she almost came. That’s what a woman should smell like — earthy, fruity, stimulation evident. She took in another deep draw and shook with pure lust. Nothing could have saved Tanya if Hollie had smelled this in her presence. Hollie was going to need an extreme amount of self love this night. She just made it to her home. She had fought off starting in the car. She fell on the sofa and started fingering herself. Hollie held the deadly sexy cloth to her face and came over and over. The cushion was a total loss she would have to have it dry cleaned. When she awoke in the morning she just smiled. Tanya’s next gift was on its way.

For Tanya the night had been divided into two equal parts that vacillated from one to the other. She had the most powerful climaxes ever. She would cramp from the effort and then guilt would wrack her with sobs. She wasn’t being fair to Hollie. She had had no active part in Tanya’s fantasy — she was just a stunning, kind person. Then the thought of Hollie would light the fuse for more self stimulation, then back to guilt. She did not fall asleep until after dawn. She was then rudely robbed of her repose by a pounding at the door. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Just one day off, please.

She yelled, “Just a sec, ok?” Tanya slipped on a robe, but there was nothing to do about the sex smell that pervaded the whole place. She signed for the box to the smirk of the messenger, who was enjoying the idea of this BBW nude and having sex. Tanya had seen the glint in the boy’s eyes and almost slapped him silly, even thought it was not his doing. She opened the box — it contained a dozen long-stemmed red roses. With that damned card.

She had to sort this out — she was heterosexual, right? Well, she didn’t get off with the men she had been with, did she? The fodder for her masturbation fantasies were always women. She had convinced herself that that was because she liked their clothing and the lilting voices. Now she knew that that was total BS; she had just cum all night to thoughts of raw passion-filled sex with a coworker. She knew she could not look Hollie in the face. Hollie would see it there, especially deep in her eyes. The only hope she had was to tell her. Hollie said she would call, so Tanya resolved to take her lumps then. The best thing to do now was shower, dress, and eat. She started the coffee that was desperately needed.

Hollie just barely dragged herself up to her bedroom. She was an emotional wreck. She might have chased Tanya off with the end of the date. That might require some desperate measures. But first she had to get the sex smell off her body. In her hand was the cloth still wafting the sweet scent of Tanya. She put it in a baggie, not wanting to dispose of the treasure. Her body was way too sore for more. In the shower she came up with a plan — she would feel out Tanya about last night when she called. She had no idea what she would do if Tanya was offended or, worse, wanted no part of her anymore.

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