Early Morning Delight

“Please, Nora, let me into your fantasy.”

“Please don’t think I’m a perv, but more than anything else, I’d like to make love to you in your gardens out back.” Nora cast her glance a little aside, distant…

It’s a cool, early summer morning. Dreams haunt me. Restless, I awake. From my window, your garden opens up to me. It is so beautiful, so serene. There is scarcely a better place for lovemaking. I tiptoe into your room; with a soft gentle kiss on your brow I wake you.

Groggy, you offer no resistance. I take your hand, and lead you downstairs.

It’s cool outside, misty and overcast. It’s very early; no one is up and about yet. The only sound is that of birds greeting the dawn; and our footsteps through the sweet-scented grass.

You in your baby doll, me in the little white teddy you gave me for my birthday.

I take your hand, fingers intertwined; I lead you out into the backyard.

We walk out back, the grass uncut for about a week, it’s thick and overgrown. Laden with dew, damp and fragrant as we scrunch it between our toes.

I lead you under the willow tree, between your rose garden and the herb garden. The scent delights us.

We pause there. I slip off your babydoll.

You unfasten the hooks at the bottom of my teddy. I raise my arms to accommodate you; the teddy flies to one side and falls to the dampen ground.

I am yours. Do with me what you will.

We kiss, bursa escort tenderly, with building passion. Out tongues intertwine, I move down. Your throat, your shoulders, the tops of your breasts. Downward, to your belly. I kneel before you. My hands at your hips, they clasp the last of your clothes. My hands slide down your legs. I help you out of your panties. I toss them to the side, unheeding. I draw you down, kneeling together with me. I clasp you; I fall backward onto the ground.

I pull you on top of me. I wrap my legs around your waist; I clasp your shoulders, I pull you close, down on top of me.

You violate my mouth with your tongue; not satisfied, you work your way down. A brief stay at my breasts; erectile tissue turgid. Then down my stomach, tarrying at my navel. I cannot stand the anticipation

You linger; I push you down even lower; down to my secret place that is yours alone. But you pass me by. Down my thighs, scratching, probing, feeling. I can’t take much more; the anticipation builds. Finally, your lips reach my vagina.

Oh, Jayne… I love you so much…

Delicious, delicious. Your hands slide up my sides. I clasp your hands. I hold you tight. Please don’t stop. I’m insane with desire.

I’m writhing in the overgrown greenery. I’m yours. Drops of dew fall from the willow, tempering our incandescent ardor.

Oh, dear Jesus, I’m almost there! Please, don’t stop. Almost… almost… there! escort bursa In utmost fervor I scream; I’m sure I’m awakening the neighbors.

I settle. We embrace, my ardor dwindles; it tapers to naught.

All at once the fire re-kindles. You’re kissing me, probing, exploring me. I’m yours. Do with me what you will. Your tongue roams down my tummy, to the secret place that I have given to you alone. Make me yours. Own me.

My womanhood is a shell; you pry me apart, my pearl glistening. The tip of your tongue finds its mark. I cannot withstand.

Again I scream.

My rapture subsides, and we settle, still upon the verdant lawn. Hold me; don’t let go.

You’re so good to me. You deserve nothing less than the rapture you give me. I possess you now. I reverse our positions. Me on top.

From the rose bush near us, I pick a blossom, larger than my outstretched palm. More delicate; more fragrant than any part of my body. I trace every inch of your precious, sylphlike form. Turning you on our side. I roam over your bottom, the backs of your thighs. Now in front, I avail myself of your breasts, your stomach, your throat, your exquisite face. I slither down past your navel.

Your lovely pubic hair; that spun gold that matches your tresses. I’m enthralled by the beauty, the first glints of sunlight catching your golden curls.

Then your beautiful womanhood. The glistening rosy crease that captivates my attention. bursa escort bayan Of its own accord, it parts for me, in anticipation of such wonderful pleasure, offering its tart and saline nectar.

I find your clitoris. It’s so sensitive, so delicate. My finger penetrates. I broach the opening. Its sister joins the other, rushing, rushing your gates. Untold pleasure assaults your senses. Your inhibition yields before the assault of delight.

You cry out to heaven; louder than I. At the periphery of our senses, windows fill with light; doors open; neighbors gasp and gawk, confounded.

We do not care. To hell with them. We live; we exist only for each other, for our love. They matter not. The heat of our passion is all.

Our audience builds. We have already forgotten them. In a lovely 69 position, we express our love, until the limitations of our bodies outstrip the yearning of our souls. Exhausted, we slacken, our bodies collapsing into the soft dewy grass.

Panting, our breaths slow to normal. We retrieve our discarded lingerie. Exhausted, we go back inside…

“It’s so terrible people cannot accept… that they can be so narrow…”

“Shh…” Jayne stilled her with a finger pressed to her lips. Nora remained placid, willing the resentment to subside. It took a few moments; but soon all was serene inside her.

Nora opened her eyes. Before her stood Jayne, a pair of gardening shears in one had. In the other was a rose blossom. She placed it in Nora’s outstretched palm. The tender pink petals splayed about, covering her palm.

Gently clasping the other, Jayne led her lover upstairs to her bedroom… 

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