End of an Era Ch. 01

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*This is my first erotic story. Be kind, rewind…*

Chapter One: Random surprise

So there I was in the middle of a school week. God, I was tired of that phrase, “School week.” But none the less, I was there. It was my last semester of college and it was a long time coming. After seven years I was finally going to graduate. Not that I’d been in school the entire time, in fact I took two years off to do my own thing for a while and try to offset the massive school loan debt I was accumulating.

But graduation was in sight and I was heading towards the finish line.

I suppose I should introduce myself, right? That’s the way these things go. My name is Jason and at the time of this story I was living in a small college town in the south. It doesn’t really matter which one, most college towns are the same, right? Mostly a bunch of university students and a few resentful townspeople surrounded by scholastic buildings and a high ratio of bars to students. I was working at one of those bars a few nights a week slinging drinks for ungrateful and mostly cheap twenty-somethings, but in average I managed to make enough to pay the small rent I split three ways with my two roommates on a shitty apartment near campus.

Of course, you probably don’t care about those details, right? You want the juicy stuff. Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not 6’3, built like a body builder with chiseled features. I don’t have a 10 inch cock, either. I’m close to 6′ tall, rather slender with a little softness around the stomach from too much beer and cheap take-out and I’ve always thought my nose was a little too big for my face. I’ve got dark brown hair that’s already starting to recede a little, though I’ve been told my blue eyes are “gorgeous.” My dick is larger than average if the books are right, one girl I was fooling around with a few years back wanted to measure it and it came in at about 7 and ¾ inches.

And I will say that I’ve had few complaints in the sack.

Alright, well we got that out of the way it’s time to get to the reason I’m even writing this. I was no stranger to sex. Being a bartender had many advantages and young college girls seemed to dig it. I have a very outgoing personality and I’ve always been able to make people laugh, so I guess those things helped overcome my otherwise average looks. A lot of people say that they don’t know their number and are lying, but I really don’t. I did a good amount of drugs for a little while and honestly there are months of my life that are a little hazy, but if I was pinned down and had to answer I would put my number somewhere around 40-50. That may sound like a lot, but for a twenty-six year old bartender and accomplished partier it’s par for the course.

Sufficed to say, I have plenty of stories, but few of them really seemed to stand out beyond the encounters themselves. If people like this story I might go back and spin out a few other sordid tales, but we’ll see how this one goes.

That was more of a tangent than I meant to go on, but it kinda lets you in a little on who I am. Well, here goes…

So it was a Tuesday night and I had been out at a bar with a few friends at the bar and I went back to my friend Kelly’s house to drink a little more and hang out, since I didn’t have any homework left to do and I was fairly used to getting only a few hours of sleep. Kelly was dating my best friend Mike and they were sitting in the living room smoking cigarettes and waiting on a few other friends to show up from the bar.

We were pretty lit from the evening and there was some more beer in the fridge that I was going to plunder, but first I had to check my e-mail and I was sitting in Kelly’s office waiting on her over-worked computer to warm up so I could get on the internet. I heard Mike calling from the living room.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Grab the beers!”

“Shut the fuck up, faggot. I’m checking my e-mail.” (Don’t be offended by the faggot thing, neither one of us was homophobic, it was just the way guys who’ve been friends for seven years talk to each other)

“Fine, asshole. I’ll get it myself.”

The computer finally warmed up and I logged on to check my e-mail. “Shit!” I said just as Mike was walking past the office from the kitchen, beers in hand. He popped in the room, handing me a beer.

“What’s the problem?”

“There’s a fucking quiz I was supposed to take online and it closes in fifteen minutes. I forgot all about it.”

“Damn, dude can you finish it in time?” He asked before tipping up his beer bottle and taking a big gulp.

It was a Spanish test and I was pretty good at it, but fifteen minutes was cutting it close and I really wanted an A in the class. I was about to say I’d do my best when my luck hit. I heard the front door swing open and the sound of a few drunk girls echoing into the living room. I immediately recognized my girlfriend’s voice and I looked at Mike. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Mike smiled and leaned out of the office and called into the living room. “Hey, Sarah. Get your Mexican ass in here adana escort and help your fucking boyfriend.”

Sarah was my girlfriend at the time and she was in fact Mexican. She stood about 5’4, and was petite as most short girls are. She had these cute pert breasts that had piercings through each nipple and a nice little ass too. Her heritage gave her that lovely year-round tan and plenty of my friends had asked me how I got her. The truth? The first night we met I spoke to her in Spanish and she was mine. I’m not fluent, but I can hold my own. She came bobbing in, pretty drunk, as I was logging into the website to take the quiz.

“Hey baby,” she said as she walked in. “Que pasa?”

“Necesito tu ayuda, mi novia.” I replied. She loved it when I called her girlfriend even if I only did it in Spanish. I was somewhat reluctant to assign the title to any girl…ever.

“With what?”

I had just finished logging in and the quiz came up. 20 questions. 13 minutes. I just pointed to the screen and made note of the time. “I completely forgot.”

She smiled at me and gave me a long kiss. I remember it tasted a little different. “Go fix me and Jessie a drink and I’ll knock this out for you.”

“Jessie’s here?”

“Yes,” she said as she took a seat in front of the computer. “Stop wasting my time and go make those drinks.”

I went into the kitchen and looked around for a minute before finding the liquor. We had a close knit group of friends and we often shared alcohol, cigarettes, food and weed. I was grabbing a couple glasses and deciding what I was going to make when Jessie walked into the kitchen.

“Hey sexy bartender. Whatcha makin us?” She asked.

I looked over at Jessie and smiled. “I was just deciding that.”

Jessie and I used to date. It was my fault that we broke up. She wanted more and I blew up and said a lot of things I shouldn’t have. Like a few of my ex’s we became friends later and have remained so. Jessie’s a little taller than Sarah probably 5’6. She’s more rounded, too. Not fat by any means, but she had a very full C, bordering on a D. her ass was curvier as well. Her face had these cute freckles during the summer, but they faded a little and she hadn’t been out in the sun enough yet this spring for them to be prominent. She always wore these cute glasses too, that gave that dirty librarian look, she had once admitted to me that was the look she was going for.

“Make it good,” she said before pinching my ass and walking into the office.

\”Hey, don’t bother Sarah she’s finishing my quiz for me.” I yelled.

Jessie peeked out of the office. “I won’t bother her,” she said. “At least, not too much.”

I thought that was weird but I went back to the cabinet and found some triple sec to go with the vodka I’d already pulled down. Fishing through the fridge I found some cranberry juice and a couple limes. It was the best I could do on short notice. Soon the cosmos were complete and I brought them with me into the office where I saw Jessie sitting in one chair next to Sarah in front of the computer. Sarah turned around when I came in and clicked submit on the screen.

“Really?” She asked shaking her head. “Is that all they expect you gringos to know?”

“It’s just a quiz,” I said as I handed her one of the drinks before I passed the other one to Jessie and reached over to grab my beer from the desk where I’d left it. “You know I know the stuff.”

She smiled. “Exactly, so why’d you need my help?”

“Because I only had a few minutes before it was going to lock me out and I didn’t want to screw up.”

Jessie laughed. “Oh, Jason. I always thought you would perform well under pressure.”

There was something going on here and I really wanted to find out if it might go where I was hoping it would go. I’d slept with both of these girls and the everyman’s fantasy thing automatically popped into my head. I think they both sensed it, too.

They both took long pulls of their drinks and looked at one another with knowing glances. Jessie took a little more of her drink before setting it down. “I need to use the little girl’s room,” she said coyly before hopping up and walking out of the room. I swear she swayed her ass deliberately as she exited.

“What’s going on here?” I asked Sarah, hoping to hear what I wanted, but she was going to play games a little longer.

“Nothing,” she said over the rim of her glass before taking another sip. “This is really good.”

“I know. I made it.”

“You’re so cocky.”

“You like it.” She pulled me down by my shirt and kissed me hard. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and we made out for a minute, but it was a little awkward with me leaning down and her sitting in the low office chair. I felt her hand go up my thigh and rub across my cock, which might have already been up if it weren’t for the alcoholic interference. A few squeezes of her hand got me right on my way, though.

I reached down and cupped her head as I pulled away. “I’ll have to thank you for eskişehir escort that later. I’m thinking an extra long session with my head between your thighs?”

“We’ll see, “she said coyly and pulled my shirt again. So I obliged and leaned down to kiss her some more. Her hand immediately returned to my cock and with a squeeze and rub I was straining against my pants. It was then that I heard an obviously intentional cough.

“Am I interrupting?”

I pulled away and saw Jessie standing in the doorway.

“Of course not, dear,” Sarah said as she stood up. “You’re always welcome here.”

Jessie walked into the office, shutting the door behind her. She strolled across the room and Sarah went to meet her.

They stood face to face for a second and Jessie said “Did you ask him?”

Sarah laughed. “Do I really need to?”

Jessie smiled. “I guess not.” She looked over Sarah’s shoulder at me with a devilish grin. “Have a seat, Jason. Enjoy the show.”

I almost pinched myself, but if this was a dream I didn’t want to wake up.

Two girls that I had fucked were embracing. It was almost in slow motion as they leaned in and began to kiss. At first they kissed lightly hands rubbing up and down each other’s bodies. If it started out a little slowly, it quickly hit a fever pitch with their hands groping each other as their kissing became more intense.

I had enough sense to first get up and fully close the office door partially shutting out the noise from the people in the living room as a few more people had arrived. Jessie looked over at me as Sarah was sucking on her neck and moving up to her earlobe. It was really sexy to see the expression I must have caused on many occasions cross her face as Sarah sucked on her earlobe. I could tell from the flutter of her eyelids as she looked at me that Sarah had bitten down gently.

The office chair was not at a very good spot so I moved the chair a few feet and sat down. I knew better than to interrupt too soon.

Jessie pulled Sarah back up and they began kissing again. Sarah reached up to grab one of Jessie’s tits while they kissed, but Jessie wasn’t satisfied with copying her motions. Her hands fumbled with the bottom of Sarah’s blouse as she ran her hands underneath to grab Sarah. Sarah sighed with pleasure and I knew that Jessie had found her nipple ring.

In a flurry of motion Sarah reached down to pull Jessie’s shirt up as well, but she seemed to be ready to one-up her in return. She lifted the shirt up forcing Jessie to stop her manipulations as she pulled the shirt over her head and quickly reached around to undo her black bra.

Jessie acquiesced and dropped the bra quickly freeing her larger breasts. Her nipples stood pinched and erect. I was always amazed at how well her tits stood out even without any support. Sarah rubbed those mounds gently for a moment, almost seeming to appreciate them then dove quickly down to capture one of Jessie’s nipples in her mouth. Jessie held her head there tossing her head back enjoying the sensation for a moment. Then Sarah grabbed the other breast and pinched the nipple between her fingers rolling it around softly.

I was so engrossed staring at my girlfriend suckling on Jessie’s tits that I almost didn’t look up, but then I saw Jessie staring at me with a look of unbridled sensuality on her face her hand still running through Sarah’s thick black hair. Then her eyes dropped and I saw her focus on my crotch that I had been idly rubbing while the two of them had been going at it. I knew she could see the bulge, but I pushed my jeans around my cock to make it more visible. I didn’t want her to forget that she had another toy to play with whenever she was ready.

Jessie licked her lips at me quickly and then returned her attention to my girlfriend, pulling her face back up for a kiss. Sarah didn’t seem to want to let go of her friend’s tits, but reluctantly did so as Jessie reached down to pull Sarah’s shirt off in turn. Sarah didn’t even wait for Jessie to move for it, reaching behind her back and popping the clasp on her bra.

The competition continued as Jessie was ready to move to the next level, undoing the clasp on Sarah’s pants and sliding her hand down inside her panties. Sarah gasped arching her back as Jessie’s fingers found her clit. Jessie then moved her head down and sucked one of Sarah’s nipples into her mouth. I couldn’t tell, but I was sure she was flicking her tongue over the piercing as Sarah grabbed the back of her head with one hand and her forearm with the other shoving Jessie’s hand deeper into her pants.

My cock was desperately trying to escape from my pants and I really wanted to jump up from the chair and join in the sexual fray, but I restrained myself settling for being a voyeur for the moment. I still ran my hand over my cock lightly as I leaned back in the chair.

Sarah began to gather her senses a little it seemed as she looked over at me, eyes glazed in that erotic haze that had consumed her. Her eyes drifted down sakarya escort to my crotch just like Jessie’s had. She stared for a little longer while Jessie switched over to the other nipple her arm showing signs that her hand was working furiously inside my girlfriend’s pants.

Those pants must have finally annoyed Sarah enough, because she took her hands from Jessie’s head and arm and reached down to pushed them over her hips and down her legs, taking her panties with them. Jessie pulled back for a moment to stare at Sarah’s beautiful body while she wiggled out of her pants. One of Jessie’s hands wandered up her stomach and fondled her right breast.

Sarah kicked off her pants almost falling over in the process and turned the almost fall into another embrace. The two began to kiss again as Sarah slid her hands down and began to undo the button on Jessie’s shorts. Jessie reached her hands down and pushed at the sides of her shorts reaching over to hold onto Sarah’s shoulder as she slipped them off. When she stood back up, the two of them quickly reached for the other’s pussy hands folding into the warm folds.

I knew from stories that Sarah had plenty of experience with other girls and it quickly showed as Jessie started to breathe really heavily and moan. Sarah sucked on her neck before moving down to her tits again. I watched as her hand moved rapidly between Jessie’s legs. Jessie tried to keep up, but it was soon pretty obvious that she was in a whole other world.

“Fuck!” She screamed as Sarah continued to finger-bang her. “Oh yeah, Sarah, you sexy bitch, fuck me.”

Jessie’s words lit a new fury in my girlfriend as she began doing it even harder. Jessie seemed almost at the edge of coming when Sarah stopped. The look of shock and hunger was obvious on Jessie’s face as Sarah turned to me.

“You want to give me some help here, or are you gonna just keep watching?”

I needed no further encouragement as I stood up from the chair and walked over to the pair. Sarah kissed me deeply and then turned over to Jessie and kissed her as well. “We’re going to make you feel amazing, just come over here.”

I let Sarah direct the event as she led Jessie over to the desk. She pushed all the papers back into the corner and cleared a space at the edge of the desk. With a quick look I knew what to do. I lifted Jessie up on to the desk and pulled her forward right to the edge. Sarah kissed me again and then lifted her fingers to my mouth. I could taste Jessie’s juices on her fingers; it was one of the sexist looks she ever gave me as I sucked her fingers into my mouth. I saw Jessie staring at us out of the corner of my eye. Anticipation was painted clearly in her eyes, but watching me suck her pussy juice off my girlfriend’s fingers was just too much for her, I guess.

Sarah pulled her hand out of my mouth quickly and grabbed Jessie’s hand that had been reaching for her pussy. “No, dear. I’ll take care of that.”

Jessie let out a sexy little whimper, obviously needing that satisfaction now.

“Jason, baby,” she began as she ran her hands up and down Jessie’s thighs. “Could you take care of things upstairs for me?”

I couldn’t even speak. I just nodded as I watched my girlfriend get down on her knees and begin kissing her way up Jessie’s thighs. I didn’t want to miss this, but I had agreed and I needed to get in on this before I was reduced to a mere spectator again.

I leaned in and kissed Jessie for the first time in a while. Out tongues danced together for a moment and then I felt her gasp and I knew Sarah had reached her goal.

I pulled away and began kissing her neck and ears just like she liked. I felt one of her hands wrap around the back of my head, pulling me down towards her tits. I got the hint and began sucking her nipple and reached for the other one with my hand. I angled myself a little so I could see Sarah with her face buried between Jessie’s legs.

If I thought my cock was hard before. I was mistaken. It was staining to get out of my jeans, now.

I returned my focus to Jessie’s tits, and then she pulled my head back up again. I thought she wanted to make out, so I began to kiss her. We made out for a moment, but then she pulled away. She grabbed my head and began kissing my neck and licking up the side. She switched to the other side. She pulled away for a minute with a long moan. I then felt her at my ear as she whispered in between her heavy rapid breathing “Your girlfriend…is going…to make…me cum…oh god…suck…my tits…again…I’m going…to cum…”

I quickly shot down her body and renewed my sucking of her tits and Jessie grabbed a hold of my hair as she shook. I quickly grabbed her around her waist as she almost bucked off the table. I looked down as Sarah was grinding her face into Jessie’s pussy while Jessie tried to push her away with her other hand. She pushed my head off her tit and then used the other hand to finally dislodge Sarah from her.

Sarah sat back with a satisfied grin on her juice covered face. Her chin was dripping with it as she wiped it off slowly as she tried to catch her breath. I kissed gently on Jessie’s tits and neck as she lay there shuddering a little in the aftershocks of her orgasm. I kissed her cheek and she smiled and laughed a little. She ran her hand through my hair and looked at me with a grin. “Damn, your girlfriend can eat pussy.”

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