Every Youth Deserves…Ch. 2


The weekend was coming up and I was invited to spend it with Mary and Lester, so I told my parents I was riding my cycle down to a buddy’s house in Key West.

That lie was a lot better than telling my parents that I was going to be a few blocks away fucking one of their best friends, a woman my mom’s age, while her husband watched.

I filled up a backpack with a change of underwear and socks, toiletries, a full ounce of Jamaican weed, a wood pipe and a pair of swimming trunks.

As I started up my Yamaha, I congratulated myself on being so in tune with the unusual situation with Lester and Mary. I was only eighteen, but mature enough to understand the dynamics of being seduced. I did not mind. Mary, more than twice my age, had provided a level of sexual enjoyment that I had not experienced before. She was more than twice my age, but I found her sensuous, erotic, fun and with a warmth and knowledge girls my age lacked.

If Lester wanted to watch or be part of double dicking his wife that was more than fine with me. I don’t go for guys but I don’t mind sharing, or in this case, Lester was the one married and the one sharing his wife with me. That was pretty cool.

At work, being the handyman for Mary’s real estate company, I saw her and talked to her daily and all was status quo since Monday’s seduction. Not one of her employees could have suspected that Mary and I had fucked gloriously on the big bed of her master bedroom. She would be talking to customers and I would think of her as I had experienced her, naked, on all fours, asking her to stick my cock in deep, to fuck her until she came…

We had a conversation on Thursday, on the porch of her real estate office.

“Everything is set for Saturday,” she said, “I am really looking forward to this. We can do a lot of things between Saturday morning and Sunday night. “

“How’s Lester with this whole thing?”

“He’s fine, sweetie, he’s so horny… and so am I, If we did not have those salesmen and the receptionist in the office, I would take you on my desk right now… “

“Hold that thought,” I said as a car pulled up and a realtor waved at us.

“Don’t go away,” she said, “I need to talk some more. “

“I have to go to the bank. ”

“Let’s go in my car. I’ll take you. “

She drove me to the bank, talking to me about the things Lester and her like sexually, so our weekend meeting would be a mutually enjoyable experience. I was getting hard discussing the topic, but I wanted to keep the relationship profesional during working hours, so I did not make any moves.

On the way back to the office she veered down a side street, parking at a dead end by an empty lot of brush and trees.

“We have a few minutes,” she said and I shook my head.

“I’m just out of high school but even I know this is not professional. “

“You are right,” she said, “but I’m so hot and wet… I need something. “

“Open your legs. “

I slid my hand up her skirt, brushing aside the undergarment, fingers probing the folds between her legs. I found it very stimulating to move my hand up my mother’s friend skirt, to play with the pussy of a woman more than twice my age. It was erotic to see this woman who dressed and appeared conservative, open her legs to my probing fingers, give herself to me with her husband’s approval.

“Look at me, Mary. Look at my eyes while I play with your cunt… you like this. I would fuck your mouth but there’s no time, only time for my fingers… you seem to like this… and this… my, your eyes open so wide… my fingers are so soaked… you are a sexy woman and I want you… to fuck you and eat you and finger you and fuck you and eat you… look at my eyes while you come… yeah, let me go a little deeper… no one ever touched you like this Mary… ”

“No… never… I… “

She came in less than two minutes, bucking against my hand, moaning, whimpering, stretching and collapsing.

“See,” I said,”and you did not even wrinkle your dress. Can you survive until the weekend?”

“Until Saturday,” she said softly, “when we will fuck our brains out. “

And then Saturday came.

—————– ————— —————- ————

Saturday did not come quickly enough. My husband and I watched the videotapes of my seduction of Ricky several times, always fondling and masturbating each other as Ricky and I fucked on the television screen.

“You are a star,” Lester would say as he pinched my nipples and dipped his finger in between my open legs, “a porn star. You suck his cock so well. He must have enjoyed himself. An eighteen year old boy putting the meat to my Mary. You like it a lot don’t you?”

“Yes, Honey,” I answered, ” Look at this part of the video, how he pulls off my panties… I was so wet, Lester, I almost came.. look at your wife getting fingered… so good… look how your wife is fingerfucked… see me grasping his meat… he was sweet as ice cream on my tongue, Lester. “

“You like to Ankara travesti fuck that boy, don’t you?”

“You’ll see on Saturday,” I answered.

I was as surprised as my husband at my new, uninhibited attitude. After years of certain sexual innocence, I had crossed a wide line into a new lifestyle and frame of mind.

Church going, moralistic me was going to do a three way with my husband and a young man. Lester was going to see me take another man’s cock, suck a young boys’ dick, orgasm while another man used me in front of his approving eyes. I know it seems strange, wicked or perverted but the thought of performing in front of my husband made me wet. After years of talking about a third person in our marriage, this eighteen year old boy had used me and enjoyed me and I did not mind being a toy… I was also getting gratification, more than I ever imagined. I was totally in love with that young, hard cock.

When Ricky arrived on Saturday he drove his motorcycle into the open garage, so his parents would not see the bike in case they passed by on their way to the supermarket. I saw him arrive from my bedroom window and allowed him a couple of minutes to be at ease talking to Lester who was catching the morning sun, tanning poolside.

I picked out my most daring bathing suit, a two piece combination that shows off my tits and ass. I dabbed perfume in a few strategic parts of my body and walked softly down the stairs towards the pool area.

Ricky and Lester were both drinking lemonades, sitting on lawn chairs. Ricky was wearing denim shorts and sneakers. Lester was wearing a pair of speedos he thought made him look sexy but only accentuated his little paunchy belly.

They were talking about my oil paintings, so I stopped by the patio door, listening.

“I don’t pretend to know art,” Ricky said, “but I think you captured Mary in both paintings. “

“I painted those ten years ago. Mary and I went on vacation to Georgia and we had a private cottage by a lake. We screwed and painted, painted and screwed. She’s is a great fuck, isn’t she, Ricky?”

“Eeer… sure she is. “

“Look, Ricky, don’t be nervous. She likes to fuck you and thinks you are very good at it and I enjoy watching and participating. I’m not gay but I am adventurous and I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. “

I interrupted their chat as I approached them, both scanning me, looking at my skimpy two piece bathing suit.

“Hi Ricky,” I said, “I’m so glad you made it. “

“Not yet,” he said and kissed me in front of my husband, his open mouth against mine as my tits pressed against his bare chest. I looked at Lester while I kissed Ricky and my husband was mesmerized, dick ready to escape the tight confines of the speedos.

I did not want to fuck Ricky yet. I had two days and one night for multiple performances, but the first one for Lester had to be special.

While I fixed a glass of lemonade Ricky opened his backpack, took out a lunch bag with weed and made a gesture of invitation. Lester and I both smoked, but had not done so in several months. For a moment I wondered about the sanity of smoking reefer with the eighteen year old son of a friend, but then, after all, I had already copulated with the boy.

So I nodded my head in affirmation and accepted the pipe that Ricky extended. Lester smiled, anticipating his first toke.

The backyard of our home in Coral Gables was a perfect setting, privacy from neighbors eyes offered by a stucco wall and tall trees. We puffed on the pipe and the reefer had a power kick that made one feel mellow and willing to play.

We went into the pool, swimming around for a few minutes, making sex talk to build up the excitement.

“How did you lose your cherry, Ricky?” Lester asked.

“When I was a junior I had an afternoon off from school because of a teacher’s conference and my girl and I did it in my room before my parents came home from work. “

“Was it good?”

“Better than masturbating,” Ricky answered and both men laughed.

“How did you lose yours, Lester?”

“My first year of art school I nailed a real strange girl who was into Dadaism. “

“I’m not even going to ask what that is… “

“Anyway, she screwed like a mare in heat. I did my first threesome with her and her best friend, a dark skinned girl from Aruba. It was the first time I saw a woman go down on another… other than in porno movies. They would do each other and then do me, but both dropped out of school and from my life after one semester but it was great while it lasted. “

“How about you, Mary?”

“Freshman year in college,” I answered, “back seat of a Buick to a boyfriend who was on leave from the airborne. He took my virginity and gave me a first rate night. He could fuck. He pulled down my panties and went down on me before he entered me. It was memorable, real nice. “

“I’m really buzzed,” Lester said and Ricky nodded his head in agreement.

“Let’s go inside and shower Antalya travesti off the pool chemicals,” I said and both men agreed eagerly.

—————— ——————– ——————–

The shower setup in the master bedroom consist of a large area surrounded on two sides by tall panels of see-through glass. As I entered the bedroom with the couple I noticed a chair placed four feet from the shower door.

“Sit down,” Mary said to her husband, “Ricky and I are going to shower and you are an audience of one. “

Lester removed his trunks and sat down with the intent look of a man who wants to remember every second of the events that are happening, knowing the memory will be one of the most exciting moments of his life.

Mary unzipped my denim shorts, cock bobbing free, bringing a smile to her face.

“She looks hot, doesn’t she Lester?” I said to her husband, knowing that he enjoyed verbal excitement, “I’m really looking forward to fucking your wife. You are a lucky man. “

Lester nodded but did not speak. I removed Mary’s bathing suit, feeling up her nakedness as her husband watched, hands lightly caressing nipples, ass and the bush mounf between her legs. I kissed Mary and she rubbed against me as Lester watched, stroking his cock slowly.

I entered the shower stall with Mary and we opened the water for a brief moment, sprinkling our bodies. Shutting the water so it was only a dribble, we soaped each other, lathering our bodies slowly, both of us talking to our audience of one.

“I like the way Ricky lathers my tits. His fingers are magic. Oh Ricky, you are making me soooo hot… “

“Stroke my dick while you soap me, Mary. Yeah, that’s it. Play with it Mary, that cock’s for you. ”

“Ooohhh, sweetie I love playing with your dick. “

“I’d like to do something special,” I said, “for this first weekend together. “

“Anything you want my hot stud,” she said, soaping my balls.

“I’d like to shave you. “


“When was the last time you shaved?”

“Years… “

“Get me a razor, Lester,” I said, “and I guarantee you will enjoy this. “

Mary smiled at me as I clipped the hairs and ran a new safety razor over her mound.

“Like that, uh?” I said, “You like the feeling of that razor making your cunt smooth, don’t you girl? You will love it when I finish and press my lips against it and you feel my beard stubble on your smooth skin… Lester will like it too, to see me shave his wife smooth, then eat her before I fuck her, my face buried between her legs… “

“Oh… you are driving me crazy. “

“You like dirty talk because you are a dirty girl with a freshly shaved cunt,” I said as I pressed my face against her shaved mound, “and I will eat you a little now. “

——————- ——————— ——————

His tongue lapped the smoothly shaved flesh, which tingled as he licked. I leaned back against the shower wall and opened my legs as I looked towards my husband, sitting six feet away, playing with his dick.

Ricky’s mouth was between my legs, nibbling, teasing, playing, burning up my circuits as I accepted him, pushing against his face letting the boy eat my cunt as my husband masturbated to the sight.

This was incredible. The weed buzz and the days of erotic anticipation had driven me across a line beyond my comprehension. I was over forty but I felt like a virgin bride on her wedding night everytime this young man touched me. He had a natural instinct for erotic foreplay and his mouth and fingers were enough to make me orgasm quickly, but Ricky took me to the brink and stopped, leaving me gasping.

“Great ass on your woman, Lester. Lester ever fuck you up the ass, Mary?”

“Sometimes. “

“Like it?”

“Sometimes. “

“Sometime is now,” he said, standing up from between my legs, turning me around and pressing his soaped meat against the crack of my ass. A chill ran up and down my spine. My young stud was going to take my ass while my husband watched!

This time, I thought, will even be better than the first. Ricky is going to take me to bed, put me on all fours and take my behind while Lester watches and plays with his dick.

The cock rubbing against my ass had grown hard.

“Come, sweetie,” I said, “let’s rinse off this soap and go to bed. “

“Here. Now. “

One arm wrapped around my waist and one hand opened my ass cheeks. His hardness was well lubricated with perfumed soap and he pushed into me, entering me standing up, holding me as I dangled forward.

I was facing the bathroom wall both hands on the cold tile, legs open, pushing back, grinding my hips against his washboard stomach as he took my ass. I could not see Lester but my husband could see us both, the muscled young man sticking his soapy cock in his wife’s rear and the wife pushing back, wanting more.

“What a sweet ass, Mary. So tight… yeah, that’s it… tighten your ass muscles around İstanbul travesti my cock… sweet… tell Lester what it feels like. Don’t dissapoint your audience. “

“Oh… Lester… Ricky is fucking my ass… and I… love it… yes.. squeeze my ass Ricky… yes, that’s so fine… Lester this boy has a cock that is a dream come true… ohhh… he’s deep in my ass Lester, and I’m ready… when he comes… I’ll come also… you are soooo hard… ohh… fuck me… fuck me… fuck my sweet ass you naughty boy… fuck me deep… hard ohhh… fuck me… I love it, Lester… I love it just… like that.. this is hot. Look at me getting fucked… ooh… I’m almost there… Oh, that feels good… yeah, fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock… oh… you are going to make me come again… oh, you fuck so well… so thick… I can’t believe how hard… oh… you are… I love it!! Your cock… feels so good in my ass.. yes, fuck my ass hard… hard… you are so thick… yes, that’s it… that’s yes, that’s it… that’s perfect… I love your cock… Oh… Oh… I’m almost… there… oh, yes, fuck my ass just like that… I am close… yes… fuck me deep… Oh… Oh… “

“She has a great ass, Lester. Go ahead Lester, play with your dick while I fuck your wife. “

“He’s fucking me so hard, honey… Oh, Lester, he’s deep in my ass… yes, fuck me, you naughtie boy… fuck my ass my dirty stud… take my ass… oohhh, it hurts and I love it… my ass is on fire, Lester. “

Ricky turned me around, still inside me, placing me facing Lester who was sitting, masturbating as he watched his soap lathered wife take it up the rear.

Ricky licked my ear and face while he fucked my ass, pressing my tits against the glass door. My ass was on fire and I was close to coming when my husband climaxed, dripping all over his legs as he watched me intently.

“Good for you, Lester,” Ricky said, “I know you are having fun. It’s fun watching your wife get fucked up the ass. And here she is. Her ass feels sooo goood, Lester. Your wife has a satin asshole. I love to fuck her. “

Ricky’s cock was burning up my back hole but I did not care. The raw lust of the moment was indescribable and my body heat was on broil setting. Ricky pushed in and I contracted, milking his thick meat as I looked at my husband through the glass panel.

“I’m going to… come soon… oh, Ricky what a fuck.. yes, that’s it… that’s yes, that’s it… that’s perfect… your cock… Oh… Oh… I’m almost… there… I love your dick… I want it like that… you fuck my ass real good,Ricky… I am close… yes… fuck me deep with that thick dick… Oh… Oh… OOOOOHHHHH… YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS!!!”

“Here it comes, Mary,” Ricky said as he pushed as deep as he could, his spasmic cock filling my insides with his warmth and then it was my turn to howl, to feel that blinding jolt of sheer power that runs through my body as I climax, and to almost fall faint from the energy spent. Ricky held me tenderly and kissed my soaped face.

“Now we can rinse,” Ricky said, his voice echoing in the glass cubicle of the shower stall.

————– ——————- ———————

After the shower scene we all walked around the house in the buff. We even walked out to the pool deck, knowing that we could not be seen by prying neighbors. It was noon and we caught some sun, smoked another bowl and drank a couple of beers apiece, while munching some snacks. Lester and I complimented Mary on her well shaved cunt and she blushed like a schoolgirl.

They were my parent’s age, but I felt at ease with them, for they had much to lose if the situation came to light and I trusted their discretion. I liked them as people, always did, and I liked the new arrangement even better.

I had relationships with girls my age but Mary was the supreme lover. Sure, she was older and had more experience but it was more than that… she had imagination and desire to combine with that experience and she was passionate, lusty, raw and pure joy to be taken and used while she used and took on her own terms.

Jazz music played from a wall stereo as we smoked, danced naked, even a slow piece or two, drank beer and fondled each other. After an hour of hanging out, my sexual appetite returned. I was insaitable, an eighteen year old riding a runaway sexual freight train.

I pressed Mary against the kitchen sink and we kissed a long wet kiss. Lester sat on a stool four feet away.

“You are a real nice couple,” I said “and the sex is fantastic because you are an exciting, erotic woman who is not afraid to enjoy life. “

“You smooth talking young hunk,” she said smiling, “after that sweet talk there’s nothing I would not do. “

We did not make it to the bedroom. I fucked Mary on the breakfast nook table while she sucked her husband’s cock. Lester only grunted in pleasure as her mouth engulfed his shaft and I entered her, grabbing her hips, pumping, grinding, feeling ass flesh against belly, my cock sinking into her wetness, sliding back and forth, back and forth…

“That’s it, Ricky!” Lester exclaimed, “the more you fuck her the better she sucks me, so ride her with gusto!”

I opened Mary’s legs more and drove my meat in deeper, a grunt of acceptance escaping from her cocksucking lips.

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