Family First Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Several days had passed since Nathan had taken her, but the feel of his hands still burned into Sonia’s body. Never had a man so ingrained himself within her. Of course, she had yearned for lovers in the past, wished to feel some of them again. But this was neediness. It was a craving. It didn’t help that she was trying to accomplish her usual jobs while her clothing dug into her skin. Women tend to retain weight as they get older, sure, but Sonia was barely 30. Then again, it wasn’t so unsightly. She would catch the occasional glance in a mirror and see her bust tenting out her t-shirts as they bulged through her bra that she normally reserved for her period. And her panties flossed between her asscheeks like a thong. She wanted to think about the discomfort, the cause, the implications, something, anything! But first and foremost in her mind was only,

‘Would Nathan like me to be curvier?’


Audrey lay in bed, blown off yet again by her friend, staring at a text filled with excuses and platitudes. She wanted to throw her phone across the room, but it was also the only source of entertainment in arm’s reach, and she felt much too bloated for some reason to want to get up.

Erin: Sorry babe, we need to hang out soon! I just don’t want Ethan to third wheel, y’know?

Audrey had stared at the text for so long, no response really coming to her. But then,

Audrey: That’s okay. Me and my boyfriend had a great time the other night, you really missed it.

Ugh, why was she pushing on this? She didn’t actually have a boyfriend. But then she checked social media, and a picture of Erin wrapping herself around her boyfriend at the mall showed up on her feed. Gross.

Erin: Yeah? Me and Ethan finally got around to… y’know 😉

Double gross! Audrey didn’t want to hear about her friend’s escapades. But her competitive nature got the better of her. She quickly snapped off a message before she could consider the implications.

Audrey: That’s cool, I found out the other night that my boyfriend has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.

Oh shit, now she had done it.

Erin replied, a picture? It still hadn’t loaded. ‘Shwoop!’ sounded from the phone as the image came in.

Erin: Bigger than this? 😉

A smug emoji under a picture of her boyfriend’s penis, Erin’s hand wrapped around the shaft.

Audrey grinned, reaching down, sliding her fingers beneath her panties. ‘Oh yes,’ she thought, ‘MY boyfriend’s dick is WAY bigger.’ She exited the conversation and went to her photos, finding the picture she had taken of Nathan’s topless body. She bit her lower lip as two fingers dipped into her pussy. The satisfaction of one-upping her friend, and the hand delving into her heated pussy swirled in her brain as they merged with the memory of jerking Nathan’s enormous cock. And the groans of his satisfaction echoed in her brain as she brought herself to completion in time. IIn her euphoria, she failed to stop herself from sending a regrettable offer.

Audrey: You’ll just have to see for yourself whenever we double date 😉


It had been a couple days since Nathan woke up to Sonia’s unwanted advances. He had basically ignored her since then, barely making eye contact if she happened into the room he was in. His dick still ached, but working around the house for his uncle and working out on his equipment kept him occupied enough that he could ignore the discomfort. And now he could see it in her eyes, the change that had taken place. He would have Sonia again if he wanted her, but there would be no more surprises. It felt good to have this control over her, Nathan had never felt any kind of confidence around pretty women, but now he had this gorgeous girl pining for him and he hardly cared.

It was a particularly warm morning that Nathan found himself out by the pool, using a net to rid the water of debris. Heavy winds the night before had blown a bunch of leaves in and Oscar had pointed out first thing in the morning that it would need to be taken care of.

“Hey, sweetie!” Nina called out, making the long walk from the main house to the pool. “I brought you some lemonade!” Nathan paused his work for a moment to look up and smile at her. He was shirtless and in his swim trunks, ready to take a swim as soon as he got the mess taken care of, and he hadn’t felt as weird about exposing skin since Audrey had asked for that picture of him.

“Thank you, Aunt Nina, I could certainly go for some,” he replied. He continued pulling the net around as he watched her from the corner of his eye. His short aunt made her toward the reclined deck chairs in and placed the tray and pitcher down hatay escort on a table before relaxing in the chair.

He couldn’t be quite sure what she was looking at behind her wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, but Nathan found it hard to take his eyes off his aunt’s trim tummy, at 40, she still looked fantastic in the tiny black bikini she wore. He leaned down to grab a glass and poured some of it for himself. Then poured a glass for his aunt, handing it to her.

“Well, thank you,” she smiled, taking a sip. “Sure is nice to have a man that helps out around here.”

“Does Oscar not help?”

“He brings money home, but… it’s been a long time since he’s really BEEN home. Whenever he is here, it’s always in his office or zoned out in front of a screen.” Nina failed to mention to her nephew that she also had barely gotten laid in over a year, to her infinite frustration.

“Well, I’m not all class, either,” Nathan retorted. Weird that he was now about to defend his annoying uncle, but it was better than seeing that forlorn look on his aunt’s lovely face. “I doubt I’ll ever be able to give all this to somebody,” he continued, gesturing to the acres of land.

“Oh, nonsense, sweetie, you’re gonna give some lucky girl everything she could ever dream of,” Nina replied, ‘especially with those arms’ she thought to herself. “What’s the point of 12 bedrooms if there’s nothing in them?”

Nathan cocked an eyebrow, “you wanted to fill up 12 bedrooms?”

“I mean!” Nina began, crossing her arms under her small breasts, the bemused frustration building in her voice, “maybe a little!” She sipped from her lemonade. “I certainly thought Oscar would, considering his family…”

“Big family?” Nathan knew so little about his uncle’s family. He had never seen them at any reunions or anything.

“OOOH yeah,” Nina laughed a bit. Nathan was glad that at least pulled away a bit of the grump. “That grandfather I mentioned?”

“The ‘Ancient One’?” Nathan smirked.

“Yes, haha. The ‘Ancient One’,” Nina repeated, emphasising it more than Nathan had. “He had 18! Children! Some of them younger than me!”

Something felt strange as those words reached Nathan’s ears. 18 children? Was his aunt hoping to have that many? He felt an involuntary lurch in his groin as the unwanted image of his pregnant aunt entered his mind. He did his best to shake it clear, turning to the pool to hide his growing erection, and returning to his work to hopefully get it to go down.

“Wow, that’s crazy,” Nathan commented, not sure of how else to really respond.

“Isn’t it? But no, Oscar hardly wanted the one.”

“Guess that’s why you and Audrey look like clones.”

“Oh, stop!” Nina blushed behind her sunglasses, “you need to stop teasing an old lady like that, or I might just leave my husband.”


That night, as Nathan was stepping out of the shower, he heard a noise come from his bedroom. As he turned the corner, he was met with the view of Sonia’s ass. Bent at the waist as she was over his bed, sorting through the clean laundry she must have just brought in. Something looked… different about it. Did it look bigger? Whatever size it was, Nathan felt his dick beginning to rise. He hadn’t had a chance to jerk off all day, and the incident with his aunt had left him tingling down there since then.

“Sonia,” he called out.

“Yes!?” she twisted around in shock. Her breathing seemed heavy.

“You’re here late.”

“Oh, yes I-I’m off for the weekend, I spent evening making food to put in the fridge,” she stammered, her eyes were locked on his, but they kept darting down his body.

Nathan stood in silence for a moment, observing her, she almost looked like she was shaking. “Sonia… are you okay?”

She burst into tears and fell to the floor, covering her eyes, “please, I just. I am so sorry that I did not ask permission. But please fuck me again, PLEASE.”

Nathan’s growing erection paused for a moment. He had intended to send a message, but he had no idea how badly she seemed to need him. Something about this wasn’t right, but he couldn’t leave her like this. He stepped toward the weeping Russian woman and dropped his towel. “Get on the bed,” he commanded.

Her movements were immediate, she practically slithered onto the bed in a single motion while shirking her pants onto the floor. Nathan’s erection throbbed in front of him, stiffening and beginning to curve upwards a bit. He reached forward, his hand hooking around Sonia’s panties, his hand instantly slick from her wetness. A lurch came from his balls as they dropped further down, feeling as if they inflated beneath him. The motion sent him forward, 12 inches of dick instantly spearing Sonia as she screamed out in ecstasy.

The motions of the mating pair quickly found unison, Nathan finding a steady pace as Sonia bounced back against him, whimpering with each blow. Within minutes he was already cumming, the injection of his sperm seeming to trigger something in Sonia as she squealed out louder than before. Nathan watched the clock from the corner of his vision, he came for almost 30 seconds without stopping. ‘What the hell…?’ he thought. Sonia’s convulsions died down just in time for Nathan to be brought back to the matter at hand by the throb of his erection. He was still hard somehow.

“Are you feeling better?” he asked.

Sonia tried to speak, but she was still catching her breath, “… y-yes. Thank you, M-master.”

She said it again. Nathan had thought he may have imagined from the last time they fucked, but she definitely said it now. He chose to let it be, for now. “Good, here, have this,” and he extracted his cock from her pussy, the entire area leading down her thighs was a deep shade of pink from the beating. Sonia whined, her mouth puckering out, wincing her eyes as her body overwhelmed her with feelings. It made the perfect opening for Nathan to slip his cock in. Sonia’s eyes bulged out as the density of it filled her mouth, but she lifted up her arms to continue to feed it in.

Nathan felt her tongue go to work as Sonia eased him in and out of her mouth, lingering on the tip. She changed her suction, moving her lips up and down, almost nursing on his glans. The motion felt incredible to Nathan and his balls seemed to agree as another viscous load began their march up his length. Sonia’s giddy expression changed as the flood of sperm entered her mouth, her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue stopped moving, instead twitching along the underside of Nathan’s shaft, which only served to further coax his load out.

As Nathan pulled out of her mouth, a strand of drool clung to the tip of his cock until it snapped, falling onto the sheets. It seemed like something about his cum had shorted out her brain. All she could do was moan in a pleased stupor. Nathan tucked her under a thin blanket and turned out the light, taking a spare pillow to the couch so he could put himself to sleep as well, it had been a strange day…


The next morning, Nathan woke up to an empty poolhouse. Sonia had apparently cleaned the sheets at some point and slipped out without a trace. And considering his pants were still on and his balls seemed to ache with fullness, she definitely hadn’t tried to pull anything again. Nathan sat on the bed to relieve himself, remembering the night before to help get things going. ‘When she’s not ignoring what I say and trying to molest me, Sonia’s actually pretty great in bed,’ he thought. Though, he didn’t really have a frame of reference. He only knew that pumping into Sonia like that felt amazing.

It seemed like jerking off had been getting harder and harder. His erections were getting more common, lasting longer, and each time he tried to alleviate himself, it seemed more difficult to get off. He might need to work on his relationship with Sonia just a little bit.

Nathan felt the familiar throb as his dick began to swell. He looked around and realized he had nothing to catch the release. He spied an empty, oversized water bottle on the nightstand and grabbed it, managing to get almost everything into the container. He went to dispose of it but apparently Sonia had taken out the trash without putting in a new bag. He set the water bottle down in the kitchenette, capped it, and decided he’d find a trash bag later.


Nathan made his way into the house for the morning after a quick breakfast, cavernous as it always was, it took him a while to find anyone. He eventually found his aunt and uncle working on something in an office.

“… For the last time, neither of us has the time for that,” Oscar groaned in annoyance. Nathan slowed his gait to make less noise.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to drop work and help me with this, I would be doing most of the work!” His aunt retorted, her annoyance carried into the hall, Nathan could practically hear her furrowed brow.

“Small commitment? How is the next 20 some years of my life a small commitment?” Oscar’s voice whined on.

“20 years of YOUR life!? Like all the time you spent the last 18 years raising Audrey!?” Nina yelled. Nathan heard a chair screech across a wooden floor. He took that as his cue to dart away before he was seen.

“Nina- honey, come on, don’t-” Oscar started as Nina rushed out of the room.

Nathan meant to give his aunt some privacy, but he found her in another room just a few minutes later, sobbing. He couldn’t just leave her like that. He approached her from behind, not sure of what to say. Her purple tank top left her shoulders bare, and Nathan could see how tense they looked as she cried.

He gently knelt behind her and put his hands outside of her collar bone and began to firmly massage her traps.

“Oscar, stop it. I want to be alone right-” Nina flinched from Nathan’s touch, turning around but she froze when she saw Nathan’s face. “-Oh, Nathan, sweetie. I didn’t mean to- sorry.” She tried to start wiping her tears away, but her red eyes said everything.

“I… overheard you and Oscar,” Nathan sighed, he smiled a closed, sympathetic half smile, “you shouldn’t have to put up with that.” He returned to massaging her shoulders and let her silently cry for a while longer.


After a day of chores, pretending not to want to punch Oscar for making his aunt cry like that, Nathan returned to the pool house out back for the night. He had offered to watch a movie or two with his aunt, but he wasn’t sure she wanted that right now. So instead, he decided to get in another workout for the evening and have an early shower.

The weights were starting to get a bit too easy, Nathan found. He was already nearly maxed out on both sides and even if he did get bigger weights, he was pretty sure he was nearing the limit for the bar. As he pounded out rep after rep, a strange feeling started to build up in his groin. He paused, setting the bar down to investigate. And as he sat up, he saw that his bulge seemed to be trying to escape his pants. ‘Weird,’ he thought. Most guys probably didn’t get hard from working out, but Nathan’s body was starting to feel a bit… un-normal.

Perhaps a new tactic was in order. Nathan got up from the bench, transferring the weights from the bench onto one-handed bars. Next, he dropped his pants, letting his cock pop free. Fucking hell, it looked even bigger than that morning. His balls especially looked huge, double the size they were when he woke up. He began to pump the dumbbell in his left hand as he reached for his dick with his right. ‘Efficiency, that’s what this is,’ he thought, getting up to walk to the bathroom, never stopping his stroke or his curls.

Soon, he found release, emptying his dick into the sink to keep from making an enormous mess. He swapped his bar to his right arm and did a number of curls to round out both limbs and hopped into the shower.

“Nathan?” Nina inquired as she knocked on the poolhouse door. “… Nathan?” she asked as she began to slowly open it. Once the entry was open, Nina could hear the sound of the shower. ‘Ah, there he is.’ Nina padded into the living room, observing how Nathan had the place his own with his game system and the weights and… his… underwear… that he had left on the floor.

“Boys…” Nina sighed. But then something caught her nose, something in the air. Some… powerful smell. It wasn’t the usual ‘Unwashed Teen’ smell, this was… actually quite pleasant. Nina looked around for the source until she made her way into the kitchenette. Sitting on the counter by the fridge was a plastic water bottle. But the liquid inside was white. Nina lifted the bottle and sniffed. “Oh,” she exclaimed in her surprise, “definitely not milk.” Nina lifted the cap and the smell rushed out, it was like cocoa. Like some kind of white chocolatey glass of sugar that she and Audrey would get from the coffee shop at the mall.

Nina licked her lips. She was suddenly quite thirsty and… she doubted Nathan would care TOO much if she drank one of these wonderful concoctions. Besides, she could always get more for him if he wanted her to. She tipped the bottle up, intending just to have a small sip but as the thick liquid flowed into her mouth, she found her hand unmoving. It simply continued to ooze into her throat as she gulped down more and more.

The crinkle of the bottle as Nina’s grip crushed the empty bottle was the first noise Nina had heard in a while, followed by a feral moan emanating from her throat. She whipped her head back and forth to remind herself of where she was. The shower was still running. ‘Oh thank God, Nathan hopefully didn’t hear that.’ Nina looked down at her body. ‘What the hell was that drink? …Why were her nipples hard?’

‘Oh God, why did I think it was okay to show up at night at my nephew’s room in this nightie? He’d be able to see my nipples through this tiny thing.’ Or, as she noticed, rushing out the door, the wetness leaking from her panties. What had she even been doing in the poolhouse anyway?

When would be a good time to ask Nathan for more of that amazing drink?

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