Fantasy Reversal Ch. 04

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I looked each way as I exited the room. Thankfully, the elevator was only about four doors down and the hall was quiet. With my bag in tow I walked to the elevator pushing the button, my reflection in full view in the polished elevator door.

I stood there, for a few moments as if in a trance as I stared at myself, still in disbelief. Also, embarrassed a bit as I was dressed like a two-bit hooker, in the short denim shorts, cropped t-shirt that displayed my breasts as Katrina never would have. To top it off, I was left only my strappy heels. If I were a man I would love to fuck the woman before me. Though now I was the woman, men wanted to fuck and the way I was dressed I was inviting those observations.

The ding as the elevator arrived awoke me from my trance and I entered the empty elevator. The ride to the lobby went without pause, thankfully. Though, as the door opened I could hear the murmur of the crowded lobby. Before me stood a couple, the man gawking, making little effort to look away from me as he held his wife’s hand. I smiled awkwardly to him as I excused myself and brushed past him.

I wanted to hide, as I stepped, my heels echoed on the marble tile, as if I needed more attention called to me. Fuck it, I thought. I stood for a moment, and composed myself, then walked confidently toward the open restaurant. Sam was already seated, his smile broad as he saw me. Then he pointed toward the door for me to look. My head turned, to find a group of young men, standing ogling me. I could feel my face fill with embarrassment.

“Good morning dear.” I leaned in pecking Sam on the cheek before sitting down.

“Good morning Trina. You seemed to enjoy last night if I do say so myself. It was like you were different though, as though you really enjoyed being ….. fucked.” Sam uttered. The profanity caught me off guard. “It was like you were having sex for the first time, baby.” His hand slid to my thigh as he sat next to me.

“Um, yes it was much better than I could have ever imagined.” I replied, growing somewhat comfortable to Katrina’s voice coming from my lips.

Sam smiled slyly back at me, as if he understood what I was implying. The waitress came, Sam ordered a large omelet and orange juice and I ordered simply white toast, water and a bloody mary. “I need that this morning.” I assured Sam as he looked at me.

We continued to make small talk until the waitress delivered our food. I watched as Sam watched her. I could tell he desired to have her, she was cute, early twenties, dressed in a short black skirt and white blouse. “You find her attractive, don’t you Sam?” I asked, though the question took him as a shock. “It’s OK dear. I think she is quite attractive. I guess if I were a guy…..I would find her attractive.”

As we finished, Sam mentioned he had a full day planned for me. He then paid the bill and thanked the waitress. “I already checked out honey.” He mentioned as we exited the restaurant.

The looks of some men were subtle and others not so subtle. Some of the men were with their wife or girlfriend and still they glanced at me. I had always been more subtle in my glances as a man gawking at women. Then I saw Sam, looking at a couple young women. I realized as I smiled to myself for the first time the power of an attractive woman has over men. It was then I decided to enjoy this adventure.

Sam was a gentleman as he opened my car door and placed the luggage in the trunk. I was a bit intrigued as to where we were going. As Sam I had a general plan as to the week of fantasies for Katrina, but had not done much with the details. Finally denizli escort we pulled up in front of the Salon and Spa, Katrina frequented.

“But, Sam!” I cannot just walk in, I need an appointment.” Then it hit me, I had an appointment. I had called four weeks ago and set one up. Well I had not called but Katrina had.

“Oh come now Katrina, I know they are expecting you today. Enjoy your day, I will text you with the details for tonight.” Sam assured me, then handed me a bag and my purse as he snickered a bit. “I think you will find it a bit of an adventure.”

The receptionist greeted me as I entered. To my surprise I knew her name. “Thanks Misty.” I smiled to her as she grabbed my hand and escorted me to the back, where David met me greeting me with a big hug.

“Oh dear, I have been looking forward to this since you made the appointment dear, I think you will love your new look.” David chirped in a frisky voice. He made no effort to hide that he was gay. “Oh my Kat, you look so sexy today, that is so not you but I love it.”

“Ummmm … Thanks, David.” That was all I could mutter in response. Though it was true, Kat rarely dressed in anything that remotely displayed her body.

“MMMM KKKK girl! I have your agenda right here. “Hair, color, styling, eyebrows, waxing and o my god girl, piercing. Oh Kat, I never thought you would do that, you have me so excited.” David continued. “Now if you would, there is a robe and slippers in the dressing room.”

I went to where he had pointed, finding a cubicle to change. I returned, wearing a satin robe, which teased my breasts as I walked. David escorted me to the chair, and then washed my hair, massaging my scalp. The feeling had relaxed me. I had never been pampered like this in my life. My mind wandered as David continued with highlighting her hair. Something as Sam I had always requested of her, yet Katrina protested it would make her trampy looking. The process was longer than imagined and as I waited for the coloring to set David, plucked my eyebrows, giving them a sleek look. The pain surprised me, though David assured me this was nothing compared to waxing.

Finally David removed the foil and rinsed my hair, before blow drying my long hair. Then he turned me, my mouth fell open. Katrina had been right; the blonde highlights in contrast to her brunette hair gave her a bit of a sexy look. The new look Sam had always desired was strong contrast to Katrina’s conservative traditional look. Though she knew it was Sam was looking for.

Next was the waxing of my pussy area. The tears streamed from my cheeks as I cringed at the terrible pain. Sam had never envisioned this for Katrina, though maybe it was her way of making him pay. I did my best to keep from screaming. Thankfully that step was now over, though my skin still burned from the process.

David then walked me back to the piercing area. I noticed two small rings along with a dangly ornament sitting on the small tray. Sam had asked her in the past to pierce her bellybutton, so this was little surprise to me. Though, the others were a mystery to me. I assumed the rings were decoration for some other woman and had just been set out in preparation.

“Good girl” David chimed in as he inserted the belly button ring. “Now, the fun ones.” As he opened my robe and applied a swab of alcohol to my nipples each quickly grew erect.

“What are you doing?” I screamed.

“It’s right here on your appointment Katrina, with the note to do it even if I protest.” David smiled, the alcohol cooling my now erect nipples. “Now, please diyarbakır escort hold on because this will hurt, though you may like that.” David teased me.

My nipple first resisted, till the darting pain shot through my body. Tears welled in my eyes, as I bit my lip. The pain shot from my breast to every extremity of my body including my pussy. The excitement was something I had not expected. I searched my memory; I knew this was not something Sam had ever desired. I tried to pull my hand up to caress my painful breast, yet found David had strapped my arms to the chair. My eyes rolled back as my second nipple was pierced, the pain despite my reaction was a bit pleasurable.

“There there, good girl Katrina, it looks fantastic. I would have never pictured you doing that.” David smiled as he closed my robe, and then led me by the arm back to the makeup table.

First he showed me different hairdos, giving me quick lessons on each. Finally I decided on an up do. The hair do would display my sleek lines and lovely neck and breasts. Next was the makeup, I watched every detail, wanting to learn the process. David finally turned me around so I could see myself. The makeup was unlike what Katrina had ever worn; the eyeliner was dark yet displayed my eyes blue color. Most noticeable difference was the bright red lipstick which matched my now long red fake finger nails and toe nails.

“You look fuckable girl, my god Katrina, it is just as you requested.” David assured me then escorted me to the changing room.

My phone was blinking with a message.


Tonight is my fantasy number two. We will role play. Get dressed my sweet slut.


I had been hoping for more information. As Sam I had some ideas of role playing, yet none I had been going to play this week. Though strangely the fantasy seemed close to my heart, something I desired. Wicked thoughts same to my mind, things Sam had never thought of. It then occurred to me, I would not only be playing out Sam’s fantasies but Katrina’s dirty fantasies.

The bag contained my clothing for the evening, the lingerie was fantastic and sexy. A red bustier with black lace trim, garters and matching thong. Black fishnet stockings. The dress was satin and strapless, red in color. The shoes were a deep red also, with ankle straps and 4 1/2″ heels.

David looked in, “My god girl, I so with I had a body like that to play with. Someone is very lucky tonight. Now hurry your cab is waiting.

Finished dressing I paused to look and admire myself. The dress fit perfect though tight, my breasts bulged from the top. Wearing hoop earrings and a choker necklace, I could hardly believe I looked at my wife in the mirror. She was everything I had desired.

Still not sure where the cab was taking me a second text message interrupted the silence.

“Tonight you are Ashli, a neglected wife looking to get fucked. The driver is taking you to the Club Baton. You are to flirt and dance with whomever you like. Till a man offers you an apple martini, you will then ask him to fuck you. All you can say to him is “Fuck me.” He is allowed to fuck you however and wherever he wants.


Arriving at the club, the music blared and the line was quite long. The bouncer motioned me forward, asking if I was alone, and then let me in without paying. Looking for Sam I could not find him. I sipped a glass of wine then flirted with a younger gentleman, who offered me another glass of wine. I thanked him, hugging him as I excused myself.

Making my way through antalya escort the crowd a black man pulled me to the dance floor. Surprised, I pulled back a moment. My phone instantly buzzed with a message.

“Flirt and dance, with whoever asks.”

I returned and apologized to the man, we danced a couple songs. To my surprise I had Katrina’s dancing ability. As Sam I was a terrible dancer, now as her I had rhythm. His name was Rock, or at least he claimed. From our close dancing I was sure he was a rock. Then he disappeared. The flirting and dancing continued with a few more men, each pushing me further. Another man, name Cal asked me to his table. I sat with him and three other men, flirting and drinking. As we sat, Cal had slid his hand under the hem of my dress. I felt as though I was cheating, though this is what he had requested.

I had to use the ladies room and excused myself. As I returned, a hand grabbed me from behind. “An apple martini for you miss?” My heart jumped, as through the noise I could not make out the voice. When I turned he moved my head forward.

“Fuck me, please fuck me!” I whispered.

Quickly downing the martini, he grabbed my wrist from behind, then my other, pinching each behind me. He then led me toward the restrooms again, down a dark hallway. My desire was to look and see who the man was behind me. He had to be Sam I thought, although with noise and the darkness it was difficult to tell.

“Fuck me.” I requested this time louder, hoping he would. Is hands went to the hem of my dress lifting it gently.

“You are a begging slut!” he said. My dress up over my hips my ass presented for him. My pussy soaked with my juices. I could still see people in the hallway; one man had stopped to watch. The feeling of being watched excited me, a feeling I had never expected. Any embarrassment was put aside for my sexual desire.

“Please fuck me.” I moaned as his cock entered me. His cock felt familiar to me, it had to be Sam I thought with some relief. The voice also was familiar, though the words were not.

“My, what a trashy married slut you are.” He moaned as he drove his cock into me, I could feel his hand on my wedding ring. “Do you like cheating on your husband slut?”

I wanted to deny it, though I wanted to feel the sensation of orgasm again. “Fuck me!” I yelled, in hopes of feeling the pleasure. I was oblivious to the man taking pictures with his cell phone. I pushed back it was too much, as he gripped my hips, and soon I felt the hot rush of cum fill me. He retracted as I pulled my dress down and turned to see Sam. As I turned all I saw was the crowd at the end of the hall, the crowd who had just watched me get fucked. Embarrassment overcame me as I put my head down. My phone buzzed.

“Good girl Trina. Now come home.”

The cab ride flew by. I reasoned the familiar cock had to have been Sam’s. After all he was the only man I had been with since high school.

I walked up the silent sidewalk to the house, upon opening the door. I spotted Sam standing waiting for me, his cock erect. Walking to him I kneeled, my lips parted, to my surprise I did not smell myself on his cock. He must have washed up before I arrived.

As I bobbed up and down on his cock he asked, “So did my slutty wife have fun tonight.” I had had fun but I could not tell him. As he grew close I pulled him deep into my mouth, and then suddenly as his cock pulsed, he pulled back. The stream, hit my cheek first then my forehead. I wanted to look away yet the desire kept me in place as he pumped more cum onto my face.

I remained kneeling on the floor, thinking that I knew that had not been a fantasy of Sam. Then I realized as I felt my newly pierced tender nipples strain while bound in the bustier, I was also going to live out Katrina’s deep dark dirty fantasies. Vivid visions raced in my mind as my pussy filled with my own juices. My desire for sex grew as I licked the cum from my lips.

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