Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 13


Martin had always thought it was just lust and a big cock that enabled his father to attract the women in his life. He had watched his own gorgeous busty wife succumb to his father’s huge cock on his wedding night and believed that this wasn’t love between them but carnal desire between a beautiful young woman and a man with the cock to satisfy her.

The honeymoon continued with Kim’s parents around. During the last few days David, Kim’s father, had arranged a trip for himself, his wife and Kim around the island.

Martin felt depressed at how his life had turned around – his dreams of a perfect life with a gorgeous brunette had been dashed and all he heard was groans as his father satisfied either her, Sally or Kim’s mother Mel in the room next door.

The flat was silent on the day of David’s trip and it was only when he got to the top of the stairs that he heard a laugh and recognised it as Sally.

Looking into the bedroom he was not surprised to find his father lying on top of her. Both were naked but for once he did not find his father in full flow. It shocked him to see the intimacy between them as his hands slid through her shiny hair and over her tanned shoulders and down her back. What shocked Martin most was the deep passionate kissing. He had thought of his father in recent times as nothing but a giant cock, in every sense, but he realised as he watched them that his father could make love as well as fuck.

Richard kept telling her how beautiful she was whilst his hands roamed her body.

He started sucking on her tits and he let his cock slide across her flat smooth stomach. Martin felt his stomach churn with jealousy as she turned her attention to his cock. This was more like the scene he had expected. Her long fingers on both hands wrapped around his huge thick piston as they started wanking him. He lay on his back and his cock stuck straight up towards her pretty face as she worshipped it.

“The day you drove this thing down my throat whilst your son sat downstairs watching tv changed my life: I can’t get enough of you now” she said.

“I know that I fuck a few women, well lots to be honest, but as long as I can be with you and Kim I am satisfied. The rest are challenges, just fun. Suck it Sally, go down on it.”

The intensity of the blow job was incredible. They talked about the sex they had enjoyed and about Mel’s decision to come back to England.

“After the last couple of nights I bet she can’t imagine living in a different country to this”

she said flicking the base of his huge cock with her fingers and licking the shaft as it throbbed in her hands.

“Do you not feel guilty when you take another man’s wife away from him, especially one in David’s condition.”

“No, I have never forced a woman to do things with me, it is her choice.”

“You just show her the choice and let nature take its course”.

“Exactly. Mel wanted my cock from before she arrived on this island. She lives to cheat on him. She has a hot body and a cripple for a husband who can’t satisfy her. I can. The best fucks have always been with Martin’s girlfriends though. I have fucked every one of them. Let me tell you a story about how it started” he said as she sucked his cock.

Martin listened intently from behind the door as his father relayed and bragged about another conquest.

“He was home from university one summer and he went across to the neighbour’s to do odd jobs. They were a married couple called Val and Trevor. I had fucked Val on the first day I moved into the area. She had huge tits and sparkly green eyes Ankara travesti and she was quickly obsessed by my cock.”

“Surprise surprise” whispered Sally in response as she squeezed his big balls and continued to slaver over his cock as he spoke.

“She assumed Martin would be a younger better version of me in bed and she teased him in her bikinis and I can tell you her tits are some sight in a bikini.”

“Better than Kim’s or Mel’s assets?”

“No, but they were big. I don’t know what size she was but they were enormous. I was told that Martin came in his shorts when she pressed herself against him and let her tits fall in his face. Val told me all about it as I fucked her. She laughed and said it felt like a stub in her hand when she felt him in his trousers and he came. I had always known the men in Marjorie’s family had tiny cocks, I had fucked their wives, but I couldn’t get it out of my head that my son wouldn’t be able to satisfy the women in his life and I decided that I would fuck every one of them and make them agree to my cock replacing Martin’s in any relationship. Val used to love calling her husband and chatting to him at work whilst I fucked her in their bed. I used to love the risk and the power of never getting caught.”

He continued: “it was those fantastic sex sessions with my hands wrapped around her tits and my cock up inside of her whilst she spoke to her husband which convinced me that it is the conquest aspect of sex that I love most. I love sex but I love proving myself better than other men”

“You are better than all other men Richard. Just look at your body and your horse cock” Sally said as she wanked his cock in 2 hands and then lifted herself over it and lowered herself onto his huge spike.

The conversation stopped and the animalistic fucking began. Martin watched in amazement at his father’s stamina as his hips thrust first from beneath her and then from behind her. He was like a dynamo, his cock driving relentlessly into her, deeper than any other man could match. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Sally’s body as she thrust herself against her lover.

Martin had cum in his hand whilst watching his father in action with this tall slim babe with eyes which sparkled with sexual mischief.

Sally’s tight arse stretched impossibly around this monster as it drove remorselessly into her inner core.

“Cum in me Richard. I want to be filled up. Spurt it into me. I know you need to fuck my tight arse, you can’t keep your hands off it. Cum in me like you have never cum in your wife.” She turned to look him in the eyes: “Cum like your son can’t!!”

“Oh Sally take it, take all I have” he said cumming powerfully deep inside of her. Martin looked on as his father’s driving thrusts continued for nearly 2 minutes.

“You better be taking protection baby or that stuff has just fertilized you. Kim is going to be the mother of my children, your job is to fuck me when she is pregnant.”

“So I am second choice then?”

“She will live without my cock for months when pregnant, you don’t have to.”

“That is alright then” she said slurping the thick weapon back into her mouth.

Martin watched for 5 more minutes as it became clear that Sally’s throat was going to take one hell of a fucking. He wandered away. He felt flat. Where was his life going? Unknown to him his wife was already pregnant through his father’s copious seed and she was to be a baby machine for her father in between his other conquests.

He left them to it upstairs and wandered out and down to the beach. He felt Antalya travesti more than sorry for himself. He felt worthless whilst his own father cuckolded him and humiliated him. He had a headache and presumed it must be the legendary cuckold’s horns pressing on his forehead. He told himself to be strong, to rebuild his life. He couldn’t help imaging his father’s cock erupting over Sally’s face, only he probably underestimated the actual amount of cum which was at that moment plastering her lips and shampooing her hair.

His little cock throbbed in his trousers picturing the scene. His wife would be back soon and it was clear that she and Mel were on this island for one thing only – cock. But not his cock.

He had decided. He was leaving. He felt like David, crippled and powerless to stop his wife’s infidelity. Some people would consider murder but that was unrealistic. He didn’t want to end up in prison. A new life free from his father’s interference was his only chance. He flagged down a taxi without anything more than his wallet and passport in his pocket and headed for the airport and a new life.

Unfortunately there was a terrible car accident on the way to the airport. Martin stirred after being knocked out. The taxi driver was clearly dead and the other car was smouldering on fire.

Martin crawled out of the wreckage. He heard an explosion and the next thing he knew he could hear Kim’s voice as he lay in the hospital:

“You will be alright darling. There was a terrible accident and you are burned but alive. I am here now though.”

He could then hear his father’s voice. “Do you think he can hear us?”

“No” said Kim. “He is unconscious. His burns look quite bad. I feel so bad. What will Marjorie say?”

Martin felt happy as his wife’s soft hair fell across his face and her big tits pressed into his chest.

“Some people are just borne unlucky” said Richard. “At least he has a pretty wife to look after him. Kim, you look amazing in that bright green bikini, not sure it is appropriate here though. I have always had a fantasy. To do you whilst you lie on him.”

“Is sex all you think about? Your son is hurt. don’t you even…”

“Your husband, who you rejected for me on his wedding night, don’t pretend you are an angel now. You laughed at his cock as you worshipped mine. You planned it with me. Now, do you want my cock or do you want to lie there with him?”

She paused and lay motionless. Martin could hear it all as if in a vivid dream.

“Sorry Martin” she whispered and eased her legs apart. “Give it to me you horse cocked shit, you know I need it.”

“Such love, well she may pretend to be pissed off son but she would be really mad if it was me lying there and she couldn’t have this. Time to make my fantasies come true.”

He fed his cock through his hands and past the thin sheath of material that offered Kim no protection from this monster. He pressed 7 or 8 inches up inside her tight pussy. She grunted. His hands reached her firm large tits and pressed them in to his son’s face.

“She is so pretty son, so tanned, so busty, so curvy, so tight around my cock. Everyone thinks it is me who deserves what has happened to you but you are the unlucky one. Can you feel her tits in your face. Kim, would you like some more cock?”

“Yes, God yes, give it to me.”

He pressed and 11 inches filled her. “I can leave now if my son can give you this.”

He thrust forward and buried his entire shaft in her.”

“Its huge, give it to me Richard, Martin you just can’t compare. I’m İstanbul travesti sorry.”

“No you’re not. She seduced me for my cock son. She used you to get to this piece of meat. She married you for access to my cock.”

Martin could feel the power of the thrusts transferred through Kim and onto him. He could hear the words. He had wanted to escape this world, he remembered now. He could feel firm smooth tits pressing into his face and he could occasionally feel hands mauling them.

For a further quarter of an hour the pounding continued.

“Your father is about to give me what I need. I’m obsessed by his cock, I’m obsessed by his power, his arrogance but more than that I am obsessed by his cum” she said down into Martin’s face.

“Ease yourself off then and turn round, my son’s sexy wife. Watch son, the nectar of life.”

As Kim started to turn she noticed something alarming. Martin had woken and was looking at her.

“Kim, what’s happening?” he said.

“Oh God” said Kim.

“Choices, choices Kim, look after him or turn round for your obsession” said Richard.

Martin saw his father position himself above her. His huge cock was jutting out above them.

“Good to see you son. Isn’t she looking sexy. She is about to choose between you and me again. My dick or sympathy for you. Sorry to stack the odds in my favour but…”

He pressed it between her deep cleavage and against her lips which stayed shut.

“Not now darling, he is awake” she said.

He removed his cock and quickly slid it back between her tight arse cheeks. “Now this is cheating son but I don’t often play fair.”

“Oh God yes” said Kim. Two thrusts and he had filled her with cock.

“Me or him Kim, do you want to look after him or for me to stay in here?”

“Drill me, fuck yes, oh God it’s filling me.”

“Put your tits is his face, can you feel my thrusts into her son?”

His dick slid back and forth between her tight tanned butt cheeks.

He pulled his huge rod out of his daughter in law and pointed the 15 inch weapon at her pretty face. The first shot hit her clean in the face and sprayed down across her tits and over the bedclothes. His son could do nothing but lie there as his wife received a cum shower.

The thick white cum piled onto her face and over her sexy lips, it poured down her throat as he accurately aimed volleys at her open mouth.

He grabbed her tits and squeezed her fantastic boobs in his hands. His dick pressed between her lips and buried itself down her throat, cumming all the way down.

He looked at his son, as he released his load. “Beware jealousy son, it is the green eyed monster that doth mock the meat it feedeth on – Shakespeare by the way.”

“What a piece of meat” said Kim coming up for air.

His cock still throbbed as it slid back into her hot mouth.

The door to the ward opened and the nurse walked in to quite a sight.

“Wow Martin, what has been going on here. Such a lot of cum all over the place. And who is this with the big cock in your wife’s mouth” she said flicking her long blond hair and walking towards them.

“I am his father”.

“Kinky, I’m Pat from London” she said with a cockney accent. “Over here looking for fun!” She bent forward and her nurse’s top showed ripe firm tits. “Now show me that monster!”

He slid it out of Kim’s mouth, inch after inch after inch.

Pat put lipstick on and bent forward to lick it.

“Wow, this is the cock I have been waiting for since arriving here. Better than the little thing I washed earlier Martin.”

Richard turned his back on his son, his hands cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples before moving behind her head into her golden hair.

He looked into her blue eyes and said “Let me see how much you can take, cockney lass” as he thrust forward with his hips.

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