Feather Me Ch. 02

Big Tits

He untied me and I collapsed to the floor. “That was the best orgasm I have ever had,” I said to him as my body trembled. “By the way, what is your name?” I asked. His reply involved two words only……..”Tickle master.”

I suddenly jumped and my face stung for a slight moment with embarrassment, realizing I was sitting alone at the same boring table, watching the same boring people dance. I had no idea how long I had been daydreaming, or had I actually fallen asleep? At any rate, no one seemed to be paying any attention to me. I must admit to all reading this that I have never thought about being tickled, much less tortured. This daydream came from outer space, however, I could feel my fluid resting inside my nylons and slowly oozing down my leg. I hope it didn’t soak onto my dress. A wet daydream perhaps? Damn.

Just when I decided to make my way to the ladies room, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. There he was. The sweat on my hands began accumulating, and my knees grew weak. This man was breathtaking and his beauty made him hard to look at. From the dark silky hair and deep majestic eyes, I’d have guessed Italian, but from his strong physique and manly stature, I’d have guessed Greek. He looked deep into my bright blue eyes and I secretly pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming. What I saw stirring deep in his eyes was so powerful, so sexy, that I immediately felt my body heat up, my pussy quiver. Suddenly, I was claustrophobic, as though trapped in the artwork of Giorgio de Chirico. Known for the desolate piazza scene of apparent incidentals, such as the train in the distant background. My lips slightly trembled as they parted, waiting for something to happen.

“So this is the lovely Melanie. Join me for a drink?” I panicked. My heart raced, and I found myself in a spin. Who am I kidding? I am Melanie. I gained control and I stood without another moment’s hesitation.

“And you are?” Placing my soft, delicate hand out for his exposure.

“Kevin. Kevin Andrews.” He slid his hand into mine and I now had a craving for his power. He continued “24, unattached, and wanting you.”

“Well Kevin Andrews, enough said. I’ll follow you.” I’m so easy.

We made our way to the penthouse balcony, stopping at the bar. He ordered a Cognac, straight up, and I, a Manhattan. The balcony was breathtaking and I had to in hale sharply against the night’s air. The skies were clear and temperature moderate. We found ourselves alone admiring NYC’s skyline. A blissful torment of what’s to come. Kevin approached me from behind and slid his arms through mine, where they rest on my stomach. My butt cheeks tingled and I could’ve taken him right there. He leaned in to kiss my neck and I found myself pinned between him and the barrier. His kisses made there way up and down my neck, and down across my shoulder. He slid the strap of my dress down and began kissing down my arm. My pussy was soaked. I just wanted him to rip my dress off and fuck the hell out of me. My clit throbbed and he taunted me. Fucking tease. Given the right moment and circumstance, he would be at my mercy knowing all about being teased. Until then, he could have his way. He kissed back up my arm until he reached my lips from behind. My neck turned enough for his tongue to slide in next to mine. Yummy. His hands groped at my breasts and mmmmmm, it felt so good. Then out of nowhere we were joined by a group of at least six. Damn.

We slowly parted trying Antep Bayan Escort not to look at though we were about to get it on at a party that could make or break our careers. I felt myself sting the same way I had when I realized I was daydreaming about this very man tickle torturing me.

Our exit strategy consisted of a quick yet smooth trot to the coat check, out the door to retrieve our cars, and off to his apartment not far away. I welcomed the short time alone while I followed, to gather my thoughts and pull myself together. I couldn’t get the thought of him tickling me into submission out of my head. How the hell was I supposed to talk him into that one? Good one Melanie.

Once inside his apartment, it was obvious he was a bachelor, struggling in the corporate world. My mother would have thought he didn’t belong. At any rate, it was an apartment in Manhattan and seemed to have all the accessories. I wasn’t complaining. I glanced around and did a quick, but thorough walk through. Then it came to me, like some sort of phenomena. It all seemed so clear now and I knew what I had to do. I went through his apartment gathering different items I’d seen earlier. Kevin, in the meantime was tending to his cat and setting the mood……if you will. Was that Kenny G he just put on? Oh my. I would certainly remedy that. I made my way into the kitchen to observe this God at work, cutting up a pineapple and other various fruits. I approached him from behind and slid the knife from his hand. My hands traced up his torso crossing each and every defined muscle, softly placing his hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I felt his body shudder. I was about to have some serious fun with our man Kevin here.

He turned around and aggressively pulled me closer. He had a couple of inches on my 5’6″ physique. I liked looking up at him. The kiss was intense and our bodies fled to his bedroom with great eroticism, touching, kissing, licking, feeling, wanting, and doing so with immense pleasure. His cock was rock hard and bulging through his black slacks. We fell onto his bed and I climbed on top of him, untying my hair and letting it fall down around my shoulders. I removed his clothing and left him naked. I had butterflies in my stomach thinking of my plan and wondering if now was the time to implement it.

“Stay here,” I said as I got up. I ripped my nylons off and tore them down the middle of my crotch then tore each half in two. Perfect for a good binding.

“And that would be for?” Kevin said propping himself up on an elbow.

“Kevin Andrews, I want you to lye back and relax. I’m going to use this handkerchief to blind fold you, and I don’t want to hear another word from you until I begin.” I walked up to the bed and grabbed an arm in preparation to tying him to the bed.

“Ohhh wait sweetheart. I’m not into the whole pain thing I don’t mind being blind folded, but being tiiiiiiiii,” I cut him off with a nice, wet kiss.

“Kevin, this may sound trite, but trust that I won’t hurt you.” He slowly rested himself in the full angle position (with the look of regret on his face) and allowed me to bind him to the bed with the nylons. See ladies, even though they are often uncomfortable, they do have many uses, and this one is by far the best. Once I felt he was securely tied down and the blindfold in place, I walked around the apartment and gathered the rest of what I wanted (including the fruit). I changed the romantic crap (not that I don’t dig Kenny G, but come on, I’m not trying to be romantic) and found Type O Negative; Bloody Kisses in is CD collection. I turned the volume up so his neighbors wouldn’t hear his cries for help. He He. So far, so good.

When I returned and saw the sight of Kevin spread eagle, blind folded, and bound (pretty good I might add), a wave of ecstasy spread through me like a lightening bolt. I stood at the end of the bed marveling at the obstacle in front of me. Kevin’s breath was slow and I could tell he had relaxed himself. Poor guy. My dress slid to the floor.

I took an orange slice and squeezed the juice onto his toes and my mouth watered as it ran down to the heel of his foot. My warm mouth devoured his big toe sucking and licking the delicious orange juice. One by one I sucked each little piggie dry. I ran my tongue along the sole of his foot and Kevin burst into laughter as his body jumped.

“Oh, you think that’s funny Kevin?” I kissed all around his foot as gentle as possible. His foot wiggled with every kiss.

“Okay, okay. Enough on my feet.”

“But that was just one foot Kevin, and if you say another word without my instruction, then I will gag you. And believe me, you will want all of your breath, for the gag will take away some room in your mouth.”

“You can’t possibly be serious?”

“Try me.” I said with a seductive look. He fell silent.

I grabbed a pineapple and began on the other foot, sucking and licking my way around with a craving for each little toe. I smiled at every one of Kevin’s giggles while his feet frantically tried to escape the torment. Haha.

I was satisfied with the fruit, so I poured cooking oil onto both feet. Slow at first, I plunged a Q-tip in and out of each toe. I began going faster and enhanced my area to his entire foot. He laughed and yelled for me to stop.

“STOP!! Oh my god, please STOP!! Melanie, I can’t take it. Just come kiss me baby, please?”

I giggled and continued. Tears rolled from his eyes and hit the pillow below his head. His hips were thrusting into the air and his pleads grew louder and louder. The music grew more and more erotic, and I kept going. The louder he laughed, the more I traced each toe with that Q-tip, watching as it slid around in the oil. Faster and faster between his toes then slow across the soles and his feet arched and stretched and twirled in circles.

I slid my body across his went directly to his mouth. My tongue plunged in next to his and he remembered why I was in his bed. I rocked my body over his and our hips swayed together. I could feel his pre cum that dripped onto his stomach against my belly. I lowered myself down and lapped up all his juices and slid his cock deep in my mouth with one swift motion. Mmmm, this man was delicious. I turned my body around and planted my puss on his mouth. He went to work immediately, licking and sucking on my clit, while my hips grinded to the rhythm of my mouth dancing on his rock hard cock. I could feel the intensity grow and he was quickly working to an orgasm. Our moans were in sync.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.” Kevin said and I stopped and jumped up.

“Not right now, your not.” I got up and went to my pile of goodies.

“Oh, come on.” He said with exasperation. I pretended that I didn’t hear him. I, too, was close to an orgasm, but I knew I would get mine. “Your not even right Melanie. Your lucky I’m tied up and can’t get to you. I can’t even see you.” Blah blah blah. I went into the restroom and got a rag and then to his pile of clothes and got his tie he’d worn just shortly before. I put a strawberry in his mouth to entice him and he ate it with pleasure.

“Open up wide for me Kevin, your going to love this.” He did so like a faithful servant and I shoved as much of the rag into his mouth and tied the tie around his face. He was gagged in no time and he moaned in protest. “I told you to shut the fuck up unless instructed. You’re going to regret this now Kevin. Simplicity is my motto and you couldn’t follow simple instructions. In about an hour, I’ll take the gag out and we will try again.” He looked at me like he was scared all of a sudden. “Kevin, you don’t have to be scared, I promised that I wouldn’t hurt you. And you being gagged is proof that I keep my word.”

He laid still and I let him catch his breath. Seconds later the half melted ice pierced through the relaxed state he had almost achieved. My fingertips guided the ice up and down his sides and his torso grew with goose bumps. Tasty nipples were rock hard and at my exposure. I took his nipples into my mouth as though they were a steak and I hadn’t eaten in days. I straddled him and he let out a light moan when my wet pussy caressed his hard cock. He tried to wiggle enough to slide into me, but I wouldn’t allow it. Not yet anyway. I untied the tie and removed the gag with my mouth. My pussy oscillated on his cock, building myself to an orgasm and making him want my hot cunt even more. When I knew it was almost time, I position myself over his mouth and continued grinding in the same manner. My hot cum poured into his mouth and he didn’t miss a drop. Oh, it feels so good.

“Ooooo, baby, do you like my cum?”

“Hell yes.”

“Wanna fuck me?”

“Yes baby, I wanna fuck you. Sit on my cock baby, come on.”


I got up and walked into the restroom, thinking of my next instrument. How mean.

“Waaaait, are you leaving? Come at least take this blindfold off. Melanie? Fuck. Meeelllllaaaaaannnniiiiiiieeeeee!”

I took my time in the bathroom and could hear idle moans of protest. I actually thought about curling up on the floor and taking a nap. How heartless. I returned with the electric toothbrush and a little bit of shampoo. The brush swirled around his sides, basted in the shampoo, and Kevin jerked his whole body up and around as much as possible. Damn nylons work good. To hell with the toothbrush, and I used my bare hands to tickle the hell out his hips. He jumped and jumped, not being able to move. I couldn’t help but to crack up. Hahahahahaha. I continued this for about 20 long minutes and almost started to feel sorry for him. His stomach muscles looked like they were on the verge of a cramp, so tight and defined, and I believe he hadn’t any more tears to spare.

I let him catch his breath, for the second time, and started sucking his cock again, in and out of my hot mouth, sucking and devouring this 8″ solid hunk of meat. He moaned with pleasure and I knew it was time to give in. His hard cock slid in my soaked pussy as I sat backwards on his him. It took only three or four thrusts inside me before I felt a mass explosion of cum fill me up. My pussy throbbed around his manhood. Mmmmm. Holy shit that felt good. I united his arms and feet and lay beside him. Not a word was spoken. The last thing I remember was falling a sleep in his arms wondering how he knew my name at the beginning of the night.

To be continued…….

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