Final Exam, New Beginning

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Rebecca cursed herself under her breath as she rushed into the lecture hall, doing her best to ignore the knot in her stomach. She should have set the alarm on her phone before pulling an all-nighter getting ready for her Modern Literature final. Then she might have had time to shower and eat a little breakfast to settle her stomach. And it would have to be Dr Parker’s class. His presence was almost palpable and had set off palpitations in her heart, as well as other parts of her body from the first time she saw him. You would think a college Senior, almost ready to graduate, would be better able to control her reaction to a man.

And it isn’t like he is a classical perfect specimen of manhood she mused. Yes, his face was attractive enough. His 5’9″ frame isn’t that tall and he isn’t all that athletic looking appearing to carry a few more pounds than the ideal. Most younger professors tended to wear khakis more than suits and looked out of place when wearing a suit. Not Dr Parker though. He filled his suit coats with his presence. Although informal discussion was an integral part of this class, Rebecca had never been able to relax and engage the way her classmates did. Although he encouraged this interaction, she almost felt it would be disrespectful to Dr Parker.

Rebecca held her own when discussing classroom discussions but was not her usual confident self in his class. She was proud of her 3.82 GPA and the A she was currently carrying in this class. She could totally bomb the final and still have a strong grade. Her acceptance into grad school was already signed. She didn’t feel the need to date often and hadn’t been in a relationship the past couple of years. Not that she lacked for opportunity. Both men and women were attracted to her 5’6″ body with plenty of curves in the right places. She embraced being bisexual and open to one-night stands on occasion. She just hadn’t found the person yet to captivate her. Until Dr Parker. Turning the last corner before the door to the lecture hall, another spasm gripped her midsection, making her miss her stride for a moment. She hoped this upset stomach wouldn’t affect her test today. For some reason the thought of disappointing Dr Parker gave her a deeply uneasy feeling she couldn’t identify. Coming to the door to the lecture hall, Rebecca took a deep breath to steady herself walked in, quickly taking a seat in the front row since the seats further back were taken.

Setting her backpack on the floor and opening the zipper to retrieve her pencils, she couldn’t help but glance at Dr Parker under the fringe of her bangs. She didn’t understand why she had such a hard time looking at him directly. No one else had this effect on her. As she sat back up she was startled to find Stacy, Dr Parker’s TA standing by her seat holding out her test packet. It was unnerving how Stacy seemed to just appear at times. Rebecca thanked Stacy, opened the booklet, and started in on the test.

As she worked on the test, she barely noted the passage of time or her classmates finishing and turning in their work one by one. Her stomach was still bothering her from time to time but her concentration on the test kept her from dwelling on it. However, as she was finishing her test she became aware of an uncomfortable dampness between her legs. As she completed her last question and closed her booklet, the cause of her earlier stomach pain and wetness dawned on her with dread. How could she have forgotten that her period was due? Quickly looking around to see who else was left, she found that she was the last student. As she looked back forward, there stood Stacy, holding her hand out for the test. Rebecca motioned for her to lean in.

“I need your help. My period started and I know I leaked and have made a mess. Could you help me get to the bathroom and get some cleaning supplies? This is so embarrassing and it would be worse if Dr Parker finds out.” The surprise and instant sympathy in Stacy’s eyes gave her reassurance.

“Just stay right here. I will try to think of something to get Roger to leave.” Rebecca realized this was the first real conversation she had with Stacy. Although she knew Stacy had a killer body, she had never really looked close enough to realize just how beautiful she is. She watched Stacy approach Dr Parker and lean in to whisper in his ear. A wave of anxiety washed over Rebecca in fear that Stacy was telling Dr Parker exactly why Rebecca was still seated in the classroom. Normally having her period was of no real concern for her and she was open about when she had it. But having Dr Parker know mortified her. She knew that Stacy was finishing up her doctoral studies and had been offered a position here for the fall semester. Rebecca had hoped to selected as Dr Parker’s new TA even if he did make her uncomfortable. Oh how she wished she could hear the conversation taking place at the desk in the front of the class, if only to calm her nerves.

As Rebecca watched the conversation, she saw Stacy quickly bow her head, turn on her heels, and quickly leave the room. Oh. My. God. Why did she leave? Where did Stacy go? Rebecca felt like she was going to be sick. What was she going to do now? She couldn’t believe that Stacy would just leave her like Betturkey that. Taking a deep breath, she tried to focus. As time ticked by, the fear that Stacy wouldn’t return seemed more fact than imagination. She kept coming back to one option, one that filled her with dread. She was going to have to just get up and leave. Once she cleaned up and took care of her needs in the bathroom, she would bring back whatever supplies she could find in the bathroom to clean her seat, providing the room was still unlocked. She felt resentment build towards both Stacy and Dr Parker. Hell, she would have preferred Stacy tell him why he had to leave over having to traipse in front of him with an obvious period stain on her skirt. And she just knew with how damp she felt that there would be blood sliding down her thighs when she stood. She would have to move quickly to the nearest bathroom once she stood. Steeling her resolve, she reached for her backpack and began to stand up.

“I thought Stacy told you to stay sitting there. I know I haven’t dismissed you yet. Sit back down.” Dr Parker’s voice had a tone she had never heard from him before. Without any thought on her part, she sat back down and dropped her bag. As soon as she sat, she wondered to herself why she did it so quickly. “I am almost done grading your test. Be patient, little one. All will be well soon.” Dr Parker hadn’t so much as looked in her direction through this entire conversation, but Rebecca was sure he was aware of her every movement. Surprisingly, being called “little one” didn’t upset her, rather it gave her a strange sense of peace despite her uncomfortable situation. The minutes seemed to fly by as she saw Dr Parker flip through her test booklet. After several more minutes her anxiety started ramping up again as he turned to his laptop and started tapping away. Just how long was he going to make her sit and stew she wondered. The only break from his tapping was when Stacy returned to the room carrying a tote bag, but instead of coming to Rebecca, she walked to stand behind Dr Parker. Without making eye contact, she began collecting Dr Parker’s items and placing them in his briefcase. When he was finished with his laptop, she secured it in the briefcase as well.

Rebecca realized she had been staring at Stacy when Dr Parker stood and walked directly in front of her. “Since I just submitted your final grade, you are no longer an official student of mine. That is not to say I haven’t been studying you all semester.” Again, Rebecca found herself looking at Dr Parker’s chest and not his eyes, although she didn’t understand why. She knew it was normally considered rude to not make eye contact with someone speaking to you but meeting his eyes felt more disrespectful when she thought of him. “You don’t even realize what you are, do you?” Rebecca tried to straighten out her thoughts to reply but the silence only increased her anxiety, her concern about her period long forgotten.

“I…uhm…I really don’t know how to answer you, Sir.” As soon as she said the words, she wondered why she had called him “Sir” instead of Dr Parker. She couldn’t even fathom calling him Roger like Stacy did. The title felt natural to her without conscious thought. Dr Parker cupped the side of her face, tangling his fingers in her hair. Rebecca leaned into his palm, barely suppressing a moan.

“With all of the women who were enthralled with 50 Shades, so many who fantasies and wanted to pretend. Here you sit, totally unaware. Little one, you are a natural submissive. A Dominant can see right through your façade.” He pulled on her hair, twisting her head to look up at him. “You can’t even make eye contact with me without being told or forced to. You aren’t some bored housewife with romantic ideas of what being a submissive is. You just know this feels right when none of your previous relationships has. Have you ever dabbled in being submissive to a partner little one?”

“No, Sir” passed her lips almost as a sigh. The gentle but firm tug on her hair seeming to give her strength. “I’m not sure I even know how to be a submissive.” She had never noticed before the deep blue of his eyes or how firm his lips looked. “I’ve heard of it and have seen pictures, but never imagined doing any of that.”

“Good girl. Thank you for being honest with yourself and me. Honesty is the most important part of a Dominant/submissive relationship. If you would like to explore this further with me, I would consider it. But for right now, it is time to get you cleaned up. Pet, is everything ready? Dr Parker never broke eye contact with her as he apparently spoke to Stacy.

“Yes, Sir” Stacy softly replied, her breath a whisper across Rebecca’s cheek. When had she walked over and why didn’t Rebecca notice her moving?

“Good girl. It is time to stand now, Little One.” Dr Parker gently lifted and pulled on her head, forcing Rebecca into a standing position. “Good girl. The first thing we must do is get you out of those soiled clothes. Pet assist your new-found friend please.”

Dr Parker had barely finished speaking and letting go of her hair when Rebecca felt Stacy place a hand on her shoulder, leaned in to her ear and said “just relax and let us take care Betturkey Giriş of you. You are safe with us.” At the same time, Stacy began unbuttoning Rebecca’s blouse starting at the bottom. Rebecca found herself unable to move, unable to protest being stripped in front of her favorite professor and this beautiful girl. She just felt a sense of contentment as one by one the buttons came undone, baring her abdomen. The brush of Stacy’s hand against her skin setting off nerve endings that seemed directly wired to her pussy and nipples, causing both to constrict. Rebecca leaned into Stacy as she moaned softly from the sensations. Once the last button was undone, Stacy gently slid her blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms before folding it and turning to place it neatly on the desk. Next to go was her bra, quickly undone and slid down her arms before being folded and placed on top of the blouse. Now it was Stacy’s turn to moan out “I always knew you would have beautiful breasts, ripe and firm. I could just eat them up.”

“Pet, before you go any further, perhaps your friend would feel better if you were naked as well. Then you may proceed.”

“Yes Sir” Stacy automatically replied and began to efficiently take off and fold her clothes, placing them next to Rebecca’s. Rebecca had a surreal feeling watching Stacy strip, seeing the body she had admired since she first laid her eyes upon Stacy 3 years ago being revealed. While her breasts weren’t as big as Rebecca’s, they were fuller than they appeared with longer nipples and a larger areola than her own. As Stacy slid her panties off, Rebecca got her first look at Stacy’s clean shaved pussy. Finished stripping herself, Stacy reached out to unzip Rebecca’s skirt and pulled the skirt and panties off of her. As she held up the skirt to fold it, Rebecca saw a huge stain on the seat. The sight of the blood brought a new wave of anxiety to her. How had she allowed herself to forget that she had been stewing in period blood the past few hours? This wasn’t some elaborate seduction scene, as much as her mind would like it to be, this was embarrassing! Completing her task, Stacy took Rebecca’s hand, gave it a firm squeeze and smiled at her. She began leading Rebecca to Dr Parker’s desk at the front of the room. When she looked up at it, she was shocked to notice that the once cleared desk was now covered in what looked like diaper changing pads. A bowl of steaming hot water was on the opposite end.

“Come now, Little One. We need to get you taken care of.” As much as she didn’t want to continue, Dr Parker’s words and tone compelled her to not stop. “Good girl. Now jump up here and lay back. That’s a good girl.” She had never believed in out of body experiences but felt like her mind was disconnected from her actions. Stacy stayed at her side the whole way down, holding her hand for support. “Pet, I think you should reassure your new friend a bit. Show her we are friendly and are only here to help her.”

“Yes Sir.” Stacy leaned over Rebecca’s face and planted a soft kiss on her lips. “Relax. We have you.” The first kiss was followed by another and Rebecca melted into it, opening her mouth and accepting Stacy’s tongue. Stacy let go of her hand and began rubbing her side from her hips to just below her breasts. Rebecca moaned and arched her back, trying to push her breasts into Stacy’s hand.

“I think that is enough for now Pet. Little One place your feet flat on the desk with your knees up. Good. Now open your thighs for me, that’s a good girl. My, you did get messy here, but I can see you have a very pretty pussy and groom it well.” Dr Parker placed the pan of water by her hips and pulled out a washrag, wringing excess water out of it while Stacy again took Rebecca’s hand, squeezed it, and smiled down at her. She lifted Rebecca’s hands above her head, holding them down on the desk with the slightest of pressures.

“Master is very good at cleaning up messy pussies. He takes care of mine every time I have my period. This isn’t anything he hasn’t seen or done before. Although your flow seems to be very high.” Drips of water fell across her hips before she felt the warm cloth begin scrubbing on her thigh. The water was the perfect temperature and the scrubbing was almost like a sensual massage going from her mid-thigh to just below her pussy. And so began a series of wipe, rinse, repeat, never quite reaching her throbbing hot pussy. Rebecca began to moan with every wipe, clenching her pussy and writhing around, trying to get a little friction where she needed it most. The cycle was maddening in how slow he was going. And he wasn’t even done with her first leg yet! Rebecca knew she would lose her mind before he finished.

“You need to lay still and let Master do his work” Stacy encouraged her. But her advice fell on deaf ears as the sensations building up in Rebecca’s body took over her mind.

“Pet you need to help keep her still. Hold her down. Get her concentration on her nipples instead of what I am doing. She needs so much training before she is ready.”

“Yes Sir. It will be my pleasure.” Without further ado, Stacy again kissed her passionately and grasped both of the girl’s breasts, pushing them up into Betturkey Güncel Giriş stiff peaks, then firmly pinching the nipples and pulling them away from her body. Rebecca gasped and moaned into Stacy’s mouth, again arching her breasts up to relieve some pressure. But it stopped her squirming and Dr Parker was able to continue with cleaning her thighs. He rapidly cleaned her other leg and was ready to move on to cleaning the shaved pussy in front of him. Stacy kept varying the pressure applied to the nipples, surprised at how much pain this novice could take.

“You have done well Pet. She stayed still for the that part and you may release for a moment. My, you really worked her tits over. Give them some love now, Pet.” Stacy wasted no time before kissing her way down to the irritated nipples sucking them into her mouth and swirling her tongue around first one, then the other. Rebecca moaned once again, feeling the throb in her core causing her to arch her back further into the pleasant sensation. Distracted by this new attention, Dr Parker was able to spread her swollen lips and clean the outside of her pussy. By the time the sensations traveled to her brain prompting a frustrated cry, he was done.

“Oh my God! Please let me cum Sir!” Rebecca was more horny, and frustrated, than she had ever been. The loving attention Stacy was giving her breasts after the painful twisting was almost too much. Her pussy was on fire and she felt close to passing out from the overload.

“Patience, Little One. I still need to plug your cunt so you don’t bleed all over again. We wouldn’t want you to make another mess would we? You should be thankful that we have super plus tampons with how heavy you have been bleeding. A regular tampon wouldn’t last very long.” As he spoke the words, Stacy heard Dr Parker tearing open a plastic wrapper. “Pet, hold her lips open for me so I can spread her inner folds. Her lips are quite swollen.” Needing no further instructions and not lessening her attention to the breasts in front of her, Stacy slid a hand down to the girl’s core and spread her pussy open with her middle two fingers, her palm resting on the swollen clit. Dr Parker’s hand was next, spreading her inner lips, his hand resting on Stacy’s grinding her palm into the eraser sized clit. His other hand pushed the tampon into her pussy and she groaned again at the teasing feeling of pressure at the entrance of her pussy. Dr Parker pushed in the inner tube and gently slid the applicator out.

“All done, and you have done well, Little One. Would you like my Pet to give you the orgasm you were nice enough to beg for a few minutes ago?”

“Oh, please, please, please, PLEASE let me cum Sir!” Rebecca didn’t think she could survive another minute without cumming.

“Pet, take care of Little One’s needs. I think you know what to do.” The words were barely out of his mouth when Stacy concentrated on swirling her fingertips over the swollen clit that had been rubbing her palm. As Rebecca’s passion grew, just at the peak of pleasure, Stacy gently bit down on her nipple, sending her tumbling over the edge into oblivion. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, from one peak to the next. Her breaths came in short gasps, keening out her pleasure. Stacy gradually slowed the stimulation, allowing Rebecca to come down slowly. Letting go of the nipple in her mouth, Stacy moved her lips back up to the girl’s soft lips, kissing her again. Dr Parker allowed this to go on for a few minutes then reached out, grasping Stacy by the hair and pulling her head away from Rebecca.

“I think that is enough, Pet. She needs to find her way back to her body.” Both watched Rebecca, her body covered in a sheen of sweat, gradually slow her breathing down. Once her eyes could focus and she felt somewhat in control of herself, she reached out her hands to the two who had given her so much pleasure.

“Thank you, both of you. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I feel like a limp noodle.” Both grasped one of her hands, cradling their other arm behind her back to sit her upright. She languidly stretched into their embrace.

“If you think you have the power left, I think it is time for you to return the favor to my Pet. She did, after all, agree to share her Master’s attention with you as well as provided what appeared to be a nice orgasm. Get to your feet and trade places with her. I happen to know her pussy is especially tasty.” Rebecca eagerly stood, although her legs could barely support her, and gave Stacy a kiss as she rotated her body around to place her back to the desk and push her so her back rested on the desk. Dr Parker assisted her in raising Stacy’s legs onto the desk and pulling her thighs open. Now standing between Stacy’s open thighs, she could clearly see the evidence of her arousal dripping down her thighs and smell the odor of a pussy in heat. Her mouth watered as she watched the open pussy throb through the open lips. Not able to hold back any longer, she dived right in, licking from the tight opening up to the pearl of her clit, eliciting a moan and shiver from the grateful girl. Her taste buds tingled with the rich flavor of the girl’s arousal and she couldn’t hold back from going for more. Rebecca laved her tongue over and over around the nubbin, occasionally sticking her tongue as deeply into the tight pussy as she could. Rebecca worked to steadily build the girl’s pleasure without pushing her over the edge too soon. As Stacy got closer and closer to the edge, she began to beg.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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