Finding it with Tim.4th helping


Mike and the spanking bench. XXX

Now I was in the midst of it, with the twin brothers regularly having me. You would think maybe there would be some competition between them but no. Mike was fully aware of Tim’s disability and constantly welcomed him sharing me. He praises me for my ability to please them both and was over the moon about how Tim had changed for the better since I got into his life.

Having been thoroughly seen to the day before by Tim – it was now Wednesday – my day with Mike.

Usually I had an interval between but Mike had a business trip on Thursday – it was okay. I was well rested for Mike who said over the phone he had fixed up something special for me.

But that was typical of Mike, he always thought he had better try something fresh with me for fear of my getting bored with him. Whenever will he realise I am simply besotted by him and his brother? But I am not complaining, far from it. If Mike wants to try new things I usually go along with it. I guess I could have him a thousand ways and still never be bored.

On my arrival at Mike’s place he looked terribly excited and said he’d better show me what today’s surprise was, like he was a kid and had a new toy.

When he took me into the lounge and showed me it I really thought it was some sort of athletic frame.

“He wants me to keep fit with him” I thought. He’d only just written something for a sex magazine called sexercise and how good bonding and foreplay can be for body and soul, so there was I thinking it was just an extension of that.

Well I guess it was in a way. He introduced me to it as his new spanking, (as in spanking ass), bench. It had adjustable height levers, blow- up cushions which mould into one’s form and fixings Escort bayan to affix handcuffs and the like.

“What do you think then. Alex” said Tim casually stroking my backside.

I stood there bedazzled. It was kinda different and it looked very comfortable for doing the business on.

I had grown accustomed for Mike’s deviation to spank me. It was usually across his knee though and although it always stung for the first few slaps, after gritting my teeth I began to feel the thrill of it, and how Mike thrilled to it too.

He always said I had a beautifully formed ass for a fella, which looked more like that of a girl, with nice curves and a very tempting fuckable, least spankable bum.

It was all a bit of a giggle at first, I really thought it was just a temporary kink but soon realised he was serious – as the spanking developed into Mike using paddles, a horse whip which hurt to hell, and even the back of his hair bush, all of which resounded against my ass to his content.

First time I remember I was almost in tears with the searing pain. Mike was very concerned and said he’d make it up to me. And he did in a way only Mike could, although I had come to realise his brother had similar tendencies the way he and I were progressing.

He really spoiled the ass off, of me and felt his massage caress my soul, the way he was doing it. He had a thing for coconut cream and various Indian substances which truly soothed and thrilled. By the time he’d spent an hour or two rubbing me down I was well ready to feel the splendour of his fuck, and he never disappointed me, So all the pain was all worth while and if that is what he wants, I aim to be his servant. He knows that, he knows I will be all Escort ass for him when he wants that.

But now he wants me butt naked over the spanking bench. Tied and handcuffed no less. He was very matter of fact about it. I could see he had pout a lot of thought into it.

“Not only thought, Alex” he told me as he started to adjust the height. I have been masturbating myself silly with all the images that have been coming into my mind, just to see your ass bent over and all ready for servicing was absolutely wonderful.”

By then I was thoroughly tied down and going through my mind was thank God I trusted him, because he had me at his absolute mercy and I was there for his need. I felt the nudge of the ties on my ankles and the handcuffs on my wrists all fastened securely to the spanking bench.

I felt sort of like an animal awaiting slaughter but it was much more than that. It was a certain feeling of trust and intimacy and providing the best thrill for Mike I could manage.

I took time to wiggle my stretched ass knowing how he likes that, my hands were almost touching the floor as my ass was well tendered across the bench, positioned right for Mike’s enjoyment and when I felt the touch of his lips stroking my form I knew it would not be long before I was joining him in our little bit of heaven

Then came the oral teasing, along the line of my crevice and down to my protruding balls, stretching my cheeks apart so that he could access his sniff of me. Then, balling me , he sucked me in the hole and those two motions made me submit to anything he wished to do back there.

Then the slapping would follow, brief sharp, ones at first that made my cheeks sting. Then more massage with oil and lotions Bayan escort followed by more spanking, but with the paddle this time, and I knew by that time my ass would look well red – and when that happened I knew it was gritting teeth time because that bought on the strap of his belt full across the whole extremity of my well presented ass.

Then the pause. I heard his heavy breathing and knew he would not be long before he wanted to fuck me.

“You look so absolutely fabulous Alex, I simply love your ass to bits. I could wallow with it all day, just to spoil those ingenious muscles of yours and have you several time over. I think I am well ready to give it a real good shafting now, slave!”

That was his language when he used me this way. I was his slave utterly and still clasped down across the bench I was supposedly forced to take his big throbbing cock in my mouth and give it the full works. But it was all pretence for the occasion, such as it was when his excuse for spanking me was because I had been with another, but of course we both knew that was fine.

The day after tomorrow I would be enjoying Tim’s fuck again.

Next, when he stuffed his soiled briefs into my mouth I knew what to expect. My ass, still numb from his beating, was about to get the full length of the seven inch cock I had just sucked deeply and resolutely as he wanted, and I could still taste its earthy pungent salty taste in my mouth. And feeling it sink into me at last I was in my heaven sure enough, This is what it was all about, that final waterloo and gratification both twins could give me and with remarkable results.

Yes, well fucked I spunked into the hand which had just wanked me, simultaneously to his deep thrust into my ass, And now we were both happy

And when he untied me we were as one and completely submerged into the aftermath.

It was truly beautiful.

But time to get home and chill. For tomorrow is another day.

With Tim!

To be continued…

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