Finding My True Love: Ruth


Feels funny, writing about Ruth. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I was at my Mom and Mae’s wedding when I met her. I was eighteen, and a bridesmaid. She was Mae’s best woman, I should say. She was beautiful and so nice to me. She was in her thirties; I know a lot older than me. The wedding was beautiful, and they were so beautiful. There were a lot of people there. We danced and I was allowed to drink wine. Of course, there was some weed also.I was feeling really good, and I danced with Ruth a lot. She was so beautiful, with long black hair, her eyes were brown and sparkled. Her figure was perfect, her breasts were perfect, and her dress revealing, so low-cut she was almost exposed. Her dress had a slit up the side exposing her perfect legs. Sometimes while dancing, her thong could be seen.My dress was short and low-cut also. I did not wear a bra; I did not need one. She was not much taller than me and when we slow danced, I melted into her arms. I had never felt this way before.Mom came up and told me I was going to be staying at Ruth’s house for a few days while they went on a honeymoon. Ruth said we would have a wonderful time. Mom whispered to me, “Have a good time with Ruth,” and winked at me. I had talked to her about sex a lot and told her I thought I was a lesbian karataş escort like her.Everybody left, and Ruth took me home with her. We both were worn out, and she let me sleep in her bed. She gave me a teddy to sleep in. It was pink and had a pink thong with flowers to sleep in. I was kind of high, and she helped me get undressed and get my night clothes on. She got in bed with me. she was naked, and she told me she never wore clothes to bed. She kissed me goodnight and we both fell asleep.The next morning, we got up and showered together. She washed my body and let her hands move over my body. My nipples were hard, and my legs were getting weak as she let her fingers touch them and move over my pussy. We dried off and we moved to the bed. We lay down together and she took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. Our bodies were touching, I felt her breasts against mine. Our tongues were touching, and she sucked on mine. My pussy was against her leg and could not help but push my leg harder against her leg. It felt so good.She kissed my neck and moved down to my breasts, taking turns licking and sucking on them. I could feel waves of pleasure over my body, and I was moving my pussy on her leg. She played with my nipple, pulling karkamış escort on them with her lips and teeth. I had never felt anything as good. She kissed me passionately again, holding my body tight against hers. She moved down, kissing and licking. Her tongue entered my belly button before she moved between my legs. She spread my legs out wide, looking at my pussy licking her lips. She used her finger to push it slowly into my pussy, spreading my lips. The feeling was wonderful as she pushed her finger in deep. She pulled her finger out and put it in her mouth sucking it.She leaned over licking down the middle of my pussy, spreading the lips out with her tongue. She spread my legs out wider and licked my anus and my pussy. I started crying, it felt so good as she licked me. Her tongue pushed deeper into my pussy, licking and kissing. Her tongue pushed my clit around as she licked all around. My body started shaking as I exploded, waves of pleasure moving over my body as she licked my clit, sucking it into her mouth.She did not stop licking my pussy and clit, sucking and licking the lips of my pussy as my body kept shaking. I was crying, holding onto her head as she refused to stop. She finally stopped moving up and took kilis escort me in her arms kissing me deeply. I held onto her so tight, kissing her back and tasting myself on her lips. It seemed we stayed that way forever. I did not want to move as we lay there holding each other. I finally stopped shaking.After a little while, I kissed her all over her face and moved down to her breasts. I took them into my hands and licked them, kissing them both. I sucked the nipples into my mouth, pulling on them with my teeth and lips. I kept taking turns with them before I started kissing down her body.I spread her legs out wide and got between them looking and smelling her pussy. Her pussy was so wet as I pushed a finger into her. I spread her lips out pushing my finger in deeper, moving it in and out of her pussy. I leaned over and licked her anus. Licking it before moving up and licking and kissing her pussy.I pushed my tongue in deeper licking around and sucking on the lips. Her hand was on my head guiding me to her clit as I licked and sucked it into my mouth. She started coming and held my head tighter as I licked and sucked. Her juice flooded my mouth as her whole body began to shake. I swallowed and sucked on the lips of her pussy.I did not stop but kept licking and sucking her pussy. I did not want to stop, I wanted to keep licking her. She spread her legs wider and pushed my head down and I started licking her anus pushing my tongue into her. She told me to fuck her pussy with my fingers as I licked her anus as deep as I could. I pushed three fingers in deep, fucking her pussy while licking her anus.

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