First Aid

Eve peered into the dank basement classroom in which she would be spending the bulk of her weekend. Despite the fact that she was early, there were already quite a few people. Engrossed in their phones, nobody looked up as she walked in. The desks were arranged in a semi-circle, discussion style. Being fairly timid, she prayed there wouldn’t be any discussions. She tried to find a seat that wasn’t immediately next to somebody and failed. She settled on a seat at the far end of the room.

The room was silent except for the mad clicking sound of text messages being sent. Not wanting to be the odd one out, she pulled her phone from her purse. She didn’t have any new messages, and had recently deleted most of her social media apps. She was just staring at her menu screen. Bored already, but without putting her phone down, she surveyed her fellow students. She was probably the oldest person here. She would be surprised if half of them were old enough to buy alcohol.

A few more people walked in and then, finally, the instructor. He set down a large box on his desk with a thud and asked for a volunteer to help pass out the manuals. A hand flew up next to her. Eve turned her head subtly to have a look at her eager neighbour. All she could see was an unruly cloud of strawberry blonde curls. She got a better look when the girl got up to go grab the pile of books. She was wearing a flannel button down and black leggings. The girl was beaming with energy. Great, her neighbour was teacher’s pet AND a perky morning person. Eve re-evaluated how much she actually needed to take this First Aid course.

There was to be a combination of lecture and practical exercises with breaks scattered throughout the day. They began with a lecture. Mercifully, the instructor was engaging and Eve was surprised when the instructor declared their first break. She hadn’t brought any food and didn’t need to go to the washroom, so she just stayed at her desk and flipped through the manual.

“I’m Daria.”

For a moment Eve contemplated pretending she hadn’t heard, but her polite upbringing triumphed over her desire to be left alone. They had nothing in common, the girl hailing from outside the city limits and talking about working on cars when she had time off from university. Despite this and to her amazement, she found that she quite liked Daria. She was bright and Eve enjoyed her candour.

They managed to stop talking when class resumed. The instructor announced they would be moving on to a practical section. Daria grabbed Eve’s hand and whispered, “You are going to be my partner!” She could feel heat radiating from Daria’s hand. It reminded her how long it had been. Her grip remained steady. Eve smiled and nodded in confirmation. To Eve’s dismay, having received her response, Daria let go.

They stood in a circle as the instructor demonstrated how to deal with an unconscious person. When he told them to break off into partners to practice, Daria rushed over to grab a mat and then staked a claim on a patch of floor. Eve walked over nervously. She didn’t feel like she had paid enough attention to the demonstration. As if she was able to sense this, Daria offered to go first. Visibly relieved, Eve laid on the mat face-down and waited. She may well have been unconscious for she was lost in thought, anticipating how shortly Daria would be handling her petite body. Her heart pounded in her chest. Finally, she felt Daria arranging her legs so that she could easily be flipped over. Eve heard her walk around and waited for her to move her arms. She scolded herself; she should be paying more attention to what Daria was actually doing since she was going to have to do the same thing in a few minutes.

Arms done, Eve felt Daria’s hands on her hip as she deftly bursa escort rolled her over. She felt like a doll and she wanted Daria to play with her all day. She was a bit disappointed that the exercise was done. Suddenly she felt Daria’s hands working their way down her body. Eve opened her eyes in surprise. She looked up at Daria, who was kneeling next to her. Daria paused, her hands gently gripping Eve’s upper thigh, smiled and then continued working her way down Eve’s leg.

“Oh, the rapid body survey!” Eve thought out loud, remembering the final step of the exercise.

Daria laughed, “Yes, silly. Did you just think I liked you or something?” She winked.

Eve felt her face go hot as she blushed.

They traded places, this time Daria played the casualty. Having taken the course before, Daria proved to be an especially helpful unconscious person, guiding Eve when she forgot a step. Eve struggled a bit trying to flip her over, but managed. She was rewarded by getting to run her hands over Daria’s curvy body. She wouldn’t have described herself as bisexual, but she could feel her pussy getting wet. She just loved how Daria’s body was soft, curvy and firm all at once.

As they went back to their seats, Eve wondered if you could fail a first aid course. She felt like she hadn’t retained a single thing. Thank god she had Daria to help her. On the other hand, she thought, she wouldn’t need any help if Daria were not here. She did her best to pay attention to the lecture until lunch.

Neither of them had brought any lunch so they made their way across the street towards the mall to buy something. Eve noticed the parking lot was all but empty. She had forgotten it was Easter Weekend. Daria suggested that perhaps one of the fast food places on the other side of the mall was open.

They had been laughing and talking the whole time they were walking, but suddenly an awkward silence developed. Eve looked around, not wanting to make eye contact during the awkward moment. They were at the back of the mall, passing through the covered parking. It was dimly lit underneath, and the overcast day didn’t contribute much light. A truck with a broken muffler cut through the lot, leaving behind the smell of exhaust. The noisy contrast only served to emphasize the silence left behind. Eve’s mind raced, trying to think of something witty to say. She couldn’t come up with a single thing.

Daria slowed her pace, and Eve followed suit, eyes still glued to the ground. They soon came to a full stop next to a support pillar. Eve knew why this silence was so uncomfortable. The sexual tension was becoming unbearable. She wasn’t ordinarily the one to take the lead, but she needed it to stop. Eve turned, grabbed a handful of Daria’s curls and pulled her face into hers. Her lips were soft and pillowy. Daria pushed her tongue into Eve’s mouth. Eve stood on her toes to try to get a better angle but she lost her balance and fell forward into Daria, steadying herself with her hands on Daria’s breasts. Also soft and pillowy, Eve noted. Her own breasts were lovely and perky, but they were barely handfuls, and she’d always wondered what it would be like to play with a larger set.

Before she got a chance, Eve was being backed against the pillar. Still kissing her deeply, she felt Daria grab her hands and pin them against her hips. Daria pressed her whole body against Eve, sandwiching her against the wall. Daria pulled her head back. Being a little bit taller than Eve, she looked down at her. Eve was still without words. She had no thoughts to speak of. She simply looked up at Daria with her big brown eyes, and waited for guidance. She was shaking, but it wasn’t from the cold. Daria let go of Eve’s hands and brushed a strand of hair from Eve’s escort bursa face. She then ran her hand down Eve’s neck lightly, like a feather. She changed directions and worked her way back up to Eve’s jaw, running her thumb over the fine edge of her jaw bone. Her hand stopped, her grip slowly becoming firmer. Eve made no effort to move. Her eyes opened even wider. Her chest heaved as her breaths became deeper. Daria broke eye contact and glanced down at Eve’s breasts in her low cut top.

Daria used her control of Eve’s neck to turn her head sideways. Eve stared at the caged light located on an adjacent pillar. Daria was kissing her neck. Or biting. Eve couldn’t tell. It felt divine and she didn’t care. She was making her way down, past her collar bone, towards her breasts. Eve tensed up. Her mind turned back on. This would be the furthest she had been with a woman.

Daria paused, sensing Eve’s unease. As she backed away, the cold air traced over the spots on Eve’s neck and chest Daria had been kissing. Daria being further away from her didn’t alleviate Eve’s anxiety, it multiplied it. Daria stood in front of her, her curls becoming a halo in the wet spring air.

“Please…don’t stop,” Eve managed to say.

Daria smiled a wickedly beautiful smile, and once again stepped forward into Eve. This time she used her knee to separate Eve’s legs. Her upper thigh rubbed against Eve’s pussy. Eve’s mind turned off again, and she was left only with primal lust. She reflexively grinded against Daria’s leg, rubbing her clit through layers of fabric.

She wanted more of Daria. She reached around to undo Daria’s bra clasp but found none. Daria’s face was planted in between Eve’s tits, but she leaned back to allow Eve some room to play. Eve fumbled to unbutton Daria’s shirt as if her life depended on it. Finally, the shirt fell open. Eve was surprised to find a see through lacy black bra underneath such a pragmatic outfit. The lace was strained against Daria’s tits and Eve could see her light pink nipples clearly through the pattern. Using both thumbs simultaneously, Eve gently drew circles around Daria’s nipples. They stiffened into hard nubs. Eve wanted those nubs in between her teeth, but not through the fabric. Eve worked quickly on the front-clasp and stared in awe as the cups gaped open to display Daria’s huge tits. Eve lowered her head to take a nipple into her mouth and cupped Daria’s breast in her both hands. She loved the heaviness of her tits. She was was in heaven.

Eve was slightly distraught when she felt Daria pull away. She wasn’t done playing, but Eve sensed she wasn’t in charge here. Daria roughly lifted up Eve’s top, pulling it all the way to Eve’s mouth.

“Hold this, Love,”

Eve was perplexed for a moment and then caught on, firmly gripping her shirt in her teeth, exposing herself from the waist up. Her tiny nipples hardened in the cool air. Daria used both hands to knead Eve’s perky tits. She then pushed them together and gave each nipple a kiss. She let them drop and then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Eve’s pants. Daria leaned in and ran her tongue along Eve’s ear. She paused, doing nothing but breathing her sweet, hot breath down Eve’s neck.

“Eve. You seemed really shy when you sat down next to me. Are you a shy girl?” She waited.

Eve once again found herself unable to form words. Why was Daria talking? Why wasn’t she touching her anymore? Why did she stop?

Knowing Daria would not touch her again until she answered, Eve managed a quiet, “Yes.”

“Too shy to have your tits and pussy exposed in a public parking lot?” Daria once again leaned her leg into Eve’s mound. Eve ground herself into it, the seam of her pants chaffing against her clit.

Eve moaned softly. bursa escort bayan This was apparently enough response for Daria, because she pulled back her leg and slowly rolled down Eve’s pants. She was sure to pull down Eve’s thong with it in one prolonged, smooth movement.

For a moment neither girl moved. Daria admired her work. Eve was exposed from collar bone to knees, shivering in a cold parking garage. Despite their dimness, the caged lighting managed to catch a reflection on the string of pussy juice hanging from Eve’s dripping cunt to her thigh. Those same lights hummed loudly, the only other sound other than Eve’s heavy breathing.

Daria leaned in and kissed Eve deeply. Eve could feel her tits pressing against her own. Eve ran her hands along Daria’s body, cupping her thick ass. Eve’s grip on Daria’s full cheeks tightened as she felt Daria dip a finger into her sopping hole, sneaking in from behind. Eve pressed back on it, trying to get it deeper. To Eve’s disappointment, she pulled out. She brought her glistening finger between them and rubbed it on one of her nipples. Eve used her tongue to lick it up. While she did this, she reached for Daria’s pussy through her leggings, rubbing gently at it. She felt Daria’s breath quickening.

She was just about to venture underneath the fabric when Daria suddenly grabbed her and flipped her around. While she was small and Daria was athletic, Eve was still surprised with how easily Daria was able to throw her around. Eve was now bent over, ass out, arms outstretched, bracing herself against the pillar.

Daria gave Eve’s round little ass a smack before reaching around for Eve’s pussy. Daria teased Eve, using her fingers to trace around her lips, moving closer to her clit but never quite getting there. Eve rolled her hips trying to manipulate Daria’s fingers either into her or onto her clit. Daria laughed at her attempts and teased for what seemed like hours. Finally, she passed her index finger ever so lightly over Eve’s swollen clit. Eve gasped. It was electrifying. Daria started to stroke Eve’s clit faster and faster and before long Eve was on the edge of orgasm. Then Daria stopped. Eve cried out, a tear rolling down her cheek. She’d never experienced such loss.

“Don’t worry, Love,”Daria soothed.

Daria plunged a finger into Eve’s gash. It slid in easily with Eve’s arousal. When a second and third joined, Eve could feel her walls stretching. She clenched her pussy in joy. She loved to feel full. Eve was delighting her the feeling of fullness when Daria simultaneously curled her fingers inside her and used her other hand to press hard below Eve’s belly button. Eve felt a small gush from inside of her. Daria started rubbing her from the inside and Eve’s knees went weak. Eve was almost entirely being supported by Daria. Daria kept going and Eve felt all her muscles tense. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Her vision dimmed slightly and she managed some primal moans as her pussy spasmed and gushed. It seemed to last longer than any other orgasm she had ever had.

Daria carefully removed her long fingers from Eve’s dripping slit. They were shimmering with Eve’s juices. She lifted them up to her mouth and licked them clean, the whole while still supporting Eve’s barely conscious body. Her shirt had fallen out of her mouth as she was screaming, so her tits were no longer exposed. Daria leaned forward over Eve and kissed her neck.

“Time to go, Love”

Eve was still in a daze but managed to make herself look like she hadn’t just fucked in a parking garage. Daria held her hand as they hurried back to their class. The demonstration had just started when they walked in. This afternoon, they would be learning to tie slings and splints.

“Remember, the main purpose is to immobilize your partner. Now pair off into groups and come get me when you’re done.”

Eve looked at Daria, who she found was already looking at her.

“You’re my partner,” Daria whispered, a mischievous look in her eyes.

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