First Auntie, Then Mom Ch. 09

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A few days later the phone rang. Abby looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from the sexy dark haired girl who she had met at Michael’s graduation ceremony. She remembered that the two of them couldn’t take her eyes off each other. Excitedly she picked up the phone.

“Hi…Mrs Chase. I don’t know if you remember me. Its Lori…Lamont from Michael”s graduating class.”

Abby’s heart raced as she pictured the pretty raven haired teenager with the beautiful dark eyes that could stop a train.

“Yes, I certainly do Lori. And by the way, thank you so much for all the pictures you took of us.”

“Well, you’re welcome. It was just that you looked so absolutely stunning in that orange sundress and those matching heels. You looked so classy and..beautiful.”

Abby found it hard to make a sentence. She was more than a little turned on.

“Why thank you Lori. Is there anything I can do?”

“Mrs Chase, I’d really like to speak to Michael.”

“Oh? Well, Michael isn’t here right now. He’s actually out moving our lawn. He should be done in 20 minutes or so. I can go get him, or should I have him call you?”

“Well, Mrs Chase, I’d really like to come over and talk to Michael in person. I really feel bad about the way our senior year ended up…for him…and for me too. I think if we kind of talked things out we would both feel a lot better about our senior year.”

“Oh, well, sure Lori. Michael, like I said, should be done in 20 minutes or so. Why don’t you come over here in about…say a half an hour. I won’t say anything, but I’ll just tell him you have a couple important things to talk about.”

“That would be great Mrs Chase. And…by the way, it’s going to be nice to see you again.”

“Yes, it would be nice to see you again Lori.”

Abby quickly goes outside where Michael was playing with the mower. Something was wrong with the grass catcher.

“Michael, a friend of yours from school, Lori Lamont, wants to talk to you about a couple of things. She coming over in half an hour.”

The teenager is more than surprised that the sexiest girl in his class, Lori Lamont, wants to talk to him. Lori had a reputation around school as an easy fuck. He wasn’t sure if he believed all those rumors, though. She actually had asked him out a week after graduation, but Michael had told her he was…involved.

Lori did did take some nice pictures of his mom in her sexy orange dress and they seemed to hit it off. Maybe that’s what she wants to talk about.

Abby can’t figure out why but suddenly she feels a tingle over her body. She quickly runs upstairs to change into something more…appropriate. She picks out her shortest pair of green shorts and a light green nylon tank. The thin material makes her aroused nipples stand out. Her breath coming in short quick breaths, she combs her long blonde hair and checks her make up. Abby can’t believe what she is feeling. She can’t believe shes doing all of this, trying to look her absolutely best…for an 18 year old…girl!

As the doorbell rang, Abby excitedly answers the door. Her breath was taken away by the sexy raven haired girl in the doorway.

A big smile, Lori greets the beautiful blonde mother.

“Uh, Hi Mrs Chase.”

“Hi…Lori You look so…pretty in that sundress.”

Lori Lamont looked a lot sexier in that pink dress that she did in her cap and gown. Abby studied her long slim legs, cute little ass and a nice set of tits, fairly large for a teenage girl. Her big dark eyes opened wide, making Abby’s blood boil.

“Thank you Mrs Chase. You looked so nice in that orange dress and heels. I hope you don’t mind but I decided to go out and buy the pink one, and the heels to match.”

“Why, you look absolutely darling Lori.”

“Well, Mrs Chase I bought this because I loved the way it looked on you. Looking in the mirror, I’m happy with it, but I don’t quite pull it off like you do.”

“Don’t say that Lori.”

“Mrs Chase?”

“Please…Abby. Mrs Chase makes me sound so…old.”

“Well…Abby, what I have too talk to Michael about, it’s kind of important. I didn’t want to just show up in jeans and a top. I wanted to look nice…and classy, like you.”

“Well, Lori, Michael is just finishing up outside. I guess he’s having a problem with the grass catcher so he’s a bit behind. He should be done in about 20 minutes, if that’s okay.”

“Yes, Mrs Chase…I mean…Abby, it’s okay.”

“Let’s go out to the patio. Would you like..a glass of wine? You’re old enough. Or I have lemonade.”

“Lemonade is fine.”

Abby and the 18 year old beauty walk out to the patio and sit in the shade.

“Mrs Chase…I mean Abby, I hear you’re in…business.”

“Yes, I run an investment company. I manage a bunch of stock brokers.”

“Wow, that’s something like I’d like to do someday. I was reading that the investment business has quite a shortage of women. I actually am already taking several summer school business class at City University. One is introductory business.”

“Why that’s great! acıbadem escort You are right on target. We certainly need more classy young women in business. I’ll tell you…my office is 100 percent male. I’d love to find someone, a young woman to…mentor.”

“You mean…mentor, like teach the business?”

“Yes. I can’t find anyone who’s interested. Its a lot of work when you first start out, but once you get into it, it’s actually quite easy. For instance my office sort of runs itself now. I only work 2 mornings a week and one full day, but I get paid my full salary.”

“Sounds great.”

“Lori, so…you’re starting out taking that business class. That’s a really good start. You keep up with your schoolwork, and maybe, I could teach you…about the stock market.”

“Wow! Mrs Chase, I mean Abby, that would be so…cool.”

“Are you taking anything else at summer school Lori?

“Yes. I’m taking a photography class. You remember from graduation how I like to wield a camera. It’s actually more than a hobby.”

“Yes, and by the way those pictures you took of me turned out very well.”

“Well, I don’t think it was my camera work. It was because I had such an incredible beautiful subject.”

“So…Mrs Chase…??”


“Okay…Abby, when I walked up I saw the set of new golf clubs in the garage. It looked like the plastic wrapping was still on them.”

“Oh yes, my clubs. I really got into it a few years ago. I even paid a lot of money for those expensive clubs, but I never had anyone to play with. Michael thinks golf is stupid. I’d really like to get started again, but I’m not very good.”

“So you’re looking for someone to…golf with? Abby, I love to golf. I was on the JV golf team at school my junior year. I was set to make varsity, then…”

“Then, what Lori?”

“Well, senior year happened. I actually hated my senior year. That’s why I really need to have a heart to heart with Michael. I really feel bad how our senior year played out.”

“That’s too bad. I know Michael has a lot of the same feelings.”

“Yes, I know. Hey, if you ever want to go out and, shoot around of golf, I’d love to golf with you.”

“I told you, I’m definitely not in your league. But you’d go and play golf with me sometime?”

“Well, I could give you pointers.”

“You’d teach me…golf?”

“I’d love to. I love everything about golf, especially the classy clothes. I’d really like to get into it again, now that I’m out of high school.”

“Well sounds like a plan. If you are really interested, maybe we should think about going out later this week.”

“Its a date!”

Abby smiles at the dark eyed temptress, her cunt starting to moisten. What she doesn’t know is that the 18 year old raven haired teenager is feeling the same thing. The stunning Mrs Chase, or Abby, is the sexiest woman she has ever seen!

Abby raises her wine glass, and proposes a toast.

“Lori, lets toast…to golf buddies!”

“Yes, I’d love to be your golf teacher, your good…golf buddy!”

“MMMM!! Sounds great. Maybe we get a bottle of wine and put it in the ice bucket as we drive around the course.”

“Abby, I don’t drink…alcohol…very much. But maybe, with you, I’d have a wine cooler, or two.”

Abby smiles…


Abby’s cunt feels a bit of a tingle as the sexy teenage vixen stares at her. Abby can feel the young girl’s eyes undressing her. Just then Michael walks in, finally done with the lawn.

“Hi Lori.”

“Hi Michael.”

“I’m sorry mowing the grass took so long.”

“That’s okay…your mom and I have been talking about some things.”

“Michael, you know how I love golfing but never had anyone to play with. Lori’s going to take me golfing. She’s going to give me pointers and teach me the right way to do it!”

“Mom, that’s cool, really cool. I know you’ve been looking for someone to golf with.”

“Yes, and Lori and I are going to drive around the course and drink wine coolers.”

Michael starts to sit down.

“Hey! Now look at how pretty Lori looks in her new dress. You’re going to change out of your lawn mowing clothes. You’re going to go upstairs and put on something nice for your guest.”

“Okay mom. Lori, I’ll be a few minutes.”

After he leaves, Abby refills their lemonade.

“You know Lori, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Maybe your into sweaty teenage hunks.”

“Well, Mrs Chase…Abby, sweaty teenage hunks sound pretty good to me.”

Lori noticed that Michael’s stuttering seemed to be gone. She wondered what happened. He seemed a lot more confident around the opposite sex.

“Yes, sweaty young guys sound pretty good to me too.”

With Michael gone they continue talking.

“So Lori, you’re already taking college classes and it seems you already have your future planned out. Your parents must be proud of you.”

“Well, Abby, my parents are both gone. My dad was killed when I was little and my mom got cancer and died. I live atalar escort with my grandmam.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, its been tough. Between what I get from the state and my two jobs, I was at least able to afford to afford to take some classes at City University. But its okay, I’ll make it.”

Just then Michael comes back, all cleaned up.

“Now that’s better! I’m going into the kitchen and start on dinner. Michael, were having hamburgers and potato salad. Lori would you like to stick around?”

“Sure Abby, if its okay with Michael.”

“Sure, Lori.”

With his mother gone, Lori Lamont, the raven haired sex bomb from Michael’s senior class, the girl he had jacked off to many many times, starts unloading.

“Michael, I’ve rehearsed this a lot of times. I hope this comes out the way it’s supposed to. I’m so so sorry that way our senior year played out.”

“Well, Lori, I haven’t quite gotten over it, But I’ve kind of moved on.”

“It was horrible the way the football players, all those so called cool guys, treated you, the way they laughed and made fun of you. And even some of my so called girlfriends. As for me, I’m sorry I didn’t tell them off. I’ve always liked you and I kinda wished you would have asked me out.”

“Wow, Lori, thanks. But I always thought you and Grant Walker…”

“Grant Walker? I liked him for about a week then I found out what an asshole he is. He started telling everyone how I was this…slut. I’m sure you remember everyone was calling me “Lor the whore.”

“Yes, but I never knew if it was true or not.”

“Well, there was a time I kinda liked Bobby Bennett. There was one night we were sitting in his car after homecoming. We started kissing a little. He grabbed my head and made me suck his cock. When he came in my mouth he told me to swallow it. Well, I spit it all over his car and told him to get fucked. Then some of the guys from the football team came over. They wanted to take turns fucking me in the back seat of his car. I was so lucky to get out of there, but then there were more rumors about how I would fuck anybody.”

Lori Lamont’s pretty dark eyes start tearing up. Michael feels bad for his pretty classmate. She starts crying. Michael stands up and offers Lori a hand. In a second they are hugging, both of them crying.

Abby looks out to the patio and sees that her son and the beautiful sexy girl are sharing something very intense. She tries to look away but can’t take her eyes off the teenage couple.

“You know, after graduation I told everyone off…all of them. Grant Walker and his asshole friends. And it was hard but I even told Jeanie Simmons and Betsy Smart, my supposed best friends, to go to hell. I never wanted to have anything to do with any of them anymore.”

“Michael, I’m so glad it worked out for you. I know you’re involved with someone right now, but I wish it had been me. You and that pretty lady Holly look like you belong together.”

Michael starts to tell Lori that Holly isn’t the one he’s involved with.

“Michael, I walked by her Corvette in the parking lot before prom. I saw you…fuck her. I heard her scream when I walked by your hotel room at the Beachfront.”

Still holding each other, Lori starts rubbing her body against her teenage friend. Michael’s cock starts to harden. Lori reaches down and starts rubbing the front of his shorts.

“I really wish it had been me you were fucking…”

Michael closes his eyes and his body shudders. Michael Chase has just had a huge orgasm. The front of his shorts are now a semen soaked mess.

“Maybe someday, if you and Holly don.t work out…at least I can dream about it.”

Looking out the window, Abby had seen everything. The front of her short shorts started to moisten and her legs started wobbling. She was so horny she couldn’t stand it. Once the two teenagers let go of each other, Abby called out to the patio.

“Hey, are you two hungry? I was planning to put the burgers and maybe some potato salad.”

“Abby are you sure? Michael are you okay with me staying?”

“Sure Lori. Mom??”

“Uh yes.”

“Mom should I open a bottle of wine?”

“Yes, definitely hon. Lori, would you…share a glass with me?”

“Well, okay. I guess it won’t hurt.”

Abby goes out to the barbecue and puts on three burgers while Lori and Michael are sitting by the patio.

“Michael, your mom, is so cool. I hope you don’t mind if I take her golfing.”

“Sure, it’s fine with me. I don’t golf anyway.”

Michael could see the way his beautiful blonde mother looked at the sexy teenage girl. His mother, usually a very confident woman, had trouble making coherent sentences around the foxy teenage vixen. Michael could see that his mother was getting very aroused. Just then Abby walks back to the patio.

“Hey you two, would you mind setting the table for us? Lori, Michael will show you where the silverware and plates are.”

“Sure, come on Michael.”

The two teenagers set the table as Abby finishes up with the hamburgers.

She aydınlı escort walks into the kitchen to get the potato salad out of the icebox. Michael follows her into the kitchen, whispering into his mother’s ear so to make sure Lori doesn’t hear him.

“I love the way your little pussy is getting all wet for this hot 18 year old girl. I’m going to whip the shit out of you tonight, mommy.”

“MMMM! Is that a promise sweetie?”

“Yes. I’m going to fill your beautiful mommy ass with my cock.”

“Gonna make me scream?”

“Yes, mommy, I’m going to tie you up and make you scream like the bitch you are.”

As the three of them eat their burgers Abby asks Lori about her classes in school.

“Lori, I know you’re taking the business class, but tell me a little more about your photography class.”

“Well, I’m learning all about what camera settings work in different kinds of light. Also, about photographing the human figure in all sorts of different…situations. Today I just found out for my term project that I am supposed to take hundreds of pictures of one particular person.”

“So, only one person, all semester?”

“Yes. I’m supposed to capture this person in all their different moods. In fact, I have to start looking for a …model. Michael?”

“Yes, Lori.”

Michael wonders if she is going to take hundreds of pictures of him. It would be pretty cool hanging around the sexiest young girl around.

“Michael, would you mind…if I asked your mom? To be my model?”


“Abby, would you like to be my model for this semester?”

“Sure. Are you absolutely sure? I mean you can find someone more…worthy of being a model?”

“No way. I have thought about it and if all the pics I take turn out half as good as those of you in that orange dress, I’ll ace that class. Abby, when would you…like to get started?”

“Well, I have an idea. I have to spend tomorrow morning in the office. I have some things to take care of. Would you like some pictures of me…at work?”

“Yes, that’s exactly the stuff I am looking for.”

“Great, how about you text me your address and I’ll pick you up, say around 8?”

“Sounds great! Abby, thank you so much. I am so pumped about all of this. And Michael, thank you so much for our talk. I hope we can become good friends…maybe more.”

“Pick you up at 8. I can’t be late.”

“What should I wear?”

“Maybe a nice conservative skirt and a nice top. Nothing flashy. We don’t want all of those young horny stock brokers to get the wrong idea.”

“Okay, bye.”

As Lori Lamont drove away, Michael sits down next to his big titted blonde mother.

“Mom, let me feel.”

“What, darling?”

“Mom, I can see your nipples are trying to poke a hole in your top. I can tell you’re hot for her. Let me feel your cunt.”

“Michael, that’s…kinda personal. But if you want to…”

The teenager reaches down and runs his hand inside his mother’s soaking wet shorts. Abby spreads her legs to give her son a little better access to the dripping honey hole between her creamy tanned legs.

“OHHH YES!! Just what I thought. My slut mommy’s cunt is nice and wet. She made you that way, didn’t she?”

“Yes, Michael. Lori Lamont made my pussy all soaking wet.”

“Mommy, I could tell that Lori’s cunt was soaking wet just like yours. I’m pretty sure she wants to get into your little panties. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’d like that sexy teenage fuck queen to have her way with your soaking wet cunt, wouldn’t you, mommy?”

“Yes…I would.”

“And, you’d like to watch me…fuck the shit out of Lori Lamont wouldn’t you?”


“Well, bitch here’s how its going to play out. You know I wanted to fuck you for so long, but you held out on me. You gave me that shit about how mommies don’t fuck their boys. Now you’re my personal slut, and you love it, don’t you.”

“Michael, you know I love it.”

“Well, you’re going to seduce her. You’re going to tease the shit out of her. Show her your beautiful big titties and your dripping cunt then tell her its wrong. And I’m going to take her on a couple of dates. I’m going to let her play with my dick, maybe even suck me off, but I’m going to hold out on her. Mommy, you and I are going to get that whore so fucking hot she’ll fuck us both at the same time. But right now, you’re not going to fuck her until I tell you its okay, Got it bitch?”

“Yes, Michael. Yes…master.”

“So tomorrow she’s going to the office with you. After you come home, let her take some pictures around the house. Show me what a bitch you are, okay?”

“Yes, Michael. I’ll do that if you want.”

“Okay, you have your instructions. Now hurry up to your bedroom and get on your back. I’m going to tie you up and tease the shit out of you, just the way you teased the shit out of me.”

Abby Chase, manager of a very successful investment brokerage company, and hot slut mommy, hurries up the stairs. A few minutes later her son comes into the room, in his jockeys. Flat on the bed, his beautiful mother lay spread eagled on the big four poster. Michael grabs the restraint device and ties his mother to all four corners then pulls the restraints tight.

“Michael, mommy is so horny. Please…fuck mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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