First Thirst Ch. 03

Big Tits

Chapter Three: First Kiss, First mistake

Colleen led me out of the restaurant the same way we entered, through a crowd of leering male admirers. There was no doubt about it this time, several men did grab Colleen’s breasts and I saw them. I didn’t care though because she enjoyed the attention and held me tighter. I was so inebriated Colleen had to hold me up to keep me from falling down. I had stopped attempting to cover the front of my trousers and didn’t care about snickers anymore. By now the wet spot had spread to my knees and was most uncomfortable, but I didn’t care about that either. Sure it was humiliating but I simply didn’t care. Why should I. I was drunk and with the woman I loved. She had brought me off three times already, what more could I ask for?

A private automobile and chauffeur were waiting to take us home. Colleen and I sat in a darkened back seat where she continued the siege. I was in a happy drunken stupor and learning about my own sexual potential. Colleen was awakening deep seeded feelings and I was blossoming rapidly. She was cultivating appetites buried by my mom, sexual cravings. She was good at teaching and I was becoming an honor roll student. I was really drunk for the first time in my life, and finally without feelings of embarrassment or feelings period. Well, almost without feelings… but oh those sensations.

It was my first kiss, my first real kiss and when our lips touched I saw fireworks. It was everything I’d hoped and oh so much more. I was born again and younger than I’d ever Antep Bayan Escort been, an impish school boy on his first date. Something I never did in high school or afterwards either. Colleen was massaging my boner into yet another frenzy, taking it to another ejaculation. She worked me with one hand and slipped the other behind my head to knead my neck gently. She came up on the seat, onto her knees and swung her torso in front of me. She brought her breasts between us and mashed them into my chest as her lips reached mine. I could feel the thick nipples as I withered in her dual grip. I closed my eye’s and puckered as her lips landed. I didn’t yet know what to do with my hands and threw caution to the wind. I made my first mistake and slipped my arms around her.

“No…,” Colleen whispered without ending our kiss. “Keep your arms and hands at your sides.” I obeyed and she swabbed her breasts up and down on my chest in reward. They nearly popped out over the top of her dress and I hoped they would. Her lips were soft and moist and I surrendered to them. She used them to teach and I opened my soul to the lesson. Kissing was an exciting thing to do and I tried to provide as much pleasure as I received.

Colleen was peeling away my stodgy exterior and massaging my heart from within. She not only yanked on my root and played with my neck, she now slipped me her tongue. I immediately sent mine to meet with hers and a short dog fight ensued. It was a luscious fencing match, but I proved little competition for her experienced organ. I soon settled to keep mine aside and my mouth wide so she could explore me at her leisure. It seemed to be her intentions.

Colleen’s tongue was small and very long. It slithered into my mouth like a snake into its burrow and began poking around. It was long enough to travel everywhere and had a point to pry with. I began sucking it, gently at first, but I was soon trying to swallow it. It was a wet and wild untamed animal. Colleen allowed me to play with it and even chew it a little. I gulped down all the saliva Colleen surrendered to my mouth along that organ, and enjoyed every drop.

Colleen kept me in stasis, kept me from moving one way or the other. I burned with passions I’d never known before and she kept them angry. Colleen stoked my appetite and teased my hunger till it ached, till I ached all over. My new found desire was transformed into a blazing inferno and I was trapped on the sixty ninth floor. She held my mouth to hers and sent her tongue down my throat in a series of jabs. She slathered her breasts around on my chest, ripping buttons from my shirt. She pumped my hard-on till I almost exploded, but this time she stopped me short. This time she toyed with me and I acted the part of a playful kitten.

Our lips were mashed together and formed a seal around her tongue while it probed my depths. I humped her hand openly and strove to recreate the pleasures I’d received earlier. I moved against her breasts in hopes of decreasing the distance between us. It was the distance equivalent to the thickness of cloth and it was driving me crazy. Everything was driving me insane and I began struggling in Colleen’s grasp. I struggled like a baby in the arms of its mother. I pressed my palms into the leather seats and grabbed what I could. I yanked on the leather as the pressures built up throughout my body. Nothing helped and I began losing my breath. I was soon panting from the corners of my mouth and saliva ran down our chins. I could feel the saliva traveling down my neck, down my body, but Colleen never ceded an inch. She continued kissing rubbing and working me into an orgasm just to cut me short.

I could tell she took pleasure in my plight by the way she giggled so often. She was actually snickering a lot and enjoying what she did to me more all the time. I couldn’t say I cared one way or the other. I did and I didn’t. Besides, I wasn’t about to throw it away. I didn’t even know what it was I had yet, if anything. I didn’t understand any of it, but tried too. I knew I was drunk and my head would not stop spinning unless Colleen attacked me. I knew I was dreaming but thought, ‘what the hell,’ I may as well enjoy it.

Ever the consummate mistress, Colleen stayed in control and kept me in hand. I was being driven from my mind, ridden by this mad coachwoman, a Banshee from Hades. She was everything I’d ever wanted and more than I hoped for.

I was in the grips of the great Succubus and she already knew everyone of my weaknesses. She understood my failings and my desires, and used them to dominate me. I hadn’t realized where Colleen meant by home until we were entering hers. My mom would kill me for this.

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