First Time with a Girl


The first time I touched a woman, it came more naturally than I could have ever imagined.

None of my fears of being repelled by the female body, of being awkward, of not knowing what to do, were realised, and instead, I found myself taking control, asking if I could kiss her, my hands moving with a familiar ease over her soft, womanly curves, taking off her bra and relishing the feel and taste of her breasts.

We had met online a few weeks previously at a time when we were both ravenously curious about being with a woman, a closely-guarded desire felt during years of conventional relationships with men.

Our conversation flowed from the beginning and we opened up about our fantasies, what we liked, moving on to what we would like to do with each other. The day to meet each other in person couldn’t come quick enough.

She drove to collect me from my train, a journey during which I thought I´d die of nervousness and excitement and I recognised her as soon as I got off.

She was the director of an office machinery warehouse, something very unusual for a woman of her age, and something I found very sexy. As soon as we touched while politely kissing each other on the cheek, the electricity was palpable.

She seemed a little reserved at first. But by the time we got into the lift in her apartment following several hours of bar hopping to calm our nerves, we attacked each other, kissing passionately, hungrily, with her pushing me up against the wall, me grabbing her face with two hands.

She drunkenly struggled to open her door as we just about managed to keep our hands off each other long enough to get in the door and not rouse the suspicions of her neighbours.

What happened after we shut the door inside her appointment is a series of blurry, snapshot memories, of slow, sensual kissing, slowly undressing each other, pulling out one breast of her bra and then the other, then taking it off completely and being less shy, moving down onto her fluffy, half-matted carpet.

Lying her down and with increased confidence, running my tongue over her nipples, while moving my hand down her belly and into her knickers and delightedly feeling how wet she was. She smelled like mint cigarettes and Loewe perfume- so different to how any man had smelled, and it made me so wet to take in her fragrance.

She began to moan as I softly ran my fingers up and down the outside of her pussy and peeled down her knickers to give me full, unhindered access, pulling them off urgently, leaving them abandoned around one ankle and deliciously spreading her legs to let me play with her. I got so horny looking at her naked, gorgeous body glistening with droplets of sweat and looking hot as fuck, just wanting me to devour her.

I began to tease the opening of her pussy with my fingers, which was drenched with her juices, while I ran my tongue teasingly over each nipple, moving back and forward. She moaned softly and told me how good it felt and not to stop, to continue.

I started to move down slowly kissing her belly while starting to move two fingers slowly in and out of her, feeling utter delight at the sounds of her response to those first few slow, deep thrusts, my fingers drenched with her wetness.

I started to move a little more quickly, rotating my fingers from side to side and in and out, hearing the sound her pussy made. As my mouth reached the top of her mound, I suddenly pushed them in quickly, and pressed hard on her g-spot, and slowly began to circle her clit with my tongue.

She let out a long, hard moan. I moved my fingers from back to front inside her while continuing to slide my tongue lightly over her clit.

With my other hand, I grabbed one of her breasts while I continued to fuck her slowly with my fingers and my tongue. She raised her hips from the floor to push against my fingers. It was so hot to feel her wetness- at this stage my whole hand was wet.

Her face was flushed red and at this stage, she was moaning and groaning with abandon and even though she was not touching me at all, I felt as if I was being fucked at the same time.

I licked her faster while ensuring that I did not put too much pressure on her clit and moving my fingers around inside her soaking pussy and pushing her body against my fingers while grabbing her breast with my other hand.

As she started to say she was about to come, I continued devoured her pussy with my tongue, losing control of my hand as she was thrusting herself against it, moving her hips up and down, panting and grinding her teeth as she groaned and grunted, enjoying being fucked so deep and sensually.

I felt her vagina start to clench on my fingers like a vice. I was shocked how tightly it could grip them, and a new gush of juice squirted inside as she surrendered and came, panting and moaning, her nipples hard as fuck in my hand, thrusting hard and deep as she savoured every Casibom wave of her orgasm until she fell limply onto the ground, saying “oh fuck, oh my god”, over and over again.

I slowly took my fingers out but continued to slowly run my tongue over her drenched, hot pussy, moving to its opening and savouring the taste of her juices as she moaned lightly, still returning to earth after coming so hard.

She eventually asked me to pass her a cigarette. I bent over, realising how wet I was, and lit one for her and put it directly in her mouth. I too collapsed to the floor beside her, exhausted.

She eventually got up and prepared some food, which we ate from the same plate, occasionally feeding it to each other. We eventually stumbled up to bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, naked under her thick winter duvet.

I awoke a few hours later, immediately blissfully aware of her soft breathing on my back and her petite hands gently resting limp on my back.

She must have sensed that I was half-awake as she began to kiss my neck, lazily and sensually, which immediately produced a tingling sensation in my pussy, as I recalled our love-making a few hours previously.

Sensing my fresh arousal, she teasingly moved one hand around to my breast and the other down my back and onto my bottom, moving into the middle, sliding one finger down between my buttocks until she reached the opening of my pussy, teasing its opening with two fingers while starting to move her thumb up again to circle my ass.

I let out an impatient moan, urgently needing her to fuck me. I was surprised at how much more aggressive she was now compared to yesterday- I had expected that I would be the one to take control but I was very willing to let her take over.

Her mouth moved up to my ear and whispered “are you feeling horny, darling?” which I barely answered, just whimpering “yes, yes”. It was so unbelievably sexy to be completely in her hands, under her control.

She pinched my nipple while starting to slowly finger my pussy and push her thumb into my ass, languidly entering until she was all the way in. I could feel my pussy dripping wet, and all I wanted was for her to fuck my pussy and ass hard, fast, relentlessly.

Sensing my impatience, she naughtily laughed and whispered “is my girl impatient? Ooh, darling, I´m going to fuck you nice and slowly, you need to be a good girl and let me ride you MY way…”

All of a sudden, I felt her hand move from my breast as she delivered a sharp slap to my buttocks, jolting me out of my drowsy state ever so rudely and expectantly.

“Did you like that, darling?”, she drawled, while biting my earlobe. “You’ve got to behave now and let me fuck you as I dictate, or I´ll have to punish you.”

“Oh, that was so sexy”, I moaned, wanting her to spank me so much again. “Please, fuck me faster, I´m sooo horny for you baby”, I moaned. And then, a much harder slap was delivered onto my already smarting, red bare ass.

All of a sudden, she barked “get on all fours, NOW”. I obediently jumped up and quickly moved into position, opening my legs as much as possible to give her as full access as possible to my needy pussy, swaying my ass from side to side.

She seemed to take forever before I felt her soft breath as she bent over me and groaned “You’ve been such a naughty girl”,…and grabbing my belly with one hand, gave my bare ass one hard slap after the other, while I moved it from side to side, begging for more, writhing with pleasure and pain.

“Oh baby, I´m all yours, to do what you want with me. My legs are wide open for you to do whatever you want, my pussy is dripping wet for you”, I moaned.

As her slaps continued, her hand moved away from my belly and she plunged three fingers urgently and rudely into my pussy and her thumb and forefinger into my ass and started to move her hand briskly in and out, fucking my ass and pussy with fervour, deep, raw, rough thrusts.

The suddenness of it made me take a minute to register the depth of the pleasure of being finally fucked as I had so madly desired, before my insides started to lap up the pressure of her unapologetic hand-fucking, taking me outside of my body as I fell into a hypnotic trance of being deeply and so animalistically ridden by this hot naked horny girl, whose sole purpose at that moment was to make me come hard.

I was totally at her mercy and I lapped up each thrust, moving my ass from side to side, to maximise the pleasure of her now rapid movements in and out. My body was tense, my nipples rock hard and I was completely and totally surrendered to her, her sex slave, to be fucked as and how she pleased.

I started to thrust my ass towards her hand as she groaned “oh yeah, baby, fuck my hand, show me how fast and hard you like to be fucked”. I moved faster and faster against her hand, feeling her nails graze the end of my rectum, and Casibom Giriş my G-spot banged by her three fingers.

I groaned and moaned, in ecstasy, not wanting the moment to end but feeling my orgasm rise in my pussy and a strong vibration in my ass, as I began to climax. “Oh baby, I´m all yours, oh fuck me like this all day long, baby”, I cried as my first wave of orgasm began to come and move through my body, my pussy feeling like it was hit by lightning, my ass loosening and contracting, wanting to savour the final thrusts.

I felt propelled towards the stars, feeling her breasts bounce on top of my back as she furiously finished me off, until I arched my back as I climaxed, grimacing and surrendering completely to the waves of orgasm that rippled through my body until I fell, limp, back onto the bed as she climbed over me, her ass in the air, hands cupping my face and planted her soft lips on mine, kissing me softly, sexily, her breasts dangling over mine, our nipples teasingly grazing.

I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her down on top of mine. I intended on returning the pleasure she had just given me but within minutes, the urge to sleep was stronger, and exhausted, we fell asleep wrapped up in each other.

The bright sun breaking in between the curtains forced my eyes to open but I felt refreshed. My pussy felt a bit raw but sated; my stomach grumbled and all I could think about was eating and having my morning coffee. We kissed for a minute but were eager to get dressed and out for breakfast before it stopped being served.

I got quickly showered, with flashbacks of the extreme pleasure of the last 12 hours, contrasted with the increasing hunger pains in my stomach. I hopped out quickly and got dressed, lying on the bed flicking through my phone as she got showered. Within twenty minutes, we were tucking into a delicious vegetarian fry and I finally got to savour my coffee, fuelling me for the day ahead.

She had to run an errand in the warehouse she managed, and apologised for having to take away from our time together but promised it would not take long.

The roads were practically empty as it was Sunday and I got out with her, curious to see where she passed her days, in her formal business suit jacket and sexy skirt, her customers being none the wiser of what a minx she was in the bedroom, how adept she was at giving so much pleasure with her tongue and feminine, slight but surprisingly strong hands.

She opened the main door and said “voila”, and then proceeded to gather up some papers gathered around the different desks while I looked around and took in the expanse of her work environment. “Back in a minute, I have to go into the warehouse…..or come in, if you want, don’t know which is more boring, here or there”, she said. I followed behind.

I grew a bit bored after a few minutes as she was pulling and poking at a printing machine, getting frustrated as it would not start and muttering about having to have it fixed by tomorrow before her staff got in. I was not going to volunteer to help, being possibly the least mechanical person I knew.

I was absent-mindedly twirling my hair around my fingers when she sternly beckoned me over. I started “err, I´m probably going to break it but I can try…”,when I realised that the machine was no longer any concern of hers and she had a wicked look in her eye.

I instantly felt my pussy get wet and tingly as she opened a door behind the machine and simply pointed for me to go in, without saying a word. I took no time obeying, and she swiftly closed the door behind me. There was no chance of anyone disrupting us- we had the whole warehouse to ourselves.

“Take off your clothes. Everything. NOW”, she ordered. I was a bit taken back by her sternness, but I was so turned on, and could imagine her being my boss, ordering me to strip for her pleasure.

I pulled off my dress, unhooked my bra, throwing them to the floor and before I could take off my knickers, she had grabbed me by the wrists and turned me around to face the wall, pulling up my hands above my head and keeping them held tightly with one hand while she kissed my neck and fondled my breasts, moving her hand down slowly down my belly, with her thumb teasingly tugging at my G-string as if to pull it off.

I let out moans of pleasure, of urgently needing her to rip it off completely and plunge her fingers inside me. “Ooh, you like being dominated, don’t you”, she purred. “Bad girl, very bad girl….what I am going to do with my bad girl?”, she murmured as I suddenly felt her push the gusset over to one side. I loved being fucked with my knickers still on, the urgency of not even being able to wait to take them off.

“Bend over more. Show me that ass”, she barked. I was not going to argue. I waited in anticipation for what pleasure awaited me. And then her hand started to deliver delicious Casibom Güncel Giriş spanks to my ass over and over again.

I was so turned on, being naked and vulnerable in her office, while she was fully dressed. All hers again. “Do you like that? Are you ready to be fucked again, bad girl?”, she growled. I was. I was all hers.

Her hand stopped spanking and she rested it on my ass, caressing it for a minute, before I felt one, then two fingers enter my ass, and then another. Oh God, I thought, as I started to thrust my ass against her fingers, wanting full, deep penetration.

My knickers must have been in the way as she momentarily stooped down to rip them off, sounding impatient and frustrated, before rudely entering me again, fast and urgently, moving half her hand in and out of my ass, while I whimpered, her other hand starting to caress my clitoris.

I came the first time very quickly from her clit stimulation, while she continued to furiously and relentlessly fuck my ass, with all fingers except her thumb thrusting with gusto, while I groaned, my nipples hard, my nails digging into the wallpaper, my head bent backwards and my eyes rolling back in my head.

I moved my hips from side to side, savouring her hand fucking my ass ever so hard while her other hand continued to give me continual mini-orgasms while she stroked my clit.

I begged her to fuck me hard, probably too loudly, as she moved her hand from my clit to roughly cover my mouth and stick one finger in my mouth, running it along my teeth and my tongue.

I was so fucking horny; I had never been fucked so savagely, with such blissful abandon, with her in complete control while I surrendered to her wild desire to fuck me into oblivion. “Do you like being fucked hard in your ass, darling?”, she growled.

I tried to answer, with a muffled “yes, mistress, yes, I love being fucked and being at your mercy”.

She moved her hand off my mouth, fondling my breasts, and then down to my clit again, teasing it and bringing me to orgasm two more times while still thrusting her hand in and out of my wet, wide open ass, which was savouring the rough penetration, until I could take no more.

Her hand moved so furiously that my ass started to contract and I felt an orgasm start from deep inside my rectum, waves of pleasure moving through my ass and then through my body as I moaned loudly, animistically, while she moved to muffle my screams with her hand once again and my body writhed with the deepest, most intense pleasure I had ever felt, feeling like I was travelling through space and time.

She licked my earlobe, bit it, loving seeing me losing complete control as I continued to come so hard, thrusting on her hand to savour every last bit of my orgasm.

I was kind of shocked at what a tigress she was- I had mistook her as being standoffish and shy, not realising what would be unleashed once she got going.

I slowly turned around and wrapped my arms around her neck and started to kiss her slowly, sensually, whispering “thank you” in her ear, nibbling her earlobe and then started to unbutton her pink cotton blouse, then pulling one breast out of bra, running my tongue over her nipple and sucking it while looking up at her, with a look of wild, unabated lust in my eyes.

I then moved my hand down her body, urgently pulling down her leggings and knickers in one tug to around her ankles, then moving up to her mound, teasing her clit with my thumb while hungrily kneading her vulva with my other fingers, restlessly wanting to enter her. I teased her damp pussy, pushing my fingers in just a little and out again while stroking her clit in a circular motion with my thumb.

She arched her back and threw her head back as I started to suck on her nipples again, grabbing my head and pushing it tighter against her lovely hard nipple.

I was now vigorously fingering her pussy and circling her clit, while alternating each nipple, feeling exhilarated from finally being able to make her come once again after being so relentlessly fucked by her over the previous 12 hours.

I moved down to her tingling, red-hot pussy, and began to move my tongue up and down her clit while continuing to move what felt like my whole hand in and out of her, while clutching her ass with my other hand, thrusting her against my hand over and over again, feeling her juices fall onto my hand, which was soaking wet and sticky.

She started to grind along with my thrusts, horny as fuck, and was moaning and whimpering wildly with total abandon.

Before long, she started to groan and panting, murmured “I´m coming, fuck, fuck, now”, as I felt her vagina clench hard on my four fingers as I felt her body tremble with the waves of orgasms that rippled through her body, again and again until her body stiffened in the final throes.

I kept my fingers inside her for a few minutes as she remained in the same position with her eyes closed, panting softly, slowly sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.

It was one hell of an erotic introduction to lesbian sex, and was just the beginning of what turned out to be an extremely dirty weekend.

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