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The day had a pretty boring start, just a silicone filled blonde standing by a bed drinking from a bottle of water. Of course, there were cameras and sound equipment and all the other accoutrement of a set around, but mostly, just a girl dressed in regular clothes drinking from a bottle of, what else, Evian. This isn’t what I come for and I’m glad today that there’s only one of them.

I don’t need to tell you much about me now, just know that I got on set early and I’m just as boring as she is, except my E’s are natural and I knew better than to drink anything. The director walked in with a few of the crew members and started setting up.

“Do you really need this, Charlotte?” The director dangled the straps in front of me, frowning slightly as he looked at me. “You’re a great fluffer and you don’t need them off stage. I’d love to have you tied up like you want… in front of the camera, but you really don’t need this off stage.”

“I know Dave, but I like it, and if you want my best…”

“Alright, alright I get it. I can put these on you now, or you can have Jerry later.”

“Give them to Jerry; I’m gonna wander a bit before shooting starts.”

“Sure babe, I just wish you’d let me tape you. It’s gold.”

“You can’t stand anything forbidden, can you? Well, you’ll just have to find another freak because I’m staying off camera.”

Dave walked off, going to greet the blonde and I made my way into the guys dressing room. My ears filled with the noise of guys joking around, talking sports and other guy things (really, what do I care what they were talking about). I made my way around the room introducing myself to the male talent for this group porn shoot. It was supposed to be a frat party scene, so the room wasn’t filled with buff guys with 10 inch cocks, which is how I prefer things. Those who knew me greeted me with a smile and a kiss on the cheek (they knew where my mouth has been) and high fived each other. The new guys were a bit confused, but they’d find out later.

When Dave called, all the guys filed onto set and I followed. I called to Jerry to come tie my arms and knees. Then I sat down to wait…

“On your knees, bitch!” I looked up, my nipples tightening even as I tried to figure out who had called out to me (I knew it was me because the blonde ran off to the bathroom at the last minute, a total eyeroll). I found Josh, one of the regulars at my jobs, smirking down at me. I smiled back and slid to my knees and leaned, open mouth, into his crotch. Sighing at the taste of clean skin on my first cock of the day, I bobbed on his mid sized cock, rolling it with my tongue the way I knew he liked. I had dated Josh for a while, but porn stars don’t make great boyfriends.

After sucking for a minute I felt him fully hard in my mouth, and I pulled back. He walked off and another regular. Rick, stepped up for a similar job; this one preferred me to hold his cock in my mouth while I licked it, so I did. In my peripheral vision I watched some of the new guys jerking off into shiny hands. I really hoped they fucked blondie before visiting me because I hate the taste of Vaseline. As I began to choke on Rick’s long cock as it stretched into my throat, he pulled back and another replaced it. This was a new guy and he fucked my face a bit before wandering on set. I guess the new was spreading.

Dave called for the first shot to begin, and two of my favorite regulars began to feel up the blonde. They were all still fully dressed and except for a hand full (pun intended) of cocks hanging out, this could have been any college flick. I didn’t get to see much because another cock was stuck into my mouth and I had to pay close attention to the very large cock, so that I didn’t gag too much. I did hear blondie giggling, and I laughed inwardly, thinking of the crass blonde acting the innocent.

I kept sucking for another 5 five minutes. One newbie took about 2 seconds to get hard, which was disappointing; another obviously wanted to try see what the Anadolu Yakası escort fuss was about because I tasted the bitter sharpness of Vaseline a second before I realized that he was already hard and turned my head away. “Save the hard-ons for the blonde, dude. I’m the fluffer not the talent.” I sucked with renewed vigor to replace the taste with the taste of cock, as I fluffed 11 (12 if you count Vaseline boy) of the 15 guys involved in this shoot. I finished just in time too because Dave called the scene where the guys were to plan ganging the blonde and they all needed to be on set.

Normally the next hour or so would be boring for a fluffer. They’d stand around chatting with the crew and whoever wasn’t on set. Not for me. I get about 5 seconds to lick my lips when Jerry drags me behind Dave, and off the carpet being rented for the set. He unzips, and I get to work on him. I don’t stop when he gets hard, sucking and nibbling in ways that make him moan. Dave curses and shouts that Jerry better keep his mouth shut or find a new job. Jerry apologizes and pulls my head to his crotch, gagging me with his cock. He leans over and whispers that the camera we usually use is hidden to my left, so I should keep that side clear. Then he pulls out and wanders further away from set to jerk off in a bowl I bring for the crew.

The cast and crew start and stop shooting in the normal way and the talent chatters off stage quietly about more guy stuff. The crew came by for sucking off whenever they weren’t actively involved in the shoot. The silicone blonde seemed to be doing a good job because only a few of the male talent visit me in the beginning, mostly the ones who like real breasts. The regulars mauled my boobs as I suck them and finally Josh unbuttoned my wrinkled top. I got about 5 minutes of free time during the first part of the day.

The blonde needed a break… and the bathroom, so they took a long break and she runs off to go clean up. Dave sighs as he walked over to me, unzipping as he came. He fucked my face roughly as he mutter, “if only my talent were as great a slut as you are bitch, my day would be nearly over already. Gag on it whore.” The last was said gently as he smirked down at me.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I like the names. No one calls me Charlotte on set, which pisses the other fluffers off. I can’t work with anyone else because of it, but I kind of like it that way. Blondie comes back and Dave strode off to drop a load in my bowl with the rest. He tells the blonde that she should do some shots alone now… masturbating and talking for the viewers. This blonde isn’t an airhead, she knows her lines and can moan as realistically as anyone could who wasn’t actually cumming; that’s why Dave uses her.

While she does her work, the guys come over as a group to where I was sitting. The regulars seem to have finished spreading the word because all of the disappointed faces have disappears (really who prefers having their cock tapped against a tongue rather than getting it lapped at and sucked… no one) and mischievous smiles abounded. Rick ever the leader stepped in front of me, jeans slung low over his hips… well, they all had jeans slung low over their hips; that’s where they were in the filming. The only thing different about his was that his zipper was up, a no-no on a porn set. As I started to lift my bound arms to unzip him, Josh hauled me up and the guys surrounded me. Jerry, ever watchful, came by and shooed everyone to my right side, using some weak excuse I didn’t even listen to, and then went back to work.

Rick, the seeming leader of this mob, began to until my bonds, staring at me with a twinkle in my eyes when I begin to question him. “Shut up, slut!” I stood there passively, listening to Blondie’s gasps and moans as Rick lowered the straps to my ankles. Then he pulled down my shorts and panties. I was confused at why he had done this, but didn’t say a word. “Now suck my cock, like you’re supposed to.”

Pussy Anadolu Yakası escort bayan throbbing, I start to lower myself, but find that I can’t because Josh is still holding my waist, so I bent over instead. I pulled his zipper down with my teeth and burrow for his half hard cock. I guess he must have cum for the blonde. I swallowed Rick’s cock, trying to bob on his cock without letting any air hit it — he hates that, as I listened to Dave yelling at blonde for her flaccid nipples and dry cunt.

I don’t have that problem. My nipples are hard as rocks and my pussy drooling down my legs as these men watch me sucking this big cock. I’m a bit startled as I feel sharp pinches on my nipples at the same time that I hear Dave yelling for makeup to do something to “this bitches cunt.”

He means the talent not me, but I don’t think about that, or the argument that is now happening because the blonde protests Dave’s language because the fingers playing with my breasts are now augmented with Josh’s cock. Or I should say, Josh shoves his cock in my ass. I gasp, moaning even as I gag on Ricks now hard cock in my throat. I feel myself pulled backward and confuse it for Rick pulling out, as usual, until I realized that I am now sitting in Josh’s lap.

“Finish it cunt!” Rick whispers with emphasis (no yelling on Dave’s set, unless you’re Dave… or cumming). He then shoves his cock back into me and begins to grind into me, his hair rough on my nose as he fucks my throat.

Someone must have seen me struggling to rub my pussy because a thumb begin to press my clit in slow circles as Josh leans forward into me, whispering dirty things in my ear and thrusting into me. Rick pulls out. The next guy, the Vaseline newbie, stepped up and pushed me back. I felt my knees open wide as Josh opens his legs, still thrusting into me.

“Come on fuckers, I’m not paying you to do her!” Dave yelled at the guys, just as my newbie stepped between my tied feet and aimed his cock at my pussy. I didn’t get to watch whatever acrobatics he must have done to shove it inside me because another guy grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. Instinct kicked in and I began to suck.

This bliss lasted only a few seconds until I heard Dave call my newbie to go fill the blonde’s cunt with his cock all covered in my juices. He seemed to like the look because he told the rest of the guys to get some of my juice on their cock and get in line to fuck the blonde. Each guy, starting with the one previously in my mouth shoved his cock in me for a few thrusts and then walked off… all except Josh who was sitting still, whispering nasty things in my ear, that he knew could get me off and warning me not to cum because I make so much noise, Dave might fire me.

After a few takes of the guys fucking the blonde in a similar position to the one that I was in, except she had a dildo in her ass, Dave decided that she should suck on Rick as she pulled the dildo out. She placed her lips around about two inches of Rick’s meat and began bobbing a weak blow-job as she slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass. Josh lifted me at the same pace as she moved, sliding out of my ass like her dildo came out of her. He told the rest of the guys to stop “gossiping like little women” and keep me company, while he went to go clean his dick. I was sitting in the chair working hard to calm down when hands came from behind me and squeezed my boobs hard.

I gasped loudly, almost missing Dave’s growl as my head was pulled down and my mouth stuffed again. “Dirty cunt… why don’t you go on camera… like the rest of the… whores… around here? You’re more… of a porn slut… than the usual fluffer… and a better lay… than that bitch.” A newb, I think he was named Mark, grunted out as he fucked my face.

Another guy walked up, tapping Mark. He left to go back on set and this guy replaced him. Grabby hands stopped mauling my breasts at a wave from Jerry, unfortunately. Able to focus escort bayan on the blowjob, I began to suck with vigor just as this guy decided to give his place to another… or was that two, yes two of the crew members. I’m lifted in the air and placed on my feet behind the chair. A hand pushed at my back and I bend over, obligingly, and am filled mouth and pussy with cock, thrusting in time. I’m allowed about a minute of this until Rick stomps over and the pair leave.

Rick pulls me back down, when I try to stand, shoving his cock all the way in, choking me. “Stupid blonde bitch could at least learn how to suck a cock… suck slut! If she wants to be a porn star, she’s gonna need more than acting skill, stupid f…..” Rick’s ranting trailed off as I suck him back to hardness. “Thanks whore, I couldn’t even get it up from that stupid fucking failure of a blowjob.”

It’s getting late and the blonde is getting tired, so Dave calls for the wrap-up bukkake. One by one the guys cover Blondie’s face with cum… 13 of them do. Then Jerry brings over the large bowl of cum filled with the day’s jizz and pours it on Blondie’s upturned face. (The bowl of jizz was my idea; Dave edits it to look like there were dozens of guys in fucking and cumming on her.) Then Josh and Mark finish the shoot with two spurts on Blondie’s glistening face. All I can say is that from then on I called Mark “Balls Almighty” he shot out so much.

Dave called it a day and I called out to the guys that I’d clean up anyone who wanted it. Only a couple of guys came over. The rest waved off and went to get dressed and head out. Jerry dropped the bowl on the floor in front of me and I bent over to lick it up. I stopped halfway noticing the only female crew member besides the makeup artist (who had left earlier) kneeling in front of Blondie. I thought she was helping her stand because I doubted she could see with all that jizz in her eyes. To my surprise, the crew lady began to lick jizz from Blondie’s face. Blondie went truly wild for the first time that day, grabbing at the crew lady and kissing her hard. No wonder, I thought as I licked the last drops of cum from the bowl on the floor.

“Damn! Why is my camera never rolling when it should be?” Dave cursed as he gaped at the two women.

Then she squeezed the blondes left boob and froze. We both watched as the crew lady stood up and wiped her mouth. “Sorry, I hate silicone.” Then she walked off. We laughed as we watched Blondie gape after the crew lady. Then Dave turned to me.

“You up for one more, slut?”

“For you… anything.” I purred with a smile.

“Good. I want to cum in your mouth.” “Tsk tsk, breaking your own rule… cum is for the talent only.”

“You’re pretty talented… Charlotte.”

I frowned. “You’re breaking my rules too.”

“I am being bad… now suck.”

I started to suck my favorite cock, letting myself relive the day in my mind as I did. As I felt Dave getting close, I rubbed myself against my chair hoping to come too. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled off my arm straps. “Rubbing it slut.” I happily shoved my hand into my crotch. Seconds later, I moaned my orgasm into his cock as he gripped my head. He thrust in quick shallow thrusts, grunting out what a nasty cum slut I was and how I was so lucky to be sucking his cock because that was why I was put on earth and other equally demeaning things (he was a former porn star). I continued to rub my clit, hot all over again at his words. Then I felt a sudden burst in my mouth, followed by smaller spurts. I let it fill my mouth and clamped my lips on his cock, holding him until he was spent. I opened my mouth to show him his cum only to choke and sputter as another orgasm came and I swallowed without thinking.

Jerry walked over, handing me a handkerchief as I tried to slow my coughing. He also held out an SD card. “Do you want me to burn this to a CD or do you want to watch it and then delete it like the others?”

I grab the card and hand it to a confused Dave. “I haven’t changed my mind about your porn, but I thought you should see mine.” I pull up my shorts and take off the strap binding my ankles. I toss back as I walk out, “If I find it online, I’ll sue you. Call me for your next shoot.” I wish I had looked back. Dave’s stunned face would have been worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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