Foot Games With Jake


I have a massive love for feet, mainly women’s but there are a few men who given the chance I would do anything to them to get at their amazing feet for a sniff and a lick. I used to go to my friend Jake’s house and I didn’t think he was one of them few but one day that started to change.

He had fell over outside and hurt his foot and after treating it he kept his socks off for the rest of the time I was over. I didn’t pay any attention at first, as I said I didn’t think I’d be interested and we started paying football on the computer. He was laying down on the floor and I was sitting down on a chair behind and to the side of him when after a few minutes he started lifting his feet up in the air and down again.

Instantly I was transfixed, they were so moorish I wanted to have them in my mouth instantly, wanted to smell them as they looked a bit sweaty from the sunny day. I had a huge erection straight away and I knew I had to get closer.

As I wasn’t looking at the game we were playing, Jake scored a goal and I took my opportunity to move closer. I said “I can’t see properly” and moved right next to where he was lifting he’s feet up to, above his tight sexy bum, which i’d also not noticed before.

I then looked longingly at his beautiful feet & toes in particular and as they went down and up together all I could think of is if my penis was between them. I couldn’t resist this opportunity to take a smell and I spent the next two minutes working out how near I could get my face without making contact.

Finally I dived in and breathed in the heavenly smell of his feet and then carried on playing the game incase he said anything. He didn’t turn round so this repeated for a few minutes with me getting more brave (or careless) and keeping my face there for longer Sex hikayeleri so I could watch his sexy toes coming towards me. I don’t know how he didn’t realise as he thrashed me about 6-0.

I couldn’t take no more so I went to the toilet and came in seconds about what had just happened. I stayed as long as I could before I had to leave and kept staring at his feet before returning home to wank all night about it, muttering his name. I decided that night that whenever I saw him from then on I would make ways to get his feet out.

This was easy over my house as I just asked him to take his shoes and socks off but over his was more tricky. I told him his socks were smelly and I hated the smell of socks and then to get as near as I could I invented two games.

The first was a guessing game in which I would get on his back and he would have to guess something in his room without seeing it (which I said was why he was on his front with me on top of him) and everytime he was wrong I got to tickle him for 10 seconds. He decided to play but it was never a long game, unfortunately for me.

The first few times, so he didn’t guess my intentions I’d tickle his sides or his neck but then on the 3rd wrong guess I’d get my opportunity and tickle his feet. I always started getting excited after his 2nd wrong guess knowing getting what I wanted which was to touch his sexy feet was so close and afterwards whilst he was trying to guess I’d lick my fingers clean of his sweaty feet and dry them in time for the next tickle.

The other game, as I knew he watched wrestling was us wrestling on his bed and I said out of respect we should take our socks off. This was also a chance for me to try and get him to like my feet. I started this new pretend move called the suffocater Sikiş hikayeleri which was my feet over his mouth. After a while to my delight he tried the move on me and I had to pretend to hate it but I was in ecstasy. I could feel his warm, sweaty, sexy feet on my mouth and it was so hard not to start licking and sucking his gorgeous toes, that 1st night he did that I had one of the biggest wanks I’d had to that point and that led to what happened next time we played.

All I could think of the next few days was how I’d had to stop myself liking his feet and sucking his sexy toes and the next time I went over to his house I asked him straight away if he wanted to play wrestling I wasn’t mucking about this time as I couldn’t take it any more. The 1st thing I did was try and get him in a position where I could have my bare feet on his mouth and as I was trying so hard it didn’t take long, then I acted tired and let him get the upper hand and he put his feet on my longing lips and I accidentally let out a moan. I instantly groaned in a way to suggest I was trying to get off the feet I’d been constantly wanking about for days but I just couldn’t help it, I muttered “all my god” and with that my mouth had opened. He kept his foot inside and I certainly wasn’t about to take it out, my head was rushing and I was half way through an orgasm. All I could think of is his sexy, sweaty feet are in my mouth and with that I accidentally licked one of them and made another sexual noise.

He instantly pulled his feet out and said “why did you lick my foot, that’s disgusting”. I was embarrassed as I’d been found out, I said I couldn’t breath and my mouth was so dry my tongue accidentally moved but he wasn’t believing me and he put his 2 feet over my mouth and said “carry on”.

I Erotik hikaye was about to burst, but I wasn’t going to say no. I had been wanking for weeks about his feet and now just like the first time I’d seen them they were heading for my face but this time deliberately. As his sexy toes got closer I stuck my tongue out in anticipation and his toes rolled over my tongue, I then manically licked his unbelievable feet all over and he got his dick out and started to wank.

I wanted him to feel what my penis thought about his feet and tight bum and what I had been storing up so I took down his trousers and asked him if he had any lubricant. He said he didn’t have that but he had poppers and I smiled.

I love taking poppers to wank with so I was even more excited now. We took some poppers and I kept him lying down, I put on a condom and put my penis up that tight, sexy bum of his and we both let out a groan. I started fucking him and wanking him off at the same time and licked his feet which he had put back on my lips.

I fucked him for a few minutes before he started to make noises suggesting he was going to cum so I took my penis out of his fine ass, put my feet in his face for him to lick and wanked him off really fast onto my lips. I told him to lick and suck my feet and cum in my mouth and he started licking my feet like crazy. I then put my mouth over his throbbing cock and wanked him off in my mouth whilst licking the tip and he started getting closer, groaning more and more until he shouted fuck and came in my mouth. I swallowed it whole and then asked him to finish off my fantasy, took off my condom and put his sexy feet either side off my cock.

He began to tug on my delighted dick with his feet and I was in heaven. His sweaty feet were on my cock and I started to moan more and more as he really slowly (trying to let my orgasm last longer) going back on forth on my dick with his feet until he said cum at which very point I did all over his feet.

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