Frances Fucks Her Friend’s Dad


The first thing to say about this story is that is entirely true, apart from the names which have been changed.

I’m an Englishman in my early thirties who is fortunate enough to have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly five years. Frances is thirty, five feet tall, long dark hair, brown eyes and a size ten figure with 34 C breasts. She has a ‘girl next door’ fresh complexion, with freckles and an innocent smile. She was brought up in a very strict, religious household which lead to her falling pregnant with her first boyfriend at the age of seventeen. They married but things went wrong as her husband became a womaniser and they divorced when she was just twenty.

On finding herself alone with a young child, she decided that she would make up for the fun times she missed out on as a teenager and she began to really let her hair down and have fun. She soon made new friends and re-contacted some old ones to arrange the first of many parties at her house. Weekends became fun-times for Frances and she had the attention of lots of men. There are more true stories to tell about this period in her life but they’ll have to wait until another time.

She soon met a serious boyfriend at one of her parties and they enjoyed good sex and lots of fun for a few months. As soon as he became serious she dumped him and moved on to another man she’d already started seeing illicitly. That lasted for a few months and she then found herself alone. It only Ankara travesti took a few weeks and she met Mark – a man with whom she really clicked. He was her own age, played in a band and lived the life of a carefree hippy. To the young Frances, he was great fun and very attractive. Their first night saw them become lovers and she was happy to keep the relationship casual and, as he was due to go to Holland to work as a seasonal flower picker a few days later, she felt that their fun was short-lived but it suited her.

Mark’s trip to Holland lasted about a month and on his return he asked Frances to go back with him for a month to join him and also to work. She arranged childcare with her parents and joined Mark on his return to Holland. They made some money, had fun and lived in tents for the duration. On their return to England, she expected to still see Mark but he asked if he could stay at her house for a few days until he found himself a place to rent. The days turned into weeks and before Frances could say anything, they were living together. She enjoyed the company and she was being well fucked every night – and I mean every night.

Before long however, the differences between them began to surface and Mark’s ‘bum’ lifestyle of scrounging from the state and lurching from one temporary unskilled job to the next began to upset Frances. He was increasingly jealous of her flirty nature and they began to argue and drift apart but Konya travesti despite this, she was still getting the fucking she needed every night.

She had an open invitation to visit her pen-friend, Maria, in Italy and one day she decided that she’d take her daughter for a holiday and go to see Maria. Maria was the same age as Frances and they’d been friends since childhood. Frances was looking forward to the holiday as she’d been invited to stay at Maria’s parent’s home in the Italian mountains.

On arrival she was greeted by Sergio, Maria’s father, a handsome, attractive man in his fifties. He kissed Frances on both cheeks and she felt that he’d gently touched the sides of her breasts as he kissed her and had let the kisses linger just long enough for her to have a hint that he was attracted to her.

The following days were filled with fun and laughter as Sergio entertained Frances, her daughter and Maria on his powerboat and with drives through the countryside. On many occasions Frances caught Sergio undressing her with his eyes and she began to enjoy it.

The week soon drew to a close and Frances was packed ready to go home the night before. She awoke at around 2am, thirsty after yet another night of spicy Italian food and she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She was very quiet so as not to wake anybody and she tiptoed into the kitchen, wearing a thin a long t-shirt and knickers but no bra.

As she finished İzmir travesti her drink, she turned to see Sergio standing in the doorway in his dressing gown. He immediately walked towards her, pressed her up against the sink and began to kiss her. She initially tried to stop him, feigning embarrassment but she soon responded and he was kissing her neck and running his fingers through her long dark hair and telling how beautiful she was.

He pushed her t-shirt up and greedily sucked and nibbled each of her nipples as his hands dug into her buttocks. Then he let his dressing gown fall open and Frances saw his throbbing, gnarled, middle aged cock. It was thick and hard and he began to press it against her knickers which he then pulled to one side to reveal her dark brown, hairy cunt with it’s lips hanging open and wet, in anticipation of his cock.

He guided the tip of his manhood into her cunt’s entrance and had barely pushed it more than half an inch when he groaned and ejaculated all over her pubes and cunt lips. He apologised and they kissed a little while more but then both returned to their own beds.

Poor Frances was so turned on and was left to wank herself off using Sergio’s spunk as lubrication while she imagined what might have been. The next morning she went home and Sergio had left earlier than her so she hasn’t seen him since. She returned home to Mark and enjoyed a good welcome home fuck from him, enjoying the fact her friend’s father had been inside her only hours before.

She confessed this true story to me after I’d told her that my biggest fantasy was to watch her with another man. Her sexual history is truly exciting and will be the subject of my next story if this one is well received.

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