Freedom and the Widow Ch. 19

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Victoria silently slid the bolt on the rear gate to open, before pausing and waiting a moment. She smiled as she imagined the scenario had she not bolted the gate and her staid friend had arrived just five minutes earlier; she’d have seen just how merry a widow she had become, and one the gardener was prepared to show his humblest respects for. The thought of Angela seeing her naked with a naked gardener, his tongue deep in her asshole, brought home to her just how much things had changed; Angela’s first viewing of her would confirm just that. The doorbell rang and Victoria then opened the gate and called her friend round. The prim Angela was delighted to see her friend again, but was astounded by her appearance; the little things such as her brightly coloured finger and toe-nails, her application of make-up and her obvious all over tan – the sari exposing a shoulder with no visible strap-lines, indicating regular topless sunbathing – were as noticeable as the sexy black sari itself. Angela was not quite conscious of it, but as she hugged her friend, she took in a little of the pheromones from the prior excitement, and as she viewed the gardener her neglected pussy buzzed with excitement, making her blush. She looked back at Victoria.

“Oh I wish I were as sexy as you! I can see you really have come out of your shell since having a holiday” Victoria sat her friend down and poured her a cold drink as Bradbury came over, almost baffled by the contrast in the two ladies; Angela in prim blouse and tweedy skirt, looked like the vicar’s daughter in comparison to the assertive virago he had just so willingly surrendered to.

“If…if that’s all for today, I’ll be on my way Mistress Cavendish.” Victoria was fully aware of Bradbury’s discomfort in front of an audience who was no doubt blissfully unaware of the nature of the full service he’d provided. She would give her friend an insight into the free woman she’d become.

“Go round and wait at the front door; I’ll pay you now I’m ready.” Angela was amazed at the way the large male went ‘cap in hand’ at her directions, which she emphasised with a sternly pointing finger; something about it made her normally unexcited pussy twinkle into life as the male went round through the gate, and as she thought about the way he’d addressed Victoria, her staid but elegant upper-middle class cunt bulged with an enjoyment she’d not felt in years.

“Did he refer to you as ‘Mistress’?” Victoria winked at her with a smug look as she ascended to find some well-earned cash for Bradbury, and commented as she went.

“Oh, I’m sure he meant to say ‘Mrs’… probably. I can see you enjoyed it though.” The enjoyment showing on Angela’s rosy face was eclipsed by what Victoria couldn’t see; she couldn’t wait for her to come back and tell her all about her holiday.

Both Wanda and Victoria donned black leather outfits for their visit to Charlotte Ray’s residence; they smirked at the staid ladies walking their dogs and strolling to the village store, as the two drove to the adjoining village where Charlotte lived; Wanda chuckled.

“I wonder if any of them have a husband, trussed up, caged and plugged; waiting for their return, balls tingling at the promise of punishment?” Victoria laughed.

“Having seen what I have in St Tropez, and then having witnessed the obvious excitement of my dear friend Angela at my simple commanding of Bradbury, nothing would surprise me. I just intend to enjoy every day of my new existence from now on; I can’t wait to have a domme party at my house, and parade Eric naked on a leash round the garden. I may even invite Angela!” The two laughed at the thought, but the idea of seeing Eric humiliated before an ‘ordinary’ woman, and knowing her secretly thrilled by it, gave them both a fulya escort buzz between their legs.

They drove down a leafy lane passing numerous well-appointed and affluent properties, and Wanda turned into the shady drive of one of these; an immense detached house, two stories but with many features within the roof; a somewhat sinister looking tower feature and hand rail around one section, pointing to an observation deck. Something about the place had Victoria very excited. Wanda smiled.

“Oh yes, Charlotte has done very well from a life of dominating males; we may not have the sun like at Cherie’s, but we’ll have just as much pleasure here. You’ll see how female superiority is just as much the natural order of things here in your own part of the world. The two squeaked in their leather up to the large front door, which was opened by a severe looking maid in a tight hobble skirt with seamed stockings.

“Madam is expecting you; please follow me.” Victoria was immediately impressed with the decor of the rooms she saw on her way through; minimalist and free of clutter, yet in keeping with the period of the house, not over modernistic. As they passed a large window which looked out onto the rear garden, Wanda drew her attention to a large box hedge which faced a padded pole on one of the lawns.

“Your new acquaintance Bradbury loves to come here and be of service to Charlotte and any one of her maids who cares to dominate him; that is one of his creations. Many a male, including him, has been whipped to submission whilst strapped to the pole facing it.” Victoria gasped and the maid smiled proudly as she viewed the oval hedge some eight feet tall; this was a perfectly formed and huge aroused cunt, a sublime example of topiary, beautifully shaped butterfly-like labia and protruding nub of a clitoris at top of a divinely bulbous cleft. The maid added her pleasing anecdote as Victoria’s cunt bulged to match the hedge as the thought of seeing a male whipped there would be very pleasing.

“Madam Charlotte is very proud of the fact that Bradbury modelled his vision on her womanhood from memory, having had the pleasure of servicing it with his tongue many times; it is very satisfying to see males spend at the pole while they taste the whip in its shadow; so erotic.” Victoria liked this place more and more as she took in the atmosphere of this quintessentially female domain.

They entered a slightly smoky room where a Rubenesque woman of around 50 wearing a soft leather corset and black leather arm length gloves was puffing a French cigarette with one hand, a leash about her wrist, and a cane in the other with which she tormented a naked, hooded male who was at the lower end of the leash. His ass striped with red poking rudely into the air as he sniffed at the panties his mistress had discarded to the floor for him. She beamed with pleasure on seeing her friend Wanda with her new friend with whom she would certainly become a firm friend also. She stroked the grovelling male’s ass once more for good measure, and then passed the leash to the stern maid.

“Beatrice; take him to the Gallows Tower, and have him please you there any way you wish. Make sure he is thoroughly deserving of any relief you allow him when facing the hill; he has admitted abusing himself whilst away from our care, and he must fully understand that wasting our seed when not in our presence will not be tolerated.” The maid was very pleased to take charge of the male; Victoria’s cunt tingled as she watched the humble maid bustle in her tight skirt, she was pleased to see that all females were as equally dominant here as at Cherie’s; Beatrice sternly ordered the male to carry his mistress’s panties in his teeth as he was whipped along by her bebek escort on all fours. Charlotte Ray then embraced the two.

“I’ll show you the Gallows Tower later, when we have a little tour; we can check on the progress of Beatrice’s discipline too, she will be delighted to demonstrate her prowess in dominating males before an audience. The tower is so called because you can clearly see Gallows Hill from its windows; a place a mile or so away where many males were hanged in public. It’s a pity such a spectacle is no longer allowed; the level of arousal enjoyed by women watching males dispatched that way will have been phenomenal. These days we have to get such enjoyment from those rare private functions attended, and they just aren’t frequent enough. I so love to have my males masturbate whilst facing it during punishment, to remind them of what just might happen if they’ve dis-pleased womanhood to a level beyond forgiveness, and we do have a special function room here.” She gave Victoria a wink and a smug smile.

“You’ll enjoy that room, it’s been the last room a few troublesome males have seen; the pleasure we’ve had from the functions there have been exquisite!” Wanda gave a subtle and satisfied smile, acknowledging her awareness of what happened there, making Victoria’s cunt ooze with expectation.

After formally introducing herself to Victoria, Charlotte took them out onto a huge patio and called for one of her male servants to come and take a drinks order; Victoria was pleased to see that Charlotte also had a swimming pool, with a retractable roof to allow use all year round. A male, naked except for a mask, caged cock and rudely strapped balls and white gloves, scurried out and fell to the feet of Charlotte; his head bent low to her feet in total obedience. Madam Ray stood dominantly over him, looking down with a sneer. A maid appeared and stood by the patio doors, watching his every move with a stern smile, a flexible cane tucked under her arm; she was there to supervise him and he would earn a thrashing for the slightest misdemeanour. Charlotte looked at Victoria with a triumphant grin.

“All males here are put to good use; they serve the maids and are kept as their pets until they tire of them; having learned total obedience here, they are readily accepted as entertainment for women in other countries in places like Africa and the Far East, where they can disappear, no questions asked. Some of them never leave here of course.” She smiled and lifted her toes just slightly, the male at her feet kissing them without the need for her to ask; his cock bulging in its cage as he listened to her words, he being an example who had completely accepted his submission to the superior sex and wallowed in his absolute servility. Charlotte’s cunt moistened with arousal as she enjoyed her crushing superiority over the feeble male. He lapped at her feet, his cock dribbling from the cage as his anus tingled with the thought of being sold cheaply to a fiercely dominant female from a society which would guarantee her total vindictiveness, or being disposed of in the special function room; offering his total and final humiliation in giving females an ultimate pleasure, confirming their absolute ownership over worthless males. Victoria and Wanda becoming more and more aroused as they sat and crossed their legs. Charlotte continued as she enjoyed the subservient male’s attentions.

“This male like all males who come here, knows there is always an abundance of fresh stock, so they live in a perpetual limbo; the only certain thing is their continued obedience. Hui-Ying Xu, my dear friend from Shanghai is to visit us this week; she will be offered chosen males, some of whom will openly beg not to be taken from here. It is florya escort most satisfying to see those examples trussed and packaged; Hui-Ying having witnessed their disobedience, ensuring suitably severe owners are selected for them. Many do not last long; white males are favoured in erotically charged rituals of feminine dominance, their ruthless superiority acted out before cameras, documenting sweetly the triumph of the female in question over the male whose submission is made permanent. I have many fine examples of my males being disposed of this way; Hui-Ying bringing back CD’s and memory sticks from delighted female contacts, eager to purchase more stock.” She whipped the grovelling male with her cane, as a sticky globule of pre-cum stretched slowly down from the slit in the plastic cage which confined his swollen bell-end.

“This male of course, would never question any decision made by any woman; as you can see, he is ready to accept whatever fate is chosen for him. He will now kiss your feet and take your orders.”

Victoria’s panties were now nicely soiled as the male kissed her feet without question and begged her order, as the maid who owned him watched his unbending obedience with a smug pride. He did the same for Wanda then scuttled quickly back to be greeted by the stern attentions of his maid mistress. Charlotte sat with them as they faced the lawn with the pole and beautifully feminine topiary. She could see the excitement in Victoria’s eyes.

“I understand you have a pet that’ll be with you in a couple of days? I’d love it if you brought him here on Friday to witness Hui-Ying’s purchases; it will be a delicious eye-opener for both of you, and will be an education for your pet; we can have the maids put him to good use while he’s here too, I guarantee he’ll be more than happy to go home with you at the day’s end. Victoria could see that the male was servile to the point of absolute obedience, as he returned with the order and immediately kissed her feet once more, having ensured he had placed the drink within easy reaching distance of his superior guest. Her cunt buzzed with subliminal pleasure as he humbled himself before her so naturally; his humility boosting her sense of dominance. His maid mistress and Charlotte looked smugly on; Madam Ray’s regime of complete dominance over males would not tolerate the slightest essence of cheek or familiarity from them. Her rule was absolute and those who showed the slightest hint of rebelliousness after being broken by her strict submission training would be guaranteed to find themselves trussed and owned by her Chinese associate, and bound for Shanghai.

Hui-yi Xu was more than happy to take any Western male, regardless of age shape or race; as long as it was apparent that their their origins were in the decadent West. White males were most valued by vindictive Eastern and African dominants; the pleasure to be had from their punishment by these women, and the ruthless ferocity of it, ensured the continuing demand for fresh males. Hui-yi Xu was delighted to pass males on to certain women, knowing they would be placing new orders within a week; they would delight in reporting how males had performed when subjected to crushing domination and punishments leading to a humiliating demise before a select audience or cameras; their most intimate parts now proudly adorning their victorious dominators, cured and shrunk and worn as trophies. Testes and the remnants of once erect and sizeable penises, now brought down to size forever, as per their former owners, and turned into intricate jewellery; not easily identifiable to laymen, but instantly recognisable to the circles of dominant women, some displaying a multitude of items. The ultimate dominance of those women over the male of the species, displayed with haughty pride, confirming their prestige; enhanced by the evidence of the magnitude of males disposed of.

Victoria’s cunt tingled and oozed with pleasure, as she relished seeing Eric soon; bringing him here to this palace of domination would be a delicious treat for them both.

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