Freezing Ch. 04


For the next several weeks I continued to meet Roger at the bus station three days a week, which keeps me warm and well fed.

My morning meetings with the older guys in the shower continued on a daily basis. Most of the time, it was just me and the two of them. I would suck one, while the other fucked me.

However, one day the young man I saw on the first day, arrived just after me. He immediately dropped to his knees and began sucking me.

“You have been such a good boy we thought you deserved a treat,” said the guy with the big cock.

Damn, now I know why these guys and Roger liked me sucking them so much. It was awesome. I never realized being sucked off would feel so good. Up to now, I only had my imagination, and the reaction of the guys I sucked to go on.

I held his head and tried to get my cock in his throat, but alas that was not happening. Never the less, I was thoroughly enjoying receiving my first blowjob.

As he bobbed up and down on my cock, I began fucking into his mouth, and felt cum beginning to boil up from my balls. I continued the fucking motion, and my cum erupted, filling his mouth with some dribbling out from his lips. My orgasm may have been my best ever. I loved my first BJ.

Having already cum, I was unable to orgasm as the older gentleman fucked me, but cum did leak from my cock the whole time. The cock sawing in and out of my mouth soon filled my mouth and throat with a huge load of cum. Once again the two older gentlemen had double-teamed me. I loved it, I loved it all, sucking, being sucked, and getting fucked.

After I was thoroughly washed and cleaned, I returned to my room to dress and get ready for a trip to the diner. I was eager to see the waitress with the big tits. How I was still horny I don’t know, but horny I was.

“Good morning honey, seat yourself,” came the familiar voice.

I was totally mesmerized by the big tits, while ordering my breakfast, and I could not take my eyes off them.

“Like what you’re seeing honey,” she said,

I gulped and stammered, “I have never seen anything like them before.”

“Perhaps you would like to see more,” she said.

Damn, would I, I thought, but the words stuck in my throat and would not come out.

“What is the matter honey? Cat got your tongue?”

“I bursa suriyeli escort escort would love to see more,” I finally got out.

“After you finish your breakfast, I will take a break, and we can go into the back room,” she said.

All through the meal my mind was swirling with the thoughts of those big tits and what might happen. Was she just going to give me a peak or would I get what I had been dreaming of, a chance to suck those big melons. Although it had been less than an hour and a half since I had cum in a guy’s mouth, my cock was hardened and very stiff.

Nervous as hell, I finished my breakfast. I looked around and there were no more customers in the diner. My late breakfast was between the breakfast and lunch crowds. My timing, it turned out, was perfect.

Then I saw the Waitress motion me toward an opening going to I assumed was the back room. I slowly rose and began moving in that direction, but I was a bit unsteady on my feet as nervousness consumed me. I was literally shaking as I followed her into a small room with restaurant supplies.

“I have watched you for days unable to take your eyes off my big tits, and I must admit, I have enjoyed teasing you,” she said.

With that she removed her top, and I saw those huge tits in all their glory. They were massive with huge areolas and nipples.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“Want to suck them honey?”

Without answering, I grabbed one and lifted the nipple to my mouth and began suckling, like a new born baby.

“Oh my, that is the way I like it honey,” she said.

It was the first time I had sucked a tit since I was a baby and all my nervousness melted away, as I switched tits and continued sucking. She began moaning. And I was in a state of bliss. While sucking one tit I began massaging the other one.

Then she said, “Honey I knew I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you.”

Was I hearing right? Did she say fuck me? Was I going to get my first pussy and from the waitress with the big tits that had mesmerized me for the past few weeks?

“I’m not wearing any panties, pull up my skirt honey,” she said.

My cock was almost bursting, as I reached down and pulled up her skirt, without taking my mouth from her tit.

“Take bursa ucuz escort a look honey,” she said.

I looked down expecting to see her pussy, but received the biggest shock of my short life. There between her legs hung a huge, and I do mean huge cock!

My mouth dropped off her tit and I was speechless.

“I hope you like what you see honey, I intend to fuck you with it. I’m what is called a tranny, or as some people say, a chick with a dick.”

My mouth was fully opened but no words were coming out.

“I knew the first time I saw you, that although my tits excited you, that you were gay and I was going to fuck you,” she said.

“While you were looking at my tits, my cock would get stiff thinking about fucking a sweet young man like you. But first you have to suck my cock some to get it as hard as it needs to be.” She said.

She placed her hands on my head pushing it down toward her cock. I was in a state of shock, and at first resisted some, but then allowed myself to be lowered to her cock.

I was now facing a cock even bigger than the older man at the YMCA. Then the thought ran through my mind, no way I can get that monster in my throat.

“Open wide honey,” She said as she inserted her cock in my mouth.

She began a slow in and out, with each insertion going a little deeper, until the big head was at my throat opening. Like I had thought, my throat was not big enough to accept the monster now plowing in and out of my mouth.

“Suck it honey, suck it. You are a marvelous cocksucker. Just as I knew you would be. Don’t try to deep throat it, no one has ever been able to. I just want you to edge me some before I fuck your tight ass,” She said.

Although I could not get that monster in my throat, I was thoroughly enjoying sucking that huge cock, and the idea of not having my first pussy to fuck had gone out of my head.

All too soon, she withdrew her cock from my mouth, and said, “Time to fuck you honey.”

Removing my pants, she surprised me and went down on my cock. I was receiving my second blowjob, and loving it. But she did not suck long, and bent me over and maneuvering her big cock to the crack of my anus.

From somewhere, she produced a bottle of lubrication, and covered her cock, bursa üniversiteli escort and began lubing my ass, and inserting her lube covered fingers into my rectum. This was a first for me as the older guys that had fucked me had always used soap from the shower.

“Now relax honey, I’m sure you have been fucked before, but never with a cock as big as mine. I will go easy at first, so just relax and I will make it as pleasurable as I can.”

With that she started inserting her cock, which was met with resistance, but with a harder push the big head entered past my ring and the pain was intense. I began moaning from pain not pleasure. As she continued inserting, my ass began opening up and the pain lessened.

She then began an in and out thrusting which drove her cock deeper and deeper until she was fully inserted.

She held there and said, “Damn, rarely is anyone able to take my whole cock. I’m going to fuck you now honey, just relax and enjoy.”

Relax who in the hell was she kidding, I thought.

As she built up her thrusting, the pain melted away and pure pleasure ensued. She continued fucking me until she was pounding me like I had never received. I was hoping my prostate would survive. Then I felt immense pleasure in my cock and balls as a huge orgasm was being built up.

I had cum from being fucked before, but nothing like I was about to experience. I did not know if it was the size of the big cock pounding me, or the fact that it was a chick with a dick fucking me.

Then my cock erupted with the biggest orgasm ever, as I heard her moan and say, ” I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.”

A warm feeling filled my bowels as she came deep in my rectum. I knew I had been fucked like never before, and I knew I wanted it more and more.

Afterwards she asked me if I could come back after her shift ended, as she wanted to talk to me. I agreed to meet her.

I met her at the diner at the appointed time. She told me I was the best fuck she had ever had, and wanted to know if I would be interested in moving in with her. I admitted I was staying at the YMCA and was dependent on a man that I sucked off for my warmth and food.

“Don’t worry about money. My work at the diner does not pay well, but the tips more than make up for it,” she said.

I knew I would always be grateful to Roger for helping me out when I was in desperate straits, but I also knew I was in love with the waitress with the big tits and huge cock. I quickly agreed to move in with her.

Returning to the YMCA to pick up my meager belongings, it suddenly occurred to me that I did not even know her name. Oh what the hell, she didn’t know mine either.

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