French Lessons Ch. 03


The next day, Lucy was jumpy all afternoon. When she woke in the morning, Papa was nowhere to be found. Her brain was consumed with thoughts of him, and memories of the night before continuously flashed through her mind. A tiny bit of guilt was still mixed in during the morning after their interaction- after all, she had never done anything sexual with another person before. But Lucy could not even dwell on the guilt as her anticipation for what was to come mounted.

After she made herself a small lunch, Lucy sat on the couch in the living room and was doing some needlework when the door opened. She looked up, gazing out the living room door and into the kitchen, where the entryway was. Papa had just come inside, and had evidently spend the day working outside.

Without a word, he walked through the kitchen and then joined Lucy on the couch. He chastely kissed her cheek and set a hand on her knee.

“Lucy, dear, how are you?”

Lucy remembered his words from the night before; something about reciprocation. She had no idea what was expected of her, and suddenly she became very nervous. What if she did not know how to make her father happy?

She recalled the feeling of her father’s lips between her legs, his tongue probing her very center making the heat curl up inside of her until she burst, grunting and moaning like an animal. How she craved those feelings again! But she had no idea how to initiate that kind of interaction.

“I’m fine, father,” she said simply, blushing and unable to look him in the eye.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Very well, sir,” she said, smiling politely. Her heart was beating in her breast like a drum, and she could hardly breath correctly. She felt her stomach clench, for she was so nervous at having him so close. She longed to rip her skirt up, open her legs, and beg for him to ravish her again, but her proper habits left her unable. Instead she sat calmly, painfully aware of the throbbing between her legs. The wetness of her arousal coated her cunt, and she felt her desire pool between her legs.

Her father rubbed his hand slowly against her knee, through the thick fabric of her dress. Lucy’s breath caught, and her hands started to shake.

“Did you enjoy what we did last night, my dear daughter?”

“Yes, father,” she said. She couldn’t look at him, despite how desperately she desired him to teach her more, to use her body as he liked. Lucy was too shy tell him anything, and instead waited in the agony of her desire.

Unconsciously, her knees twitched, opening a bit.

“Oh? You want some more?” Jack said, catching Lucy’s eye. He smiled at her mischievously, and then smirked. “Mmm…” he groaned, and without waiting for any other response from her, he lifted her heavy skirt and slid his hand up her leg, over her stockings.

Lucy’s eyes rolled back into her head a bit as her father reached her garter, and then the skin of her thigh.

“My little girl likes this, doesn’t she?” he murmured, caressing her inner thigh. Lucy groaned, and trembled. “Little slut that you are… you want your father to touch you, don’t you?”

Lucy nodded.

“Say it,” he commanded, and gently ran his finger over her sex, through the thick linen of her undergarments, already soaked through.

Lucy moaned. “Please, Papa… touch me.”

“If that’s what you want,” he said, smiling, loving how the orgasm he’d given her the night before had turned Lucy into an obedient, lascivious daughter. A father’s dream.

He slid his hand underneath her panties and stroked her wet sex. Lucy shuddered on the couch beside him as he explored her womanhood… first the outside, and then sliding one of his fingers inside her.

“Oh!” Lucy gasped, her bright blue eyes widening. “You’re… inside me Papa…!”

Her walls were so tight around his finger that he didn’t want to even try to put a second one in, lest he break her before he was truly fucking her. No, he would take her virginity with his manhood, not his fingers. Instead, he hooked his finger inside her, rubbing at her clit and against her walls, making Lucy shudder.

She was a puppet, and he held her strings. Jack watched with pride and desire as his daughter grunted Betturkey and groaned, shuddering at every motion of his hand.

“Papa…” she said, eyes closed, lost in the pleasure of it. She humped her hips against his hand, utterly unaware of how her hips were thrusting against him. She put her hands behind her so she could get more leverage against him, and she pushed her hips off the couch and into the air, manically riding her father’s hand, panting with exertion, a bead of sweat on her brow.

“What a good girl you are,” Jack praised.

Her face twisted into an expression of extreme pain, which he knew to be the look of ultimate pleasure as well. She shuddered, gasping and grunting as she came down from her peak. She slumped onto the couch, spent.

“Thank you, Papa,” she said dutifully.

“We are not done,” he said, retracting his hand from between her legs. His fingers were slick with her juices. “Taste,” he commanded, bringing his hand to Lucy’s mouth.

She obeyed, licking his fingers clean and letting out a guttural moan… This was so forbidden, so dirty and sinful that it made her feel the fire of lust again, already. She’d never imagined what wonderful things she could do with this man, her father.

“Now,” he said, moving on. Jack put one arm behind her knees and another behind her back and lifted her off the couch. He carried her upstairs into his bedroom and deposited her on the floor as he went and sat under the velvet canopies of his bed.

“Take your clothes off, Lucy,” he ordered.



Fingers trembling, Lucy nodded. She slowly unbuttoned her bodice, and peeled it off, revealing her chemise and corset. Her small, girlish breasts were pressed up by the thick boning, creating a hint of creamy cleavage. Next she stepped out of her skirt, which fell to the floor and revealed a layer of crinoline. Lucy was breathing shallowly again, obviously terrified.

Jack sat on his bed, watching as his daughter stripped for him. His cock was fully erect, throbbing and demanding attention, but he knew he could wait a few more minutes. He would only take this angel’s virginity once, and he knew he needed to savor it. It pleased him to see her eyes fall on the huge bulge his cock made in his pants. His daughter’s virginal eyes widened at it, and she gasped a little. Was it fear or desire? Probably both, but he made no effort to hide himself. Today, she would service him as a girl should, and he had no shame.

Lucy’s corset laced in the front, and her father watched as her smooth white fingers undid the ribbons and she slipped it off, along with her petticoats. She was left only in her shift, which was white and translucent. He could see the impressions that her hard, pink nipples made against the fabric. Her breathing was fast and shallow, making her young breasts rise and fall in trepidation.

“My beautiful daughter,” he sighed. “I watched you the other night as you pleasured yourself.”

“I know you did, father,” she said, looking him square in the eye.

“I enjoyed it very much,” Jack murmured. “You are a very intoxicating young lady. What made you want to touch yourself?”

“I read your books about the father and the daughter, and then I felt hot between my legs. I didn’t know what to do, but when I touched myself it felt good, so I kept doing it.”

“Was that the first time you’d pleasured yourself?”

“Yes, father,” Lucy confessed.

“I watched the whole thing,” I said. “I stood outside the room and pleasured myself while watching you. Not many fathers are blessed with beautiful daughters like you, who are sinful enough to let them do as they please. I am glad I am blessed with such a girl. You made me want you.”

“I am glad,” she said, blushing. “Did you pleasure yourself again yesterday?”

“I did,” he said. “You made me need to.”

Lucy felt pride upon hearing this. “I’m glad you felt good, father. Are you going to pleasure yourself tonight?”

“No,” he said, sitting up. “You are going to do that.”

Lucy’s eyes snapped open very wide, and she looked at him fearfully. “I don’t know how-“

“Do you want to make your father happy?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, nodding.

“Then Betturkey Giriş I’ll tell you what you need to do, sweet girl,” he said. “Now go down on your knees.”

Lucy obeyed, looking at him for approval as he stood up from the bed, his manhood pressing against his trousers, tenting them.

He unbuttoned the top of his pants and pulled them down in front of her. His manhood sprang out, as if relieved to be free of confinement and eager to present itself to Lucy.

The girl gasped. “Father! You are so big…!”

She scooted away from the large appendage fearfully.

“Hush, daughter,” he said, putting a hand on her head and making her return to him. “It’s just me. You may touch.”

Tentatively Lucy reached out her small hand and laid it on his cock. It twitched, and she inhaled quickly. Then she laid her hand against him, feeling the searing heat of his masculinity.

“Oh, father,” she moaned.

“Mmm…” Jack said, speechless already at the stimulation.

She wrapped her hand as far as it would go around him, then looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes.

“Did you make me with this?”

“I did,” he said. “I thrust it into your Mama and we made you.”

“Will you… thrust it into me? Please?”

Jack smiled, petting his daughters hair. “Be patient. Now… put your mouth on me.”


“Lucy,” he ordered.

Gloriously, she did as she was told. Nervously, Lucy took her father’s cock in her mouth and began sucking the tip.

“God…” Jack moaned, watching this beautiful angel suck him. “Deeper, Lucy, please…”

She took him further in her mouth and he put his hand on the back of her head, directing her so she bobbed up and down on him. Her mouth was hot, tight, and wet, and she sucked him with fervor.

“Mmm…” Lucy moaned, driven wild by this forbidden act. She took a break from sucking him to lick down his length, pumping his cock with her tiny hand. “Papa you are so big, I can’t fit you in my mouth…”

“Keep doing what you were doing,” Jack commanded, his voice tight. He directed his daughter’s mouth back onto himself, growing weak in the knees as she licked around the head of his manhood.

“You like this don’t you Lucy?” Jack said, stroking her hair. “You like sucking Papa don’t you? You want to be your father’s slave, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Anything for you, father,” Lucy groaned.

Abruptly, Jack pushed her away. He would not come in her mouth tonight, no. He had a better idea.

“Lucy, stand up,” Jack said, directing the girl to her feet. He pulled her sheath over her head, and the virgin stood naked before him. Jack wrapped his arms around his daughter and held her, their naked bodies blending together. Her hard nipples pressed against him, and his cock- still wet from her mouth- lay against her stomach. “I am going to fuck you, my dear.”

Lucy’s eyes widened. “Pardon?”

Jack did not answer. Instead, he pulled her with him onto his large bed, and ran a hand over her body, caressing her velvety white breast and pulling at her little girls’ nipple.

“I am going to put myself inside of you,” he told her, his voice a caress. “Inside your pussy.”

To explain, he brought her hand to his manhood, and then put one of his fingers against her slit, soaked with her feminine desire.

“Do you understand?”

Lucy nodded, her cheeks flushed. “But you are so big…”

“It may hurt, my love, but I promise you it will be worth it. Oh, you have no idea how long I have wanted this, Lucy!”

“Papa!” she gasped. “Do what you like with me! I love you, I trust you… I want to make you happy.”

“What a good girl you are,” Jack praised, leaning down and kissing the girl. “You are about to make me very happy, my darling.”

Jack kissed her neck, basking in the wonder of the moment. His cock pulsed and throbbed, demanding to be thrust into the beautiful girl before him, soaked with arousal. His daughter, who knew very little of the world, groomed to be his slave and to serve him forever. Lucy, barely aware of her own sexuality, completely bare before him, desperate.

“Papa… fuck me,” Lucy begged. “I need you.”

Jack Betturkey Güncel Giriş broke out of his reverie, and spread his daughter’s legs. He looked into those beautiful blue eyes, which were still innocent and trusting. Then, he thrust into her.

“Ah!” Lucy cried out, digging her fingers into her father’s back.

Jack went nearly blind for a moment, dazed with pleasure. She was so tight, it felt like he was being sucked on again. Her entrance was burning hot, her maidenhood wrapped around him.

Lucy looked very pained, but he knew it would be better in only moments. Jack began to move inside of her, drawing out some more pained groans from his daughter.

Adjusting his position was all it took- the base of his cock began to stroke her bud with every thrust, and soon Lucy could not concentrate on the pain anymore. She began to move with him, her hips meeting her father for every thrust.

“Oh…” she moaned, her arms wrapped tight around his shoulders, eyes closed and face screwed up with pleasure. “Oh God… oh yes… Papa… Father… oh my, this is… beautiful… OH!”

She cried out, and Jack began to double his speed, pounding into the girl beneath him. He was panting and grunting, and watched as Lucy writhed beneath him, utterly taken by her instincts. She was an animal, who did not care about fucking her own father.

The bed clunked against the wall rhythmically, the legs of it screeching on the floor as Jack pounded into this slut, this desperate girl, his daughter. Their skin slapped together, his sack hitting her behind as she rose her hips in the air.

“You wanted Papa to fuck you? Well here it is, daughter, I’m fucking you,” Jack growled. “Take it! Do you like it?”

“Eh… oh… ahh!” Lucy moaned gutturally.

“You tempted me, and here is your payback,” he grunted.

“Father! Faster, Papa, please… I’m… More, Papa, more! Harder! AHH!”

Lucy came, shaking, screaming and bucking against her father’s manhood, trapped underneath her strong father. She thought she was finished, but Jack had other ideas.

“Turn over,” Jack said.

“What?” Lucy asked.

Without another word, Jack directed Lucy onto her knees facing away from him, and made her lean down so her head was on the bed and her beautiful ass was facing him. He entered her slit from this angle, holding her hands clasped behind her back, and continued to thrust into her.

With every thrust, Lucy let out a moan, unable to control herself. Her insides burned and it seemed that only Papa’s manhood could make her feel better. He completely filled her up, and she felt like the world was going to split in two as he fucked her.

“I told you not to read those books,” Jack scolded, slapping her behind. “You little whore, pleasuring yourself in my bed.”

“Papa…” Lucy groaned.

“Yes, you’re a whore… you’re Papa’s whore, Lucy, and I will use you like this any time I want.”

“Yes, sir,” she groaned, and then could not utter words anymore as she began to shake, feeling another orgasm come on. The waves mounted, until she burst, grabbing on to the breadboard for support as Papa pounded into her. Father and daughter, fucking on his bed, both completely taken by lust.

Jack felt his balls tighten, and knew he was about to cum. He thrust into her until he was practically forgone, and then took himself out, flipping Lucy over.

He came on her naked body, thick ropes of white against her stomach, her small breasts, her gloriously blonde angel’s hair, her perfect innocent face. His daughter, no longer a virgin, useless to other man besides him. No one would touch her but him, Jack.

Lucy lay on the bed, her body aching from the wonderful, assaulting ravishment her father had given her. She panted, the beautiful young girl covered in Papa’s cum, her pussy red and raw from his thrusting. Jack could only stare at her in awe. He’d just had this beautiful creature, and could do so again any time he liked.

“Thank you, my dearest Lucy… I will forever be grateful to you for letting me deflower you,” Jack said sincerely.

“Papa, of course,” she said, smiling. “Who else would I do something so private with but you?”

“You are magnificent,” Jack praised. “Now go clean yourself up.”

Lucy, still an innocent, blushed deeply.

“Yes Papa… Then can we try again?”

Jack smiled. He had a profound success on his hands, didn’t he?

“I wouldn’t dream of anything else, my dear.”

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