Fresh Milk for Christmas Ch. 02

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Whoever it was at the dairy door is gone now, the dairy boy comes back and gives Jan a long hard kiss with his tongue playing with hers. Then he suddenly brings his hands to her head and covers her eyes with something, then grabs her hands and secures them behind her with what feels like plastic zip ties. Before Jan can ask why, he tells her his boss saw what they were doing on the security system and they have to go see him, but he doesn’t want her to see him.

“The bound hands are to ensure you don’t take the blindfold off.” he says.

“Are you going to get fired for this? I may have wanted that except that was one of the best cums I have had in a very long time.” she says leaning into his shoulder.

He just smiles and quietly leads Jan out of the dairy room and takes her into another room that is much warmer thankfully, but he leaves her standing there and she doesn’t hear anything for a few minutes blindfolded and bound wondering what is happening.

The next voice Jan hears is a stranger and he asks “What is going on with this lady?”

She hears the dairy boy speak up and say, “Well sir she isn’t a lady but closer to a slut because she came into the store without any underwear. Then she comes to the back room and bends over in front of me to tease me and well…”

“I see now ma’am, or Slut, so you have been purposely flaunting your body in front of my young guys who already have overactive hormones. And you caught her looking at your ass too?”, he asks the dairy boy.

“Oh yeah and then the bulge in my pants too she was definitely excited and her nipples were like nails in that blouse, she should have just come in topless.”

Jan was thinking she could explain her clothes but after enjoying the pounding in the refrigeration room… “Why don’t you show me what’s going on underneath that skirt.” the boss asks.

With that the dairy boy walks over to Jan and pulls her skirt up in the front and tucks it in the waistband leaving her still wet pussy in view. Then he turns her around does the same in the back exposing her ass.

“Wow that ass gives you something to hold on to and spank for that matter! Is that your cum running down her legs?”, his boss laughs.

Jan is red with humiliation now, being assessed like a piece of furniture and the cum running down her legs mingling with her own juices, but it is stirring something deep within that is unexpected.

Jan hears movement in the room but can’t make out what’s happening. Moments later she is being led backwards a few feet, the boy tells Jan to widen her stance as far as she can and shuffles her backwards a bit more.

She hears the boss, “I see why you couldn’t just let this go. Coming into our store on Christmas Eve dressed like this, flashing your ass right at the camera as you walked in the store. You were obviously bringing us a Christmas present, weren’t you Slut?!” (a hand slaps onto her ass hard and she yelps in surprise)

Camera? Jan just hearing of the camera realizes she has been watched from the moment she arrived. Jan starts to protest, “I didn’t know about the camera, I was just trying to…”

He interrupts bomonti escort her, “So you come to the store without any underwear on, ‘accidentally’ flash your naked ass to our camera, show off your rock hard nipples through that thin blouse, announcing to all you have no underwear on and you weren’t hoping for this? Then you agree to come to the back room all the while checking out my dairy boy’s ass AND his bulging crotch? Yes, we saw that too, cameras everywhere these days. We have some nice camera footage of all of it, even printed some photos here. Then you let him bang you in the cooler! It’s clear you had a big orgasm, I heard you out here. Let me play some audio back for you.

‘HARDER, FASTER, give me that cock!’ she hears herself saying.

“I have that photo too, wow, looks like you really enjoyed that, hmm hmm. It’s clear even now looking at that soaking wet pussy of yours, hmm, sure smells good.”

Jan jumps as she feels a hand slide across her pussy lips then a sucking sound as he tastes her cum.

“And tastes wonderful.” he says.

The boy declares to her, “Slut is your new name while you are here, do you understand? Say it!” Slap!, a hand spanks her ass hard.

“Say what?” Jan is confused for moment.

SLAP! again on the same ass cheek. “Tell us your name!”

“Ugh, my name is Jan.”

“No you stupid cunt”, (SLAP!) on the other cheek this time. The boss says, “Your name is Slut, say it.”

“(Sniffle) My name is Slut.”


“MY NAME IS SLUT!” Jan says much louder.

“Very good, Slut. Now squat down.” the boy guides her squatting and soon Jan feels something touching her cunt.

She continues squatting down as she feels a cock at her cunt lips and she slowly sinks it into her hot wet hole until it meets the hips of the boss.

They both tell her, “Slut start fucking that cock!”

So Jan slowly starts squatting up and down. While she fucks his cock the boss is slapping her ass alternating cheeks now. “That’s a good slut” he says, “Keep pumping my cock Slut, be a good cock slut, keep it up, faster, SLAP.”

As Jan is fucking him, her hands are untied and her blouse is removed. Then her arms are tied behind her hand to elbow. Clearly the dairy guy isn’t getting fired, more likely promoted for stocking fresh pussy for his boss!

Jan feels something new strike her ass and yelps. It’s not a hand, SMACK!, it feels like a small leather crop and it stings. “Faster Slut!” he says, SMACK! Jan SCREAMS loudly this time as her ass is feeling the numbing sting.

“That won’t do” says the boss, “you know what to do.”

Jan is pretty sure he’s not talking to her but blurts out “What am I doing wro…mmmm” suddenly a ball is shoved into her mouth and strapped around her head. It’s a ball gag to quiet her screams.

She is still riding his cock deep, gravity allowing her to sink it deep into her pussy. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, the crop lands 3 quick strikes to the same ass cheek. Jan screams but the ball gag is doing it’s job toning them down some. She pumps her cunt faster in response.

“That’s cihangir escort much better, good Slut”, the boss grunts.

He begins to help move Jan with his hands on her reddened ass. He is raising his hips to meet her in hard thrusts, but he suddenly grabs her ass, lifts her off his cock and cums all over her ass and leaving her short of another orgasm, Jan whimpers through her gag wanting more and feeling more the slut for wanting it.

She has turned a corner she didn’t know was in her and feels humiliated for what is happening to her because she wants more. This isn’t like her, she is uncovering a new side of herself and there is a strong hunger for it now. Jan is confused by the conflicting emotions of her excitement and yearning for more pleasure and her fears of what they are planning to do to her. Her mind flashes back on the moment when she decided to come to the back room for fresher milk. The arousal that started with the handsome dairy boy. Now she doesn’t even know who just came all over her, she has lost herself in a very short time and wonders if it’s over now.

She is led out of the room blindfolded, gagged, topless, skirt still up in her waistband and cum running down her ass and thighs. The store has long since closed for Christmas and she is officially their sex slut and the best present of the season, not to be wasted. This is far from over they know.

By now her family is in bed assuming she is getting last minute items for tomorrow which is almost here. Jan will not be missed until morning.

They tell her they have video of everything she has done and if she wants them to be kept private she must obey them. They will be shooting all night with her and they plan to watch them often in the future as she hears a number of people laugh.

“You are welcome to come watch the videos with us anytime you like.” the group laughs loudly.

Jan is hearing at least 4 people maybe more and her humiliation grows knowing there are more people witnessing her slutty display. Her skirt is pulled down and off. She is now completely nude except for her strappy black heels and her new head accessories of course. Her arms are untied again and she is bent forward over something at her waste and her hands tied forward and downward at an angle but separately anchored to something. It feels cold and metallic but rounded. When she feels them tying her feet wide apart she knows she is completely exposed behind, cunt and asshole all on display as she feels the air conditioning blowing across them. Her tits are hanging free as an invite for anyone to play with them. She is now at the mercy of an unseen group, completely powerless, completely exposed, completely their slut. Liberating and terrifying all at once.

Jan hears voices all around her now and she waits for what is next. She feels two hands on her breasts squeezing gently at first, then roughly, and then twisting her nipples hard as she screams through the ball gag.

Then nothing, just her heavy breathing through the gag after sharp twists of her nipples. Then she feels something clamp down on her left nipple then her kurtuluş escort right nipple she lets out a long muffled scream again. The people are laughing and enjoying the show and she now has clamps and some kind of weight swinging beneath them. The pain is sharp and Jan wonders how much she can take, not that she has a choice.

Someone picks her head up by her hair, removes her ball gag and before she can say anything a cock is shoved in her mouth and begins to fuck her mouth.

Jan then feels something touch her ass, it’s something cold and flowing over her asshole and into her cunt and down her thighs making her squirm.

While the cock is pumping her mouth deeper with every stroke she feels something at her asshole. It’s being pressed in her asshole and it keeps getting bigger, stretching her ass until it finally pops into her asshole, a muffled sound comes from her cock stuffed throat. Then her ass is spanked several times by hand, then with what feels like a multi-strap flogger stinging and hitting the butt plug, Jan screams around the cock in her mouth.

The flogging stops and suddenly a cock drives into her cunt to the hilt without warning. It starts pumping furiously and Jan feels the arousal fire up in her pussy again. Please let me cum she thinks to herself.

She is hearing camera shutter sounds going off as her body serves them in behind and front. The camera noises are serving to humiliate and arouse her more by the moment.

The cock in her mouth is shoved down her throat and she feels the hot pulsing cock getting ready to launch its load, she tries to get it out but her hair is pulled hard and the cock pumps its load down her throat gagging her and finally forcing her to swallow it since there is nowhere else for it to go. The cock stays in her mouth for a while as it shrinks.

She is told, “Clean it off well Slut.” and she eagerly slurps all the cum off the cock as she is told.

Meanwhile her cunt is getting pummeled and each thrust slams the butt plug hard into her ass. She is getting close to cumming, she can feel it building. The cock is pulled from her mouth and everyone can hear her ragged breathing building to an orgasm.

Someone grabs her nipple clamps and tells her, “Ask permission to cum Slut.”

After she screams from the pain she quickly asks “May I cum?”

“May who cum?” someone in the group says.

Jan hesitates for a moment not sure what is meant. The flog comes down hard on her ass and it clicks. “MAY THE SLUT CUM?!” she screams.

“Not yet Slut, hold it back or pay the price.” Suddenly another cock is in her mouth stroking slowly and she eagerly takes it in her over-aroused state.

After a few more seconds that feels like minutes to her, finally someone says “Yes Slut cum, CUM NOW and tell us all about it.”

Jan feels the release, sweet release coming quickly and as it racks her body she screams, the cock is pulled out of her mouth just in time to hear her scream, “YOUR SLUT IS CUMMING!!”.

Jan hears more camera clicks as her whole body shudders in the most complete body and mind blowing orgasm she has ever experienced and the cock slams back down her throat. Her orgasm is long and hard as she moans on the cock down her throat, feeling the weighted nipple clamps swinging from her nips and a cock ramming her pussy and a butt plug buried in her ass. She is losing grip with reality fading, vision going dark and her whole body goes limp…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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