Freshman Roommates


His roommate was finally asleep. Jared quietly slipped on a condom and began to tug on his cock through his boxer shorts. His roommate, Mark, had been assigned to him the first day of college. Mark was a stocky jock, built like a tank, and played football for their school team — the kind of man that dominated Jared’s fantasies in the shower throughout his life.

Mark was single, which was surprising to Jared. He was an outgoing, funny, easy going and a social butterfly. He wondered on more than one occasion whether or not Mark was gay, even though he had talked about girls he hooked up with after games.

Jared’s cock was growing painfully hard. He liked jacking off in condoms — it saved him the mess and they gave them out for free on campus. A few more strokes and he brought himself to orgasm, filling the condom with cum. He carefully pulled it off and threw it in the trash and fell asleep.

The next morning, Jared woke up and Mark was already gone to class. Slowly, he got up and noticed in Mark’s bed was a condom lying by his pajama boxers. Jared quickly looked at Mark’s schedule that he had put up on his wall. Good. He would be gone for at least 2 hours. Suddenly aware that his cock was growing hard and he grabbed the condom off Mark’s bed and went into the bathroom. He pushed Mark’s cum out of the condom and bursa escort began to rub his meat furiously. The glistening mushroom head of his throbbing member began to leak pre-cum and within two minutes, he blew his load all over his legs.

Suddenly he heard the dorm door open and Mark called out, “are you up yet?” Jared jumped into the shower immediately and yanked the curtain closed and replied, “in the shower!”

“I need to use the bathroom!”

“Can you wait five minutes?” Jared began to panic as he realized he had left Mark’s condom by the sink and there was cum all over the floor.

“I really need to pee. I ran back between class to go! You’re in the shower anyway.. just let me in!”

“ONE SECO-” Jared didn’t have a chance to finish because the bathroom door opened and he heard Mark come in. After what seemed like an eternity, the silence was broken.

“Dude, I’m so sorry man.. I didn’t know..”

“Uh it’s cool.. can you just go?”

“I will. After you tell me why you seem to have taken something I may have used last night and seem to have used it to help yourself… get off.”

“I can explain..”

“I don’t think there’s any ambiguity in what this means.”

Mark yanked the shower curtain to the side and stared at Jared in the shower, completely naked and still bursa ucuz eskort half hard.

“You’re kind of turned on right now, aren’t you? Because I haven’t called you out and beat you up or something?” Mark took off his t-shirt and stripped down to his boxers. Jared’s cock couldn’t help itself and grew harder, pointing straight out and his balls twitching.

Mark stepped into the shower and put his hands on Jared’s face.

“I’m not gay. I’m not going to kiss you. But you can do whatever you want, since you seem to want it.” He pushed Jared down onto his knees, water beating over both of them in the shower. Mark’s boxers were getting wet, outlining his cock as the fabric stuck to his body. Jared could see his thick meat growing as he pulled down his boxers and Mark helped by kicking them away.

“Suck it.”

Jared stuck his tongue out and started licking the shaft of Mark’s veiny cock. He circled his slit with his tongue, tasting a bit of pre-cum. Mark gently pushed his head down further on his shaft and Jared decided to surprise him and swallow all 9 inches of his swollen member. Mark gasped. No girl had ever deep throated him — most complained and he had never had a really good blowjob and all of that was changing right now.

Jared continued to bob bursa anal yapan escort his head up and down as Mark began to meet his rhythm with his hips, pumping in and out of Jared’s throat. He began to pick up speed as his balls slapped Jared’s face as he furiously pumped his own cock.

“Do you swallow cum?” Jared nodded.

“Can you swallow a lot of cum?” Jared nodded.

“I’m going to cum down your throat.” Jared nodded.

Mark ripped his mouth off his dick and dragged him to the bedroom. He practically picked Jared up and threw him on his back onto the bed, his head dangling off the edge. Mark didn’t take long as he rammed his cock back down Jared’s throat, bending over so now he began to lick Jared’s cock as a thanks and to take his mind off blowing his load too soon.

Jared’s cock was drooling with pre-cum and his large ping pong ball sized balls were being teased by Mark’s mouth. He couldn’t believe his roommate was engulfing his cock with as much enthusiasm as he was.

The two roommates continued to face fuck each other into oblivion, pumping their hips and slapping their balls onto the other’s face. Mark began to grunt as he couldn’t hold it in any longer and started to cum into Jared’s mouth, continuing to pump in and out and making a mess on his face. Jared’s cock exploded at the same time and caught Mark off guard since he was so focused on his own cock. Jared shot thick, sticky, delicious ropes of cum into Mark’s mouth, who continued to suck every drop out of his cock.

After catching their breath, Mark rolled over and said “thanks”. With that, he put his clothes on and went to class.

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