Freshman Year Ch. 2


Half frightened, half embarrassed, I rapidly extricate by lubed companion from my anus, attempting to conceal it along with Jane’s panties behind my back as I jump to my feet and turn toward the door. As quickly as it opened, the door slammed closed again. My eyes rise from the floor, following the soft flowing form of my roommate’s body, until my eyes meet hers. At this particular moment, I’m not sure who was more astonished. My attempt to hide my shame is fruitless, as upon entry Jane was treated to a much similar vantagepoint from the door as my desk chair afforded me in my mirror. My mind races as I scramble to think of something to say to explain this all away, and have my life return to its seemingly normal state. I begin to stammer, heart pounding and short of breath, I blurt out an incoherent string of words in an effort to break the cold hard silence that has befallen the room. Jane steps toward me, and reaches her hand to my lips to silence me. With another half step, she wraps hers arms around my semi-nude torso. I can feel her trembling as she embraces me, her heart beating wildly as her chest presses against mine.

As fear quickly turns to astonishment, I feel myself being kissed, ever so gently, next to my ear. Her soft lips continue their quest to mine, and at this very moment, my life is changed indefinitely. My tongue meets Jane’s. Being kissed by another woman, so gently yet so passionately, is almost indescribable. Somewhere in my mind, my Catholic school upbringing is telling me that this is wrong, that it should not feel as splendid as it does. But every other part of my body and soul is exploding with the assurance of how right this feels. I begin to feel tears welling up in my eyes as I’m overcome with so many emotions that I’ve suppressed for so long. It at this moment that I sense a salty taste from Jane’s soft lips. I open my eyes to see tear trickle over her cheek. In an instant, we both realize that the other crying, and begin laughing through our faint sobs. Still embracing, we tumble onto my bed.

Lying side by side, we face one another, kissing each other with ever-increasing urgency. Jane’s hand finds 4 k porno its way under my half-buttoned blouse, to my bare breast. Her first touch of my pink, erect nipple sends a wave of pleasure through my body. She focuses on one, then the other, giving rise to the most powerfully full sensation between my legs that I’d ever experienced. I squeeze my thighs together, as if to stop myself from peeing, heightening the sensation further. Jane’s lips leave mine, as she begins to trail soft, wet kisses over my chin to my neck, and slowly down over my exposed chest to my tits. She lifts my breast to her mouth, then latching on with her lips; she slides her hand down over the soft smooth white skin on my belly, over my pubic bone to my engorged mons. Air uncontrollably escapes my lungs in a high pitched sigh as Jane’s hot mouth sucks feverishly on my puffy pink areola, and her hand parts my now moistened labia, exposing my clitoris. Her first few soft strokes are all that’s needed to send me over the edge. I immediately feel the pulsations of my contracting vaginal muscles, increasing to a pounding intensity, wave after glorious wave washing over me again and again until I can no longer stand any direct contact on my now hypersensitive pleasure button.

Panting as if at the completion of a marathon, I lie in Jane’s arms, slowly recovering from the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced to that point in my life. Being the first, non-self induced climax I’d ever experienced was just one of many contributing factors that made it so, yet it was also the first time that I’d broken my reliance on having my ass penetrated by something to achieve orgasm. Basking in the glorious afterglow, I can feel the heat that is emanating from between Jane’s thighs on the bare leg that is positioned there. She presses her hips against me in a rhythmic fashion as the urgency of her kisses increases again. Reacting to her desire, I slide my hand up under her thick cotton sweatshirt to her satin-clad breasts. With each touch, I can feel her respiratory rate increasing, slowly losing herself in the magical sensations that are slowly 7 dak porno overtaking her. Quickly, without warning, she bolts up onto her knees on the bed, and pulls her top off over long, jet-black hair. With it, she also pulls off her bra, sending her firm tits up and then down in a frenzied bounce. Straddling my head with her arms, she throws her torso back down on top of me, thrusting her tits into my face. “Quick, kiss them” she pants, dangling them over my mouth. As I begin to suck on her big brown nipples, she continues to grind the now moist crotch of her jeans against my bare thigh. Reaching up to her heaving breast, I grab one in each hand, and alternate squeezing and plucking at one nipple, while biting and sucking on the other. I lift up her hard titties by their brown protrusions and lick the soft underside where they crease meeting her chest.

Her humping on my leg is growing in urgency, and I know that she’s begging for me to touch her there as she did me. Releasing her breasts, I reach down to unbutton her blue jeans. Frantically, she dismounts from her perch upon my thigh, and flips onto her back on the bed next to me. Before I can reorient my hands to her pants, she’s thrust her hips into the air, and is pulling her pants down over her thighs. They only make it to her knees when my hand reaches her mound. My fingers run quickly through her black pubic hair, which is much thinner and much less course feeling than mine seems to feel. I begin rubbing her in a circular motion, just as I like to do to myself when I’m aroused. It’s the only thing that I can think to do, as I realize that I’ve never done this to anyone else before.

Jane parts her thighs, her lower legs restricted still by the jeans that have now entangled themselves around her ankles in concert with her socks and shoes that she’s still wearing. At her non-verbal invitation, I slide my fingers down her slit, feeling the heat and moisture as I part her soft lips and slip my finger into her tight vagina. Not only have I never touched anyone else there before, but I had also never explored my own vagina that deeply. With my alman porno initial push into her sweet box, Jane grabbed my head and pulled me to her chest. The complexity of pleasuring Jane’s tits while simultaneously finger fucking her was a bit much at first, but I quickly became adept at the task. Sliding out of Jane’s pussy, my finger makes a wet sound, and I slide it up between the folds of her labia to her hard clit. A few repetitive movements like this and Jane arches her back. “Keep touching there” she begs as my wet finger finds her clitoris once more, “faster, please”.

With my hand braced against her pubic bone, my wet digits trace quick circles around my roommate’s swollen nubbin, my mouth still lapping at her tall, quivering breasts. Jane’s hips start to buck, so wildly that I can barely keep my hand in place. She’s grabbed my wrist with both hands so as to be sure not to lose the fingers that are fucking her so finely. With a long moan, her eyes roll back, and her bucking is replaced with a violent shaking. Her hands grip my wrist so hard that I fear permanent injury will result, but I don’t dare try to remove it. Jane’s thighs now rise up, concealing her vagina and entrapping my hand. She suddenly throws my hand away, presumably not able to bear the touch any longer.

As she lay beside me, still trembling, her eyes look up to me on their first opening since her crashing climax. Smiling, we kissed each other gently, perhaps in fear of speaking, perhaps in fear that this may not happen again. Fortunately it did happen again, quite frequently in fact, throughout that semester and into the next. Jane continued to date boys, as did I, yet it was no longer the same. To me, guys no longer represented my only path to happiness. They were more of a pleasant distraction now. Jane didn’t return to college in the fall, instead entering medical school the following autumn. I moved off campus for the remainder of my time in college. It just didn’t seem right to try rooming with another girl after Jane. She and I have remained close over the years, and still see each other once or twice a year. We’re both married now, and neither of our husbands know about that side of our friendship, which is the way it will stay. I’ve since developed other friendships, equally as passionate as my relationship with Jane, but she’ll always be the first.

You’ll have to wait to hear about my other friendships another time.

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