“Friends” Ch. 02: Truth or Dare


Reed and Kris’s story continues in this second chapter and I want to take the opportunity to thank those of you that gave chapter one a high rating and followed me. I was encouraged and motivated to know people read and liked the story.

Disclaimer: this is a First Time story in a broad sense. If you are looking for a strict loss-of-virginity story, you may want to keep searching. That said, I don’t think chapter 2 will disappoint.

Once again I want to thank Todger65 for editing my work and volunteering his time to help a growing writer.

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“I wouldn’t be a lesbian again,” Kris said. I’d been looking up lyrics to a song and fumbled my phone. “Women are complicated and society is fucked.”

I rode shotgun in her super-charged midnight-blue Jetta. I leaned down and found my phone hiding under my seat. We were en route to Kris’s esthetician who she saw every other Tuesday. The sun floated high in a cloudless sky and the cracked windows sang a mild drone. Summer would be here soon and Kris and I would end our fitness class together. My heart lurched at the thought we might end too.

“Wait, what?”

Kris downshifted and the engine growled, tearing us past a grey minivan that had the audacity to go the speed limit. We vaulted back to ninety and Kris’s eyes brightened.

“Don’t get me wrong, women are hot. Much softer than men,” she said.

“No, I mean—you were a lesbian?”

“For a year after college I lived with a woman. But men are more straightforward. Easier.” At twenty, Kris took a four year break from college. “I got tired of going out with her and being judged.”

“Oh.” Auburn wisps of hair escaped her bun and lingered near the back of her neck. They frolicked in the wind from the open window and pleaded with me to come play.

“But I miss the sex. Most women don’t want to fuck me once I tell them I have a boyfriend.”

It had been several weeks since our intimate moment on her couch. She had waited until after I’d come into my boxers to tell me she had a boyfriend. I knew our friendship should change; I should withdraw from her. But I couldn’t overcome her gravity. I saw her more, five to six nights a week. She said we were good friends—emphasis on friends. She still wanted me to cuddle with her though.

I opened my mouth, but words refused to form.

“Trevor knows and is okay with me fucking other girls.” Trevor is her boyfriend. She told me he made good money as a night-time construction worker on roadways, possessed a very large dick and reached into the sky at six two. I hadn’t met him.

“Oh.” My hands closed into fists; I knew how to use larger words than ‘oh.’

We drove south and the sun licked my right arm. I wedged my body into two-thirds of the seat to find shade; redheads have sensitive skin.

“Don’t be so judgmental.”

“I’m not.”

“Well you look it.” Her finger tapped the steering wheel.

I attempted to focus on her face and failed. Her ample breasts swelled out of a powder blue tank top. Long legs emerged from a pleated charcoal grey miniskirt and stretched down into her delicate feet. The white French tips of her toenails contrasted with her mocha skin and strappy black heels. Even her tapping finger emanated waves of sensuality that were, by some power foreign to me, palpable. Her glimpses were worse; they elicited an urge to be absorbed by her. I couldn’t judge her—her attentions made me significant.

“I’m just surprised.” My voice sounded too high.

The engine grumbled into the parking lot. I didn’t want our conversation to end this way either.

Kris wrapped her hand around mine. “It’s perfectly normal for couples to have open relationships. It makes them healthier.” She dropped my hand in her lap and my cock hardened. She parted her legs and my hand sunk between her warm thighs. She cradled my neck with her hand and whispered, “Our rule is that he has to be there when I fuck other men.”

“Oh.” So much for using bigger words.

I wondered, not for the first time, if Trevor knew about me and what his girlfriend and I had done. I turned my hand and my fingers pressed into her thigh. She smelled of jasmine and musk. I stared at her.

“Yes?” she said.

“A couple weeks ago, on the couch—”

“We were just having fun.”

“Oh, okay.” I felt like I’d eaten something sketchy.

“And getting to know one another.” She widened her legs. My pinky moved to the heat further up her thigh. My stomach settled. She sighed. “We’re going to be late, let’s go in.”

My eyes adjusted to the soft office light. A young woman in her early-twenties greeted us. I’d been raised by my Christian parents not to have ‘impure’ thoughts, but I noticed her white blouse clung to her breasts. I tried to imagine her naked, but I conjured images of Kris instead.

“Good liseli porno afternoon, Kris. Here for your 1:30 appointment?” The receptionist’s cheeks dimpled when she smiled.

“You know I wouldn’t miss a date with you, Jane.” Kris pivoted towards me. With both of us in view, she winked. Jane’s dark hair swept her shoulders when she giggled.

“You can go back now, she’s ready for you.” Kris moved away and Jane’s eyes lingered on her. I thought I would sit in the waiting room, but Kris took my hand and led me with her.

Kris’s heels sunk into the burgundy carpet that lined the hallway. Puckered depressions trailed behind her. We passed a print titled Venus of Urbino; a blemishless woman lay on a white sheet atop a scarlet cushion, exposed save for a hand between her thighs. Her eyes hosted an invitation and a puppy slept at her feet. I found it odd that a woman and child played in the background, oblivious to the nude woman behind them and unphased by the lewd exchange I engaged in.

Someone tugged my hand and I turned. Kris looked at me, one eyebrow arched and her lips lifted on one side. I had stopped at the nude painting. My cheeks burned.

At our destination a lanky woman named Trix met us. I thought of the cereal and smiled at her. Her sapphire eyes smiled through the blonde curls that framed her face and fell to her chest. The overhead lights turned her hair to gold.

“Hi Kris, is this the handsome young man you’ve been telling me about?” She appraised me and then smiled. “You were right, he’s cute.”

I didn’t know how to respond, so I didn’t.

“You know the routine,” Trix said to Kris and pointed to the massage table with an open palm. She had clean hands with short unpolished nails. I found a seat in the corner of the room next to a small cherrywood table covered with crime novels.

“Oh Trix, you like crime thrillers?” Conversation always makes me feel less awkward.

When I looked up Kris was removing her top. Her elongated body complemented her breasts, which filled out a black lace bra. Trix saw me fixated on Kris and didn’t respond to my question.

“You can put your clothes on the counter over there,” Trix said.

“Red can hold my clothes.” Kris discarded her top in my lap and hid my arousal. Her skirt fell to her feet. She stepped aside and I leaned over to retrieve it. My hair brushed her stomach when I sat back up.

She unhooked her bra and let it fall into my lap. “This one’s my favorite, guard it for me?” she said. Several weeks before, she had worn round silver nipple rings, but now I looked at horizontal black bars with balls on the ends. She kissed my cheek and thanked me. Her hand brushed my cock as she turned around and walked to the table.

A narrow strip of black lace hugged her waist and disappeared between her flexing cheeks. Heels elongated her legs and she mounted the table with little effort.

“Trevor doesn’t mind Reed seeing you naked?” Trix said.

“I don’t know, I haven’t mentioned it.” Kris laughed. “Red is a virgin.” As if that explained everything. My name is Reed but Kris always called me Red because of my hair.

Kris stretched out face up on the massage table while Trix went over her body with needles and an extractor. Kris reminded me of the painting in the hallway. I was the puppy at her feet.

“What are you doing, Trix?” I said. She explained the process of cleaning pores. I didn’t understand the need to assault Kris’s perfect body, but I didn’t argue. I can’t remember what we talked about while Trix worked, but I recall trying to be charming.

My body burned and I doubted my brain received an adequate supply of blood. She turned over and I glimpsed a pink strip of flesh nestled within two black strips between her legs—she wore a crotchless thong. I silently thanked Kris for her skirt.

“Red gives the best massages.” Kris said. Her ass tightened at a twinge of pain.

“Oh, I love massages. My shoulders get so tense,” Trix said.

Kris laughed. “I’m sure he’d be good at shoulder massages too.”

On our way out Kris invited Jane to her apartment that Friday night. Trevor was out of town on a job and she wanted to have a girl’s night. She promised there would be gobs of lubricant. When Jane giggled, Kris said, “Wine of course.”

When we got in the car I released a long held breath; Jane and Trix hadn’t mentioned the bulge in my pants. Strands of hair clutched Kris’s neck and her cheeks glowed. The engine roared and she turned the air on. I lowered the window to release some heat.

“Are you coming?” Kris said. For a moment I thought she referred to my current erection and premature climax several weeks before. “To our party on Friday?”

“Sure.” She had called it a girl’s night, but I didn’t question her. When she entered the car, her skirt had climbed long tan legs and mounted her thighs. The air conditioner caused the thin fabric to billow. “Who’s coming?”

“Just Jane and you.” Kris parted her legs. “I invited mobil porno Trix, but she had plans.” She leaned her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes.

“Okay.” I wondered if the air brushed the nakedness between the flimsy strips of her thong.

“I’ve been in the mood for a small intimate night, if that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah, sure.” I tried to be cool. The engine’s vibrations caused her inner thighs to quiver.

She opened her eyes and put the car into gear.

I didn’t see Kris outside of class for the rest of the week and I barely slept. I spent my nights in contemplation of endless possibility. When I managed to doze off I dreamed of black lace and scarlet pillows; I drowned in exotic caverns.

Friday came as a relief. I rapped on her door, enveloped in the dark passageway to her in-law apartment. My phone read a couple minutes before nine. Maybe she stepped out for something. I got my phone out. My thumb was above the call button when the door opened. She stood in front of me, body pivoted on one leg with her hand on her hip. Her wet hair fell behind her shoulders and she wore a plush white towel. She looked golden, illuminated by her favorite table lamp in the corner of the room.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit early.” I put the phone back in my pocket.

“Oh, it’s fine.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a long hug. Her wet hair tickled my neck and her chest pressed against me through the fuzzy fabric. I squeezed her. She still smelled of jasmine and musk. “I’m so glad you could come. Tonight should be fun.”

An empty wine glass sat on the table.

“Before my shower,” she said, “Jane texted she was running a bit late. You can help make the hors d’oeuvres.”

I followed Kris into the kitchen and she set me to work; I spread cream cheese on crackers with smoked salmon. Her hips swayed as she walked away and I noticed the towel fell just inches beneath the curve of her ass. She hesitated, and then bent over. The towel lifted and her cheeks spread. She’d been waxed; a dark slit glistened between pink lips. An indentation further up, pink and puckered, contrasted with the rest of her. She straightened and her ass rounded into soft curves again, a fleshy curtain drawn across the delicate contours of her sex. She held a fallen pen cap.

She looked back at me. “Oops,” she said, and grinned. She trotted to me, kissed my cheek, and skipped out of the room.

I’d made the difficult decision to wear sweatpants. I knew the charcoal-grey cotton was too thin to cloak an erection, but it would be more comfortable than my tight denim. Besides, Kris said to dress casually. I masturbated twice that morning so I wouldn’t harden so readily. Kris’s welcome thwarted my efforts. I looked down. Kris had seen me hard before; the thought relieved me. I didn’t care what Jane, a stranger, thought. At least that’s what I told myself.

When Jane knocked, Kris came out from her room to open the door. She had donned a form fitting sweater-dress that had a turtleneck and no sleeves. Diamond cutouts trailed up the sides and created the illusion the sweater was duo-toned. It fell four inches above her fingertips—short enough to see her inner thighs curve back in, but not to see if she wore anything underneath.

Kris greeted Jane with the same intimate hug she had given me. When their embrace ended, Kris stood on her toes to greet Jane with a kiss. It lingered long enough to make me wonder if they had fucked. Jane’s flushed cheeks indicated they had not.

Jane stepped into the kitchen and greeted me, “Hi Reed.”

“Hi Jane.” I handed her a cracker and caught the scent of vanilla perfume. Her burgundy top and black sweats, made of similar material to mine, clung to her curves. She must have taken off her shoes at the door; her toenails matched her fingernails: a dark purple shade that complemented her pale skin.

“Mmm, I’m famished,” Jane said and placed the morsel in her mouth. Her tongue matched the shade of her lipgloss. When she swallowed, a speck of cream cheese remained on her lip. Before I could say anything, Kris wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth.

“Thanks,” Jane said. Her cheeks lifted in a smile and her cheeks turned rosy.

Kris poured three glasses of wine and we talked for a while. Jane liked her job because she got to meet lots of different people. Kris looked forward to graduating college in another year; it required a lot more work than she had remembered. They both seemed interested to know about my Christian upbringing and how I’d gone from proselytizing my classmates to renouncing my religious beliefs.

The first glass of wine clouded my head, but they laughed a lot and I tried to be charming.

While we drank our second glass, Kris would reach out and touch Jane: first her arm, and then her shoulder. Jane didn’t protest and Kris became bolder. She ran her hand across the side of Jane’s head and tucked her hair behind her ear. They stood inches apart.

“I like öğrenci porno your earrings,” Kris whispered. She kept her hand wrapped around the back of Jane’s head for a moment. I wondered if they would kiss. Jane’s gold earrings contained round amethysts in the center. Kris and Jane didn’t need jewelry.

“Thanks,” Jane said and raised her cup to finish her second glass of wine. Kris did the same.

“You’re falling behind,” Kris said to me. I still had half a glass left. It took several long pulls, but I emptied mine too.

Jane excused herself to go to the ‘powder room.’ I smiled at that. Kris approached me and put her arm around my waist. I did the same and pulled her closer to me. Emboldened by wine, I pressed my fingers into several of the cutouts at her waist. Her warm flesh accommodated me. I marveled for a moment how a woman could be firm and yielding at the same time. I looked down and Kris leaned up to give me my first kiss, her lips closed but relaxed. I shut my eyes and my head spun. When her lips departed, I tasted cherries.

“Don’t be a prude tonight,” she said.

“Who, me?” I spread my arms and held my palms up. When she backed away I almost lost my balance.

“Jane’s hot.”

“I’ve seen hotter.”

“Don’t be an ass.” She leaned back into me. She stood on her toes and kissed my cheek. She paused for a moment and I realized she wanted me to kiss her again. I did and this time the kiss lingered. She gripped my upper lip between hers and sucked for a second before breaking away. The head of my cock twitched against a slick trail of cooling pre-cum in my boxers.

Jane came back and helped Kris light the candles around the room. I sat on the left side of the couch, Jane rested on the right, and Kris crawled into my lap. I remembered Kris telling me that the dark is full of possibility. Candlelight intensifies the effect.

I knew she could feel my cock throb against her ass. Maybe she attempted to hide it. If anything, she made it worse. I took a sip from the glass in my right hand and spread the fingers of my left hand into the diamond cutouts, this time higher up her torso. I didn’t find a bra. Kris angled to the left so Jane didn’t notice my explorations.

They chatted for a while about nothing and we continued to drink. I followed the rhythm of their lips and pretended to pay attention to the conversation while Kris caressed my arm. Her right leg stretched across the couch and her foot rubbed Jane’s. I continued to inch my fingers further into Kris’s dress. In time my index finger nestled in the warm crevice where her breast met her ribcage.

“So then he told the manager I grabbed him! I couldn’t believe it,” Kris said.

I had missed something. My fingers continued their gentle movements while I attempted to comprehend the conversation.

Jane’s eyes opened wide and she shook her head. “I can’t imagine.”

“The money was good and most of the customers were respectful. But some guys were just assholes.”

I didn’t know Kris had been an exotic dancer. That explained her break from college. I intended to say something, but Kris rotated her hips and her ass massaged my cock. I lost my train of thought and needed to touch more. I put my right hand on her inner thigh, in view of Jane, and massaged up her leg. When I reached the hem of her dress, she placed her hand on mine and stopped me.

“We should play a game!” Kris said. I noticed the grandfather clock next to the television. It read midnight. The candles flickered and made me dizzy. Kris and Jane became faeries around a campfire.

“Ok,” Jane said.

I remained quiet and they looked at me.

“I know it’s stupid since we’re not nineteen.” Kris kissed my nose and continued, “Well, since I’m not—but we’re in college after all.”

“I think I know what you’re thinking,” Jane said.

“Truth or dare!” they said.

“What’s truth or dare?” I knew the game, but wanted to hear Kris explain it.

Jane picked up the bottle of wine, our fourth, and filled our glasses. Kris remained nestled in my lap, but had stopped her movements while she explained the rules. We would take turns and ask each other “truth or dare.” The person could choose if they wanted to answer a question or accept a challenge. If they wanted to opt out they had to drink.

“Okay,” I said, “who goes first?”

“I will,” Jane said. “Reed, truth or dare?”

I wasn’t ready for a dare, so I said, “Truth.”

“What are you most self-conscious about?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I don’t think I’m muscular enough and I’m too pale.”

Kris kissed my ear. Bumps formed on my neck and arms and my cock kicked against her ass. She wiggled and smirked at me. “You’re so adorable,” she said, and rubbed her nose against my cheek. “It’s your turn, sweetie.”

“Okay, Kris, truth or dare?” She got off my lap and sat on the table in front of the couch. My cock tented my pants. I didn’t try to cover up; I’d either gained confidence or was too inebriated to care. She placed her hands flat on the table behind her, leaned back, and crossed her legs at the knees.

“Dare,” she said. Three-and-a-half empty wine bottles sat next to her. She challenged me with her green eyes.

I took a risk and went to the freezer. I came back and said, “Hold this ice cube in your navel for one minute.”

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