Friends with Benefits


This story was originally published somewhere else. Thanks for reading!


Roy unlocked the door, and said, “Welcome to our home.”

“Wait. Are you two dating?” Jason asked.

“Fuck no!” I said.

“That would be interesting,” Roy said.

Jason smirked and said, “So friends with benefits?”

“Maybe,” I muttered, and quickly walked inside.

Jason roared with laughter, as my cheeks turned crimson.

“S-shut up!”

Roy laughed too, but his face was slightly red as well. He deserved it, that son of a bitch.

“You drink?” I asked Jason.

He gave me a look and said, “Fuck yeah I do.”

I smirked and turned towards the cabinet. I pulled out the vodka I’d bought a few days ago, along with three shot glasses. Pouring the shots, I handed one to each of the boys and kept one.

“To old friends,” I said, a knocked back the shot.

The boys copied me, and Jason poured us all another round.

“Let me warn you that drunk Roy is the funniest Roy,” I said, and Roy shot me a glare.

Jason shrugged and poured more shots. Around eight, we were all pretty tipsy.

We decided to play truth or strip.

“So, ladies first,” Roy said, laughing.

“Jason. Who did you lose your virginity to?” I asked.

Jason bit his lip and said, “Katherine.”

“The bitchy girl from high school?” I asked. He nodded.

Roy giggled. Yes, he giggles.

“Lilli. How old were you when you first masturbated?” Jason asked.

I stared at him, my mouth open. Rolling my eyes, I took off my socks.

Jason pouted and said, “That’s not fair.”

Looking to Roy, I said, “Would you rather fuck me or Jason?”

“Both of you?”

I snorted and Jason snickered.

After ten minutes of playing, I was left in my sports bra and underwear, with Roy in his boxers and Jason naked.

“Lilli. Who did you lose your virginity to?” Jason asked.

I really didn’t want to answer. Besides, they’re my best friends. I pulled my sports bra over my head.

“Damn,” Jason breathed.

Attempting Escort Bayan to cross my arms and cover myself, Roy said, “That’s cheating.” I reluctantly uncrossed my arms.

“Roy. Would you suck dick for ten bucks?” I asked.

Roy began to take off his boxers. His cock was half-erect and I laughed softly.

“Really?” Jason asked.

“Your’s is too!” Roy said, defensively. It was true, Jason’s dick was almost fully erect.

Since my drunk self is very smart, I slipped off my lace panties. Now we were all completely naked and very horny.

Glancing at Roy, I walked over and sat next to Jason. I gently reached out, and wrapped my hand around his semi-erect dick. Stroking it gently, I jerked him off.

Jason moaned quietly, biting his lip. He began to thrust his hips upward, into my hand.

I grinned, and retracted my hand. Jason groaned, disappointed.

Roy came over too, and sat on the other side of me. He traced a hand over my hips, making me shiver. Jason took notice of this, and cupped my breast lightly.

Roy’s hand snuck downwards, stopping just above my clit. Jason gently tweaked my nipple, making me squeal.

Roy began to rub my clit, while Jason moved down to insert a slim finger into my pussy.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, closing my eyes.

Pleasure filled my senses, as Jason and Roy finger-fucked me. They picked up their pace, and I gyrated my hips in rhythm. I could feel my pussy start to contract around Jason’s finger, and my clit pulse.

Just before I started to cum, they stopped. I frowned. Opening my eyes, I noticed Roy and Jason slipping on condoms.

Grinning, I spread my legs and leaned against the arm of the couch. Jason eased his cock at my entrance, and I moaned from the pressure.

“It’s ok,” I managed to get out. “I’m not a virgin.”

That was all Jason needed to hear, as he thrust into me hard. I moaned loudly, squeezing my muscles against his dick.

Jason grunted, and began to thrust slowly. Roy was slowly jerking off, his eyes meeting mine. His green eyes were filled with lust as he scanned my body.

“Faster,” I said. “Please.”

Thrusting much faster, Jason grabbed my hips and lifted me off of the couch. I wrapped my legs around his hips, and he set me back down in a different position. Now, I was on top of him.

This made his cock go deep into my pussy, deeper than before. I cried out in pleasure, the feeling was so intense. I bounced up and down quickly on his pole, moaning.

“Have you taken one in your ass?” Jason asked, while holding my hips.

“Yeah,” I replied, blushing.

“Roy, come here,” Jason said.

Roy scooted over.

“Stand up.” Roy did.

I realized what Jason was doing, and I raised my ass up in the air. Roy gently slid a finger into my asshole, stretching it slightly. A burning pain then nothing.

Roy pulled out his finger, and replaced it with the tip of his cock. Slowly pushing in, Roy groaned.

I placed my hands on Jason’s muscular chest, biting my lip as Roy pushed all the way in.

“Oh shit!” I moaned. “Fuck, I’ve never done this before.”

“God damnit,” Roy said.

Jason and Roy began to thrust together. As first, their rhythm was off, then they fucked me in sync.

I could feel my muscles contract again, a sign I was getting close.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, quickly reaching down to my clit.

Rubbing hard and fast, I worked on my clit with Jason in my pussy and Roy in my ass.

Pressure built in my core, and I indulged myself in the pleasure. Nirvana was inevitable, and I was almost there.

I felt my knees and legs turn to jelly, and I tried to say, “I’m cumming!”

Pleasure exploded in my core, and I probably screamed. White spots clouded my vision and I collapsed on Jason’s chest.

They continued thrusting, but I was still riding my high. Their stimulation elongated my pleasure, until it was painful.

“Stop!” I managed to gasp out. “It hurts.”

Pausing mid-thrust, Jason said, “You ok?”

“Just-just over stimulated,” I replied.

Roy stopped as well, and they gave me a moment to collect myself.

Panting, I tried to slow down my heart. Once the ache in my pussy faded, I nodded to them.

They slowly picked back up their pace, and I knew they were close to finishing.

Jason began to thrust harder, grunting. Roy was panting as well, going faster and faster.

“Oh fuck!” Jason yelled, as he came. This triggered Roy’s orgasm, and he came as well.

Roy fell heavily on top of me, and I was trapped between sweaty bodies.

I could feel their cocks pulsating in my holes, and this made me wet again. Attempting to push Roy off, I tried to roll over. Roy complied, and gently took his dick out of my ass.

Moaning at the friction, I gingerly got up off Jason’s cock. He was panting, starry eyed.

Watching them groan, I slipped a finger into my dripping pussy. Pumping it in and out, I threw back my head.

A strong arm stopped my wrist and I frowned. Roy was holding my wrist. He pulled out my finger, and ducked his head down.

Roy blew gently on my clit, and I shivered. He slowly licked from my opening to my clit, then back again. Roy thrust his tongue inside me, and I rolled my hips up.

Jason had recovered as well, and he began to play with my nipples and breasts. Sucking on them gently, Jason brought my tits up to his lips.

A jolt of pleasure made me cry out, and Roy’s lips were hooked onto my clit. He was gently biting on it, slowly driving me insane.

“Harder,” I commanded, using one of my hands to push Roy’s head onto my pussy. He went back to using his tongue in my pussy.

Jason stopped sucking on my nipple, and instead kissed me. He licked my lips, and I opened them. Our tongues fought each other, enhancing the pleasure from Roy.

I moaned in the kiss, and Roy began licking faster. My hips thrust up wildly, and my orgasm built once more.

“Roy~” I moaned.

Cumming for the second time, my juices flowed over Roy’s face. He licked it up, while I rode out my orgasm.

I was exhausted, and I laid my head back. Jason cuddled against me, with Roy on my other side.

Drifting into sleep, I said, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

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