Fungirl’s Fantasy Ch. 1

“What time are you coming over? I can’t decide what to be on Friday.” Emma said into the phone.

“I was just heading out to the dock now. I found a great idea book at the store the other day. I’m bringing it with me. I’ll be there in just a little bit. Bye hon.” Gabby answered.

“Great. See you in a bit.” Emma said as she hung up the phone. She took off her nightshirt and walked over to the mirror, looking herself over. She turned sideways and ran a hand down over her breast, pausing momentarily to play with a nipple, and continued down her flat stomach to her pubic mound. A finger slid between her lips and over her clit causing a chill to run through her. Her juices were already flowing from the prospect of spending the day with Gabby, the nipple play and contact with her clit turned her sex drive into sex overdrive.

With a conscious effort, she pulled her hand away. She then put her hair up in a ponytail and headed down to the beach, grabbing a blanket, a couple of towels, and a book on the way. She walked down to the beach and spread her blanket in a nice sunny spot. Then she walked into the water until she was chest deep, the cold water making the heat in her pussy all the more noticeable, her nipples stood tall in the water. She dove under the water and swam a short distance and came up for air then swam leisurely back to shore. She was just getting comfortable on the blanket when she heard Gabby’s boat coming. That started her juices flowing all over again, remembering the last time they were together, such pleasure.

Emma was on her stomach with one hand under her rubbing her pussy, eyes closed and lost in fantasy when she heard Gabby docking her boat. She continued to lie there on the blanket, remembering and rubbing until she heard Gabby approaching. Then a book was set carefully on the blanket beside her. She opened her eyes to look at it, trying to read the title. By the time her eyes adjusted to the intense glare of the sunlight, she felt Gabby’s hands separating her athletic legs and settling between them.

Gabby spread Emma’s legs and her ass cheeks. Then she leaned forward and, without saying a word, rammed her tongue into Emma’s already juicy pussy. Emma gasped, closed her eyes again and raised her hips to meet Gabby’s lips and tongue. Gabby moved from Emma’s hot sweet pussy to her clit. As she nibbled and sucked on Emma’s clit, she slowly inserted two fingers into Emma’s pussy and stroked Emma’s G-Spot. Emma whimpered with each flick of Gabby’s tongue on her clit and stroke of Gabby’s fingers on her G-Spot. It didn’t take much of this to cause Emma to suddenly cry out and clamp her legs around Gabby’s head as her pussy repeatedly squeezed her fingers. Gabby followed Emma’s clit, never losing contact, throughout the whole orgasm. Then the spasms gradually faded and Emma relaxed in warm post-orgasmic bliss. She only vaguely felt Gabby’s bare breasts brush her body as Gabby cuddled up next to her. They fell asleep on the beach, both nude, spooned together like the lovers they were.

When she woke up, Emma didn’t know how long it had been since they’d fallen asleep so she quickly looked around. Seeing no one in the near vicinity, she sat up and looked down at Gabby. Her heart warmed at the sight. Next to her was a beautiful woman, quite possibly the most beautiful she’d ever seen, and Emma loved her. She studied Gabby’s sleeping bursa escort form. Her long blonde hair was shining in the sun, covering a bare breast. A breeze blew softly, causing her nipple to harden visibly through her hair.

Emma’s gaze moved down Gabby’s flat belly to her pussy, such a sweet delicious pussy. Her gaze then traveled down Gabby’s long, athletic legs. She gently placed her hands on Gabby’s knees and separated them. She settled in between them and ran her fingers softly over Gabby’s pussy lips, tracing the outsides of them. She gently pulled them apart and placed her lips, ever so lightly, on Gabby’s clit. Emma sucked it between her lips and flicked at it with her tongue. Gabby stirred and moaned softly, her hands going to her breasts. She rubbed her nipples in circles as Emma sucked and nibbled on her clit. Soon Gabby’s juices began to flow in earnest, her pussy lips and ass cheeks getting wetter with each stroke of Emma’s tongue.

Emma moved from Gabby’s clit to her vagina. Gabby lifted her feet and placed them on Emma’s shoulders, tilting her pussy up to Emma’s lips and tongue in the process. Emma licked at Gabby’s pussy and fucked her with her tongue. She reveled in the joy of Gabby’s love and her juices. She gently played with Gabby’s asshole, poking a finger gently in as she licked and sucked on her pussy and clit. The feeling of a finger in her ass while Emma worked her pussy and clit over pushed Gabby past the edge of orgasm. She suddenly clamped her legs against Emma’s head and set her ass down against Emma’s hand, driving the finger deeper. The piston action of Emma’s finger in Gabby’s ass added power to the orgasm, and her pussy clenched again and again, pushing copious amounts of cum out of her pussy onto Emma’s face. Emma followed Gabby’s pussy throughout the orgasm.

Emma crawled up Gabby’s body when the orgasm subsided, dragging her erect nipples against Gabby’s firm, luscious body. She stopped at Gabby’s breasts to suck momentarily on her nipples. Gabby moaned and her hips writhed in response. Then Emma moved up so she and Gabby were face to face. They kissed passionately. Gabby kissed, licked, and sucked her juices off of Emma’s face, lips and neck. Emma shivered in ecstasy at the sensations caused by Gabby’s moving lips and tongue.

“This is so nice, so peaceful. I wish I lived out here.” Gabby sighed.

“So do I.” Emma said. They laughed together. “Did you bring the book with you?” she asked, stroking Gabby’s nipple.

“Yep. It’s right there. I found it yesterday in the shop next to my place. Isn’t it awesome?” Gabby asked.

“Oooh, tehehe. ‘Attention Getting Costumes’. That sounds interesting. Does it have any good ideas?” Emma asked, sitting up. Gabby got up on one elbow.

“Boy does it ever. Let’s go up to the house. We can look it over after a shower. I gotta get going pretty quick so we don’t have much time.” Gabby said as she stood up. As she gathered her things, she unintentionally presented her wet pussy to Emma’s face. Emma took advantage of the position by grabbing Gabby’s hips and planting her tongue smack on Gabby’s pussy. She thrust her tongue inside and pulled out a mouthful of pussy juice.

“Oh God! If you keep doing that, I’m never going to get home on time. Come on, I need a shower.” Gabby said as she stepped away from Emma’s probing tongue. She turned and offered Emma a bursa escort bayan hand, which Emma took. As she stood, Emma picked up the blanket in one hand and put the other around Gabby. They walked arm-in-arm back to the house.

“I’ll get us something to drink.” Emma asked as Gabby started up the stairs to the 2nd floor. She headed to the kitchen and grabbed 2 seltzers from the fridge.

By the time Emma made it upstairs, Gabby had already started the shower and was standing under the steaming water. Emma stepped into the shower and grabbed a body scrub and the shower lotion.

“Turn around, hon. I’ll wash your back for you.” she said as she lathered the scrub. Gabby turned around and allowed Emma to scrub her back vigorously.

“Mmmm, that feels soo good. How do you do it?” Gabby asked.

“Mmm, how do I do what, hon?” Emma asked. Turning Gabby gently by her shoulders. She washed Gabby’s breasts, her shoulders, her firm belly, her pussy, and her legs.

“Oh yeah, right there. You always know exactly what I need. Whether it’s a laugh, a kiss, a hug, a workout, or an orgasm. You always know and you give me just what I need, nothing more, nothing less. That’s what I love about you. O.K. It’s your turn now. Give me the scrub.” Gabby said, taking the scrub from Emma and washing her in the same way Emma had done for her. Emma finished washing her hair as Gabby steeped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her head. She grabbed a towel from the closet for Emma and handed it to her as she stepped out of the shower. Emma wrapped the towel around her head and they moved to her room. She closed the door and they got comfortable on the bed while looking through the book for costume ideas.

“OK, let’s see. ‘Attention Getting Costumes’, huh. It lists three different types here; Shock Value, Originals, Sexy.” Gabby said and looked at Emma. Emma smiled, Gabby smiled, “Sexy” they said in unison. “It’s settled then. Oh look, it even starts on page 69.” Gabby said and they laughed again. She turned the book to page 69 and the hunt began.

“The first one is your typical ‘Cat Woman’ in black leather. Hmmm, no. I don’t like it.” Gabby said.

“No, I don’t like it either. It looks uncomfortable, too stiff. What’s next?” Emma said, getting off the bed and drying her hair.

“Next we have a sexy version of the wicked witch of the west, from Wizard of Oz. I don’t think I like this one either. There’s just too much going on, taking the attention away from what’s important.” Gabby offered, winking at Emma.

“You mean like these are important?” Emma asked, coming back to the bed, stroking Gabby’s nipples and breasts. She giggled sensually after a few moments, then went back to her dresser and grabbed a brush to run through her hair.

“You, my darling, are evil.” Gabby said, laughing. “Oh here’s something. The eternally popular ‘Elvira’.” she said.

“Yeah, maybe for you. Your girls wouldn’t have any trouble holding that costume up. Mine don’t have that kind of holding power.” Emma said, pointing at her small, perky breasts. They laughed about it.

“I don’t think I want that much make-up on. I’d feel like a walking advertisement for Tammy Faye Baker!” Gabby exclaimed. They laughed more. Gabby turned a few more pages then she exclaimed, “Bingo! This would be perfect for you, hon. Come check it out.”

“What is it?” escort bursa Emma asked as she finished brushing her hair.

“You just have to come see it. If I tell you, it won’t have the impact and you’ll just laugh. You have to see it.” Gabby said, opening the book and setting it on the bed. Emma set down the brush and went back to the bed. She looked down at the book.

“My god, you’re right. If you’d told me I would have laughed it off. This is flat out beautiful. This is me! I’m going to be a playboy bunny for Halloween, the likes of which no one has ever seen. O.K., now we have me. What are you going to be?” Emma said, sitting on the bed, next to Gabby. They tried to get comfortable but just could find a good position.

“Get up for a moment.” Gabby said. Emma got off the bed and Gabby sat straight up against the headboard and spread her legs, patting the bed between them. Emma got back on the bed and settled into the spot, her head leaning back against Gabby’s chest, between her breasts.

“Ahh, much better.” Emma sighed, then she giggled. Gabby brought the book back in front of them. They flipped through four more pages and they found Gabby’s costume.

“That’s perfect! It’s you to the core.” Emma said, turning her head to look back at Gabby.

“How do you figure? My hair is long, I’m taller than she was, and I’m better looking than she ever was.” Gabby said.

“OK, so it’s not completely perfect. It’s damned close though. She came across as innocent and sweet. Hollywood rumors tell another story of her though, a story of her actually being at the opposite end of the scale. That’s you, too. You come across as nice, sweet, and innocent when in reality you are the single sexiest, most sexual person I have ever known. You dress up like Marilyn Monroe as the Girl in the Red Dress and here’s the twist, you don’t wear any panties. You flash you ass and pussy a few times, accidentally, at the party and you’ll be the talk of the town for a long time to come. What do you say?” Emma asked, although she could already feel Gabby’s reaction. Her lower back was damp with Gabby’s juices and she could feel the heat Gabby’s pussy was producing. She reached between them and stroked Gabby’s clit a few times for added emphasis.

“I don’t want to be the talk of the town. I just want to have fun.” Gabby said, albeit somewhat shakily.

“I’ll make you a deal. My costume calls for a thong under the teddy. I’ll go freestyle if you’ll do this. Come on, darling. It’ll be the most exciting night we’ve had in a very long time.” Emma pleaded with Gabby, stroking her pussy as she spoke.

“OK, I’ll do it.” Gabby exclaimed. They giggled and kissed.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun. Where can we get the stuff we need?” Emma asked excitedly.

“I know a shop in town that will have everything, including something for ‘unexpected bursts of air’ if the hotel doesn’t have the right set up.” Gabby said. She looked at her watch. “Oh shit! I have to go. I’ll call you when I have all the stuff we need. I’ll get the stuff for your outfit too, that way your dad won’t flip out.” she said, grabbing her clothes out of her bag and getting dressed. Emma just sat and watched.

When Gabby was dressed, they walked back down to the beach arm-in-arm and kissed goodbye. Emma watched longingly as Gabby strode toward the dock to her boat. When Gabby stepped up on the dock, she paused momentarily and after making sure Emma was looking, she winked and flipped up the back of her skirt, showing Emma her ass. Emma giggled and gave Gabby the ‘I love you’ sign then she headed for the water.

To Be Continued…

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