G-lori-a! My Mother-In-Law! Ch. 01


Moving into my In-laws house the week before Thanksgiving wasn’t exactly high on my list of to-do’s, but three days earlier our house had been hit by a storm. The damage was enough for us to choose to completely remodel. With the remaining pieces of undamaged personal items, we settled in for an unknown amount of time. Their house was roomy enough, with five bedrooms, but my wife’s brother and his girlfriend already lived in the suite downstairs, any sized house gets a little cramped every now and then.

My wife, Becky, and I had married at 20. We had started dating early in our junior year of high school and I proposed at a family dinner the fall after we graduated. We both continued with school and over the course of the next five years graduated with our respective majors. Admittedly, I took a little longer than Becky, but I also double majored gaining both a bachelor’s in technology and engineering. Becky majored in art. Deeply in love we started our life together. Becky and I didn’t plan on having kids, but a year later our son Danny was born.

Being a dad changed my perspective on life, as it does for most I guess. Quickly I decided that it would be good to be around and able to play with my grand-kids someday. I became obsessed with bodybuilding, shedding a tremendous amount of weight and really packing on the muscle. At 6’3″ I was a solid 260 lb with a 34-inch waist. I’m not going to say I have abs of steel and 30-inch arms, but I had done pretty well turning my body into a shapely piece of art.

Becky, by no fault of her own, had found the weight I had lost. It honestly didn’t bother me. She had her grandmothers build, short, 5’1″ and squat. Over time our sex life started to pay the price of the extremely different perspectives, but I loved her and her family so we made due. Becky’s mother had a completely different look. At 5’3″ and 130lbs, Gloria had kept her taught gymnast body. A body that I had drooled over as a teen and come to admire in my late 20’s as I now understood just what it took to keep up.

Over time we settled into a routine and things seemed to become a little easier. Most nights I would fall asleep on the couch watching TV with Ed my father-in-law flipping channels. Becky would always give me crap about it, but our bed didn’t have the most comfortable mattress and I hated having my alarm go off at 4:00 waking everybody up.

Every morning I would get up and head off to the gym and return 2 ½ hours later to shower and leave for work. After work I drove over to our house to work. We chose to save some money and complete the build on our own. I had a company come in and rip everything out, but putting it back together was my job. Around 10:00 every night I would head to the In-law’s, shower, and drop on the couch.

For some odd reason we all used the small hallway bathroom that had a stall shower. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure why we didn’t use either of the other two bathrooms. Anyway, the bathroom was halfway between our bedroom and the in-law’s bedroom. At first we all avoided each other pretty well, but as the time progressed we started to get comfortable. I had never been a modest person so there started to be points were it was easy for in-laws to see me completely bare. She would cover her eyes and look away, but every once in a while I would catch her hanging on just a little longer.

One evening Gloria changed her routine asking if she could hop in before me. I was exhausted, but not one to make waves I consented and headed to our bedroom for a pair of gym shorts, standard sleeping attire, and to get my grimy clothes off before getting a shower myself.

Patiently waiting down the hallway listening to the water, my mind started to wonder. What a sight it must be, the water running down her neck over her pert breast, down the toned stomach, and thick legs. The water shutting off snapped me back to reality. Looking down, my little solder was standing straighter than ever.

I heard the door open and footsteps retreating back to Gloria and Ed’s room. Giving it a few seconds I made my way down the hallway.

Five steps were all it took for me to make the doorway. Nude, I took a chance. A quick right turn, open the door, and…BOOM! Bare dick against bare ass!

“Oh, shit”, Gloria exclaimed.

Completely taken by surprise, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I just stood there frozen.

Slowly, Gloria turned looking down. My eyes followed hers to my rock hard dick, poking her in the back just above her gorgeous hind-end.

In my head, I have 10 thousand thoughts at once.

“Excuse me.” I say, rather calmly considering the torment of thoughts running through my mind. This brought her eyes up to meet mine.

Gloria let out a soft, “oh, yeah. Excuse, me.”

She moved to the side giving me enough room to squeeze by. I took the que and stepped into the shower. A few seconds later I heard the bathroom door shut and looked over the curtain to an empty room.

Whew. “What the Fuck”‘ xhamster porno I cursed to myself, and started getting washed.

I had just put shampoo in when the door opened and shut again. Thinking it was Becky, I said “Sorry Beck, I must have mistaken your dad going to bed for your mom heading out of the bathroom…” Suddenly there was a hand grabbing at my package.

Becky was prone to be a little brazen from time to time, but it had been a long time since she had been so forward. “Well aren’t we a little spunky tonight.” I praised in response and started washing out the shampoo. Looking up to my amazement, Gloria had a firm grasp on my shaft and was doing a fine job of jacking me off. She gave me a quick smile and was gone as quickly as she had come in Leaving me to finish the job.

I dried and slowly walked back to our room racking my brain on how to proceed. For years I had thought about how Gloria would look, always trying to sneak a glance at the swimming pool or a night when she would head up for bed in her nightgown. This was just more than I knew what to do with. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought something would actually happen. Slipping on the pair of shorts I had laid out, I headed downstairs and fell exhausted to the couch. My head spinning with the evenings events.

Someone was covering me up… Laying on my back, I reached over with my hand a found a sleek calf. Not thinking twice, still half asleep, I ran my hand up and cupped a tight sexy butt cheek. I gave it a little squeeze and then drifted back off to dreamland.

The next morning, I woke to my alarm in wonder of the events from the previous night. Had that really happened? Had she really came back in to stroke my cock? Was that her ass that I groped during the night? Too much to answer. I sped to the gym and bore into a grueling workout.

My mind renewed I returned home to find my mother-in-law sitting cross legged at the table in a short nighty. Two cups of coffee steaming in front of her.

“Come here. Let’s talk.”, she says.

I move over and sit across the kitchen table from her.

She slides me a cup and says rather confidently, “Well Buddy, looks like we are in a bit of a tough spot.”

I about spit my coffee out, and look at her in wonder. “What do you mean by that?”, I whisper not wanting to wake anybody up.

She takes a quick look upstairs and returns to me saying, “No one can hear us down here, dear. Now let’s talk about that dick of yours and what I’m going to do with it.”

“Gloria, I’m not sure what that was last night. Not that it wasn’t AMAZING, but I’m your son-in-law.”

“Yeah, and I haven’t been laid in FIVE years. Ed can’t get it up anymore with his diabetes. I need someone who can keep up with me.” Gloria stated, boring into me with a stern look. “Besides, Becky isn’t giving you what you need either.”

“Gloria, I’m not sure what you think is going to happen…”

“Call me Mom, babe”

“Gloria” I said a little more solidly, “You are gorgeous, and I have thought about you in the past, but this is completely different. You really want me to fuck you? You want me to cheat and my wife, your daughter?”

“Jason, YES! I want you to fuck me with everything you have as often as we can, for as long as we can. I’m 50, not 90, and I need a little rough and deep!”

Astounded at the vocabulary she was using, I sat back contemplating my options. She sat there staring at me with an inquisitive face. “What am I supposed to do. I’ve never seen her this serious before.”, I think to myself. “Decision time big guy, now or never, shit or get off the pot. Come on, we all know what my decision was! But, I thought, Let’s have a little fun and see how far I can push her. Now I had her, and I had mentally committed, so this was going to get fun.

Standing up, without saying a word, I walked up stairs and began getting ready for work. Shower, clothes, then out the door without so much as a word passing between us on my way. Gloria had the look of a trapped mouse as I brushed past her heading out to the car. I could only imagine what she was thinking. Jumping in the car I took off and headed in the direction of work.

A few miles down the road and pulled over. “Think Jason! What the hell are you doing?” Blankly I stared out the window of my car not sure what my next move was. Ah, duh. Text the boss, “Sick, not going to make it in today.”

Reply – “Get to feeling better, see you tomorrow.” Wow, I’m off the hook for work today.

Text to “The Mother-In-Law”, yeah that’s how it’s in my phone. “Message me when everyone is out of the house.”

My phone shows that the message was read, but no response was sent… Crap, now what?

Becky and Danny would be heading off to school and work within minutes. Ed and my Brother-in-law worked together and left about 20 mins after me. Now just to get my brother-in-law’s girlfriend off to work on time… Not something she did often.

Ding! I flipped erotik porno over my phone and saw the message “Now!”.

Turning around I drove back to the house, my head swimming with ideas of what to do to Gloria. Pulling into the driveway I had a little chat with myself. “Alright, no turning back. You get in there and pound that tight ass into the ground. Show no mercy! Give her every last drop and keep her begging for more.” My dick was fat with blood and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

Opening the door to the kitchen, no one in site… Silence and my own heartbeat was all I could hear. Moving to the living room, nothing here either. That’s when I heard it, movement from upstairs. Bolting up the flight of stairs in 2 bounds I barged into my mother-in-law’s room. Her smell hit me hard. There she was standing in the corner. Still in her PJs from the night before with a sly look on her face.

Walking over I pulled her to me, held her firmly by the shoulders, looked deep in her eyes and said, “I’m gonna’ fuck your brains out woman, and there isn’t shit you can do about it.” She whimpered with excitement.

Scooping her up, I threw her on the bed and was on top of her in a second. Pinning her down I ripped off her shirt. Pulling her bra over her head I used it as handcuffs and strapped her to the corner of the bed frame. Her PJ bottoms were next. I used them to tie her left leg at a 90° angle. At this point she couldn’t move anything but her right leg. I stood up taking in the sight of her tight body splayed out in front of me. Her white cotton panties soaked through, her pussy now visible behind the cloth. She moaned deeply and stared at me intently.

“Come on and fuck me.” She grunted.

“Oh no, my sweet little mommy. I am in charge now. All of my pent up frustrations are going to be taken out on you. Starting today I get to use your body for my personal enjoyment.” She couldn’t hide her joy, wriggling to get to me.

Flipping off my shoes I deftly shed my t-shirt and jeans. Standing in front of her in my boxer briefs, dick about to snap the waist band. She looked me up and down, then locked on to the head of penis sticking about an inch above the waist band and pushing it about an inch away from my stomach.

“Oh my”, she muttered, “I didn’t think it looked that big last night. You must be 8″ and at least as big around as my wrist!” Eyes wide with the thought of what she had just committed to.

“Not to brag mother, but today we are easily standing at about 9 inches.” I smirked, walking around the base of the bed near her head. I grabbed the middle of my shaft through my shorts and then the small of her wrist. “You are right-on about the circumference though. Almost exactly the same size as your wrist.”

I pulled my last article of clothing off and let myself hang in the air just in front of her face. She gasped and started raising her head trying to take me in her mouth. Touching her lightly on the upper lip I allowed her to touch the tip of her tongue to the tip. My dick pulsed with excitement, pulling me away from her. She struggled against her bonds, but I kept her out of reach.

Slowly I started to caress her body making sure not to hit any hot spots. By this point she started begging me to “Please let me have it!” Exactly what I wanted to hear. At this point almost a half hour had past and there was a pool of liquid starting to gather under her ass.

By sheer force of will my dick had softened only slightly and I brought it back to her lips. Parting them with the tip of my member, Gloria started to suck me into her. She had reclined her head to allow my shaft to slide down her throat.

I started to notice an odd sensation on my balls and realized it was her eyelashes brushing against my shaved sac. Looking down I could see the head causing a bulge to run up and down the interior of her esophagus. That is what pushed me over the edge. I slammed myself as far down as I could. Streams of thick cum poured out of me. My sweet mother-in-law didn’t even miss a beat. I could feel her start to swallow down everything that I was giving her. What felt like a gallon came out of me.

Pulling out of her mouth Gloria gasped for air, licked her lips, and locked eyes with me. “That was intense. I cannot wait to feel you spread my pussy open.”

Here I had shot what was probably the largest load in my life down the throat of my mother-in-law, and she says just the right thing to make me stand at attention again! Astonished at how sexy she looked, I moved around the bed, touching only lightly, tracing her curves.

Quickly I riffled through my jean pocket and found the item I was after. A short box knife I always kept on me. Stepping between her legs I pulled the hem of her panties together and with one quick movement sliced them off of her, pulling them clean away from her soaked vagina.

Once again this woman had a surprise. She was completely waxed! And expertly so. I couldn’t find milf porno a stitch of hair anywhere on her body except her head now that I looked. She really knew how to maintain herself. Not being able to help it I dove for her pussy. Lapping joyfully at her tender, tight lips. Much like her daughter her vagina had very small puffy lips and a small clit. Not anything like her daughter, there was nothing obstructing my path to her most intimate area. Not for nothing, I love eating a woman out. Not sure what it is, but I cannot get enough. Its sensory overload.

Gloria is using her right leg to squeeze my head. I can feel the juices flowing out of her and I lick her from rosebud to clit and back again. Sticking my tongue as deep in her as I can manage she screams intensely and starts to buck against my face. Spreading her legs apart again, I stick my middle two fingers at the entrance to her and press slowly in. Pinned beneath my left arm her body will not be held still. Curling my fingers up I find my target.

With my lips suctioned onto her deep red button I expertly stroke her G spot.

Having had a lot of practice in my teenage years, since Becky wouldn’t “Give out the milk for free” as she put it, Gloria’s body bucked wildly. Her body make one final press and a torrent of liquid spilled out of her running down my hand and her butt crack. She made a deep grunt like I had never heard and strained against her bonds with every fiber of muscle, finally collapsing.

Slowly retracting my lips and fingers I ran my hands all over her body coating her in fresh orgasm. Finally cupping her breasts, she jerked awake. She had passed out! On cloud nine a look of joy spread across her face. “I have never in my life had an orgasm from oral sex and that was ten times more powerful that anything I think I have ever experienced!” Feeling empowered I moved on to my next conquest in today’s games.

Swiftly I untied her left leg, rolled her up onto her knees, and was presented the most fantastic view of my adult life. Gloria instinctively dropped her shoulders to the bed causing her butt to stick up into the air. Her arms still tied to the frame of the bed, she was stuck, and knew that I was going to have my way with her. My soldier was ready. Pressing the tip against her opening, she was so wet, the head slipped in without much force.

Breathless, Gloria moaned as I started to press into her. My god was she tight. The thought crossed my mind that I may not fit. With an inch and half left I felt her cervix. I pulled out slowly until just the head of my dick was left and patiently waited.

I didn’t have to wait long, Gloria drove her hips back, and I slammed forward driving the end of the penis against her wall. “AH! Oh, don’t you dare stop!” was all she could get out before I pulled out and drove back into her with abandon. Grabbing her hips, I gave everything I had to fucking this sweet piece of ass. We were both grunting and moaning. Grinding each other. Looking down, the sight of her pussy enveloping my shaft, driving me closer to the edge. I didn’t want it to be over. Switching my position and pace I was able to move from both knees to one and straddle her. My left hand slid down her crack and the middle finger found the tight anus.

Circling slowly, concentrating hard now, I slipped deeper and deeper toward her anus. There was enough sexual fluid around that everything was gliding. Holding her steady I pressed my finger in with a thrust of my penis. Her hand instinctively clutched at the bedspread. The next thrust got me to the first knuckle. Oh was she tight. “Relax, mom. I’m not gonna’ do anything you don’t already want.” I soothed. The next thrust, she pressed back into me, driving my finger down. This was something Becky would never have allowed. She found it repulsing to even speak of it. Her mother was accepting the challenge. Moving steadily now I was able to get two fingers all the way in her and started spreading them apart. I was able to see her relaxing into the new sensation.

“Gloria, do you own a vibrator?” I asked out of nowhere. Catching her off guard, she swung her head toward her nightstand. “There’s a dildo in there.”

Pulling out of her, I jumped across the bed and rummaged through her nightstand. At the back of the drawer was a phallic shaped 6-inch plastic vibrator. It must have been 30 years old.

Walking back around the bed, I stepped up on the mattress and positioned myself behind her. A quick battery check and I slipped the vibrator in her pussy, now slightly gaped from me pulling out I was able to push it all the way in with little effort.

Letting the head of my penis rest against her vagina opening I stroked myself with her juices until I was all oiled. Placing my left forearm on her buttocks and gripping my dick with my right hand I slowly pressed into her rosebud. “Oh GOD! You’re going to split me in two!” she pawed at the mattress trying to gain hold. “Relax mom, I’m going to make the orgasm you had earlier pale in comparison.” I said, ever intrepid in the fact I had total control of her body.

It took forever, pressing deeper into her, soothing her with my hands. Caressing her clit and stroking the vibrator in and out of her. Finally, I was able to fit. A sigh of relief escaped Gloria’s lips.

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