Game Night Pt. 07


A very special thank you to BarefeetXPetrichor who has put forth great effort in working with me to edit this chapter. I could not have made this story what it is without you.

Allow me to apologize for the length of time it has taken to complete this chapter. During this time I have had some personal issues, some family issues, and some life-searching-new-direction-finding work. I hope that this chapter is to your liking because you – the readers – are why I continue to put words to the page. Please remember to vote and comment.

Eden McCauley

Game Night Pt. 07

Samantha shook her head as the burn of the alcohol dissipated. Opening her eyes she looked at Rachel and, despite what lay ahead, really loved the sly, crooked smile that twisted the corner of the scheming, raven-haired nymph’s mouth. Suddenly Samantha could only think of taking the beautiful girl into her arms and kissing her until they were both breathless.

Rachel blushed beneath Samantha’s hungry stare and the blonde barely contained the desire within herself. The game was still afoot. “Well?” Samantha asked expectantly.

Rachel’s smile stayed in place and Samantha traced the curve of those spectacular lips over and over. “I dare you to…” Rachel faltered for only a moment before brightening. “I dare you to use Sarah’s hand to masturbate. Remember,” she cautioned, “there are consequences for cumming.”

Samantha liked the idea of the dare and felt her pussy lips spreading open on their own. The feeling of her body responding so brazenly only fueled the flames coursing through her blood. Samantha looked to the strawberry blonde and licked her own lips in anticipation. She didn’t care if she came or not. She wanted the delicate fingers on her skin, desired the penetration, the blinding bliss of ecstasy delivered by demand; by screaming, arching, twisting demand.

Her mouth began to water as she thought of the others watching her writhe on the floor. Samantha’s hips rolled back and forth as her clit began to tingle. The gasp from Owen’s mouth as she moved only fueled her further. Raising her hands to her breasts she pulled at her nipples as her hips rolled again. The heat in her cheeks told her of her own blushing as she felt the undeniable pull of her cum dripping from her slit. The buzz in her core continued to grow until she could no longer sit still.

Samantha shifted to her hands and knees and crawled toward Sarah. She knew without a doubt that the pucker of her ass was hidden beneath the sweeping fur of the cat’s tail above the tingling, glossy spread of her begging slit. The strawberry blonde’s mouth opened partially in recognition of the predatory approach. Their eyes locked and the room blazed. Samantha crawled slowly, moving her hips lewdly for the enjoyment of any who wanted to look. As she passed by Katerina she paused and wiggled her hips feeling the tail swoosh through the air, the plug wiggling within her tight star. She looked at Katerina before she lifted her hand, mimed licking her palm, and smoothed the fuzzy ears atop her head.

Katerina smiled but her body was too alive with sensation to laugh. She pressed her thighs tightly together working the pressure to the cleft between her hips.

Sarah held out her hand, fingers out, palm to the ground, and gasped as Samantha opened her mouth and took the digits greedily against her tongue. Samantha moaned and pushed herself forward, urging Sarah’s fingers into her throat, drooling copiously as her need wailed within her. The blonde opened her mouth wide and felt the dribble of her saliva trail over her chin as Sarah’s fingers slipped free.

Moans sounded in stereo as Sarah and Samantha locked eyes. Sarah’s fingers were thickly coated and Samantha was open-mouth panting, her breasts thrust out from her as she stole deep pulls of air into her lungs. Samantha could feel the lust of Sarah’s stare and loved that the fire in Sarah’s eyes had intensified when Samantha’s naughty, messy display.

Sarah’s gasp was audible as Samantha moved to sit on her bottom the cat tail twisting as the length collided with the floor. She watched as Samantha’s mouth twisted with surprise and pleasure before she relaxed into her position, legs splayed wide around Sarah’s hips, feet tucked behind the strawberry blonde’s back.

Samantha could smell her own arousal as she spread her lips wide with her own fingers and from the flare of Sarah’s nostrils it was a mutual experience.

Samantha grabbed Sarah’s wrist and lowered the delicate hand until sweet, electric contact was made between the graceful fingers and and the downy tufts of hair between Samantha’s legs. Sarah’s moan was unexpected as her fingers played with the short, fine hairs. Samantha inhaled sharply through her teeth as delicate fingers petted her from bottom to top. Sarah stopped short.

“Are you okay?”

Samantha forced a smile. “I feel a bit like a cat.” Her awkward smile remained in place.?

A loud “meow” from Katerina travesti porno brought giggles to the room.

Jessica noticeably pressed her thighs together as she smiled at Katerina. “Sounds like you want to play.”

Owen hissed as Jessica moved and the redhead smiled over her shoulder at him before wiggling more forcefully in front of him. Owen growled in his throat pulling Kat’s glance toward the pair.

“How does it feel?” Katerina positively purred.

Jessica closed her eyes for a moment before breathing a single sultry word. “Gooey.” She flashed her fierce eyes at Katerina. “Do you want to play?”

“Duh.” Rachel stuck out her tongue. “Kat wants to show Samantha what it means to be a cat.”

More laughter filled the room.

Samantha put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes. “Trying to focus here!” She swished her hips from side to side making the tail swish through the air. Atop her head the ears were slightly skewed but the lay of her hair hid the headband making it look like the cat ears were a natural part of her.

Sarah slid her hand between Samantha’s legs her fingers sliding through the sparse hair.

Samantha looked over her shoulder and hissed at Sarah.?

“Wha-” Sarah’s words died on her tongue as understanding filled her. “Oh, did I pet you the wrong way?”

Samantha nodded gently, her legs easing apart as Sarah’s fingers began to move once more.

“Much better.” Samantha swept her blonde hair off her shoulder as she relaxed.

“Sorry.” Sarah murmured. “I always shave mine bare so I didn’t think about-“

“Shhhh.” Samantha rolled her hips against the soft contact focusing on the feelings lighting off within her. The blonde kept her hand around Sarah’s wrist but the hold was not forceful, not dictating the movements. Samantha trailed her fingers along the soft skin at the inside of Sarah’s wrist and the light touch brought goosebumps to them both. With a burst of inspiration, Samantha focused herself long enough to purr.

Katerina, on a whim of solidarity, began to purr along. As she made the noise she worked her thighs together while her fingers clenched against the carpet.

Sarah trailed her fingers lower barely feeling the pinch of her teeth on her lower lip. She held her breath as she dipped her fingers lower feeling the fleshy swell of Samantha’s velvet lips. The burn of her lungs reminded her of the whole inhale-exhale thing and she smiled at having been rendered so enraptured as to forget to breathe. She needn’t have worried as her breath was forced from her body with these fresh drops of sacred dew on her fingertips. With her free hand Sarah caressed the soft skin of Samantha’s body loving the sighs and goosebumps she drew from her lover’s flesh.

Samantha’s chest rose and fell, the swell of her breasts jiggling slightly from her effort, her excitement, her desire. Suddenly, Sarah wanted more, much more than this single taste. She wanted to clean the salty sweat from the beautiful girl, to feel the heavy pulse beneath her tongue as she licked, sucked, and nibbled at her lover’s neck. Sarah craved the feeling of muscles contracting in uncontrollable ecstasy as the carnal met the spiritual in the loud crash of sweet release. To her mind she had never known such hunger, such depraved devotion as she now felt beyond her interactions with a certain quiet, coquettish redhead who watched with clenched fingers and toes.

Sarah’s eyes closed slowly and she trembled like the soft petal of a flower in the brisk morning breeze. Fluttering with intimate delight, bursting with never-spoken promise. Sarah lifted her finger – breaking contact with Samantha’s core – to her own lips. The tip of the digit glossy and fragrant with Samantha’s nectar stood in sharp relief in front of a curtain of reddish-blonde hair. Her eyes danced softly over Samantha’s skin on a journey to meet the girl’s eyes. Sarah opened her mouth and slowly extended her tongue. She didn’t close her eyes, didn’t want to miss the reaction on Samantha’s face in this moment.

Sarah’s warm tongue pressed to her finger and the flavor drew a loud groan from her mouth. The small drop, now cooled by the air, greeted her senses with jealous consumption. The scent was pure woman the musky tang softly sour, bringing to mind berries mere moments from sweet. The tang of the taste causing Sarah to salivate as her jaws reacted to the tart. She shuddered again moaning aloud before sucking noisily on her finger. All the while her eyes stayed on Samantha drinking in the sweet flush of the blonde’s cheeks, the way her thighs squeezed and shifted, and – as always – the rise and fall of her beautiful breasts.

Sarah spoke one word before the other’s faded into nothing more than background noise. One powerful, demanding syllable before the coiled power within her sprang into action. Sarah, beyond lost to her desire, was all set to attack. Beneath a tangle of sweat ladened strawberry strands güzel porno lustful eyes played tandem with her hungry voice. “More.”

Samantha pressed a kiss to Sarah’s lips and the taste of her own arousal was a complement to the taste of her lover’s mouth. “You taste good with me on you.” The blonde’s voice was a husky whisper.

Sarah tilted her head to the side sporting a sly smile. “So, you’re saying we should 69?”

Samantha’s laughter was soft. “Smooth. First, though, I want to finish what we started.” She reached forward and softly grasped Sarah’s delicate wrist.

Sarah was captivated. Her hand was being moved and she could only watch on as her slender digits were directed lower. Truth be told it wasn’t her own hand that captivated her, it was the way Samantha had surrendered herself, opened herself. The cat-girl sat back, bracing her weight with one palm behind her, her legs held together at the knees quickly preventing Sarah from seeing much. Sarah’s mouth was dry as Samantha’s eyes began to close and those beautiful legs eased to the sides.

Sarah exhaled softly as Samantha’s legs continued to part. Her heart began to race and the anticipation of seeing those thighs split wide was incongruous. She’d seen Samantha naked, had seen more than just bare flesh so why was sweating this so hard? She felt the pressure in her jaw as her teeth clenched, her hands were trembling, and she knew in her heart that this was so much more than a desire. She had to be present in this moment, she had to see Samantha opened wide before her greedy eyes.?

Beautiful well-toned legs parted farther until the barest hint of one of Samantha’s thick lips could be viewed and then in a violently slow, unbelievably selfish mood Samantha rolled onto her hip – the cat tail wiggling within her drawing a sultry moan – pulling Sarah’s hand flush against her skin. The strawberry blonde was left stricken speechless, her hunger denied, her spirit crying out within her to DO SOMETHING! Sarah felt the silky wetness of Samantha’s cum-slick sex against her fingers and palm, heard the soft moans and sighs as Samantha worked her hips in earnest against the contact.

Sarah released a frustrated groan as her body demanded more. She had to see more of Samantha’s body.

“What’s wrong?” Samantha asked. Her words were soft and concerned even though she didn’t slow her hip movements in the slightest.

Sarah looked away until she felt Samantha’s palm alight gently on her cheek.

“Look at me.”

That’s what I want, Sarah thought.

“Sarah.” Samantha rolled her hips forcefully against the fingers pressed firmly to her core. “Look at me. I want you to see me.”

“Then let me see you.” Sarah felt the bite in her own words and worried that she might have ruined the moment as Samantha faltered in her rhythm.

“What?” Samantha seemed unsure of what she’d heard.

Sarah bit back her frustration and tried in a gentler tone. “Then spread your legs and let me see you.”

Samantha flushed and began to rock again. “You want to see me like that?”

Sarah felt her cheeks burn but she was done pretending. “Yes.” Sarah worked her finger insistently at the pulsing hole between Samantha’s hot dewy lips. “I want to see you.”


Samantha rolled to her back, the cat tail caught between her back and the floor. Each movement of her hips pulled the plug adding new sensations to the experience. She let her legs fall to the sides baring herself to Sarah’s view. “I was hoping you’d say something. It’s nice to hear that you’re wanted.” Samantha’s pussy was on full-display. Her lips full and pink, her slit spreading wide, blooming from bottom to top proudly displaying the sweet hole within. The scent of berries and musk accompanied a trail of glistening white spilling from the gently pulsing hole.

Sarah felt her hand being pulled and went with the motion seeing it meet the hot flesh. The girls hissed in unison and Sarah felt her body growing hot, her own flower spreading wide. She moved her fingers as Samantha worked her hips with growing urgency. The tension was clear on the blonde’s face and Sarah quickly moved her hand from side-to-side across Samantha’s clit.

Samantha arched her back as her face twisted into a silent scream. Her brows were furrowed, her fingers clenched against the floor beneath her, her toes were squeezed so tightly that her feet were shaking. She came with a squeal and a gush of fluid splashing against her thighs, Sarah’s hand, and eventually making way to the floor.

As Samantha eased against the floor she realized round two was officially over. She looked over at Rachel and winked. “When we lay down tonight. I want to feel your hands on me, just like that.”

Rachel swallowed forcefully and rolled her hips gently as a reaction to Samantha’s words. She could feel the remnants of their time together on her skin and though she would never let on to Katerina, the feeling of another anal porno woman’s pee on her skin left her aching for more.


Owen Miles took one last look at the remnants of round two evident in the dark liquid stains, haphazardly scattered toys, and tell-tale empty glasses on the coffee table before allowing himself to be escorted from the room. On one side of him was Sarah Madison, lovingly stroking his arm as she rested her head against his bicep. On the other side Samantha Jones, blonde hair air drying from her recent exploits, smiling up at him adoringly. Leading the way, with her own entourage no less, was his sister, Katerina. Jessica Smith and Rachel Hadley walking in step with her putting plenty of wiggle in their walks no doubt, for his enjoyment.

Owen’s cocked throbbed painfully, reminding him that it had been a constant barrage of teasing without any recent release. Since the truth-or-dare roulette began he had been surrounded by delicate, tantalizing, completely naked women and the toll was evident in the pulse of his balls. Still, he couldn’t tear his eyes from the sway of their hips and the mouth-watering jiggle as they walked away.

At the top of the stairs, Katerina turned to face Owen but it was only to remind him of where they were heading. In her hands she stretched the simple cuff and band restraint system and smiled in a way that left Owen’s cock kicking and balls aching longingly.

“Round 3, ladies and gentleman.” Katerina winked. She looked to Rachel and Jessica before tilting her head to the side. “As soon as we tie him down we can make him watch as we just go crazy on one another without so much as a sniff for him.” Katerina flashed her teeth with that dazzling smile that always left Owen debating between pinching her or falling at her feet in awe.

Samantha let her tongue slide over her teeth smiling as she buzzed with energy. “You do what you want. When he is tied down, I’m riding for the record.”

“Shotgun!” Sarah added. She raised her forefinger to her chin and tapped thoughtfully. “Where do you ride shotgun on a guy?”

“His face.” Rachel added. “Too bad he only seats two.”

“No.” Jessica said smiling. “He has a hand each for two more of us.”

“No fair!” Katerina stomped her foot in mock indignation. “I want to ride!”

“Nope!” Rachel teased. “You only get him when he is cumming dust.” She licked her lips. “We get him until then.”

“Oh! I’m going to get you!” Katerina threatened.

“I can’t wait.”

Owen honestly didn’t know if his body could take any more attention but what a way to die. He found his heart beginning to pick up its pace as he let himself be pushed onto the pillow-top mattress. Soft, delicate hands from four different women held his wrists and his ankles, splaying him wide as Katerina maneuvered around him attaching cuffs to one side of his body. She moved with efficiency and Owen wondered which of her friends had let her play puppet master. He had a guess and from the knowing blush on the beneath the spill of black hair he surmised he’d guessed correctly.

Katerina disappeared beneath the bed, thankful that the frame had ample lift. She pulled the band securing the cuffs to one another beneath the bed and attached the remaining cuffs to his ankle and wrist.

“Okay, ladies.” Katerina buzzed with excitement. “Tighten them up.”

Each young woman set about tightening the straps on the cuffs making sure that Owen couldn’t free himself. It was equally important, that he should not escape from the delicious torture they were about to unleash upon him.

Her brown eyes had never smiled at him so sincerely even above the lustful twist to her lips. Before tonight she’d never let him see, unconcealed, the love she felt for him. Owen held Kat’s stare and tried to convey to her how much he longed for her.

Katerina brushed the back of her hand across Owen’s cheek before her devilish smile slipped back into place.

“Okay,” Samantha’s voice was filled with excitement as she spoke, “who has the feather?”

Shit, Owen cursed in his mind, he’d forgotten about the feather.

“Hmmmm,” Jessica tapped her chin, “I don’t think it’s going to be as effective if he can see what we are doing.”

“Good point.” Katerina replied.

“We could get one of his ties and use that as a blind-fold.” Samantha offered.

“Or we could use Samantha’s long socks.” Rachel added. “He’d love those.”

“They’re called stockings.” Samantha corrected, “And I don’t think they’d do anything to block his sight, they are sheer.”

“Ooooh.” Sarah bounced lightly on her toes. “I know what to do!” She bolted from the room but the sound of her footfalls were easy to track. She’d cleared the steps and could be heard swearing in the living room before an excited squeal preceded the racing footsteps up the stairs. She bounced into the room with a red tinge to her cheeks and more labored breathing but none the worse for wear.

“What was that all about?” Katerina asked with a half-smile.

Sarah, still catching her breath, held up her hand and dangled the aqua panties she’d been wearing when she’d arrived. “I had to find the right pair.” She looked at Owen. “This place is big!”

Owen smiled sheepishly.

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