Game Store – Suzanne Wins The Game


One day, just for the hell of it, I walked into a game store. My boyfriend and I had been playing some board games and sometimes cards. The pandemic had made it harder to get together with many people. Some stores were opening back up and at many of them, it was your choice if you wanted to wear a mask or not. I was still wearing one most of the time.I had never been into any game store, let alone this one. There were just a handful of people in the store. They were keeping their distance from others. I wasn’t even sure if any of them were together until I saw a few of them leave. I knew the store would be closed within the hour, so I concentrated on a couple of aisles. Not noticing for several minutes that most of the games in this area were sex games.Feeling a little embarrassed that the male employee would think I had been looking for this all along, I slowly tried to walk away. A particular game caught my attention. It didn’t have any pictures on the box; none of the adult games did. There were only words. The one that stopped me in my tracks said: Nipple Nice Or Tit Torture. For some unknown reason, my heart started beating faster, and I was breathing harder.The young man, maybe in his early thirties, noticed me and walked toward me.“Are you alright?” he quizzed.It took me a few seconds to realize he was talking to me. Because I was in a zone.“I’m not sure what happened, I feel like I’ve had deja vu,” I admitted.“Let me help you over to the table and I will get you some water,” he suggested.“Don’t worry, I can get over there, but the water would be nice.” I said with a smile he never saw because of the mask.Sitting at the table drinking, I carefully lifted my mask. When I finally realized he probably wanted me to get out of there so he could close the store, I stood up.“Thank you for the water. I am sure you need to get ready to close. I will get out of your hair.”“No rush, take your time. I noticed you were looking at a game. I could bring it over here so you can read about it while you are resting. My name is Paul, by the way.”Shaking my head, I stuttered, “I’m Suzanne, I better not. I need to get going.”“If you are interested, every Tuesday we have game night after we are closed. People can try different games to see if it is worth spending the money on. We usually have a small group of people and that is one that gets played the most.”He handed me a card. I thanked him and rushed out the door. When I glanced back, I saw him putting up the closed sign as he was watching me. We both lifted a hand to say goodbye.When I arrived home, I took out the card and saw it was his personal card. He must be the manager or the owner of the franchise. Hours of store operation were on the front and the game night information was on the back.My boyfriend, Rodney was bringing pizza over in a few hours, so I spent the time researching the game and the franchise as I waited. This location had a five-star rating and all the reviews were positive. The game, however, was very hard to find much about. It also had a high rating, but instructions were nowhere to be found.I didn’t mention the game store to Rodney that night. Not sure what my reason was.We weren’t living together, and I wasn’t sure we ever would. We met at the large insurance company we both currently worked for. Rodney is twenty-eight and still living with his parents. I am also twenty-eight and I’ve been on my own since the day I turned eighteen.I didn’t have a poor relationship with my parents; however, I knew I wanted to be on my own. For a couple of years, I lived with a few girlfriends in an apartment. This got me away from living at home, but I still brazzers wanted to be on my own. Luckily, there was a small house within my budget. When it was on the market, I secured a loan and purchased it.Rodney had spent the night occasionally, but this night I just wasn’t connecting with him. My mind was still on that stupid game. I asked around nonchalantly about the game store, but nobody had heard much about it. None of my friends or coworkers played many games, so I was on my own to research and find out what I could. Rodney might know about it, and maybe even go to the Tuesday game night. But I didn’t want him there, even though the game store had originally caught my eye because we played board games together.We had sex regularly, but nothing earth-shattering about it. He would get on top of me and we would have intercourse, and that was it. Sure, we kissed, but he never touched my breasts or played with my pussy. He would always come too fast and rarely did I feel much pleasure at all. I liked sex and thought I needed more than I guess you would call vanilla sex.The next week, when Tuesday came around, that was all I could think of, even at work. I worked my normal shift and let Rodney know I was going to be busy that evening. He didn’t ask what I was going to do, and I didn’t volunteer.I wasn’t sure how to dress for game night. I didn’t want to come across as slutty, but I wanted to look nice. Wearing one of my nicer pairs of jeans and a white tank top, I headed out the door. At the last minute, I went back in and grabbed a short-sleeved top with buttons. I left all the buttons undone because I kept the tank top on underneath. I did not take a purse, placing my ID and money in my jeans back pocket.When I arrived at the store, it had a sign on the door that instructed anyone there for game night needed to ring the bell. After I rang the bell, Paul opened the door with a bright smile. I wore a mask as I usually did and entered.“I am so glad you could come tonight,” he smiled while escorting me into the back room.There were two other women and three men, counting Paul.The room was well lit and there were many small round tables like you would see in a bar and one long table where everyone was currently sitting or standing close to.After we all introduced ourselves, I think we were all relieved to find out we all came alone. We sat at the big table while Paul explained the game. He opened up the box and showed us the cards and the nipple jewelry.There was a pile of cards that each of us would draw from as the game progressed. We started the game by going clockwise, which put me third to draw a card. Paul went first and his card came up Nipple Nice. He took off his tee shirt and finished reading.“My card says, Nipple Nice, rub lotion on your nipples.” He pulled a bottle of lotion out of a box and slowly massaged lotion on his nipples, which seemed to grow as he did so.The next person was Vicki. She had short, blonde hair. She drew her card and read, “Tit Torture, pick an item out of the secret box and use it on both of your nipples.”Her eyes grew very wide as she slowly took off her tight leotard-type shirt. We already knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were not huge, but not small either. She reached into the box none of us could see into and pulled out a pair of little plastic stars that had a hole in the center.She just stared at the stars, then looked at Paul. “What do I do with these?”Paul smiled and whispered, “Put your nipples through the hole and wear the stars like jewelry.”She gasped but did as he said, continuing to gasp as she forced her nipples into the holes.Now it was cuckold porno my turn, and it scared me to death. At least none of these people knew me, and with my mask on, they might not recognize me in the future if we should cross paths. I drew my card and, of course, it was also Tit Torture.I read out loud, “Tit Torture, turn to your left and ask the person next to you to use whatever they pull from the box.“Slowly, I took off both my tops and then my black bra. Every man in the room let out some kind of sound. I was a 40D and my waist was 32 inches. The man sitting to my left pulled out a leather harness-looking thing. Paul instructed him how to put it on me. I was so large that he really struggled to get my breasts through the holes.I was relieved because it didn’t hurt; however, I was more exposed than anyone so far. The tightness of the harness forced my breasts to point straight out.The next time it was my turn, I was told to pull something out of yet another box and use it on the girl next to me. Of course, it was Tit Torture as well. I pulled out a roll of tape and Paul advised me to bind her breasts together with the tape. I did as asked and apologized to her constantly. She just giggled, and I wondered if she had played before.We did things like this all evening, and nothing from the previous turns came off. Looking around, I was getting pretty turned on, looking at the other women and myself.By the end of the night, Paul had pulled on my nipples until I had to lean forward. Paul had written on us one by one, and now, a man was licking and sucking on my tits.The only other Nipple Nice that was drawn was by me. It had read just like Paul’s had. I massaged lotion on my breasts while they were still in the harness. Again, each man and maybe the women all moaned. I felt my panties getting wetter.All of us sat there exposed as Paul explained what to do if we wanted to purchase the game or if we wanted to play again the next Tuesday night. That was fine.During the game, I’d had my nipples sucked on and licked. Stars forced on my nipples like Vicki. The harness binding me, and someone had painted my nipples red and written their phone number on each breast.Paul explained where we could get cleaned up, but most of us removed what we could and got dressed. Both women helped me out of the harness and I noticed they each pretended to try wiping off the phone number. They were actually just holding my breasts. This did not bother me. I am about as straight as they come, but I felt a strong bond with these women. We had all done things for over two hours, things I had never imagined.“Next week, if the group is the same participants, the game will change to new cards and boxes full of torture supplies,” Paul provided.Still, I was the only one wearing a mask over my mouth and nose. I continued to do so until I was in my car.I felt like I was in a dream or that I had been drinking. No alcohol in my system while at the store, and certainly none beforehand.As soon as I reached my house and was sure they did not follow me, I went inside. For some stupid reason, I scribbled down the phone number that had been so carefully written on my breasts. I had no desire to get together with that man, but I thought I needed the number for some weird reason.It all washed off of my skin easily. I took a shower, washing every inch of my body. Holding my breasts more than normal and pinching my nipples. For the first time in my young life, I used the shower nozzle on my pussy, moving it closer and changing the stream to a pulsating rhythm. I came over and over before the water became cool.Sleep czech porno did not come easily that night. I tossed and turned, remembering all the things we did to each other’s nipples and breasts. By 4 AM, I realized there was no way I could go to work in just a few hours. After calling the insurance company and leaving a message, I tried again to fall asleep. I must have dozed off after 6 AM, and the next thing I knew it was 1 in the afternoon.When I started waking up, I could feel my hands holding my breasts. Gradually I realized what I was doing. I was going to continue with game night, and my hands continued massaging my breasts and pulling on my nipples.When I finally rolled out of bed, I went directly to the shower. My hands had a mind of their own. The shower head was now making me cum again. Soon my knees were about to buckle. Turning off the shower, I toweled myself off and lay back on the bed, not waking up again until the sun was going down.The aftereffects I was having from game night were unbelievable. I noticed my phone was blinking. There were two missed calls from Rodney and one from work. The work call was just a routine call when someone calls in. I couldn’t talk to Rodney right now, but listened to his messages. He wanted to come over that evening.Rodney could not come over tonight, maybe never again. I sent him this text. I am not myself today. Talk tomorrow at work.He is a really nice guy, but I had just discovered he was not what I needed, and he deserved to know as soon as I could find the words. We had only been seeing each other for about six months and we had never talked about any type of commitment, so I hoped he understood.The next day at work, Rodney was not there. I’d really hoped to talk to him before too long. Usually I would have texted him to be sure he was alright. I went about my day and evening as usual and tried to keep my mind off of Game Night. By the next day, I made my mind up. I would swing past the game store on my way home from work.Rodney showed up, and everything seemed normal for us. Before our shift was over, I stopped by his cubicle and asked him if we could talk. We took a break together later outside in the courtyard.He had his hands in his front pockets when I reached him, almost as if he were expecting the inevitable.“Thank you for taking your break with me. We really need to talk,” I started, as he held up a hand.“Suzanne, wait, can I go first?”“Of course,” I said, concerned.“My parents are moving back to Florida and I am going with them. As you know I went to college there, I have stayed in touch with a girl and I would like to get together with her again.”I was not wearing a mask, and he could see my smile instantly.“That’s wonderful. I am happy for you. The reason I wanted to talk was to let you know I think you and I have gone about as far as we are ever going to and we should move on.”We each showed an enormous relief in our posture and gave each other a hug and wished each other happiness in life.With a sigh of relief, I entered my cubicle to finish out my work day. Now my thoughts were definitely focusing on a stop at the game store. Not even sure what I hope to find there or my reason for going before Tuesday night. All I knew was it was calling me.As soon as I opened the store’s door, the bells told anyone there it had opened. A lady I had never seen was behind the counter. Paul emerged from the backroom.“It is so good to see you. I was hoping to talk to you before Game Night. You are coming back, aren’t you?”With a smile I nodded, “Yes, and I really am not sure why I stopped in this evening, but I might browse through the games.”“I have a request. Do you mind going into the game room to discuss it with me? If you would rather, we could put a sign on the door and Linda can join us.” He motioned toward the lady behind the counter.I looked at Linda and then at him. “That isn’t necessary.”

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