Gemma’s Obsession


Gemma was tired of being taken for a younger girl. Now twenty-two, she only looked about fifteen. Her diminutive figure and small, pale features all added to the image. So she was not pursued by many men, which was annoying for her because she was really very sexy and keen on the opposite sex. In fact, her main preoccupation when not working – and sometimes even then! – was with men’s cocks. She was far from ignorant of them, but would have wished for more experience, even so.

Gemma believed that men had been put on earth for the sole purpose of fornicating as often as possible. As far as she herself was concerned, that wasn’t often enough.

In fact, whenever Gemma looked at a man, her immediate thought always, was to wonder what his genitals were like. Did he have a large thick cock, she wondered, with huge testicles, or a long thin cock and compact testicles? She tried to visualise their equipment as she spoke to them, studying their noses and looking at their fingers, wondering if their cocks reflected these other outstanding features. If she could, without making it obvious, she would steal a casual glance at the front of their trousers, hoping to see a bulge. Her heart skipped a beat if she was lucky enough to see the outline of the manhood lurking in there.

At her friend’s twenty-first party, Gemma was feeling particularly sexy and frustrated. It was a warm evening and her loins were pining for some attention. The problem was that there were lots of couples, but hardly any single men to chat to. In fact, there were one or two unattached young women in the room, so she had competition.

Her birthday friend, Pamela, had two brothers and she found herself chatting with the younger one, Sam. He was eighteen and fairly shy, but Gemma found she could talk to him freely. This was probably because he too looked on her as a youngster, rather than a grown up even though she was four years his senior.

Sam had a slender nose and delicate, lengthy fingers. She wondered?

She decided there and then that she would try to explore his genitals before the night was out, and jerk him off into her mouth. That was her most exquisite activity, the best of all experiences – to swallow a guy’s sperm. It gave her a sense of power over the guy and certainly enhanced her own orgasms. She loved being screwed, of course, but swallowing sperm was something again! There were so many varieties of texture of man’s seed, from thin and watery to thick and starchy – from a couple of drops to a deluge – from oozing sperm to powerfully spurting sperm.

Whilst Sam was going on about Brahms and Chopin, she was wondering which category his sperm fell into. When he came to a break in his musical chat, she decided to change the subject.

‘Why haven’t you got a girl friend?’ she asked him.

‘Oh, well … you know. They don’t seem to go for me.’

‘Perhaps your interests are too serious for them?’

‘Could be,’ he agreed

‘Or are you too shy, perhaps,’ she teased? ‘Have you never been with a girl, then?’

‘No, not … er … not really,’ he stammered. ‘One day, I suppose.’

‘Well, I am surprised. You are nice looking, slim figure, intelligent. What more do they want?’

‘You tell me.’

‘Not even kissed a girl?’

‘Well, just a peck sometimes.’

She looked at him quizzically. ‘Would you like to have a proper kiss? You know, a real passionate one?’

Sam stammered. ‘Er … ‘

‘Come on! Let’s go outside,’ Gemma suggested. ‘It’s a rather hot in here.’

‘If you like’, Sam agreed, rather surprised at the offer.

No one took any notice as they slipped through the back door into the twilight. The house had a large garden with a lawn and several shrubs. Gemma led him round the back of the garden shed, then turned to face him. She looked at his pale smooth face, his pale blue eyes, took hold of his hands and kissed his lips gently.

‘There. Just a friendly one to start with.’

‘Do you like kissing?’ he asked her, after licking his lips, tasting the lipstick she was wearing.

‘Adore it.’ And she took his face in her hands and kissed him again, but this time, rather more firmly.

‘I also like my breasts being fondled.’

As she kissed him again, pushing her tongue at his lips, Gemma took hold of his left hand, guiding it into the top of her blouse and pushed it into the bra. Sam had his hand on a woman’s breast at last! The small breasts felt warm and supple. The nipple was hardening with excitement. Sam gulped with surprise. But he said nothing as they continued kissing. But with more passion.

Sam was trying to make sense of the situation. His sister’s young friend was encouraging him to feel her soft flesh, even placing his hand on her breast. He had never done that to a woman before, though had often fantasized about it, wondering what they felt like. Well, now he knew! He rubbed his hand over the fullest part. It felt wonderful. Smooth, spongy and warm.

But he wasn’t prepared for Gemma’s next move. Her hand rubbed the front of Cami Halısı his trousers, pressing against the stiff bulge beneath the fabric. Sam usually got an erection at the mere thought of a naked woman. Feeling a bare breast had his cock stiffen in no time at all. |It was now pressing against the leg of his trousers, trying to get upright. There was plenty for Gemma to feel.

Sam felt embarrassed at having an erection, not realising that it was what Gemma wanted. But the soft touch of Gemma’s hand overcame his objection to it. In fact, it was amazing to have a woman’s hand feel his hard cock. The very first time!

‘You feel me and I feel you. Okay?’ she whispered into his mouth.

Gemma liked the touch of what was hidden in his trousers. Quickly unzipping his flies, her hand grappled inside to take hold of the stiff cock. She released it from the confines of his trouser leg. It bounced upright as soon as it was free, liked a coiled spring. It felt fantastic. Heaven! Sheer bliss!

The feel of a strange cock always rather startled Gemma. Each one was a new experience to savour. Particularly a virgin cock! Sam’s was long and slender. Like his other outstanding features! Smooth and rigid. Her fingers snaked all the way down the shaft to explore his rough forest of hair before moving down to the soft, wrinkled testicles, their sac hugging the cock.

For a few seconds, Gemma delighted in exploring the contours of the teenage genitals, stroking the inner thighs and the length of the shaft with quick, urgent movements. She decided that it was time to have this one in her mouth – taste the sperm of youth. In fact, she could feel the muscles in his loins tightening already. As she peeled back the foreskin, the cock was already leaking in anticipation. She smeared the slippery end with the pads of her fingers.

Sliding down to her knees, Gemma took a quick look at the youth’s pale shaft before prising it away from his navel and putting her mouth over the end. Curling the thumb and index finger of her hand round the base, she gently pumped it into her hot wet mouth. It felt gorgeous. It tasted fresh and clean.

Sam’s loins reacted with inevitable muscular jerks as the excitement grew inside. He had never imagined anyone would want to suck his cock – or any cock for that matter. He was a bit bewildered, feeling emotions never before experienced, knowing that he was reaching the point of no return. He was horrified at the thought of ejaculating into her mouth. But he was powerless to prevent it!

His buttocks were now jerking at her. Sam knew he was coming. He tried to pull away, but she hung on tight to his buttocks, pressing her lips fully to the base of his shaft. Suddenly she felt the spray of sperm hit the back of her throat. It exploded against the roof of her mouth in several bursts. Sweet jasmine! Stunning! Swallow, swallow, swallow to avoid choking on the thick starchy glue. Almost gagging, but revelling in the joy of having a cock ejaculate into her mouth.

She was over the moon! Virgin sperm!

Gemma licked the shaft with her tongue and wiped her lips along its entire length until the cock was completely empty, rolling the tacky juice round her cheeks, savouring the sweet taste. Sam was no watery guy! His was all springtime!

All this while Gemma had pushed her other hand into her pants, feeling the rough hair of her inflated vulva, scooping her own starchy juices to lubricate the fingers before finding the stem of her clitoris, which she rubbed vigorously. Its thick root was the most sensitive part of her genitals to bring about her climax. As she felt him ejaculate, the sheer exhilaration of bringing him off triggered her own orgasm. Not a very powerful one, but satisfying all the same as she concentrated on the spurting cock.

She finally stood up with a smile, swallowing the young man’s essence. It had now become less tacky, tasting rather musky, with the texture of a spoonful of thin honey. Sam was looking rather bashful.

‘Is that better than Brahms?’ she asked.

‘Fantastic,’ he stammered. ‘Can I …? Do you mind … I want to toss myself off … I need to come again. I must! And I’d like to feel you if you don’t mind.’


‘I always come twice. But I’ve never felt a woman’s … er … fanny before.’

Gemma felt rather sorry for the youth. Never kissed a girl before, nor felt her warm oozing vulva. She was only too eager to oblige! Lifting the hem of her skirt, she invited Sam to put his hand between her thighs. With little hesitation, his clumsy fingers found their way into her knickers to explore the rough hairy groin. Between the warm thighs he discovered the object of his dreams. A woman’s fanny. It was wet and sloppy. He was astonished by the fleshy nature of the plump vulva.

It was a fantasy realised at last. He had frequently tried to picture what it would be like to feel a woman’s private flesh. As he masturbated, he attempted to visualise it. How it would feel to penetrate the inside of a girl. He had never Cami Halıları for one moment imagined that it would be all hairy and wet, with flaps of flesh protruding from the hot gash. It was a revelation! Astonishing!

His mouth turned dry as he fingered Emma’s gash. It fired him with thoughts of fucking. Grasping his stiff cock in his other palm, he started to pump quickly and vigorously. Gemma watched as his eyes screwed up tight and his loins stiffened, before turning her attention to the jerking hand. As her hot vulva lips were mauled and pinched, she stood watching the action of his masturbation.

This time she could study the young man’s cock. It was long and smooth. Very pale with hardly any veins showing. The foreskin was very loose, sliding back and forth over the length of the shaft as he jerked it up and down, exposing a head that was pointed, rather than blunt, with hardly any rim to it. The eye was dilated, ready to eject its seed.

He grunted with effort and intensity, violently thrusting his loins forward and backwards. As Sam began to heave and grunt, Gemma kept her eyes on the cock. A small drop of liquid emerged. Then, with a grunt, it spat its sperm into the air. She watched the heaving jerks splash their contents onto the grass, before the cock finally emptied.

They fastened their clothing without speaking, and returned to the party, which was still in full swing. They hadn’t been missed. Gemma, still feeling randy as hell, filled a glass with white wine and looked round the room. Some of the couples were now kissing and stroking, others chatting whilst they nibbled on the buffet food.

Taking a mouthful of wine, Gemma swilled it round her cheeks to flush away the remains of Sam’s sperm, before deciding to go up to the loo to tidy herself up. On her return she noticed the door off the half landing was ajar. Peering in, she saw Pamela’s grandfather, John, sitting in his large armchair wearing his dressing gown, watching television, a glass of what looked like whisky in his hand.

She liked old John. He had a wicked sense of humour, frequently pulling her leg and making indecent remarks to her in a friendly way. She tapped on the door. John turned.

‘Can I come in?’ Gemma smiled.

‘Of course, darling.’

Gemma closed the door behind her and sat on the arm of John’s chair.

‘You should be at the party enjoying yourself.’

‘I thought you were there, as well.’

John put his glass on the side table. ‘Yes, I was. But it’s for the young ones. Besides, there’s no-one to talk to, with everybody kissing and cuddling – and you disappeared with young Sam, I noticed.’

‘So you came to your room to watch dirty movies, did you?’ she laughed, ruffling his hair, ‘though if you kept your eyes open, you might have seen some dirty goings on downstairs.’

‘Chance would be a fine thing at my age,’ he laughed. ‘Besides, my memory’s not so good these days.’

Laughing, Gemma put her arm round his neck. ‘Don’t be silly, John. Feel at that to see if you remember what it is.’

And, feeling sorry for him, rather flirty, and distinctly randy, she put her arm round his neck, took his right hand and gently guided it into the top of her blouse, pushing it against the warm of her body and pressing the softness of her breast, bending over to kiss him on the lips at the same time.

A surprised and delighted John took advantage of the offer, slipping his hand into her blouse to feel her left breast, rolling the chunky nipple under his thumb. She was not wearing a bra. The young breasts were small, though supple, warm and smooth, and her lips soft and sweet. He wondered whether or not he might try to feel her young vulva. That really would be something!

Gemma giggled into his mouth. ‘Go on, then,’ she muttered, as though reading his thoughts, taking his hand from her breast and guiding it up her skirt to the hot crease between her thighs. It was literally aching for attention. Desperate to be fondled!

This was an absolutely stunning encounter for John. Gemma was a close friend of his granddaughter, and here she was, encouraging him to fondle her young juicy labia. He thought she must be drunk! But as his fingers eased aside the gusset of her knickers to uncover the magnificent tender lips pouting cheekily from the gash, he was equally amazed to feel her small fingers finding their way into his dressing gown, searching for his cock!

It was such a long time ago that a woman’s fingers had grasped his cock. It was heaven! The cock reacted to the attention it was getting by slowly swelling and stiffening in the young soft hand, rather more quickly than usual. Erections didn’t come easy these days! John concentrated his mind on feeling the humid, spongy flesh between Gemma’s thighs, sticky with her honey. He slid a finger deep inside, remembering other vagina he had felt in earlier days.

‘It must be my birthday as well,’ he smiled after finger fucking her for a good while.

‘Shhh!’ Gemma murmured and slithered onto the carpet between his legs. Parting the dressing gown, she removed his cock from his pyjamas. John was sorry to lose touch with the vulva, but to have a young lady play with his cock was equally exciting.

‘Lovely,’ she laughed softly. She worshipped man’s cock, and this one was a prince among princes. She planted a kiss on the end, studying its contours as she stroked the weapon of Adonis. Gorgeous!

‘I wonder how many vaginas this has penetrated,’ she mused, toying with the foreskin.

Taking the shaft in both hands, Gemma slowly and delicately moved it up and down, twisting it, helping it to grow to a respectable stiffness. It was thick and pale, the pubic hair a golden brown in contrast to his grey hair. She had thought that it would have turned white as well, but his whole genitals seemed to be those of a younger man. Smooth and silky skinned.

After a few minutes of attention, the cock reached it’s full six inches of hard manhood. John looked on in disbelief at the sight of a small hand playing with his cock, but proud that he was able to display a good erection. The look in her eyes told him how mesmerised she was by the penis.

Gemma’s eyes devoured every detail, as though she was trying to memorise it. Holding the shaft between finger and thumb, with her stiffened tongue, she teased the head before taking it slowly into her mouth until it was entirely engulfed, her other hand cupping his heavy testicles. It was sheer joy.

For the next few minutes, Gemma worshipped the prince of sex. Cock was her idol! She immerse herself in its glory, its stiff pride. She felt every bit of its surface, exploring the foreskin texture and the faint tracery of blue veins curling round the pale perimeter.

But old John felt the tension beginning to mount in his loins. His muscles started to flex, his thighs to clutch. His cock hadn’t been as thick and hard as this for ages. Gemma’s mouth had taken it all in – deep throat, lapping her tongue along the underside of the shaft. With his hands now grasping both her young breasts, squeezing and caressing, he concentrated his mind on the heavenly feeling of a soft, hot mouth paying homage to his cock, assisted by a small hand slowly jerking the lower end of the shaft.

Gradually, the tautness in his loins grew and grew. The muscles clenched until they reached an agonising pitch of rapture. He was desperate to ejaculate, but the tightness went on to an even greater level. The only thing that mattered now was to come, although he wanted the feeling to last forever! His muscles were contracting wildly, but still refused to open up.

Grasping Gemma’s head in both hands, he started to fuck her mouth in fierce desperation, thrusting his loins into her face. His cock pounded into her mouth.

‘Come on!’ he muttered in despair, ‘oh, come on!’ His breathing was harsh and irregular. He thought his brain would burst! He was crying out in agony!

Then, after what seemed an eternity, a sudden surge of immense relief engulfed John as the spring snapped. His cock discharged its essence against the soft throat in several heaving spasms. Each spurt released the pressure until John’s muscles relaxed completely, leaving him laid back in the armchair exhausted, with Gemma’s face still swallowing his shattered cock.

There had been a moment when Gemma though she would gag on John’s heaving rod invading her mouth, but she hung on to feel the wonderful gush of hot creamy sperm splatter the back of her throat. She hurriedly swallowed each burst to prevent it dribbling down her chin an on to her skirt. Gemma adored the feel of a softening cock having discharged its duty. It felt so defenceless and weak.

She savoured the taste of the sperm. Although not very thick, it reminded her of fresh mown grass. Strong flavoured. Gemma finally sat up, covered John’s groin with his dressing gown and smiled up at him.

‘There!’ she said. ‘You really needed that, didn’t you? So did I! But I must go!’

As she stood, John lifted the hem of her skirt to feast his eyes on the youthful vulva, with naughty labia pouting from the gash surrounded by the covering of curly hair. He reached his hand, cupping it in the palm of his hand, giving her labia one last feel. He was sorry he hadn’t had the chance to lick it, or even to fuck it.

‘Thanks darling,’ was all he could say. She blew him a kiss and sneaked out of the door, delighted at the way the evening was turning in her favour.

Back at the party, things had moved on with the drinks. The lights had been lowered and there was soft music being played. The room was hot and heavy with sexual overtones. Gemma’s sister, Pamela, was standing in the corner kissing her boyfriend. He had his hand up the rear of the skirt, fondling her bottom – or perhaps even her vulva, Gemma guessed. Whatever he was up to though, it had Pamela purring happily.

She noticed a couple embracing on the floor behind the settee. Although it was dark, she could see that the woman’s skirt was round her waist and the man’s trousers were open. The woman was clearly stroking what Gemma assumed to be a cock whilst her fellow had his hand in her knickers, groping her vulva, as they moaned quietly into each other’s mouth.

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