General Chemistry Ch. 06

Big Tits

This is the final chapter of General Chemistry, though as the name of the course suggests, Gen Chem II might be coming soon.

I regret that this update took so long in the making, but life events (and the desire to get this chapter right) conspired to slow me down.

More sticky, swollen, gratuitous sex scenes to come.


Lazy afternoon sunlight filtered in through the curtains, and I could faintly hear the sound of the TV droning on from down the hall.

Liv laid on her back, the gray t-shirt bunched up around her neck, her long, athletic torso curving sharply as she rubbed her hair into the blankets. A brilliant red hickey, centered around my teeth marks, glowed on her pale breast. Her labia were swollen and flared open, still distended from the shape of my cock.

When her pussy clenched, a slippery glob of my cum slid down her inner thigh and onto the blanket, joining the pool that had already collected below her ass. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth twisted into a satisfied smile as she caressed her tanned thighs with her fingertips.

I sat on my heels on the edge of the bed, sweaty, naked, and balls achingly empty. I briefly shook my head, hoping to clear whatever fog had come over me, before realizing that I was still hungover. As spaced out as I felt, Liv seemed like she’d been fucked into blissful submission.

Pri, just as naked as we were, watched the two of us with a hazy look. She’d left her clothes in the living room where she’d fucked Marco only a few minutes ago. After Liv’s boyfriend had left, Pri had no one to fool around with, and she reclined into a pile of pillows against the headboard.

I could see her entire body in exquisite detail. Her thick, shapely calves, the gouge from a soccer cleat visible on the side, pink and barely healed against her brown skin. She sat with the light-colored soles of her feet touching, her knees and muscular thighs spread, and between them her hand traced lazily through her pubic hair. Her stiff, red clit pushed past the dark skin of her hood, her sweaty breasts slowly rising and falling. Through heavy-lidded eyes, she observed the aftermath of the little ‘show’ I’d put on, lingering on Liv’s naked body just as much as mine.

Although Pri’s body showed every sign that she wanted to be touched, to be fucked, to be made to cum, her lips pressed together bloodlessly, and she looked away.

“Can we–why don’t we wash up?” she said. “Maybe have lunch?”

It took a moment for my brain to interpret the words. Something was wrong. The most I could manage was to place my hand on the bed between us in some version of an invitation. Although I was sluggish, exhausted really, any signal from her would quickly draw me between those perfect legs, to taste her intoxicating pussy.

But she shook her head, so faintly I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been staring at her. “I feel gross,” she continued. “And hungry. Anyone else hungry?”

“Yeah. Maybe. I dunno,” said Liv. She yawned deeply, stretching in all directions at once. At the peak of her stretch, her pussy clenched again, pushing another slow trickle of cum out of her. “But I’m just gonna, like, lay here a minute.” There was a smile in her voice but she sounded miles away.

“Jack,” said Pri. “Can you warm up the shower?” I must have looked like a mess because she said again, “The shower? Please?”

Mechanically, I slid a leg off the bed, then another, before standing up straight, stretching and groaning the whole way. My cock slapped wetly against my thigh, bobbing thick and heavy, caught somewhere between recovering from my massive orgasm and the permanent erotic aura of these beautiful women.

I took two steps toward the door but Pri didn’t move.

“I’ll be right there,” she said, giving me a small, encouraging smile. “Make sure it’s nice and hot, okay?”

Without thinking, I turned left towards ‘our’ shower, the one that connected to the master bedroom. Pri and I had already claimed it with our masturbating while Liv’s dad was out of town. Turning the corner into the hall, I heard the sound of skin sliding across the sheets.

“Hey Livvy, how are you?” asked Pri as I moved out of earshot.

The shower was huge, tiled pale green and easily large enough for four people. A waterfall shower head, huge and brass-colored and expensive-looking, hung down from the center of the ceiling. I leaned against the cold wall with a hand extended into the water, waiting for the heat to build.

What had happened this weekend? To say it had gotten away from me, that would have been an understatement. I almost felt like I had more gaps than actual memories.

Where had I been? What had I done, and with who? What had I said, what promises had I made? When the hot water finally flowed, the slowly rising steam seemed to reanimate my dehydrated brain, but instead of making the memories clearer, it resolved them in a kind of fuzzy, dreamlike quality.

I thought about the first time I met gaziantep lezbiyen escort the girls.

It had been a warm day in September, way warmer down south than I was used to in Connecticut. It was the first class of my first semester, Gen Chem I, and I was just settling into an aisle seat towards the front of the lecture hall. That’s when, as I rooted around in my backpack for a missing pen, I heard her for the first time. The same acoustics that would carry the professor’s voice up to the highest seats brought Pri’s laugh down to me.

Unless it’s particularly strange or unique, you mostly don’t notice how a person laughs. It’s just an extension of their speech, of how they communicate, like the hums and breaths and verbal tics that everyone has.

This laugh was different. It was dark and throaty and genuine. It felt real, and its realness seemed to drown out the awkward greetings and nervous shuffling of papers from the hundred other students around me.

So I turned my head and tracked the sound to the heavy metal doors at the lecture hall entrance. That’s, of course, when I saw them for the first time. They didn’t have names then, just a tall, sour faced brunette and a short brown girl, smiling a wide, brilliant smile.

And I watched them pick their way through the idling students, down the steps, and before I knew what was happening, they were sidestepping towards their seats two rows above me. Athletic, beautiful, happy, talkative, snapping at each other playfully, chatting about something I can’t quite remember.

Liv saw me watching them, as painfully obvious as I was, and raised an annoyed eyebrow. All I could manage was a stupid nod. Pri waved back with a big smile.

“Hi!” she had said. “Do you take good notes?”

The shower door, in the here and now, slid open. I started, suddenly aware that I was alone and naked in someone else’s house. But it was only Pri. Dragging the cold air in behind her, she slipped into the little shower room, one careful foot after the other, almost silently against the drumming of the water.

“What the hell are you doing?” she laughed, a hand clutched to her bare breast. “You’re supposed to get under the water, you know.”

I laughed too and stepped into the spray, gasping and sputtering, the hot water washing over my body. I stepped out of the downpour and, before I could wipe my eyes to see, Pri crashed into me.

As the steam climbed all around, I wrapped her in my arms and bent her to my mouth and my waiting tongue. In response, she grabbed a firm handful of my ass, pulling me towards her and crushing my cock between us. I rocked my hips slightly, stroking my still sensitive cock head against her thigh. A fire sparked somewhere inside me, and I pushed against her, turning her by the waist, until her back pressed against the green tile.

We both reeked of sex. I pulled away just far enough to slide a finger down her tummy, through her damp pubic hair, and along her slit. Her clit was hard and hot but she didn’t clutch at me or moan like I expected she would. She suddenly felt stiff in my arms.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said, staring a hole into my chest. “It’s just–maybe we should just get cleaned up…”

“Is it Liv?”

She didn’t say anything. I could see her jaw working as she gently tapped her teeth together.

“What happened? After I left.”

For a moment, nothing, and then she sighed. “I told her… that she’s my favorite person. That she’s the best person I know. And that she’s my best friend and I love her.”

I squeezed her body against me and kissed the top of her head. Rubbing the tangle of black hair at the nape of her neck, I said, “That sounds really nice. What did she say?”

“She said ‘I know.’” A rough little laugh jumped out of me. Pri turned her face sharply. “Don’t laugh. Why are you laughing?”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “It’s from Star Wars. Han Solo, and… it’s just funny that she’s quoting Star Wars, that’s all.”

Her brittle expression slowly softened, and eventually she smiled too.

Light trickled into the steam air through a small, frosted window above our heads, giving her happy face a kind of halo, like the special effects from a dream sequence. I wondered again if I was actually asleep and having a sudden lucid moment.

I kissed her again, more firmly this time. She sighed into my mouth and some of her tension fell away, her shoulders drooping. My shaft pressed sideways, burning hot, against her skin. The ridge of my glans fit nicely into the hard V of muscle that angled from her waist down between her legs.

“I’m just feeling…” she said, tapping slowly above my nipple with two fingers. “I’m feeling a little off. It’s not a big deal.”

“Honest,” I said. It wasn’t a demand. It was a reminder. We’d just promised that we wouldn’t keep things from each other, not if they were important.

She pinched her lips together. escort gaziantep lezbiyen Her tapping fingers transformed into a softly beating palm. The moment stretched on, the seconds counted out by the slow thumping of her hand against my chest.

At last she said, “I’m really, uh, I’m really attracted to her. To Liv. I thought it was just… getting caught up in the moment, you know? But some of the girls on the team–I mean, some of them are actually gay–but some of them would say stuff like ‘everyone’s a little bit gay,’ and they would say stuff to each other. Sexy stuff, like…” She tapered off for a moment, visibly searching for the words.

“Pri, it’s okay,” I said. I thought about Marco. I thought of when he was fucking Liv from behind, their muscular bodies colliding in the solarium, when he’d flipped his hair back and smiled. I felt something catch in my brain, a prickly ball of anxiety that jabbed me whenever I had thoughts about him.

I wondered what she was telling me, and if I was really in a position to help Pri navigate bisexuality.

“What I mean is,” I said, starting again. “It’s normal, right? It’s normal to like both.”

“I know, I know. Well, I don’t know actually. My family wouldn’t say it’s normal. But it’s also that it’s her. It’s Olivia. I’ve never really thought about another girl like this. She’s my best friend, Jack. I really like you but she’s my number one person. I’ve known her since we were kids. She was the first contact I ever put in my phone! And she–we’ve seen each other naked like a thousand times, and we talk about life, we talk about boys. We came up with an entire plan so that I could, you know, fuck you.” The way she said ‘fuck’, soft and slow and nervous, almost made me laugh.

“But the way she helped. The sex shaman thing. I’d never seen her like that, touching someone else, so turned on like that. And cumming too. And you, oh my god–” She slid her wet hand down my torso until she reached my pubic hair. She paused, trembling, as though resisting the urge to grab my swollen cock. I had no idea if I could manage an erection right now, but her touch against my mons, the sight of her hand so close to me, made me throb and drool precum down her hip. “When you were fucking her, I wasn’t just watching. And I wasn’t just imagining you were fucking me. I wanted to–I needed to…”

“Fuck her too?”

She finally looked me in the eye, somewhere between embarrassed and annoyed and something else. My arms had drifted down around her waist and she grabbed my wrist, quickly pushing my hand between her legs.

Her pussy was slick and swollen. My fingers actually collected a thick strand of cum that dangled from her labia. As I stroked it back into her slit, her body clenched, her fingers digging into my back. She gasped when I met the resistance of her clit. It was stiff and insistent. She closed her eyes as I slid my fingertip down the shaft, her mouth hanging open. By now the shower had completely filled with swirling vapor, and for an endless moment I fingered her, my slowly expanding cock sliding between us, smearing her taut stomach with a trail of my precum.

As quickly as she started, she pulled my hand away, a doubtful look on her face. “Stop, stop for a minute.” She took a deep breath. “I’m not done. She’s my best friend and I love her. But what happens now? What happens to our friendship if we…” I think I knew the end to that sentence, but whether it was embarrassment or the fear of wishing it into existence, she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“Do you know when I knew I liked you?”

“What?” Confused, she turned her oval-shaped face up at me, digging her chin into my chest.

“When I started having feelings for you. It was–well it was pretty much instant. It was the exact moment I heard you laugh for the first time, before I’d even met you, the first day in Granson Hall. But when I knew that I wanted you, that I wanted to be with you? I think it was… October. I barely made it a month. And I held it in–” She smiled a little but I cut her off before she could speak “–however unconvincingly I held it in, I kept it to myself for months and months. Because I was terrified I would lose you. Lose your friendship. Lose my friendship with Liv. But, I didn’t lose you. Either of you. Did I?”

“I mean, yet.”

“Ouch.” I made hurt puppy eyes at her.

“No, c’mon Jack, you’re not seriously saying…?”

“What? I’m just explaining what happened to me.”

“That’s totally different,” she said. The steamy air enveloped us fully, collecting into glittering droplets on her curly hair. “You’re a boy, and we’re together now. I really mean it. I like you, like with a capital L, with butterflies and hair twirling and all that–don’t smile too much, idiot. But if we–if something went wrong and we broke up, it would suck. Really bad. It would be shitty, but I’d survive. It’s not like me and Liv. At all. If gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar I lost her, I don’t know what I would do.”

“Okay,” was all I could say.

“It’s not normal. And we can’t just keep… escalating. There has to be a limit. There has to be.”

“Okay. I get it.”

“And think about Marco. There’s relationships here. I mean, like, between you and me, and between them. Not like, me and Liv. Obviously.”


“What, just you and me and Liv and Marco? In a polyamorous commune, out in the woods?”

“Perfect,” I said, too agreeably. “Like Wild Wild Country. Great idea.”

“I liked it better when you just said ‘Okay’ like a moron. Say something helpful.”

I pinched my lips but ended up smiling anyway. A wet strand of curly hair was plastered across her forehead and I tried to push it out of the way with my thumb. “I’m saying… I think you’re afraid that what you have with Liv isn’t strong enough to deal with what we did this weekend. And I mean, what we already did. If we’re going to regret something, it’s probably already happened. Do you regret anything so far? Do you think she does?”

Pri pressed her face against my chest. “I don’t know,” she said, softly but clearly. “Probably not. No. She’s having a great time. You know, she asked me if Marco was good at fucking, if I liked doing it with him.” Like before, she whispered the naughty word like she thought someone might hear us. “And she was interested, you know? Like it was all so great. Like we were sharing–“

She caught herself, and I thought I knew why.

“Maybe,” I said slowly. “Maybe if she’s sharing Marco with you, and you’re sharing me with her, then your relationship is a lot stronger than you realize.” I shrugged and made a sheepish face. “I don’t know. I’m just saying things.”

The air was thick and hazy, and I wondered how long the hot water would last. It felt like we’d been in here for an hour already. Pri leaning silently against me, thinking or dreaming or processing, I wasn’t sure.

“So you’re not worried,” she said eventually. “That I like Liv too much? Or that I will someday? That it will ruin everything?”

“Not really,” I said. “What, do you think Liv would want to leave Marco for you?”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “No. She loves dick too much.” Her eyes flashed and she covered her mouth with her hand, shocked that she’d let that slip out. We stared at each other, grinning, and Pri pulled me tightly against her. We held each other for a long, glowing moment. I wasn’t totally sure what we’d decided, if anything, but it was nice to feel her at ease again.

“What’s wrong with this thing?” she asked finally, squirming. “You literally just came.”

She slid a hand between us and thumbed the moist slit of my cock. The sight of her small, dark hand against the pink shaft aroused me even further, and I visibly swelled in her fingers. She laughed.

I laughed too. “Emotional boner, I guess.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m feeling a bit… excited too, but I want you to know that I feel really close to you right now. I mean–you know what I mean. I feel good being near you. Being with you. Telling you things.”

“I’m–” My voice actually caught in my throat and I blinked away the rude tear that was forming in my eye. Maybe I was being affected by the hangover and the steamy air. “Me too. So can we just enjoy ourselves? Put off real life until tomorrow?”

“Meaning what?” she asked, a playful tone running through it. “I can think of a few ways we might enjoy ourselves.”

I hummed in response and I dropped my hand to her ample ass, slowly snaking two fingers between her muscular cheeks. Pri stiffened for a moment as I brushed across her asshole, then sighed as I rubbed back and forth along her slit. She held me around the chest and pressed her face into my shoulder as her slick lubrication flowed onto my fingertips.

“I want to make you cum,” I whispered. “I want you shaking on my hands until I feel like taking you with my long, hard cock.”

She licked her lips, eyes sparkling, but before she could reply we heard the latch of the bathroom door click. We froze.

“Hellooo…” said Liv playfully. “Where’d you go? You left me in Jack’s mess and then disappeared. And you’re using up all the hot water!”

The shower doors slid open and the steamy vapor billowed through the crack, out of our little hideaway and back into reality. Pri and I quickly stepped apart, putting the falling water between us like a barrier.

My heart thumped against my lungs, and I stupidly put my hands around the back of my neck, trying to project some kind of innocence. How long had Liv been there? What had she heard? I’d been so comfortable, so certain that we were alone, that I couldn’t even remember what we’d said.

Pri had her face in her hands, and for a moment she seemed like a little kid trying to hide in plain sight just by covering their eyes. She started rubbing at her face. With an expression that was both irritated and anxious, she slowly dropped her hands until they crossed over her chest.

Liv was, of course, naked, and she moved, of course, with the usual confidence and grace that I found almost annoying at this moment. She had this way of walking naked like it was her natural state, and that she only put clothes on to make the rest of us comfortable.

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