Getting Out of My Room


I sat at my computer, engrossed in the video game I was playing, not paying much attention as my 22-year-old sister slipped into the room. I didn’t notice her as she slipped behind me, and all of a sudden, covered my eyes with her hands. That momentary distraction was enough for the computer, and I pulled away from her just in time to see myself die.

“Victoria! Look what you did, you idiot!” I cried out at her, peeved to see the game get the better of me.

She stuck her tongue out at me before answering: “Oh give me a break, Gary. 18 and you never go out. You spend way too much time sitting in front of that screen. Mom’s right; you should go out and do something.”

Ignoring her, I settled back in my seat to begin another round when the screen suddenly flickered and went blank. I looked up in surprise, before looking down at the power cord, or rather, where it used to be. Following the wire, I saw that my sister had pulled it out, and was twirling it in the air, smirking at me.

“Bitch, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I screamed, as I reached for her.

She giggled, and hopped back away from me, before I grabbed her wrist and tried to wrench the cord away. She was surprisingly strong, and we ended up spinning around before collapsing onto my bed in a heap, with me on top of her. I shifted, forcing my weight onto her, my hand still on her wrist.

“Now you can’t move. Give me the goddamn plug!” I breathed into her face.

It was then, for some inexplicable reason, that I looked down over her body. Boy, had my older sister grown! Her breasts had blossomed out into a lovely round shape, and her body was to die for. I felt my penis hardening at the sight of her breasts though her shirt, and my face reddening at the thought. I stood up suddenly, letting go of her. She was blushing and panting hard too – had she felt me against her? I spared myself one last glance over her body, before backing up. Victoria sat up, a weird look on her face.

In a weak attempt to break the silence, I decided to give into her wishes: “Alright sis, you win. I’ll go out and do some shit today.”

She grinned, happy about her victory over me, and spoke in a triumphant manner: “Glad to hear it, bro. And since I won, I get to choose what you do!”

If it was anything as pleasurable as rubbing against her, I would be in no position to argue. Besides, I had no idea what to do anyway. “Fine, fine. What do you have in mind?”

She thought it over for a minute, pondering her options, a smile slowly spreading across her lips. Her lips. I noticed for the first time how full and luscious they were, and suddenly had the urge to see how they felt, to kiss them. I blinked wondering where I got that idea, and instantly pushed it from my mind. If she noticed my awkwardness, she didn’t show it.

“Let’s go out for a jog!” she exclaimed, picking my least favorite thing to do.

I groaned, but figured I could do worse. I motioned her out of the room, then pulled on my sweatpants and met her at the doorway.

We were both panting at the end of the run, though I was grinning slightly. I had done better than I thought, not only matching her pace but also outrunning her at times. I looked over at her and sucked in my breath. We were both sweating heavily, and this had caused her white t-shirt to be soaked all the way through. It was also pressed tightly against her body, showing off her curves…and other interesting parts. Her nipples poked out through the fabric, and I saw a damp spot near her crotch where her legs had rubbed together. I stared at that spot, imagining that it was something else, when I realized Victoria was looking at me too. I looked down, and realized I had a full-blown hard-on, and it was poking through my sweatpants. I coughed, snapping both of us out of our thoughts, and excused myself görükle escort to go take a shower.

In the shower, I looked at my shaft, which was erect to the point of being painful, and thought that I must be sick, thinking such dirty thoughts about my sister. I tried as hard as I could to ignore it, and ended the shower prematurely.

As I toweled off, the doorknob began to turn. It turns out that I had forgot to lock the door, and my sister walked in! We stared at each other for a full 10 seconds, me on her face, she on my hard member. I started, and covered myself with my towel before rushing out of the room. I ran into my room without seeing what she did, but when I emerged a few minutes later, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, I heard the shower going.

There was something else though, so I pressed my ear against the door. It was a moan, soft at first, but then began increasing in intensity. Even though it could have been something else, I was convinced I knew what she was doing. My sister was masturbating! That broke whatever feelings I had against desiring Victoria.

“Hmm,” I thought, a grin spreading across my face, “it seems I’m not the only one with a dirty mind…let’s see where we can take this.”

That night, we both sat in the living room, watching some movie on the television. Our parents were taking care of business out of town, so we were alone. She seemed to be engrossed in the movie, but I was discreetly studying her body, which was clad in a very low cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt that seemed a few sizes too small for her. My eyes moved from her silky smooth legs, to where her pussy was, which I knew would be soft and tender, to her full breasts. She must have been cold, because her nipples were once again sticking out, and they held my attention for quite a while.

It was about time for me to make my move. I yawned, then moved my hand to the bottom of my shirt.

“Hey sis, it’s kinda hot in here, mind if I take this stuffy shirt off?”

She looked at me strangely, then shrugged and continued watching the movie. I was a bit dejected at the lack of reaction, and sat there silently for a few minutes, sulking privately, when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her sneaking glances at me, and that her legs were rubbing together every now and then. I cheered up instantly, and decided to take things further.

“You look pretty stuffy there too, Vic,” using my nickname for her, “Why don’t you pull that shirt off? It looks fit for a 10-year-old!”

She looked at me strangely and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t be appropriate.” She looked down, away from me as she said this.

“What’s the matter? Shy?” I teased, “Here, I’ll pull down my shorts, so we’ll be even. Before she could protest, I whipped my shorts off, and sat down, wearing only my underwear, which did nothing to hid my erect cock.

Still she shook her head, her eyes never leaving the bulge on my briefs. “Well, well,” I thought, “Her nerve seems to be breaking…”

I continued prodding her for the next few minutes, and finally, her resolve broke. “Ok, if it’ll make you stop nagging me.” She said.

I nodded a bit, a slick smile on my face, as she hooked her fingers on the hem of her shirt and pulled it off. I licked my lips slightly, in anticipation of seeing her luscious tits in nothing but a bra. Too bad I was wrong…

She had nothing on underneath the shirt! Her breasts swung freely in the open as they left the confines of her shirt. My mouth dropped open, then snapped shut as I struggled to control myself. I forced my eyes away from her chest and to her blushing face.

She gave me a brave smile, saying: “There, Gary. Now we’re both bare-chested. You happy?”

I, of course, was ecstatic, I couldn’t tell her that, not this early in the bursa escort bayan game. I merely shrugged, and pretended to turn my attention back to the movie. My manhood, however, betrayed me. Already at what I thought was it’s limits, the sight of my topless sister caused it to throb uncontrollably, and my underwear started to tear slightly from the strain of holding it in.

She looked at it, give me a quick grin, and then began pulling her shorts down.

“Since you’re not wearing shorts either, bro, I guess I shouldn’t be.” She teased me as I looked on, hoping for a repeat of her naked top.

I wasn’t disappointed. The girl didn’t wear any underwear either! I swallowed hard, and then stood up.

“It isn’t fair for you to be naked all alone, sis. I guess it’ll only be fair if I join you.” I said, as I slid my briefs off, gasping slightly as the air rushed around my straining pecker.

She stared at it for what seemed forever, then licked her lips, and leaned down next to it.

“Why, Gary, if I didn’t know any better, I would swear I was turning you on!” she said, with a glint in her eyes. “Let’s see if I can make that thing jump on command.”

With that, she moved a hand up to her chest, and began massaging a breast slowly. First, she fondled the whole breast, her hand devouring it, squeezing and groping at the flesh. Then, her fingers touched her nipple, and began rolling it around, then pinching it. Eventually, she tired of it, and brought the whole thing up to her mouth, where she started sucking loudly on it. Her other moved down to her pussy, which I could see was glistening with juices. She rubbed herself slowly, her fingers lingering at her clit, then spread her labia lips open, revealing everything to my eyes. Victoria moaned slightly and she closed her eyes as she slipped a finger into herself, and started to slid it slowly in and out.

“Do I turn you on, Gary?” she asked in a husky voice, her breathing quick and deep.

I held out for as long as I could, I really did. But all men have their limits. I reached mine pretty fast, and soon I was stroking my member, whacking myself off to my sister.

She must have heard me, because she opened her eyes and focused on the handjob I was giving myself. “Aww, poor Gary, am I making you horny? Well, I’ll just have to take care of that.”

With that said, she got up and knelt down in front of me. I looked down at her in shock, then moaned slightly as she took me in her mouth. First, she rolled her tongue around my shaft, then she moved to the tip and licked it lightly, her hand stroking my cock. I staggered back a bit and sat down on the couch, my legs suddenly turning to butter. She followed, my dick never leaving her mouth. She started to fuck my dick with her mouth, her head bobbing up and down erotically over my prick. As she moved she started sucking as well, and she began to hum slightly, the vibration in her mouth driving me crazy. As I felt the rhythmic pulling of her cheeks, I also felt my balls tighten. With a loud grunt, I came in her mouth, shooting my load into her.

She gagged a bit, and I quickly reached for a tissue for her. She nodded thanks to me before turning and spitting my cum into the tissue. She put that aside, and got up on the couch to slide next to me, her fingers poking at my chest. I pulled her close, and began nuzzling her neck.

Although I was still busy panting, I managed to get a few words out. “I love you sis…just never in this way. Are you sure what we’re doing is right?”

For an answer, she leaned up and slipped her tongue into my mouth, where it danced with mine. Pulling back from the kiss, she winked at me and said: “It may be bad, brother mine, but it sure feels good, doesn’t it?”

For once, I couldn’t disagree with my sister. I felt something tugging bursa escort at me from below, and looked down to see myself hardening again. Victoria followed my eyes, and a big smile crossed her face as she saw my once-again rock-solid cock. I looked into her eyes, and saw the lust there, lust that matched my own.

“Well, Vic, since you pleasured me, I have to return the favor.” I said, as I stood up, and got into position between her legs.

She fairly beamed at me before spreading her legs, giving me easy access to her wet, gaping cunt. I grabbed onto the couch for support as she guided me into herself, gasping slightly at the feeling of me in her. Once in, I didn’t have to be instructed anymore. Holding onto the couch for leverage, her legs up at my sides, I began sliding into her. God that felt good! She was moist and tight, which made for quite the combination. I started moving slowly at first, fearful of hurting her, before she leaned over to my ear and started whispering.

“What are you waiting for, Gary? I want you to fuck my brains out.” She said into my ear.

With that, I speeded up my pace tenfold, slamming into her wet pussy, her cries of pleasure driving me on. Eventually, her cries stopped as she bit down on her lip from the sensation, and the only sounds we heard were my occasional grunts and the sound of my crotch slapping against hers. Even at that quick pace, I felt every inch of my penis slide in and out of her, as if her pussy was trying to lock it into a grip. She began thrusting up from the couch, timing it so that she would come up to meet me on the way down. She started moaning loudly again, and soon I felt a wave of juices on my dick as she came, screaming her pleasure.

As she lay moaning beneath me, I looked down at her and groaned; I hadn’t come yet. “Ready to go again, Vic? I’m not quite finished.”

She looked at me with a weird look, then replaced it with another of her smiles. “Whatever you say, Gary. I told you to fuck my brains out, didn’t I?”

I leaned forward to give her a quick kiss on the lips, then pulled out and helped her to her feet. We rubbed our bodies together for a few moments, and the feeling of her breasts crushed against my chest was exquisite. After a while, however, I couldn’t hold on any longer, and turned her around, bending at the waist so her ass was thrust up at me.

She turned her head around and grinned: “I didn’t know you were into this, bro”

In reply, I grabbed my throbbing cock and pushed it into her with one stroke. Her moans this time exceeded her moans from before, and I took this as a good sign. I grabbed onto her waist and pounded away, taking her rapidly from behind. She had been holding onto the couch with her hands, but soon lost her grip and just slid down onto it, her butt still in the air. I spanked her lightly, getting yet another gasp from her, and then increased my speed, plunging my dick into her gaping hole. I leaned forward to cup her breasts, fondling them lightly before pinching her nipples hard. She turned her head around and gave me a fierce kiss on the lips. I kissed her hard in return, and raised her left leg into the air with my hand, giving me yet more access to her pussy.

As she moaned into the folds of the couch, I held her leg up, almost parallel to the floors, as I continued to pump into her. Soon, her cries of pleasure got to me, and I felt my cock building up.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “I’m about to cum, sis…I want you to cum with me.”

That drove her nuts. Within seconds she was bucking against me, nearly shrieking as the orgasm racked her body. This in turn set me off, and I groaned loudly as my seed shot into her. We both collapsed onto the couch, panting heavily. Despite being weak as a baby from all that exertion, I reached over and gathered her up in my arms. She nuzzled into my chest, and we both cuddled up against each other. I raised my head for a moment, looking down into her eyes.

“I love you, Victoria.”

“I love you too, Gary. Always.”

With that, we both drifted off, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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