Getting the GED Ch. 05

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Please start with Chapter 1 to have this make any sense. Don’t try this at home unless you enjoy kink.


“Well Mr Tucker, it looks like you’re the one being tested and you don’t look like you’ve studied enough to pass this exam.” Rosa giggled. “How are you going to pass if you don’t try harder? Poor Mr Tucker, please tell us what you want to do.”

The look on Tucker’s face was priceless. While he was still blindfolded and ball-gagged, his face contorted and he looked like he was going to cry like a baby. Once again Rosa gave the butt plug another twist as it seemed like she was really getting into teasing and torturing him. The last twist got to him with a jolt and he peed on himself as his bladder could take no more. The urine soaked his cock bandage and started leaking down his legs. Jana gave him a slap to the face and scolded him for his action. She hauntingly told him that he should have told them he needed to use the toilet, but of course that was an impossibility given the ball-gag firmly jammed into his mouth. His mouth had long gone dry, his ass ached from the plug, and he still needed the toilet to relieve the pressure from the plug and had so many questions he wouldn’t know where to start, if only he could speak.

Jana reinserted his earplugs and together, the women pushed and dragged him into the bathroom and plopped him onto the toilet. Jana told little Susie to pull the butt-plug out but don’t be too gentle doing so. His soaked bandages were still wringing wet as Susie gave the plug another twist and a tug taking it out about halfway. Tucker gasped as he felt the plug exiting his poop-chute and the backed up pressure of the massive dump that had built up behind it forced it out the rest of the way. It plopped noisily into the bowl and the sounds and smells emanating from his rear were almost more than the women could stand. They laughed at him as he once again could not hold his piss and flooded his bandages again. He slowly started sobbing as he felt his stamina slipping away. Jana turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. It was time to bathe their captive and take his sinking esteem to the next lower level. While still on the commode, Jana cut the ties around his legs and arms. Pulling out one earplug, Jana instructed him to get on his knees and fish around the bowl for the butt-plug.

Just hearing another woman’s voice, other than Rosa, excited Bob Tucker but not in a good way. He still was unsure how many people were holding him captive and although his arms and legs were now unbound, he was demeaning himself further by rummaging through his crap feeling for the plug. Once he had retrieved it, he was dragged over to the sink and told to drop the plug in istanbul travesti the sink. The proximity of the toilet and sink led him to think of his own house and that may be a clue to his location. The shower running in the background seemed to be on his left which would be right if it was his bathroom.

Just as he was trying to determine the layout, he felt the earplug being jammed into his ear bringing the silent solitude that he was growing to fear. As he was hoisted onto his wobbly legs, his arms were forced behind him again and quickly bound. He was spun around several times completely disorienting him. On the last spin he felt the spray hitting his body and he was forced over the threshold and into the shower. He slumped backwards trying to support himself as his legs gained some strength. Jana quickly disrobed and got into the shower. She pressed her body next to his and freely rubbed her tits against him. The elasticity of the flexible bandage was still holding firm leaving his cock tucked in place. Again his body was betraying him as he felt his cock try to harden as he was being stimulated by this stranger. He was pretty sure it wasn’t Rosa as the breasts seemed smaller. But given his temporary bindings, he wasn’t quite sure of anything. All he knew was his cock was trying to swell and it hurt from the restrictive bandages. The shower felt weird as it really didn’t provide any relief from his predicament. Suddenly he felt a washcloth dig into his butthole. The roughness of the texture and the force being applied brought little comfort to his abused hole. This brought to mind how he used to love to butt fuck some of the whores he had abused over the years. He wished he could talk to hopefully bribe his way out of this, but that was one of the areas where he was still restricted.

As the water flowed over him and the bandages, the stench from his own urine left and he felt better for that. Just as he was feeling stronger the water was abruptly shut off and he felt some towels being wrapped around him. He was being pulled from the shower and put onto the chair and spun around again. This was very confusing to him and pushed the thought of trying to escape further from his mind.

He was slipping deeper into total submission without even fully realizing what was being done to his mind. The physical side was a given but he was readily becoming their slave. As the chair came to a stop he felt himself being dumped onto a bed and was quickly rolled onto his stomach. With his rear fully exposed but still wet from the shower, he started to tremble. The plug had invaded him in ways that even he did not fully understand. It had affected his psyche as much as his macho pride. kadıköy travesti If only he could speak, make himself heard, he was sure that these people could be bought off.

A new sensation was being felt around his ankles, rope. The bindings holding his legs together were gone in an instant and his legs were being forced apart by the rope. Lying on the bed on his stomach with his legs bound and his hands behind him scared him even more. The sensory deprivation formed by his blocked vision and hearing together with the other limitations forced onto his body, was rapidly taking its toll. He felt everything slip away as he awaited his next abuse. There was no movement on the bed except for the occasional jerking from his towel clad body. With his butt exposed, he kept waiting for something, what it was, he did not know.

Meanwhile Jana had gone to her messenger bag and retrieved something but kept it wrapped away out of sight from both Susie and Rosa. This piqued their curiosity but they didn’t want to spoil Jana’s plans. Instead of going directly back to the bed and the bound Bob Tucker, Jana headed to his closet looking for his toys. She was positive that he must have a stash somewhere and the bedroom closet seemed the likely place. Oh, she was not disappointed with his collection. Nipple clamps, thumb screws, alligator clips, several ball-gags, dildos of various sizes and configurations, blindfolds and numerous homemade devices tumbled out of their storage box and onto the floor. Further examination of the closet led to a nicely folded batch of nighties and thongs. They didn’t appear to be his size so they must be for his “victims”, willing or unwilling, it really didn’t matter to her. She was sure that over the years he had found willing slaves as she had also. What she was also pretty sure that he had used some force from time to time to get what he wanted and what they were doing was giving him a taste of his own abuse. Given his taste in visual stimulation provided by his choice in websites, force was part of his nature.

Jana asked Rosa and Susie to fetch fresh towels to dry their toy off further. As they slid off the damp towels, they gave his bound body a through rubbing. They varied their technique between very soft to hard. A couple of jabs to his ribs brought him back to the reality of the situation. A hand was now between his spread legs, groping his bound member. Twitching and swelling but unable to achieve a full erection made him twist and churn away from his captors. As quickly as the action had started, everything ceased. For almost a full five minutes he just laid there, it seemed like an eternity. Now slowly a few drops of lube anadolu yakası travesti fell onto his orifice sending chills across his body. He started to squirm in fear as the thought of the much hated butt-plug raced through his mind. He wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to withstand that again. The rocking of the bed told him that someone was between his legs. He felt a woman’s hand, at least he hoped it was a woman, caressing his thighs, up she went ever so slowly, completely avoiding his nether region. Now the massaging was surrounding his exposed buttocks. Thumbs rolled down the crease and teased at his asshole. He didn’t find any pleasure today at something that usually brought him to a quick cum. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind the rubbing; was he being toyed with or was there a real purpose to this teasing? His mind was reeling, trying to sort out all this activity. This was Jana’s intention, breaking his will and subjugating him to their desires.

She asked Rosa to hand her two long strands of rope and she roughly knotted them around his wrists. She reached down and retrieved her knife to free his still-bound hands, only to hop off the bed and pull apart his arms completing the spread-eagle position. Again he started to whimper and shake; he was clearly scared and unable to hide it. The three women leaned forward and teased at his prone body. Susie reached underneath him and pinched a nipple. This brought a rapid response as intended but what they didn’t know was what was going through his head. How many times had he done almost the same thing to countless women? He loved their reaction when he did that, the quick startled twist and yelp was something he thoroughly enjoyed; now it didn’t seem pleasurable at all. What was happening to him,was he finally realizing what he had done over the years and was there any atonement for his past deeds?

Once again, all activity stopped, leaving Bob Tucker alone with his thoughts. The silence and solitude were becoming more painful than the actual torture. He was facing his unknown demons long trapped in the recesses of his brain. This was totally new to him. He rarely felt any guilt or remorse for his deeds over the years. This was how he acted and he really seldom cared. Women had almost one purpose in his life, to fulfil his desires and rarely more. His mind was wandering all over the place. Who could save him from his captivity? He had no close friends or family that would miss him. Nancy, his neighbour, was really the only one that even seemed to care if he was alive or not and that was just for his cock. She was away until Tuesday morning and he reckoned it was still Sunday, perhaps late evening, he didn’t know. He had been out cold for several hours he thought while being transported to this location, his stomach told him that he was hungry and he needed something to drink to cure his dry mouth. How long was he lying there, he tried to think clearly but was too overwhelmed with this thoughts to sort it all out.

Chapter 6 should be posted shortly

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