Getting to Know the New “Family”

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Chapter 10: Getting to know the new “family”

As I watched my lovely wife walk into the study with this gorgeous creature I was jarred back to reality when Michelle stroked my arm. I guess I jumped because she suddenly broke out into laughter. I turned my attention to the other stunning creature in the room. I was thinking to myself this had to be a dream. Here I am in an establishment that caters to all women. Women genetically female and women who were born genetically male are all treated the same, as women.

“Anna let’s head on into the other room and get to know one another a little better. I really think we are going to become very close. I am so excited about us becoming close I have so much to share with you. I can teach you so much. I feel like I am getting a sister. This is so exciting!”

“Ok Michelle, where exactly are we headed? I know they went to the study so where is our meeting going to take place?”

“Oh Anna we are going to a wonderful room. The room we get to go to is the guest bedroom or as I like to call a little slice of heaven. It is a room designed for pampering and sex.”

“Excuse me? Did you just say sex?”

“Yes Miss Anna I did. This room is one of my favorites on the whole complex. Lauren pulled out all the stops. Well instead of me just gushing about this let’s go take a peak.”

Michelle took her wife’s lead at took me by the hand and lead me into this room. It was darkened and I could tell there was a slight glow. As she led me into this room I noticed it was light by beautiful oil lamps there wasn’t an electrical light fixture anywhere. The bed was absolutely huge. It had four spindles that were very elaborately decorated. The bed covers were a soft pink with a subtle flower pattern that was very pretty. The walls were covered with a lovely embossed pattern that appeared to be a rose color. It suited the room well. The décor resembled the rest of the facility however this was slightly different. All the art in the room had incredibly beautiful women in various states of dress. It was very erotic. The furniture was all cherry with elaborate decorative design. As with all the other rooms we had been in there were large walk in closets these closets were not closets at all. I would find out later they were filled with all sort of treasures that I would experience and enjoy.

“Come Anna take a look at the rest of the place.”

She was as excited as I had ever seen her. She was acting like a kid in a candy store. All hyped up and excited to show me the place.

“Look in the master bathroom. There is a huge hot tub and a two-person shower, as well as a nice sauna to unwind in. This whole suite is designed for relaxation and setting the mood for an incredible evening. Each room has a special reason for it. There are also a couple of hidden rooms for a little more erotic fantasy settings.”

This was exquisite. My head was spinning from all this luxury. And what is with all these hidden rooms? I was getting a little nervous about these. What could possibly be in these rooms and from what I have seen already what would they be hiding? All these answers would come soon enough and would I ever be grateful!

“Come my dear, I will show you the first hidden surprise that awaits you.”

We walked into the bedroom and she walked toward one of the walk in closets. As she opened the door I noticed a very lovely closet with gorgeous dresses and shoes galore. Most of the dresses in this closet were definitely for evening and elegant dress. The shoes were to die for. Every style and color was available. It was then that she pulled a set of pumps off the shelf and a door suddenly opened. Here was one of the hidden rooms. I was so nervous I think I was trembling.

“Anna what are you so nervous about? You look like a frightened child.”

“Was it that noticeable?”

“My dear we will do nothing to you or with you that you don’t wish. Please relax and let yourself enjoy what we have to offer. If something is too much or too soon just say the word and we will stop. We want nothing more than for you to be happy. As Lauren has already told you we are family now and we will never hurt our family. If anything we are overprotective and I dare say a bit possessive.”

“I am sorry Michelle you have only been gracious and I should have known better this is all very new to me that’s all. My womanhood is just going to take me a few to get use to. I mean this is something I have wished for all my life and the fact that it is coming true is just mind blowing.”

“It’s ok Anna now let’s get on to the surprise!”

Once again she grabbed my hand and led me into another dimension. We went through the doorway and when she turned on the lights I just gasped. The room was full of nothing but toys. There were literally wall-to-wall toys from floor to ceiling. I had never seen this many toys in my life. I was awe struck.

“Don’t be so surprised Anna. As I had already told you this suite is all about pleasure. If you can’t receive pleasure in this room you will never receive pleasure. We have thought of every possible fetish or desire for this room. Anything your heart desires mersin escort can be fulfilled in this room.”

It was then that I saw the room’s banner on the wall. It stated “Desirable Intentions”. And as my eyes took in all that was to behold I knew this would be a truly memorable night.

As I was looking up at the banner Michelle embraced me and as I looked into her eyes she kissed me with a very gentle and soft kiss. It was very nice. She started to run her fingers up and down my arms caressing me tenderly. She continued to kiss me softly, gently, very sensuous kisses. I was getting lost in these wonderful feelings I was experiencing. As she continued to caress and stroke my body she kissed my neck and took my hand and placed it on her crotch. It was then for the first time I knew that she too was born a man.

“It’s ok Ana I always keep it tucked so you would never have known. I did not tuck today so I could surprise you. By your reaction I say you are very surprised.”

“But you are so absolutely feminine and beautiful.”

“Now I am the one blushing. Let’s get comfortable. We are going to be together all night. Lauren and Renee want us to get to know one another very well. I figured we could start with a nice dip in the hot tub and then I will give you one of my special body massages. If that doesn’t relax you nothing in this world will. So if you will excuse me a minute I will get the hot tub ready and be right back. Go ahead and get comfortable.”

“So we won’t be seeing the ladies tonight?”

“No, we will catch up with them tomorrow. Lauren and Renee have some things to discuss and they could be in meetings for sometime. They are going to be discussing business all night and we get to be discussing pleasure. Now don’t fret any more and relax. You will enjoy this night I promise.”

I went ahead and sat down and waited for my hostess. As I sat back I heard some very nice relaxing music come over the speakers. The lights were dimmed throughout the place and Michelle was doing a great job of putting me at ease. I was very nervous up to this point. This woman is absolutely stunning and to know that she is not biologically female just blows my mind. I would easily put her on the cover of any magazine. Her presence alone was making me nervous. So voluptuous and beautiful a woman she is, surely I am dreaming.

I mean my wife is a gorgeous creature, but to see this incredible woman knowing full well she is not biological just had me completely floored. Then to put the fact I had the potential to be with this lovely lady was almost too much for me to comprehend. Wow is my life great! As this was running through my head Michelle came back into the room and told the hot tub was about ready.

“Ana let’s go to the tub and get you a little more relaxed so I can just melt you with my message.”

She was in a very lovely silk robe that came to about mid thigh. Sexy was a term that did not even touch this vision of heaven. “Michelle all I can say is hot! If that tub is even close to your heat I better get some burn cream.”

“Well I haven’t had a line that cheesy thrown my way in a long time.”

She burst out laughing and told me to bring my sissy ass on. I couldn’t help but laugh right along with her. So we eased on into the bathroom. I don’t have to re-tell the splendor of this room. As she walked up to the tub she was in front of me and dropped her robe and she was naked. I didn’t think I could be any more amazed but her clothing did not do her body justice. Perfect shape, sweet heart shaped ass, legs that just screamed to be kissed and licked. As she stepped into the tub she looked over her shoulder.

“What are you waiting for Ana? Come on in.”

I disrobed and could not hide my excitement anymore.

“I see you like what you see, and very un-lady like if I might add.” She uttered these words as she gave me a wicked smile.

“I turned red I am sure since I felt my face get hot. I knew there was nothing to say.”

“Don’t be embarrassed I take great pride in looking good for Lauren. I am glad you too appreciate my beauty.”

“What is not to appreciate? You’re a goddess and a goddess with a bonus too!”

“Now bring your ass over here so I can start to soften you up.”

She directed me with my back against her in between here legs as I almost sat on her cock. I realized then, that she too had a little excited. It slid her cock up my crack and rested it in my crack and lower back.

“Well Ms Michelle I see you are a little excited yourself.”

“What’s not to be excited about, I have heard your wife brag about your sweet ass and I am going to get a taste of it. You better believe I’m excited sweetie.”

She nuzzled my ear and rubbed her immaculately manicured hands all over my chest. She squeezed my nipples pretty hard and sent a jolt through my body. She slowly tracked her hands down my stomach until she reached her desired goal, my cock. She slowly worked her hands over my clit and then caressed my balls. Then she grabbed then firmly and I jumped not expecting that. I drew a breath in and gasped.

“I kocaeli escort am going to drain these tonight sweetheart, you aren’t going to be done until you stop cumming at orgasm. I will drain your balls of all the cum you got stored up. I hope you are ready for a long night of fucking and sucking Ms Ana.”

I didn’t know what to say or do so I just thanked her.

“Thank you for caring enough to make me a better woman Michelle. I can never repay you for all you and your lovely wife have done for Renee and me.”

“Sweetheart you can show your appreciation tonight. I too have a lot of cum stored up waiting for your lips and ass to withdraw it! I too am not going to be done until you have drained me of every last drop. And baby, I am good to the last drop.”

I thought I would cum right then.

“I better let you calm down we have a long night ahead, and you will have plenty of time to get those rocks off.”

With that she started to rub me down a little on the shoulders and arms and back. I could feel all the tension leaving my body and relaxation setting in. She was a real pro at relaxing me and putting me at ease.

My emotions ranged from terrified to be intimate with this seductress and now I was becoming as comfortable as I could be. I have only been this comfortable with one other woman and I am married to her.

She could sense me loosening up and started kissing my neck and shoulders. She was flicking her tongue into my ear. This is a very erogenous zone for me and there is only one way she could have known this. My loving wife must have volunteered this information. I leaned into her as she focused on my lobes. Slight moans erupted from me. I was quickly melting into this incredible woman’s hands. She would have her way with me anyway she wanted. There was no denying this now, and I think she was quickly figuring this out. Stroking and pinching my nipples, sliding her cock up and down my back. I wasn’t sure how much but her cock had definitely grown some in size since we first entered the tub.

“I see you’re finally letting yourself relax Ana. Are you ready for that world-class message now?”

“I don’t want to get too relaxed.”

“Oh, sweetheart you will not have to worry about that. When I am through, you will be invigorated and ready for action. You will see my sweet.”

I felt her start to rise up behind me and then I felt her cock beside my face. It was sensuous. Not too long, but so very nice and thick. As it bobbed in front of me I am sure I was drooling. This was just a tease of what was to come. I went to reach for it and she pulled away and out of the tub.

“Not yet my lady, I just wanted you to get an up close look at what will be your focus tonight.”

“Thank you for the glimpse; you have a very lovely cock. I still can’t believe you keep it hidden so well. I just would have never known.”

“Well that’s the idea silly. As I said I work very hard at presenting myself as my true self and you will too. It will become a pleasure for you to keep it hidden and a treasure for those allowed to unhide it.”

I quickly followed her out of the tub where we dried each other off. This was a very tender and soft moment I enjoyed very much. Her caresses were very gentle and loving. I tried to emulate her movements as well. I wanted to truly give her as much pleasure as she was giving me. I knew I would be going out of my way to pleasure Michelle.

I then followed her to the bedside.

“Ana lie down and get comfortable. I have some lotions and oils and I want to light some candles if you don’t mind.”

“No please do Michelle. I eased on the bed and stretched out.”

“Lie on your stomach. I want to start on your neck and shoulders first.”

She came up on the bed and I heard a bottle top pop open. As I looked I saw her pouring this oil all over her front. Then she made a pool on my back and I rested my head on the pillow. I then felt her press her breast against my back and ease her body across my body. I thought my cock would explode out of its skin. As she slid back and forth across my back she was grinding her cock into the crack of my ass. She kept sliding her cock in and out of my crack like a hotdog sliding in a bun.

I couldn’t help but grind up into her.

“What’s wrong Ana, getting a little anxious?”

“This is the most erotic message I’ve ever had.”

“I never told you it was a normal message; I told you it was one of my special messages. Now just lay still as I cover your sexy body with the rest of this oil.”

She squirted some oil right into the crack of my ass and immediately started rubbing in up and down my crack. In ran all over my balls and she didn’t miss a lick there either. She was really working it when I felt her plunge her thumb into my ass. It startled me and I jumped.

“Relax Ana; I’m just getting you ready.”

“I just wasn’t ready, you didn’t hurt me you just startled me that’s all.”

“Well here goes another.”

With that I felt a finger enter my puckered hole. She withdrew her thumb and inserted a finger and then two and samsun escort then three. She was really stretching me when I felt another squirt right in my ass.

“Oh, that felt pretty good.”

“Just wait till I pump some hot cum in there. You’ll be begging for more darling.”

She withdrew her fingers and a sense of disappointment fell over me. I didn’t have that feeling long however, about a split second a sudden sharp pain hit me. It was Michelle or at least Michelle’s cock.

“I’m sorry Ana I just could wait any longer. Ooh yes, tight is the word.”

As she buried her cock to the hilt she was moaning and grinding her cock. She slowly withdrew her cock and slowly pushed back in. I could feel her cock’s veins and feel her wonderful mushroomed head graze my prostate on the in and out strokes. It was absolutely electric.

“My have you learned some little tricks quickly. Milking my cock with your pretty, tight ass. That’s it Ana move with me. Oh yes so good. By the moaning I can tell you’re enjoying yourself.”

I was like an animal on fire. I was grinding my ass against her, moaning and crying out for her. “Yes Michelle, fuck me. Ugh yes harder, please harder. Fuck me ass like you own it. Oh god I’m gonna cum already. Oh yes, I’m cumming!”

I just couldn’t believe how hot she had me. I was cumming all over my belly and the bed. It felt like I was never going to stop orgasming. It was sheer pleasure. That’s when I felt it. Michelle’s cock head swelling and pulsing inside me growing ever so larger was a pleasure Renee could not give me with mere dildos.

“Yes, baby milk my cock. Oh yes here it comes Ana, oow I’m cumming.”

She slammed into me to the hilt and I could feel the wonderful jets of hot boiling cum filling my bowels. As my orgasm was settling this new wave of pleasure hit and I started orgasming again. My body was just fluttering, I was getting weak kneed and shaking from this mind-blowing orgasm.

Then I felt the most sensational feeling. She was cleaning me out of her own cum! My cock jumped up too attention almost immediately. This woman knew exactly what she was doing. She started tongue fucking my ass. Licking every drop of her cum out. She then spun me over and thrust her cock in my mouth.

“Clean it up lady. Then you will clean up you little accident.”

She too was hard again. I was savoring this tangy flavor of ass and cum. I bathed her balls also as there was cum on them too. I was really getting into sucking her cock when she pulled out of my mouth and told me to bend over again.

This woman was a true Cocks man so to speak.

“Oh yes Michelle, ream my ass again. Fuck that pussy and fill me full of cum again. Ooh yes hit that prostate baby. Agh yes I am in heaven!”

I was ramming back as hard as I could, trying to get her inside me. She knew just how to stroke that cock to graze my prostate every time. I just couldn’t get enough.

“Darling you are enjoying this cock too much sweetheart. I think you are a closet slut, baby! I am going to enjoy this night.”

SLAP! “OWH, Ms Michelle you like to play rough.”

“No Ana I just wanted to get your attention. I don’t want you to cum again too quickly. I can already see we are going to have wonderfully fulfilling sex all night long. I basically want to fuck you into delirious orgasms.”

“Oh yes, Michelle please make my pussy quiver endlessly.”

I was meeting her thrusts as hard as I could. I was trying to get her inside me if that was possible. This cock was the most heavenly cock I had ever had. She truly new what she was doing using that cock to make me her little bitch. I was mumbling and moaning, begging her to use my ass. I was quickly learning just fast I was becoming everyone’s little slut.

“Anna you little slut, Renee was right you have a sweet pussy baby. And she has really taught you well. You really know how to use that ass. Ooh yes milk my clitty. I have got to cum down your throat, so turn around little miss.”

I felt her pull out and was so very disappointed. She however rewarded me quickly shoving her clit in my mouth. I was glad I was fully cleaned out, yet the taste of ass and precum was still so sexy. She shoved her cock right in and I wasn’t ready for that and gagged a little.

“Oh sorry Anna I just got so excited and need to cum please suck my cock and fill your belly for me. Ooh your tongue is nice, that’s it suck that clit. Mmm swallow that into your throat, sweetness. Oh I can’t wait any more I have got to cum.”

When I heard this I sucked as hard as I could. I grabbed her balls and that was all it took.

“Ughgh yes Anna that’s it. Oh my god I am cumming. Squeeze my balls, yes that’s it, suck it, oh yes suck my clit down your throat.”

Her first burst almost chocked me. She was right she had been storing up for awhile. She must have cum eight or ten streams of cum. There was no way to swallow it all. I did the best I could but some leaked out and down my chin. I continued to suck and milk her clit for all I could. Her cum was so sweet I wanted to suck down every drop. She pulled her clit out of my mouth and quickly licked the cum from my face. She then gave me another one of her sensuous kisses that was now becoming a favorite of mine. Her lips so soft and full, the kiss so sensuously gentle and hot. She knew how to use just the right amount of tongue to keep you lusting for more. This woman had sexy coming out of every pour of her body.

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