Ginger at Play

I shifted my weight slightly, attempting to relieve the familiar discomfort as my cock strained against the heavy fabric of my jeans. Ginger sat across from me on our couch. Well, maybe sprawled is a better fit. Her jeans were unbuttoned, but he hadn’t gotten around to the zipper yet. She was mostly concealed by his body, but I caught a glimpse of a stiff nipple through the thin white tank top she still wore. Her sweater was piled on the floor next to the couch.

I let my eyes roam over what I could see of her. Her feet were bare, the flirty flats she’d worn to dinner on the floor near the sweater. The thin gold chain around her right ankle sparkled in the dim light. No cuck charms on this one, just a plain diamond cut rope chain, her everyday anklet, that she’d had me put on her Sunday morning. My eyes roamed up over her long legs. I could hear her moaning softly as his hands explored her. She is so responsive to touch, soft moans and gasps whenever my fingers, or anyone else’s, glide over her skin.

His dark-skinned hand rested for a moment on her bare tummy, exposed as the tank top had ridden up a bit. I heard a moan escape my own lips, catching her attention. Her eyes opened, she smiled as she looked over at me, then watched me watch as she guided his hand beneath her shirt to engulf her breast. I shook my head slowly, spellbound. She smiled again, then moved her lips to his and kissed him deeply.

“How come you don’t mind when they kiss on me, baby?” she asked one morning over breakfast. “Kiss on me” instead of “kiss me” in her soft southern accent, just one of the things that constantly draw me to her.

“I don’t know…” I answered after thinking a moment. “Should I mind?”

“I think some guys do. At least it seems that way in some stuff I read.”

I thought some more.

“You like it though, don’t you?” she prompted.

“Mmmmm…” I said. “I do…but I like all of it. I guess…I don’t know if this will sound right, but…I like having you “used”, you know? And knowing some guy has been kissing your mouth before I get to kiss you…it’s just another part of the turn-on.”

“Well that was a nice answer.” she said, smiling and leaning in to kiss me softly.

“Besides…I know how much you like to kiss.” I added.

She blushed a little. “Well, yes. But I would stop if you asked me to.”

“No need…no need…” I said.

She moaned in to Picture upload his mouth as he deftly pushed her zipper down, then pressed his hand between her legs. She’d wrestled his pants open as I reflected. She let an open-mouthed groan out as his middle finger pressed inside her, simultaneously releasing his cock from it’s confines. She ran her hand along it, sizing it up blindly, then glimpsed over at me with a wicked little grin. Pretty average sized…looked about the same as mine from my vantage point. She was making a little fun at my expense in our silent exchange.

Some months back we’d wound up in a hotel room with another black guy who was pretty big. Ginger isn’t shy telling me that she enjoys it. Not too big so it hurts, but there is a right size that is bigger than me, for sure. She went crazy for the guy, so much so that I wasn’t sure she’d have any left for me when he was through. She’d let him go bareback and held him in when he came, then stayed on the bed and let it leak out slowly while he dressed. She was feeling a bit dominant that night, some tequila downstairs where we met him hadn’t hurt that, and had firmly told me to stay put until he was gone. I watched hungrily from the chair across the room as his cream thinned out and drizzled over her slit on to the sheets.

When he was gone, she stood, stepped across the room, perched her cute ass on the dresser, and told me to kneel in front of her and clean her up. I made quick work of it, then stood and pressed myself inside her. She was loose, incredibly sloppy. I pushed in to the hilt, withdrew, plunged in again.

She put her hands on my shoulders, dug her nails in, gave me a wicked look, and asked “Are you in yet?”

I went slack-jawed. She’d done some light humiliation before, but nothing like this. Something in me stirred. I was humiliated, but I liked it. I pulled back, thrust in again, harder. She only cocked her head at me, a thin smile on her lips.

Again, harder this time, rising up on my toes a bit so that I brushed her clit on the way in. I was rewarded with a small moan.

Locking eyes with her, I thrust again and again, pausing each time as I reached the hilt, eliciting a stronger response from her with every thrust.

After several more, she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulled me close, and whispered breathlessly “That’s it…yes baby…fuck me…fuck me like you know images upload how…”

I lifted her off the dresser, turned to the bed, lowered her, then fucked her as hard as I ever had, letting myself explode only after I felt her body shudder in her own orgasm.

Lying there afterward, she asked “That OK baby?”

I looked at her, then answered by slipping my head down between her legs for another taste.


I’d been watching them, but reliving that night. How long had she been calling to me? Her shirt was off, jeans and panties down over her knees. He was naked except for his socks.

“A little help?” she said, kicking her feet a little. I leaned over and pulled her jeans and panties over her ankles.

She looked back at him. “You have anything?” she asked him. So, no bareback tonight. I had mentioned once that the smell and taste of a condom on her, while not as hot as a creampie, was a pretty big turn on. That had gotten her hot. She’s mixed it up ever since. Then later, says filthy things to me about tasting her lover’s rubber in her pussy while I clean her up.

He shook his head, suddenly deflated.

“It’s OK.” she said, then…”Thomas…”

I went to the bathroom and got her a condom.

Sitting back down, I watched as she unwrapped it, popped it between her lips, and rolled it on to him with her mouth. He was duly impressed.

She looked up at him, then slid back on to the couch cushions and said “Now fuck me…please…”

As he settled over her, she looked at me and said “You can watch.” As if I had something better to do.

The previews were better than the main attraction this night. The evening started innocently enough. A Thursday night, a fairly interesting football game on, nothing good in the house to eat, so we’d changed from work and headed down to a sports bar we like, taking a high top in the bar area.

While she looked great as usual in her jeans and sweater, she wasn’t dressed to prowl and hadn’t given any indication that a show was in my future. It was all the more surprising when her foot began to caress my calf under the table, a sure sign that she is flirting with someone. I turned my attention from the game to her. She smiled, then let her eyes go back over my shoulder.

I turned to look, but saw no one looking our way.

“A shy one.” she said. “Black guy third from the corner, trying to look at the TV.”

“Hmm.” I said, then went back to the game.

A while later, she put her hand over mine and asked “Don’t you need to use the restroom?”

It seems easier for the guys to talk to her when I’m out of site, I guess.

When I came back, she was squeezed in next to him at the bar. As hard as it was not to stare, I watched a bit more of the game, stealing a glimpse over now and then to see how it was going. My last glimpse caught them coming toward the table. She introduced us, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, great preview, but the show was over in minutes. He’d gotten her off at least once as he played with her, but I could tell she was a little frustrated when he tensed and groaned after only a few minutes on top of her.

Afterwards can be a little awkward sometimes. I don’t like the guys hanging around, and Ginger is accommodating for the most part (unless she wants another round). She gets a little cold, and they typically get the hint, happily grab their clothes, and go.

His hand went toward his cock as he stood. She stopped him, whispered “Let me get that”, then gently tugged the condom off so that nothing spilled. Hm..something in store for me, I could see.

I saw him out, and as soon as the door was closed I heard “C’mere baby…” over my shoulder. I turned and went to her, standing before the couch.

She nodded toward the condom that she’d placed on her naked thigh. I hesitated.

“Don’t fuck around, Thomas, I’m frustrated as it is.”

I picked it up, still warm, slightly wet.

“Put it where you want…” she said.

I hesitated again. Damn…really turning me on…but where? Before I could think too much, I knelt beside her, pressed the open end to her collarbone above her throat, and let his cum drizzle on to her skin.

“Mmmmm…” she responded.

I let it empty on to her, then pulled it away.

“Huh uh…get all of it…”

I just looked at it.

“Like this.” she said, then took it, squeezed it between her fore and middle finger, getting a few more drops from it.

“Now you know for next time.” she said, then dropped it on the floor.

I lowered my head toward her, but she pushed me back.

“Ummm…get undressed?”

Damn tease. I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough as I watched the viscous off-white liquid run in thin rivulets down over and between her breasts.

She took my cock in her hand, pulled me slowly down to the couch with her until I settled beside her.

“Now…baby…I’m all yours…”

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