Ginny and Katy Pt. 12

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012, Following up

= = = = = = = = = =

Over the next few days we talked several times about Ginny and how we both felt about her.

Initially, we were not entirely honest with each other. You’d think that with all we’d done with each other that we would be able to be completely open. But people just don’t work that way.

So, except for each admitting we’d enjoyed it, we both held back on just how much we’d enjoyed it. A very human fear of how awkward it would be if, say at one extreme, one of us wanted to do it every day and but the other only wanted to do it monthly.

As I’ve mentioned before, I can be very weak. But, on occasion, can take chances and be strong. I decided I just had to tell her how I felt and take whatever the consequences were. After dinner I called a time out and told her that the evening I spent with her as Ginny was just about the most fun I’d had in my life. And I very much wanted to do it again, more completely, and very often.

She confessed that she felt much the same way. We joked that we were not looking for 24/7. Maybe 23/6. And she still had her fears about it ruining what we had and wanted to to go slow. We eventually agreed to let Ginny out for a full day. An overnight on the weekend seemed best.

She was concerned that the euphoria of sex might cause me to discount the humiliation factors . I was pretty sure not. But I remembered about Barbara and Bambi and knew she needed reassurance, and realized that I’d like some myself.

We agreed that we’d play for twenty-four hours. Lunch to lunch this coming Saturday and Sunday. And there could be no sex. Just puppy play.

Saturday, February 25, 2012, Afternoon and evening with Ginny

= = = = = = = = = =

We’d be starting this afternoon. I’d become Ginny just before lunch and would continue to the same time tomorrow. Three meals, sleeping, playing, both with Katy and by myself, and her, at least, doing ordinary weekend things. Plus, my being alone in the house, with her leaving and returning, since she had a date with Betty tonight.

I had trouble sleeping and got up a bit earlier than usual. My mind was running thinking about what the day would bring. Being Saturday, I didn’t expect Katy up for at least two hours. I was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee, eating my usual buttered toast, and thinking about the experience ahead.

I was becoming wet with anticipation. I hadn’t slept with Katy last night, and hadn’t bothered to dress before coming down to breakfast. I looked down to see my nipples standing up. Not enough that they’d draw my attention to them, but not their usual relaxed state either. I touched one of them and it came up hard instantly.

I said “Oh!” and watched as two of my fingers slid inside me, seemingly of their own volition. They started rubbing inside me while the heal of my hand rubbed outside. I noticed I was still holding my coffee cup in the other hand. I let out another “Oh” and carefully put it down. I pushed my chair back, slid my behind closer to it’s edge, and spread my lets giving myself better access. I switched to using one hand inside and the other on my clit.

I had my eyes close, head thrown back, taking short, quick breaths when I felt Katy’s lips on mine, one hand behind my head holding my mouth to hers. The hand other pulling one of my nipples. My eyes shot open and I pulled my hands away.

She said, very quietly, “Continue.”

I did so. She moved to my side and gracefully stepped one leg over mine, straddling me. She sat on my thighs facing me, with her bottom between my spread legs. She trapped my hands in and on myself, rubbing herself against my wrists. Kissing me deeper and deeper as her arousal grew. Pulling back occasionally so we could each catch our breath.

During those short breathing pauses we looked into each other eyes. She moved her hips down to let her sex press against the backs of my hands. I was masturbating both of us at the same time, with the same motions.

She still had one hand behind my head, grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulling me in to her mouth. She used the other to play with my breasts, pulling the nipples and massaging them. She came first, not particularly loud or hard, but a clear orgasm. She raised herself up on my thighs, getting her pussy out of contact with my hands, then loosely draped her arms around my neck and rested her head beside mine on my shoulder.

She bit, gently, me just under my ear and asked, “Do you want me to go down on you?”

I didn’t have a chance to answer. The warmth of her breath and the mental picture it evoked did it for me. I came, a lot harder than she had, and almost throwing us both on on the floor. She straightened her legs and raised herself up on her hands, which now rested on my shoulders. Her torso was not parallel to the floor with her little breasts dangling below her directly in my line of sight. She saw me looking and jiggled them for me. This sight caused me to come a second time, though şişli travesti not so violently. I removed my fingers from myself, but continued, far more gently, rubbing to come down from my orgasms.

She gave me a quick kiss and went to the counter to get herself some coffee. When she returned to the table I was sitting up. I considered going to wash my hands, but thought better of it. I’d consumed my own juices, and hers and Betty’s, often enough that getting some on the coffee cup or my toast didn’t seem to be anything important.

Well, except that I knew it turned Katy on when I consumed my own fluids. She stared over her coffee cup, forgetting to drink, watching me eat my toast licking butter and myself off my fingers and then off the coffee cup. I peaked over my cup, raised one finger and waved at her with it, trying to be cute. She sat up and licked her lips.

She said, with just a bit of husky in her voice, “Are we a little excited this morning?”

I said, “Yes, I think * WE * are.”

She wiggled in her seat, glanced at the clock and said, “Three hours, honey. Three hours.”

I got up, put my dishes in the sink, came back to clean up my chair and the floor, then went off to take a shower and shave. I didn’t bother dressing afterwards, but a little later Katy called me in to dress her. Panties, bra, shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Typical clothing for her.

Time seemed to crawl. Katy did the dishes while I did laundry, including hers. I’d managed to loose track of time, folding and putting away towels, sheets and both of our clothes. As I finished I glanced at the clock. Twenty minutes. I got Ginny’s toy box and went downstairs.

Katy wasn’t in the living room or kitchen and I’d just been in her room and mine. I went back into the kitchen and noticed the top of her head through the windows over the sink. She was at the table on the porch. I walked out and found her reading. I put the box on the table.

She looked up and asked, “Time?”


“Do you want to start now? We’re not slaves to the clock.”

I asked, “That means we stop that much earlier tomorrow?”

“I suppose so. But, again, we’re not slaves to the clock. I wasn’t planning to be particularly precise about the time. Maybe Ginny stays for lunch tomorrow too. We’ll play that be ear. But we, you and I, are going out for dinner tomorrow night.”

“OK. Then let’s start.”

She put her book down, opened the box, and handed me my tail. Over the week she’d expressed some doubts about my claim that it could be put in without lubricant, so I took it, turned and bent over so she could watch, and put it right in. I’d done it so quickly that I hadn’t had a chance to work up any embarrassment. But continuing to stay there, bent over so she could see, was catching up with me.

She said, “I guess it does work. That didn’t hurt?”

“Not at all.”

“OK. Turn around and kneel.”

I did, but just plan kneeling. Not “sit” or “beg.” She wrapped my collar around my neck then paused a moment before latching it.

She said, “See you tomorrow, Virginia.”

She clicked the collar together and adjusted it so the D ring was in back. I bowed my head, switched to my “sit” pose, and waited for Ginny to rise up and take over. When she had, I leaned forward and rubbed the side of my face on Katy’s leg.

She said, “Ginny, speak.”


She took out my leash, clipped it to my collar, retrieved a tennis ball from the box, and led me down the steps into the back yard. We walked around the yard with me sniffing here and there and tugging her towards interesting things. This wasn’t as odd as it sounds. Or maybe it’s odder than it sounds. I’m not entirely sure. Being in puppy space, it seemed normal. And I was enjoying myself.

One part of that enjoyment was experiencing my own yard so differently. Of course, I knew that yard very well after all these years. But Ginny had never seen it. Never even been outdoors. It was surprising discovering things I’d never noticed before. Familiar plants and objects looking different both because I was so close to the ground, and because I looked at them with Ginny’s mind.

We got out into the middle of the yard and she said, “OK, Ginny. Training time. Sit.”

I did and she continued, “Walking around on hands and knees only really works if you wear knee pads or stay on soft surfaces. I know you want to be as close to nude as possible, and I completely agree with you. So knee pads are out.”

“I got you off the porch quickly and avoided taking you on the walk ways to save your knees. But I don’t want to have to do that. And even if everything was soft, walking on hands and knees is very slow. So, I’m going to teach you another way of walking and running.

“You can still use your hands and knees when you’re going short distances and when what you’re walking on is soft. Besides, you’re ass looks spectacular when you’re down like that. But, most of the time I bakırköy travesti want you to use this new way. OK?”


“Good girl. I want you to keep your body parallel to the ground and get up on your toes and fingers.”

I tried it.

“No, that’s not quite right. Spread your thighs and let them come up sort of beside your body. Something like you do when you lay down.”

I tried that.

“Good girl”

It felt a awkward, and I was thinking it looked more like a spider than a dog. But Katy seemed happy with it, and that made me happy. And I was looking forward to being able to really run. She looked me over carefully, taking a moment to notice that my sex was on display in a big way in this pose.

She reached out and gently touched my protruding inner labia, tracing the length of them with a single stroke of her finger. I gasped when she first touched me then purred deep in my throat as her finger moved so slowly along me.

She withdrew her finger. “Oh, yum! What a wonderful picture you’d make.”

I whined.

“No, baby, I’m not going to take pictures of you. Really it’s just so… so… well, all I can say is we agreed not to have sex. But I sure hope Betty and I have a chance when we’re out tonight. I think I’ll insist we take my car. Having sex is hers is damn near impossible.”

She paused a moment then added, “You’ve got me thoroughly bothered, and you’re just standing there.”

Yeah, well I was pretty thoroughly bothered too. And I wasn’t going out with a chance of sex tonight either. And her touching me and talking about me this way had raised my humiliation level to where I was aware of it. And that was turning me on even more. She stood there for quite a while, or so it seemed to me, looking at me from behind.

She said, “Oh, man. You’re getting wet just standing there.”

I responded with a long whine then wagged my tail at her.

“Right. Let’s walk.”

She came around in front of me and gave my leash a little tug. We walked around the yard, not avoiding the walk ways this time. It was awkward at first, but after about fifteen minutes became a lot less so. Learning to moving my legs and arms right was part of it, but retraining my sense of balance to walking this way was also an issue. I could see that this was going to be easy to do after I’d adjusted, but for right not it was taking concentration.

We made our way around to the picnic table, where she sat down and had me sit in front of her. We sat there for some time while she groomed me, stroking my hair, smoothing it out the fluffing my curls with her fingers.

She asked, “Does this way of walking feel better?”


She’d put the tennis ball down on the table when we came near it on our first circle around the yard a half hour or more ago. Now she removed my leash, put it on the table, and picked up the ball. I stamped around a bit, like an excited puppy, and barked at her.

“Fetch!” And she threw the ball across the yard.

I ran after it, nearly falling because I hadn’t accounted properly for how fast I could go and still not quite having my sense of balance adjusted for this stance. I paused a moment then ran again, paying closer attention to how I moved my arms and legs so I didn’t trip.

I reached the ball, picked it up, and ran back to her, going into “beg” with it in my mouth.

“You remembered! What a good girl you are.”

She threw it in different directions and different distances and I repeated the process each time. Then she threw it far across the yard, where it stopped just under the hedge separating our yard from the neighbors. I ran about half way across the yard the slowed. That hedge was pretty dense, but right at the bottom, in some places, was rather less so. It had landed in one of those places. What if someone on the other side saw me pick the ball up in my mouth?


I remembered, those were all Katy’s concerns, not mine. I ran over, picked up the ball, looking around as I did. I was relieved to see that the hedge, though not as dense in this spot, was still full enough that someone would have to be looking right there, and close up, to see me. We played fetch for a while, but I think she’d guessed my hesitation and made sure the ball didn’t go near that hedge again.

We played long enough that I was getting tired and thirsty. But I was also getting good at running and walking the new way. I sat in front of her panting.

She said, “Stay,” put the ball on the table and walked back to the porch where she got my water bowl out of the box. She went to the garden hose, filled the bowl, then brought it back and put it on the ground beside me.

“Go ahead, girl. Take a drink.”

I did, lapping up quite a lot of it. I looked up and she seemed delighted. She looked at her watch.

“Time for lunch. You play out here or lie down or whatever. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I watched her go in. She took my istanbul travestileri other bowl into the kitchen with her. I went exploring the yard again and was way in the back, near the rear hedge, when I heard her whistle and call me.

“Ginny! Come here, girl. Lunch!”

I ran back to her. She was sitting at the picnic table and had placed my food bowl beside the water one, which she’d refilled. It looked like bite size pieces of a tuna salad sandwich were in it. I looked up to see her eating a full version of the same sandwich and drinking a glass of milk.

“Go ahead, baby. Lunch.”

I ate all of it, managing to not get any on my face. With some things I’d tried to eat from my dog bowls it was unavoidable. She’d made a good choice. I licked the bowl clean and drank more water. I licked her knee a few times then flopped down on the ground, in my “down” pose, and waited.

She’d also brought my tug-of-war rope so we played that for a few minutes. Then she laid down on the grass reading. I laid beside her, with my back up against her side, and napped. She stroked my hair and body from time to time. Around five she leashed me and we took a walk in the woods beyond the hedge. I hadn’t been out there in years. We came across game trails which we followed for some distance. It was darkening when we went back into the house, bringing my bowls, toys and box in too. Once in the kitchen, she removed my leash and hung it on coat pegs by the back door.

That one little gesture excited me far more than I’d anticipated. It really said “we’re not done yet.” She tossed the tennis ball, one of the rubber balls, and one of the squeaky toys into the living room and told me to go play. I did, but eventually laid on the floor chewing on the squeaky toy and almost fell asleep.

I probably would have but I needed to relieve myself. Pee and so on. We’d agreed we would not play that out this time. I’d do things human normally. But I also didn’t want to come out of Ginny while Katy was there. I checked the clock. She’s be leaving soon, so I wanted.

She came back into the living room, tousled my hair and said, “Dinner in the kitchen, Ginny. Don’t let it sit too long, it’ll get cold.”

She went off upstairs to get ready to go out. I walked into the kitchen to find she’d gone to the trouble to prepare steak tips for me. Well, probably bought them and reheated, but whatever the case it was a nice touch. It looked like canned dog food but was much nicer, filling the kitchen with a nice aroma. And they were very good too.

I was still eating when she came into the kitchen dressed to go out. Slacks, instead of her usual jeans, a white silk shirt, white bra visible under it, jacket matching the slacks, and heels. She’d also styled her hair a bit. She leaned down to pat me on the head then stroked me from the top of my head right down to my tail.

“Be a good girl. Keep out of trouble. And stay off the furniture.”

The Virginia part of my mind thought, “She’s baiting me.” The Ginny part thought, “But will you catch me?”

She left with a final “goodbye.” I went to the living room picture window and poked my head around the curtains so I could watch her drive away.

I did what I usually did as Ginny. Played a bit, walked around, and lay down. But for the first time since she’d moved in, I let myself fall asleep on the living room floor. I didn’t have to worry about being caught. I hadn’t felt this free or this totally relaxed since, well, ever. When I’d lived alone I could do this, of course. But that was doing it alone. It just wasn’t the same at all. I woke and noticed by the time that Katy would probably be back in an hour or so.

I still needed to pee, and the other. Going outdoors would be for another time and I couldn’t open the door anyway. No hands. I went into the downstairs laundry/bathroom, took out my tail and sat on the toilet as usual. I could reach the sink while sitting so I washed the plug end of the tail at the same time. Then played with it, engaging and disengaging the lock, while waiting to finish.

I found that I was in a curious mental place. As I’ve mentioned, normally, when I’m Ginny, the Virginia part of me mostly sits back and watches. And so it had been since she put my collar on. Except for those seconds while she stared at and touched my labia. At this moment, even though I was still in puppy space, I found that Ginny was sitting back sort of waiting, while Virginia took care of the human business. It was a strange feeling and very hard to explain.

But one thing that isn’t hard to explain was the humiliation of what I was doing. When I’m Ginny, I don’t feel it much. But in this odd state I was mostly Virginia, and I did feel it. I was sorely tempted to play with myself, but resisted. I finished, cleaned myself up, put my tail back in, got down on all fours and let Ginny take over. And the humiliation once again faded to just background “spice,” so to speak.

I sprinted out of the bathroom, down the hall, and jumped up on the couch, curled up and, with a bit of s smirk on my face, promptly fell asleep.

I was woken by the sound of the garage door going up. I immediately jumped off the couch and curled up near the fire place, pretending to sleep. I heard Katy in the kitchen then she came in the living room. I looked at her with my best “guilty puppy” expression.

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