Girlfriend’s Birthday


This story is 100% fantasy based on actual people (whose names and personalities have been changed)

Julia and I were lying in bed together one night, having just had some amazing sex. You know; the kind of sex that’s romantic, lusty, raw, and compassionate all at the same time. The kind with the perfectly simultaneous orgasm. She had spent the last week out of town on business, and we had been long overdue for some great sex.

Let me begin by describing ourselves. My name is Matt. I am a 23 year old male with short light brown hair, brown eyes, 5’7″, average weight, and a 7 inch cock, cut, which I keep trimmed. Julia is 5’5″ with a slender build that complements her 36D breasts and firm ass. She keeps her pubic hair perfectly clean shaven at all times. We maintain a very active sex life, regularly everything from manual to oral, and of course, vaginal sex. On rare occasions, we engage in anal sex, but it’s not common.

As we lay in bed, we started to talk about things from our pasts. She made a reference to the fact that she had drunkenly made out with women in her life. Of course, being a guy, this immediately made me around, but gave me the chance to tell her something I was going to open up to her about at some point. I’ve always considered myself straight, but with bi-curious thoughts. I took this opportunity to tell her about something that I had never told anyone until then. When I was in college, my roommate, Alex, was gay. I had hinted at that before, but never told her the full story. On more than occasion, Alex would suck my dick. Not always to completion, sometimes he would get it wet and hard and I would finish myself off while he watched. Other times I would masturbate and let him swallow my cum. I had never really thought of it as anything more than a means to get off. A blowjob is a blowjob. We never fucked, and I never took his cock, but as I told her this story, I could feel the wetness around her pussy. She confessed it was making her horny.

“That’s really hot,” she said

“You really think so , darlin?” I asked

“Yeah… you know I love dude on dude.” This was true. I had more than once walked in on her masturbating to gay porn. “You know, I would love to watch you with another guy some time.”

“Really? You’d like that?”

“Fuck yes. My favorite fantasy is to watch you get your cock sucked by another Bayan Escort Gaziantep guy.”

“Have you ever pictured me with a man?”

“All the time. It’s what I think about when I masturbate sometimes. You know, I’d really love to have a threesome some time with you and a guy.”

I was hesitant, but as we started talking more about it, I began to feel more open to the idea. Suddenly this was turning me on more than I thought it would. I asked her if she knew any one that might be interested. To my surprise, she told me that her gay friend Steven had jokingly suggested a threesome when the two of them were at lunch. We talked about the idea of going through with this, and decided that we were both okay with it. Julia’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to help her live out her fantasy. Furthermore, I knew she would reciprocate at some point. We established some basic ground rules, and planned to invite Steven over the following Thursday night. We agreed that Steven would suck my cock, likely to the point of orgasm, while Julia watched. We didn’t discuss it, but it was implied that she would be naked as well. I knew she was going to have to masturbate, and I knew the fear of him fucking her was irrelevant, so these seemed to be easily agreeable terms.

Her friend came over on the night we had planned and began to make himself comfortable on the couch. Laruen and I were leaving the next day to go on a weekend getaway together for her birthday, so the timing worked out well. The three of us killed some beers and bottle of cheap wine. Julia and I began to kiss and she rubbed both of our cocks through our jeans. As Julia unzipped my pants, I could see Steven’s eyes shift to my cock. Julia whispered something in his ear and moved across the room to the loveseat. Her friend turned around to me and knelt down on his knees, taking my hard cock deep through the fly of my boxers and into his mouth. I absentmindedly moved my hands to the back of his head. He tugged at the boxers, trying to pull them down. I stood up, and he slid them down my legs, now leaving me completely naked. He grabbed my ass and pulled my cock deep into his throat. As I felt his lips glide down my shaft, I became increasingly aroused. Steven gave quite the possibly the second greatest blowjob I had ever had… Julia obviously being first.

I glanced over to Julia, who was starting to get visibly aroused. We smiled at eachother, and she stripped off her jeans, leaving her in a tanktop which highlighted her very erect nipples and a pair of visibly wet panties. She wore an incredibly hot see-through thong made from white mesh fabric that stuck to her bare pussy, which she had just shaved this morning while in the shower with me. She leaned back and started to rub her crotch while she watched her friend give me an amazing blowjob. As his hands massaged my butt, I felt my dick becoming even more erect by the second until the strain was almost painful. Steven took his mouth off my shaft and proceeded to lick my balls. His tongue circled around my scrotum and he began to take my balls in his mouth, one at a time, still stroking my shaft ever so slowly as he sucked.

I looked back up to my girlfriend, who had since peeled off her panties, and was laying on the loveseat, masturbating. I watched as she inserted two fingers into her pussy, fondling her tits through the fabric of her tank top. Her breath became more clearly defined, an obvious sign that she was enjoying this. She began to moan; soft at first, and then louder. This was the first time I had ever watched my girlfriend masturbate, barring the occasions when I had walked in on her, but we were both open with eachother about the fact that we both pleasure ourselves frequently.

After her orgasm, Julia came over onto the couch and started to make out with me. She whispered into my ear, “I’m still horny, baby… Feel how wet my pussy is for you.” I did as I was told, and began to rub my girlfriend’s vag. It was dripping wet, and warmer than I had ever felt. Meanwhile, Steven’s mouth was still going to town on my cock. He stopped to strip down to his briefs as the three of us began exploring each other. I peeled off my girlfriend’s tanktop, leaving her naked, and marveled at her amazing breasts. No matter how long we’ve dated and no matter how many times I’ve seen her naked, the sigh of her tits never ceases to arouse me.

I pulled her head in close to mine, and we began one of the most passionate make out sessions of our relationship. Our lips met and grazed lightly. As they parted, we very slowly began to rub each other’s tongues with our own. She has always been an amazing kisser, but tonight it was taken to new heights. I assumed that this was because I had never made out with anyone while having my dick sucked. My hands caressed her breasts, ass, and then started to finger her pussy. She slowly started to rub her friend’s dick through the fabric of his underwear. She stuck her hand into the elastic and pulled out a thick 6 inch cock, which was uncut. Steven took his mouth off my dick just long enough to stand up and take off his briefs. He kept his pubes shaved, and his balls were hanging low from his shaft. I watched as my lover began to stroke this other guy’s dick. She moved her hands up and down his cock, pulling the foreskin back with each stroke. Normally this would have bothered me, but our friend was so weirded out by the idea of a girl touching his penis that he pushed her hand away and began to jerk off.

The sight of Julia’s body, the warm blowjob from Steven, and the fact that I was still simultaneously making out with my hot girlfriend and feeling her pussy drip onto my leg, all became too much to bear. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I began to feel my cum brewing inside my body. I began to get short of breath and moan with pleasure as I erupted into Steven’s mouth. As my orgasm took hold of my body, I shot load after load after load of my hot juice, and the man took it like a pro, savoring every last drop as he sucked every drop out of the tip of my throbbing cock before swallowing it down his throat. He continued to lick my balls as my hard-on subsided. Steven, still jerking off, obviously enjoyed sucking my impressive cock, as it didn’t take him long to cum. It was only about 5 minutes after peeling off his underwear that he began moaning with that intensity that only an impending orgasm can produce. He finally shot his load into the briefs he had dropped on the floor.

Between watching her friend suck off her boyfriend, the sight of two naked men in decent physique, and the two fingers I was inserting into her vagina, I could tell Julia enjoyed this, as I felt her pussy contract on my fingers and her wetness began to increase dramatically as she watched her friend swallow my cum. She began to scream and moan with pleasure as her own climax swept through her beautiful body. The three of us sat naked on the couch together, basking in our orgasms. Eventually, Steven got dressed and left, giving Julia and I time to finish packing. When we finally climbed into bed late that night, we had the most amazing sex of our entire relationship, and kicking off the most sex-crazed weekend either of us had either experienced.

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