Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 30

After leaving the basement Alexis White returned to her office, where she pulled out the bottle of whiskey that she kept in a file cabinet. Emptying her coffee cup into a potted plant, she poured herself a good stiff drink and sat down at her desk.

It had been an eventful day, and some questions had been raised that would need answering. But at the moment there was nothing to be done, and Miss White just wanted to relax and ease her way into a restful sleep. She would need all her energy in the days to come.

As she reached for her cup Miss White’s arm jostled the mouse, and when the computer woke up the window showing the security camera feed from the basement was still up. Jodie had turned off the overhead light and curled up in her blanket to go to sleep, but there was still enough light in the room for Miss White to make out her face.

For a half-hour or so Miss White sat slowly sipping whiskey and watching Jodie sleep. Something about this girl had really gotten to her; she was a natural submissive, Miss White could tell, but with a defiant streak. It would be interesting to see what she added to Alpha Beta Delta’s dynamic.

By the time the cup was empty Jodie had rolled over and was facing away from the camera. Miss White shut down her computer and made her way upstairs to her bedroom, where she brushed her teeth and was unconscious in minutes.

* * *

First thing after her coffee in the morning, Miss White called Dean Wilkins’ office to make an appointment. It was best to meet this thing head-on, she thought.

“I’m sorry,” she was told, “but the Dean won’t be in today. I have an appointment at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, will that be OK?”

Miss White said that it would and hung up. She then summoned Sasha to her office; as she waited she checked the camera feed from the basement, where Jodie was still sleeping peacefully.

When Sasha arrived Miss White told her that she would need to find something for Jodie to wear. Sasha nodded, flashing back to the highly erotic spectacle of Miss White cutting off the prisoner’s clothes. “Jodie’s going to be staying here with us,” Miss White told Sasha. “Tell her to go home today and pack a suitcase.” Sasha nodded.

Glancing over at the camera they’d confiscated from Jodie, which sat bursa escort on the corner of her desk, Miss White had a thought. “And tell her to bring the cable for this thing.” Sasha nodded again.

“We’re also going to have a house meeting tonight,” added Miss White. “8 PM. Make sure everyone knows.” She dismissed Sasha, who walked away trying to figure out who at ABD was closest to Jodie’s size. Jodie was shorter and curvier than she was, though otherwise the two could have almost been sisters, with their brown hair and glasses.

Miss White returned her attention to the security camera. Jodie had rolled over onto one side; the blanket had slipped down around her waist, revealing her firm young breasts, and she had one hand clamped between her thighs. The overall effect was incredibly sexy, and for a moment Miss White thought about going down there, gently nudging Jodie awake, watching her stretch and yawn. Tossing the blanket aside, Miss White would straddle Jodie’s head and lean down for a nice morning 69.

But then her phone rang; a plumber who she’d contacted about doing some work on the house was calling back. Then she got an urgent email about an unpaid grocery bill, and from there it was one issue after another. The day passed quickly and next thing Miss White knew the sun was going down; she left her office and went for a walk in ABD’s garden, planning what was going to happen that evening.

* * *

When the Sisters filed into the meeting that night they were greeted by the sight of Jodie — an unfamiliar face at this point to everyone but Sasha, Kristin, and Jenny — bent over on the stage, naked, bound, and ball-gagged. There was a murmur in the room as everyone wondered who this was and what she was doing there, but it was silenced as Alexis White strode in, exuding an air of businesslike authority.

Taking the stage, Miss White introduced Jodie as the newest member of their household. When she explained that Jodie would be subordinate even to the freshmen, several of the freshmen glanced at each other excitedly, imagining what it would be like to have a plaything of their own.

“But first,” announced Miss White, “Jodie has to do some penance for her sins against us. Isn’t that right, Jodie?”

Nervous and unsure exactly escort bursa what this meant, Jodie was momentarily hesitant to respond. But looking out at all the beautiful girls staring at her, then over at the impassive face of Alexis White, she knew that there was no turning back. She nodded.

“Good,” said Miss White, and the hint of a smile curled one side of her mouth. A few seconds later she had located her whip and taken up a position behind Jodie, who was now having second thoughts about this whole thing. But it was too late, much too late.

The whip sang through the air and made a loud crack as it met the flesh of Jodie’s rump. Jodie’s eyes went wide and she moaned into her gag; it was not as painful as she might have feared, but it certainly stung. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the next blow; it hurt a little bit less. After five lashes it was almost like all this was happening to someone else; like she was watching from outside her body as the stately Alexis White punished her for her sins.

And then it was over. Miss White nodded approvingly, even favoring Jodie with a wink as she curled the whip and set it aside. Jodie’s glowing red ass still burned, but it now felt like a badge of honor, a mark of belonging.

Miss White dismissed the Sisters and they filtered out, with only Kristin, Jenny, and Sasha remaining behind. All three of them recognized the look in Miss White’s eyes and knew that something special was about to transpire.

Leaning down, Miss White popped out Jodie’s gag, then kissed her hard on the mouth. They were both in a highly agitated condition. Miss White, as always, had been deeply aroused by dealing out a punishment. As for Jodie, she’d just been whipped, naked and bound, in front of a room full of sorority sisters; nothing in her short, sheltered life had prepared her for such an experience. Her heart was still pounding and her pussy was throbbing as Miss White took hold of her hair and pulled back, forcing her to look up.

Jodie gazed up at the older woman, who was like a goddess to her now, and over at the three Sisters, who were like priestesses. Nothing could have made her happier than to be completely in their control.

Speaking in an even, businesslike tone, her face betraying just the bursa escort bayan faintest hint of a grin, Miss White said “Our new friend here needs some pussy-licking practice. Who wants to go first?”

Sasha looked at Kristin, who looked at Jenny and nodded. Jenny shrugged and stepped forward, taking a seat on the chair that Miss White pulled up onto the stage. After lifting her skirt and pulling off her panties, Jenny spread her legs wide. Her pussy was glistening wet; she, too, had been excited by the spectacle of Jodie’s punishment.

Jodie took a deep breath and thought back to her lesson of the previous night. Scooting forward, she began by kissing, licking, and nibbling on Jenny’s inner thighs as Miss White, Kristin, and Sasha sat down to enjoy the show.

Without the use of her hands, it took Jodie awhile to get Jenny off, but nobody minded; they all thoroughly enjoyed every second of the process. Jenny then vacated the chair and Sasha stepped forward, removing and carefully folding her jeans and white thong before taking Jenny’s place.

As Jodie obediently went to work on Jenny, Miss White was no longer content to just watch. A minute later Jodie felt her legs being opened as Miss White knelt behind her equipped with a strap-on. Jodie reflexively looked back over her shoulder as she felt herself being penetrated, but Miss White gripped her head firmly and returned her attention to Sasha’s pussy.

Kristin patted her lap and Jenny took a seat there as they watched the action. Kristin was feeling very needy between the legs but she waited patiently until Jodie brought Sasha to orgasm. Jodie was quite understandably having trouble focusing as Miss White pounded into her from behind, but she got the job done eventually.

Sasha now stood and Jenny took Kristin by the hand, leading her over to the chair. She sat and Jenny lifted the hem of her skirt; she had been going commando underneath, so nothing further was necessary. Miss White slowed her pace to a gentle in and out as Jodie began to lick the blond senior.

In the end both Jodie’s tongue and her pussy were thoroughly worn out. Sasha untied her and led her down the hallway to the basement room that was now her home. There was a bare-bones bathroom where Jodie took a much-needed pee, then stood for a minute leaning against the sink, savoring the orgasmic tingle that still ran through her. She took off her glasses and leaned forward, studying herself in the mirror; she looked more or less the same, but she certainly felt different.

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