Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 66

Dina worked the rest of her shift in a daze, feeling like the whole night had been some weird and wonderful dream. Toward the end of the shift she checked out a couple of early departures, hyper-aware that she was naked underneath her uniform. It made her feel naughty and privileged, like she had a secret no one could guess.

She headed home at 7 A.M., long before Miss White and Jodie would rise for the day. But on her way out she gave Miss White’s car a once-over, having gotten the license number from the hotel record. The black car was covered with a thin later of white snow, and the inside was neat and comfortable-looking. Dina wasn’t sure what she hoped to learn, but everything about Alexis White fascinated her.

Before leaving she did take note of the Bowmore College bumper sticker. Dina intended to transfer to a real college for her junior year, and she had the grades to do it… she made a note to look up this school when she got home.

* * *

Miss White and Jodie rose late, gorged themselves on the free hotel breakfast, and cleaned up before hitting the road. As she packed up Miss White found Dina’s bra and panties on the floor. She smiled to herself, picturing the lovely young woman and remembering their encounter, then took a quick sniff of the panties before stuffing them into her suitcase as a souvenir. The bra she left sitting on a bedside table.

After checking out they started driving with no particular destination in mind. The weather had cleared and the sun was out, bursa escort and Miss White was quite content just driving, heading vaguely south and west.

But in the course of the day they got to talking, and eventually Jodie let it be known that it was the day before her birthday — her 21st, in fact. Hearing that, Miss White suddenly decided that there was only one place for them to celebrate: Las Vegas.

With a goal in mind Miss White switched from back roads to the main highway and began to drive faster. They drove until late that night and stopped just long enough to sleep — no shenanigans with the front desk clerk this time — before heading out again. After a long day’s drive they arrived in Vegas just as the sun was going down.

Miss White had reserved them a suite at the Bellagio, which she vaguely remembered from her last trip to Las Vegas, about 10 years previously. It was not cheap but Miss White had substantial savings to draw from; her salary was generous and included room and board, and she rarely had any reason to spend money. So she could afford to be extravagant, and was in the mood to cut loose.

After checking in they got cleaned up, having skipped showering that morning. Miss White intended to take Jodie out to a nice restaurant, but it quickly became clear that neither of them had brought along suitable clothes. Fortunately there were several boutiques inside the hotel. An hour later Jodie was wearing a new baby blue silk dress that hugged her curves and made her escort bursa look and feel like a celebrity.

Miss White opted for a form-fitting black suit with a knee-length skirt, along with a white blouse that showed off some cleavage. She checked herself out in the full-length mirror approvingly; she looked both feminine and formidable. Her self-assured veneer dropped for just a split second when the salesgirl brought her the credit card slip to sign; she could afford it, but wasn’t used to spending such large sums. It was a bit of a shock to the system, but she signed it and immediately felt freer. After all, what good was money sitting in the bank?

They had dinner at a fancy steakhouse, starting with Champagne and oysters, followed by filet mignon, lobster, and a bottle of Bordeaux that was older than Jodie. Dessert was chocolate lava cake and espresso. By the time they finished it was almost midnight, but they both felt lively, even though it had been a very long day. They seemed to be absorbing energy from the buzz of the city that surrounded them.

As they walked back to the hotel along the Bellagio’s famous fountains, Miss White began to notice postcards littering the ground all around them. Every one of them appeared to feature a picture of a pretty girl, a name, and a phone number. Finally she bent over and picked one up. The face on the card was striking but unusual, vaguely Asiatic and a little asymmetrical. She had intelligent but somewhat sad eyes and obviously dyed platinum bursa escort bayan blonde hair that was set off by dark eyebrows. The name below the picture was “Crystal.”

As she contemplated the card Miss White began to feel a strange excitement building. She had never paid for sex in her life — in fact the idea was fairly ridiculous, given that she had a beautiful young woman sharing her hotel room, and that she regularly got the kind of pussy you can’t get for any amount of money. But the thought of it thrilled her for some reason she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

When they got back to their room Jodie went into the bathroom and Miss White got out her phone. She dialed the number on the card and after a few rings a female voice said, “Hello?”

For the second time that night, Miss White’s usual self-assurance momentarily deserted her; she was out of her element here. Finally she stammered, “Um, is this Crystal?”

“Yeah,” answered the voice, sounding a little impatient. “What can I do for you?” After thinking for a second, Miss White explained that she was looking for a special birthday treat for someone. “Threesomes are extra,” said Crystal.

“Not a problem,” answered Miss White. She did wonder exactly how much money they were talking about, but hesitated to ask; it seemed so crude. Crystal asked where they were and said she’d be there in about half an hour.

When Jodie emerged from the bathroom Miss White had a funny look on her face; Jodie sensed that something was afoot and felt a little tingle of anticipation between her legs. Miss White ordered more Champagne from room service and they sat down at the big window overlooking the city, contented in the moment but also excited about what was going to happen next.

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