Giving It All

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3D Adult

The place was a dungeon. i can’t describe it any other way. It was full of candles on the wall, the walls were made of stone; in the centre of the room stood two pillars made of marble, each pillar contained two rings each. The floor had a plush rug, soft to the touch. On the far wall was a cabinet made of wood, it was closed and a locked with a large old padlock. Placed against another wall was a very large chair, almost like a throne of a King. The chair’s seat and back padding was covered with red velvet it also had intricate carvings on the arms and top of the back. Large fluffy pillows surrounded this incredible chair. The door to enter this majestic room was a very large heavy door made of wood. The outside of the door had a detailed ivy carving, throw back of the Secret Garden; the interior of the door was again a detailed carving, of a vampire biting a maiden. The only colour on the door was red which the blood drops of the vampire’s bite were.

My heart raced when i heard the large door thud closed behind me. i was scared but so excited, my entire body was twitching. i looked up at Master and smiled; He looked down at me and smiled. He reached for me to gently caress my cheek. “Do you trust Me?” He asked quietly and softly.

i smiled and leaned into His hand and nodded, “oh yes Master i trust You with my life Sir.”

His soft smile His deep eyes. i knew i was in the safest place i ever have been or could be. He pointed to a large wooden chest, it was old and the padlock that was hanging upon it was not latched.

“Now pet, you are to go over there and pick the restraints you desire and choose a blindfold or a hood.” He chuckled and continued, “then remove all your clothes, fold them and place them on top of the chest. you are then to gather what you chose and stand between the two pillars. Do you understand? Do you have any questions slave?”

i shook my head, “no Master, i got and understand all the instructions.”

He smiled, “good girl, now go. There is no time restraint, so please take your time , dear.” Before walking away He kissed me softly, then turned and walked to the cabinet. i headed toward the chest. He stopped in mid-step and said, “and slave?”

i replied “yes Master?”

He looked over His shoulder and smiled, “leave your heels on, I like them.”

i nodded and smiled, “yes Master” gave a small curtsey.

“good girl,” He continued toward the large cabinet.

i knelt down and opened the chest, and started searching through it, looking at all my choices. After thinking and looking a while i chose ankle and wrist cuffs, chains and eight locks. i chose a simple black satin blindfold. i closed the chest and replaced the lock, just like the way i found it. i began to remove my clothes.

i was startled when i heard Master unlock the padlock on the cabinet. He opened both squeaky doors then turned and went to His large chair. He sat and proceeded to watch me. i folded my clothes as i was removing them. First my white blouse, then i stood to my feet to remove my skirt. i wiggled my hips to remove the tight skirt. i folded the skirt and placed it on the chest where my blouse laid. i took off my white lace bra and then the matching panties, folded them and placed them with the rest of the clothes.

i then turned and picked up the restraints and the blindfold, walked to the centre of the two pillars. i placed what i had collected and laid them on the rug. i glanced as the majestic room and saw the cabinet open. Inside there were many different styles of floggers, crops and whips; i also saw many, many things i had no clue of what they were.

my eyes must have shown the surprise because Master chuckled, “What is it pet? See something you like?”

i turned my focus quickly back to Master, “ummmm…no Sir…errr…nothing Master.” i answered, my voice hesitant, my head shaking no. my eyes were wide and fixed upon Him.

His eyebrow raised, His eyes slightly narrowed, “Now girl, what have you been told about that word? Have I not made it painfully clear to you?” His voice deepened and a low growl came from deep within His throat. He continued, “And more importantly, what have I said about not answering questions?” His glare upon me was intense and His eyes were focused on mine.

my eyes widen, i knew i disappointed Him; i lowered my eyes to the floor and bowed my head. i do this without realizing; i avoid questions which i do not mean; most of the questions i tend to avoid are not that important if answered. The word ‘nothing’ is what Master was referring; He truly hates that word and he had made it painfully clear. But alas i still use it and do not realize it until it is too late. “Master, i am so sorry. You have told me many times, far too many times, that nothing is never to be used as an answer. And that i am to answer Your questions as soon as they are asked,” my body slouched as i avoided looking at Him.

“Look at Me slave and kneel!” He said firmly and lovingly. i instantly knelt and istanbul travesti lifted my head to look at Him. He glared at me as He stood from His chair, Master then turned around and reached for something that was behind His chair. my eyes widen once again when i saw that He had a cane in His hand. i looked straight up at Him as my body began to shake and quiver.

He smiled, a bit gentle but more wickedly, “seeing how you enjoy pain, and it pleases Me that you do. And since I want to discourage this behavior, and if I were to punish you as I would punish another, that in fact would only encourage this behavior.” He reached down grabbed my hair and leaning into my ear He whispered, “see My love, if I did treat you as a normal slave, then you would misbehave on purpose, hungry for the punishments, and that simply is not acceptable” He roughly released my hair, stood upright and took two steps back. Looking down at me He said, “So instead I must find a way that will discourage such behavior.”

my voice low and cracking, my body shaking, i responded, “yes Master, i understand.”

“I do hope so slave. NOW! Hold your arms straight out in front of you, palms facing up and hands open flat.” He instructed.

“yes Master,” i did exactly as ordered.

His face still showing His disappointment, He laid the cane in my open palms, “Now you will hold the cane just like that for as long as I say. Understand? You are not to move, nor close Your hands as Your palms will remain open the entire time. Understand?” He said as He stood before me looking down at me.

Nodding i replied, “yes Master, i understand Master.”

“good girl,” He smiled and walked back to His chair; He sat and watched me. “Now slave answer the question you should have answered. And I certainly hope I do not have to repeat it.” His eyes fixed on mine.

“no Sir, You do not, for i do remember the question.” i remained very still as the weight of the cane began to take its toll on my extended arms. “to answer Your question Master, of course i like the floggers and the paddles and the crops and such Master, that You already know.” He smiled and nodded as i continued, “my eyes widen not from those but from the myriad of other items. The tools i had never seen before Master.” my eyes closed as i fought to keep my arms extended.

“Eyes open and on Me slut!” His voice echoed in the chamber room.

Opening my eyes instantly, “yes Master, i am sorry Master.” i smiled softly as i gazed upon Him.

“good girl,” His tone lowered and became soft. “I am sure there are girl. Now answer me this, why not have just said that? Why use that horrid word…nothing?” His teeth gritted shut as He spoke that word.

“i know You are going to be displeased Master with my answer. But the truth of the matter Sir, i do not have a reason, except that is an awful habit of mine. A habit i can not seem to break” my arms began shaking, i wanted so badly to drop the cane and lower my arms, but i did not.

His head tilted as He continued to chat, paying no mind to the struggle i was having. “Fair answer slave, BUT… that habit must end and end NOW!! Do you understand slave?”

“yes Master,” i tilted my head back and closed my eyes, biting my lower lip to fight against the weight of the cane. The cane’s weight felt as if had tripled and my body began shaking as i fought hard to keep my arms extended. my voice was low and straining as well, as my entire concentration was focused upon my arms and His voice.

“slave!!” His voiced bellowed, “eyes open and on Me, NOW! I did not give you permission to close your eyes did I? or have I forgotten that I said you could?” His voice sarcastic as He smirked.

i opened my eyes and lifted my head, looking at Him as ordered, “no Master You did not give me permission nor did You forget anything.” masking sure i answered each question that was asked, “i am sorry Master, please forgive me Master.” my arms started to quake and shake as time seem to be a stand still. i wanted to know how much longer, but i dared not ask.

He smiled softly, “Is that getting heavy My one?” pointing to the cane.

Nodding as i replied quietly, “yes Master very much so my Love.”

“Oh I have no doubt, My lovely slave.” His voice calm and full of love. “what lesson have You learned tonight?”

A soft smile came to my face, “to answer Your questions Master, and to answer them at the time they are asked. And not to answer them with nothing, for nothing is not a proper answer to a question Master.”

“Good girl, you do make Me proud.” He stood from His chair and walked toward me. Master reached down and cupped my chin in His large strong hand, “make sure you remember how heavy this cane has become slave, because the next time it will be two canes and I will double the time. Understand slave?!”

“yes Master, i will not forget.” i replied.

He leaned down and kissed my forehead as He removed the cane from my open palms. Master then anadolu yakası travestileri took my hands into His and lifted me to my feet. He smiled as He lowered my arms to my sides, then embraced me in a hug. All i could do was lean into His firm chest and close my eyes, as i felt the feeling return to my hands and arms. In an almost whisper i said, “thank You Master.”

He gave me a gentle firm squeeze before taking a step back and looking down at the restraints that I had chosen earlier. “Nice choice, My slut.” He bent down and picked up the two wrist restraints. He smiled looking down at me, “Now for your reward My one, you took your punishment well and I do believe you have learned your lesson this time and this will not happen again.”

my eyes began to sparkle, “oh, thank You Master,’ i curtsied and offered my hands to Him.

He chuckled, “I do love your eagerness slut,” placing the restraints on my tiny wrists and buckling them securely. He then bent down and picked up two chains and four locks and the blindfold. His lips kissed mine before placing the blindfold over my eyes. “No peeking slut.” He said playfully.

i felt the weight of the chains on my wrists as He locked each one into place. My pussy began to quiver from the sound and feel of the locks and chains. Master pinched both of my long nipples hard and gave them a twist. A moan escaped as my body twitched.

“Are you still wet slut?” Releasing one of my nipples, i felt His fingers spreading my wet pussy lips, “yes you are. That so pleases Me.” He dipped two fingers into my cunt, hooked them and then flicked them roughly to remove them the juices sprayed onto my inner thighs as He coated His fingers, i heard Him slurp as He licked His fingers, “scrumptious! Absolutely tasty!” my pussy lips collecting the juices as it drips from my wet throbbing cunt, my nipples got harder, and my clit began to pulse; all this knowing that Master is pleased, knowing i am the one who is able to please Him.

The chain rattled as i felt a tug lifting my arm above my head. Master pulled on it to make sure there was not much slack. i heard the lock latch and tugged to see just how much give i had been allowed. He did the same, raising my other arm by pulling on the chain and locking it into place on the rings of the pillars. Once again i tugged on the chain, i could hear the excess chain clink on the marble pillars; i was given next to no give. i could feel Master’s breath on my neck before He whispered into my ear, “comfy slut? Spread those lovely long legs of yours.”

i smiled, “yes Master quite comfy thank You.” i spread my legs as ordered.

“good girl,” His hands gliding up my sides as He pressed His body against mine. i could feel His cock throbbing through His pants on my tummy. He guided His hands to my nipples, pinching them hard and twisting the nipples in opposite directions. Both of my hands gripped the chains and clenched into a fist around the chains. Whimpers and moans began to fill the room. Leaning once again close into my ear, “I am curious slave, how much is too much? How much pain can My painslut truly take? Can she be broken?”

i could not help it, i knew better even, but it just came out of my mouth. . .i leaned toward Him finding His ear, His mouth still pressed to my ear and whispered, “i can take all You dish out Master and then more!” i licked His earlobe, “with all due respect Master, no One can break me, not even You Sir!” i licked His earlobe into my mouth and sunk my teeth deep and hard.

He yanked my nipples so hard i thought He was ripping them from my body, “FUCK! you think so bitch! W/we will see about that!” He laughed as He slammed His knee with full force into my pussy and began to grind into it.

“FUCK!” i screamed letting go of His earlobe. The thrust bringing me to my toes. “FUCK MASTER!”, all i was able to say.

“So My slave thinks she can handle it, she can take it?” He said loosening the tugs on my nipples and lowering His leg from my pussy. As i started to relax i nodded slowly, Master slammed His knee once again into my pussy followed by several simultaneous jabs from His knee into my cunt. “bitch you better stay wet! Also you should never ever challenge me slut!” He yanked on my nipples so hard from my body that i screamed so loudly that it echoed in the room. Master laughed, “oh you can’t possibly have had enough can You slut?”

My teeth gritted closed as i tried to control myself, “NO MASTER!” i screamed between my closed teeth. “Bring it on Master! This can’t be all You have!” A crooked smile came upon my face “And do not fret Sir, i will remain wet! HA!” i chuckled. i knew once i said this i was going to regret it i was going to feel the true wrath of Him.

His voice became deeper as He released my nipples and cupped my chin in His hand, “oh don’t fret slut, you will feel the pain bitch. I will not stop until I see tears fall from under this blindfold.” istanbul travesti the whole time Master’s grip on my chin got firmer and He was slamming His knee harder into my cunt, it felt as though His knee was opening me, like He was going to fuck my cunt with His knee. “Shall W/we see just how much you can take slut. See how worthy you are of that collar you wear?”

Master released my chin and nipple and lowered His knee from my cunt; He squatted down and placed the ankle cuffs on me buckling them into place. “Lovely legs” He said as He locked each chain to the cuffs and then locked the chains to the rings on the pillars. Master inhaled into my pussy, i could feel His warm breath on my bare lips. “Damn slave, your scent is like no other. So sweet, so wonderful.” His tongue lapping up the juices from my wet swollen pussy lips. “And so damn tasty.” He stood up, my body twitching and shaking, as i felt His breath at my ear and Him whispering, “Anything you want to say before i begin to break you bitch?”

A gentle smile, my breath short, “only that i will prove to You tonight that i am not only worthy of this collar but that i am also worthy of You Master.” i wiggled a bit, knowing that i have pushed Master too far and i will feel the pain as a result. i heard Him walk away. In the direction of the cabinet. “Oh and Master?”

He didn’t stop, “yes girl?” stopping in front of the cabinet gazing at His choices.

“i would like to apologize how i spoke to You Master. i should not been so rude.” taking this moment to catch my breath.

He chuckled, removing a flogger (one with knots on the ends) and a rope from the cabinet, “quite alright slut, it tells Me though that you need some more training. That perhaps you are not ready. Let me see if I can whip that bitch from you.” He walked back toward me and stood in front of me. “slut, open your mouth and hold this with your teeth, and do NOT drop it! Understand?”

“yes Master,” i opened my mouth and He placed the flogger’s handle in my mouth, i bit down firmly to assure that it would not be dropped.

“Such a good girl I have,” He said softly caressing my cheek, “remember, do not drop it.” He smiled and began to unwrap the rope. He reached around behind me and began to wrap the rope around my chest and tits. He wrapped the rope just below my tits several times very tightly squeezing my ribs closer together causing circulation to lessen. The rope was then wrapped around each tit very tightly turning them a slight shade of purple colour due to the lack of blood flow. my nipples throbbing as the circulation was cut from them. i bit down hard on the handle of the flogger, i wanted to scream but i would have dropped the flogger if i did. Master secured the rope and stepped back to admire His work. “you are a true piece of beauty slave. So stunning My one.”

He stepped closer and flicked each purple nipple, my body flinched and jerked. “Release slut,” He held out His hand, i did as ordered panting and gasping as the flogger fell to His hand. my entire body shaking and flinching taking in the pain from the bounding rope. His arm lifted and i heard the sound of the flogger whisking in the air then the knots making contact with my sensitive bounded breasts. i screamed but no sound was made, i gasped for air but none was to be found, i tried to move but my body was frozen, my body clenched, my cunt twitched; i was locked in the moment. i heard the whisk of the flogger again, as Master whipped my chest three or four more times, whipping the air and voice back into me, my body rocked and jerked back and forth from each contact. The pain was so incredible i wanted to cum but i knew it was forbidden.

i heard the sound of the flogger again, i prepared for the contact on my chest but the strands spread over my wet bare pussy lips. The swat was so hard that the sound was my juices spraying. Master raised the flogger again swatting my cunt four or five more times each harder than the previous. my jerking body causing the chains to clink on the marble pillars. The last swat i finally found my voice and the scream that i shrilled brought a very big smile to Master’s face. In a low tone He said, “I certainly do love that sound.”

He released more swats of the flogger, this time He went back and forth, alternating between my cunt and my chest. The room filled with my whimpers and moans and screams. The clinking of the chains on the marble echoed in the chamber. i felt my pussy heat up as the stinging of the lashes caused my cunt to flex and my clit to harden. The juices of my cunt collected on my swollen bare pussy lips and every so often i could feel warms drops of juices drip down my inner thighs. my chest became more purple from the bounding; the pain almost unbearable but at the same time pleasurable. Master gave one last hard swat, the knots contacting my hard throbbing nipple; He then walked around behind me. my scream was so loud, i tugged on the chains as i fought back my orgasm.

He stood behind me and wrapped His hand twice in my long hair; He yanked my head back with force and whispered in my ear, “you are truly beautiful slave.” A kiss followed and He began teasing my sore pussy with the handle of the flogger from behind; coating it with my juices. He broke the kiss and raised His hand. i heard the sound of the strands streaming through the air.

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