Glamour Shots


I recently had some very arousing & satisfying events happen in my life. It all started about 3 months earlier when I saw a photo of my brothers’ wife and three daughters. The photo was taken at “Glamour Shots” in the mall. This is one of those places that do make-up and hair styling as well as costumes before taking the photos. They seem to bring out the best in the subjects and it shows in the photos. That was definitely the case in the photo of his family. They were all dressed in short, tight little black dresses and wearing black leather jackets. My brothers’ wife, Sandra – although carrying a few extra pounds, a very attractive lady in her early forties. Their daughters, Whitney – the oldest at age 21, a real blonde beauty – which every red-blooded American male dreams about getting into her panties.

Veronica – the middle and most overlooked daughter. At age 18 – although not as attractive as Whitney, still attractive in her own right. What you would call; a”Plain Jane”. Then there is Debbie – at just age 7, the baby of the family.

The photo produced an instant erection the moment that I saw it. What aroused me the most was what I had expected the least. As always – Whitney was hot. But what I had not expected was how Veronica looked. She looked so seductive in that little black dress with the jacket open showing a large amount of cleavage considering her breasts weren’t that large. Only 34B, which I found out later. I stared at the photo for hours on end and had several nice jerk-off sessions looking at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Every time I looked at it, my eyes would go straight to Veronica.

Just last week Sandy and the girls showed up for a visit. They stayed at my place while visiting. I had a hell of a time hiding my arousal for Veronica. Normally – every guy ogles over Whitney. I hardly even noticed her. Even know Veronica was back to looking like normal, I still saw her like in the photo. I had started working on a plan to get Veronica alone.

I decided that the best chance that I had was to offer her a chance to make some money by helping me do some filing at my office on the next Saturday morning She wanted some spending cash and her mother wouldn’t give her much. I offered her the chance and she wasn’t really into it until I told her that I would pay her $50.00 for about 2 hours work and I would drive her to the mall in my vette. She loved my vette and wanted the cash so she took me up on the offer.

Saturday morning she was dressed in a summer dress and was ready to go when I was. We jumped in my vette(which I hardly ever drive) and were on our way to my office. I had a difficult time keeping my eyes on the road instead of her legs. The wind whipping through the targa top of my vette was lifting her dress up her thighs giving me an occasional glimpse of her panties. I am glad that my office is a short ride from my house. She had all the papers filed in about one hour and was ready to go. I locked up and we drove to the mall. I knew that there was a “Glamour Shots” there and I was hoping to have some more photos taken of her. She went into several stores looking around. I was stalling at the Radio Shack until she entered the Endless Summer store. They primarily xslot giriş carry swim wear and not much else. I knew she had wanted to swim in my pool but she had not brought a suit. I waited a couple of minutes and walked in. She was looking at a really tiny bikini when I walked up and said that she would look great in it. She blushed and said that her parents wouldn’t let her wear bikinis. She was only allowed to wear one-piece suits.

I looked around and found a rack of nice high-cut one-piece suits that looked more like a teddy than a suit. I called her over and showed her some of the sexier ones. I asked her what size she wears and she said that she thinks that she wears size 8. We pick out several nice ones and I push her towards the dressing room. She says that she couldn’t afford them because the cheapest one was $75.00. I told her not to worry about it and to try them on. I waited patiently outside the dressing room while she tried them on. I gave her a couple of minutes before I asked to come out and show me. She said;”No Way!” I said that I had to make sure it fit before I would pay for it. She reluctantly said that I could come in and see as long as no one else saw her. I jumped at the chance to join her in the dressing room. She hid behind the door until I was inside and then shyly modeled the first suit for me. I step out again as she changed into the next outfit. Each outfit was better than the previous one.

We both finally agreed on the second one as it was extremely sexy and high cut yet gave enough coverage that her parents would only throw a minor fit. I paid for the suit and we walked out. As we were walking by the Victoria’s secret store, I commented about how hot she looked in the suit and that I bet that she would look even better in lingerie. She blushed a crimson red and walked with her face down. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the store. She was totally embarrassed as we looked at lingerie. I asked her what kind of lingerie that she usually wears and she said that she didn’t really have any sexy lingerie. All she had was cotton panties and bras.

My mind flashed back to the ride to my office and to the mall. She was wearing a cute pair of cotton panties but not something that you would expect to find on a 18 year old. I was determined to get her wearing sexier clothes as soon as possible. I picked out several bras and panties in silk, satin, & lace. The saleslady showed us to the dressing rooms. I waited outside while she tried them on. She was way too embarrassed to model the lingerie for me but assured me that it fit great. I also picked out the hottest teddy in the place. I didn’t bother having her try it on as I knew that it would fit great. I paid for our new purchases and we walked out.

Moments later we were outside the “Glamour Shots” and Veronica was telling me about the photos that they had taken before. I asked her if she wanted to do it again, except alone this time. She said sure and we went in. I walked over to the counter and spoke to the lady for a moment. What Veronica didn’t know was that I already had an appointment for a half an hour later. The lady said that she could get us in early because xslot she had a cancellation. The lady asked what kind of pics and poses that we wanted. Veronica explained how her hair was done before and we started out with the sundress that she was already wearing, followed by a nice tight red dress. Then I talked her into posing in the new swim suit. I assured her that no one else would see the photos but me. After several poses in the suit I asked her to try the teddy. At first she said; “No Way!” After a couple of minutes of persuasion I finally talked her into it. She change and walked out with a robe over it. She dropped the robe and I almost doubled over from how hot she looked. The only thing that was out of place was the fact that she had a full bush down below and was in need of a major trim job. The lady and I discussed it and she recommended to Veronica that she shave before she took the photos of her in the teddy.

I could tell right away that this was a problem as Veronica obviously had never shaved her pussy before. The lady led her to a restroom and gave her a can of shave cream and a couple of razors. Veronica was in there for a couple of minutes before she came out crying that she didn’t know how to shave down there. The lady tried to calm her down and finally offered to shave it for her. Veronica was quite embarrassed but finally agreed. They were in the restroom for almost a half an hour before they emerged. I noticed that the lady’s make-up was smudged and her face and chin was wet. The look on Veronica’s face was a mixture of dis-belief and pure sexual satisfaction. We proceeded with the rest of the photo shoot and I was as hard as a rock the whole time.

Once the photo shoot was over we selected the ones that I wanted. I ordered them and paid nearly $300.00 for them. I could picked them up in two weeks. We left and I took Veronica to lunch. We had a wonderful lunch and talked about what just happened. She is normally so shy that she would never have agreed to any of it if it weren’t for all my compliments. I told her over and over that she was gorgeous and she just had to realize and accept it. We talked for over an hour after we finished our lunches. I asked her what she wanted to do next. She wanted to go to a movie. I said great and away we went.

During the movie she reached over and held my hand. It was nice and relatively innocent. Soon she released my hand and placed it on her thigh. Before I could react she reached across and was rubbing my cock through my jeans. It had been hard for hours and was finally starting to shrink when she started playing. In a matter of seconds she had me rock hard again. My hand ventured up her thighs to where I expected to feel her cotton panties. Much to my surprise she was still wearing the teddy. I rubbed her slit through the thin material of the teddy until neither of us could take it anymore. We left the movie before it was over and ran to my vette.

The whole time I was driving her sundress kept fluttering higher and higher. I nearly got into 3 accidents on the way home. Thank goodness that her family was gone sightseeing while we were out and wouldn’t be back for several hours. As soon as we parked in the garage, we were running into the house and into my bedroom. We kissed passionately for several minutes when I pulled back and asked if she wanted to stop. She said No and I asked her again if she was sure. She answered my question by lifting the sun dress over her head revealing the teddy. I grabbed her and laid her on the bed. I slowly kissed my way down her body to her breasts where I licked and sucked every inch of them. Kissing further down her stomach and then jumping to her thighs.

She begged me to lick her pussy like the lady had done earlier. I stopped and looked into her eyes. She was on fire and so was I. Slowly I started licking her pussy lips, being sure to tease just the outer lips at first. She looked great all freshly shaven and her lips were plump and full as she was so aroused. I slowly parted her pussy lips with my tongue and she threw her head back and let out a low moan. Actually it was more like a growl than a moan. I dove into that wet pussy pie and ate it like it was my last meal. She rocked through at least 3 orgasms before I finally relented and started kissing my way back to her breasts.

As I was sucking her left nipple she asked me if I loved her. I said that of course I did. She then begged me to make love to her. Again I asked if she was sure. She nodded and I crawled up further and we kissed before she parted her legs and I slowly slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips. I soon met resistance and pulled back before driving into her. It took several tries before finally penetrating her. It felt like a leather glove with her tightly stretched around my cock. I laid there for a few minutes to allow her to adjust to the intrusion before I started slowly pumping in and out of her.

I had to go slow for a while between how small & tight she was and the fact that I didn’t want this to end and I knew that I would be cumming in seconds if I didn’t go slow at first. After several minutes and a few small orgasms she begged me to go faster. Before long I was slamming into her at break neck speed trying to bury myself deeper and deeper with each thrust. I could feel my cum bubbling up from my balls as she was just peaking from a huge orgasm and her cunt was squeezing my cock like a vice. I pulled out just before shooting my load which splattered all over her tits, face and hair. I collapsed on her in a heap. I rolled over on the bed panting trying to catch my breath.

After several minutes I kissed her and helped her to her feet. My sheets were a mess covered in sweat, blood, and now cum. We were both a mess ourselves so I picked her up and carried her to the shower. We washed the sweat off each other and I washed her tits and ass. Then I washed her bloody pussy clean, fingering it the whole time. The hot water felt great to both of us but not nearly as good as it felt when Veronica dropped to her knees in the shower and slowly took my dick into her mouth. My erection return for a second round faster than it had in years. I couldn’t believe how great it was to have my 18 year old niece sucking my cock. As great as it felt I wanted that pussy again. I pulled her to her feet and turned her around, bent her over and started licking her pussy from behind. I licked from one end to the other and then I lick her freshly clean ass. She was moaning and begging me to make love again. I told her that I would as long as she promised that this would never end. She did and I did.

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