Going Under Ch. 01

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It was the first time. We’d been together for 6 engaging months and we’d had our share of sexual encounters but this was the first time she had completely surrendered herself to me. I sat in an armchair in near darkness, pondering over a glass of wine, looking back with fascination at the sheer artistry of life. It was surreal. It was beyond my imagination that such perfection could come dancing into my life through the ether of randomness and time.

I looked over the room, still in mild chaos from our encounter. Nothing but pillows and Desiree were left on the bed. She relaxed there naked, either gazing out the wall of windows or dozing. I couldn’t tell which.

A mild breeze came through the open french doors off of the ocean a good 60 feet or so below. My large, sprawling apartment was the third floor of a building which perched on a cliff overlooking a rocky shoreline. I’d always wanted to hear the waves from my home, and their constant crashing against the rocks below had become an addiction for me. It was the music in the background of my world.

Tonight, the melody to that beat was what captured my thoughts. With an unexpected natural flow, Desiree and I had grown to a most satisfying place in our relationship and I had the comforting sense that she felt the same way.

It started earlier that day, only a few hours before. I was on my knees, straddling her belly, twirling the sash of my robe around her wrists and holding it bound tight in my fist. She tugged against the restraint, but I was insistent. Our gaze locked together. I may have even seen a hint of fear in her eyes, but as I nodded my head slowly she let her slim, naked body begin to relax. Her resistance melted away but her deep breaths became more rapid. I looked down at her breasts heaving under me. My god, she looked beautiful. My semi-flaccid cock, laying against her stomach began to grow.

“Are you ok?” I spoke softly.

A look of mild confusion crossed her face. I pulled more tightly on the sash. Her eyes widened a little. I was finally pushing her boundaries, but she nodded in acceptance and answered in her soft, deep, beautifully feminine voice. “Yes Steve, I’m ok.”

I’d waited long enough. I had kept my desires suppressed too long already. Any longer and it would become false. I would be faking it. There was no sense in proceeding further in our relationship without deep honesty, and I sensed that tonight was the time. I’d coaxed her along, acknowledging her need to build her confidence long enough. Tonight I would not hold back.

6 months prior, we’d met as a few friends and I were barbecuing on the beach. We were having a great time and my buddies were engaged in their typical obnoxious flirting with the group of girls next to us. The girls must have been high, because they were falling for every line. All of them, except for Desiree. I watched her. Desiree was friendly and fun, but she rebuffed every advance that Tony made. She sidestepped Ron’s fake attempt to run into her as he caught a football. She politely accepted a beer from Joe, chatting with him just long enough to finish the beer and be friendly before excusing herself to the ladies room which was a good five minute walk away.

I pounced, taking the opportunity to introduce myself and offer to walk with her. I fully expecting her to deftly avoid my advance, but she accepted. We hit it off instantly and spent the next couple of hours chatting as I learned all that she was willing to offer about herself, responding in kind with the details of my own crazy world.

She was absolutely gorgeous with long black hair in a loose braid down her back. Her blue eyes stood out against a light tan. She was tall and slender with long muscular legs leading the way to a full, round ass covered only by the thin, black string of her thong. The counterpart to her thong was a skimpy, black top which barely contained ample breasts. She had no hint of tan line. Her smooth skin maintained its soft brown tone from head to toe. In short, she was a knockout.

We quickly became absorbed in each other, easily growing comfortable. She was soft spoken and witty, flirtatious but not easy, gorgeous but not slutty. She carried herself like royalty, full of grace. To look at her in her tiny bikini, you might think she was loose and easy but that only downplayed her quick wit and confident attitude. We chatted, played in the surf, and got mildly drunk as we began to warm up to each other. I was drawn to her personality and beauty.

It was a fun day which waned into a warm evening with a gentle breeze blowing in off of the ocean. While the sun sank our friends were still partying. Desiree and I sat watching them, laughing quietly at their inebriated tumblings over each other in their quests to get laid. From the look of it, they were likely to find success. Without a word, Desiree suddenly jumped to her feet and grabbed my hand, pulling me in the direction of the sea. She held on, dragging me into the surf görükle escort past the shallow, warm waves where we bobbing up and down, playing some spontaneous version of tag until she wrapped her arms around my neck, her gorgeous full tits almost pressed into my face. I must have appeared startled because she chuckled before she spoke.

“I never do this.”

No sooner had the words escaped her lips, than she planted a kiss on my lips. I needed no further encouragement. For half the day I had been searching for an opening that wouldn’t scare his amazing creature away, and had resolved to take my time, feeling for her pace. This change was most welcome.

I felt myself getting hard as she pressed her body against mine. I knew she could feel it too. We kissed long and passionately until we lost our balance in the surf. Picking her up by her thighs, I waded into the shallower water, holding her against me with one arm as the other held the back of her head and we kissed again.

The ice was broken. We spent the rest of the evening migrating to my hotel room where we were alone, exploring each other’s bodies until we went to dinner. After dinner we hit the hotel hot tub, showered and proceeded to fuck each other until we passed out, our bodies tangled together as the sun rose again.

That was how we got started. We ended up sleeping most of the next day away together. As the next few months flew by it only got better. We found that we both liked similar foods, the same wide varieties of reading, music, movies, wine… We wanted much of the same things from each other. Friendship, companionship, fun, and an excess of extremely hot sex became intuitive for us. The only hitch I had found was that I had kinks like crazy, and she was, until now, fairly inexperienced and nervous about exploring the deeper art of sexuality which had been commonplace for me until I met her. I was open. I didn’t hide it, and she didn’t reject it as a whole, but as time went on, I learned that only a slow, honest and caring approach would reassure her enough for me to ease her into submission to my sexual whims.

Her courage was building. She had been learning some of the intricacies of dominance and submission. Now she was yielding to it for the first time and I was ready to take her on a journey.

Here we were on the bed, me straddling her hips, my cock growing noticeably between our bellies. I held her wrists bound with my sash above her head. Her eyes closed as I leaned down to kiss her. Her lips parted slightly to the urging of my tongue. She was nervous, yet willing, so beautiful under me that if this was not such a long awaited opportunity I would gladly have spread her legs and fucked her into our familiar mutual oblivion, but I could not waste this chance to take her further.

A quick half hitch or two was all it took to leave her wrists bound together. I pressed my lips against her neck, kissing her softly, her head yielding to the familiar touch of my lips until I sucked on a small bit of neck flesh and nipped at it gently with my teeth, enough to startle her and make her jerk away from the short jolt of mild pain with a small yelp. Her eyes looked alarmed, maybe even a little angry until she saw my playful smile.

I pulled away, sitting up and gazing at her gorgeous, tan tits. Her dark nipples were erect and inviting. Crawling forward on my hands and knees I let my fully erect cock slide between them over to her lips. She knew what to do. She sucked the swelling head into her mouth.

“Suck hard.” My soft, direct tones would ease over time toward sharp, insistent demands, but not yet. She complied. Her lips pulled at the head of my cock, making it swell. I pressed down, knowing that she could not take it all. Her eyes shut as it pressed in deeper.

“Keep your eyes open!” I said more sharply. Her eyes snapped open, looking up at me as I pushed my cock slowly. against the back of her throat. I watched as she struggled to take any more than half of my cock into her mouth. With persistent pressure I pushed in. It was overwhelming her and she gagged as I pulled out. A string of saliva trailed from the head of my cock to her bottom lip, then dribbled down onto her chin. She kept her eyes locked with mine, obediently, blinking as they started to water. I smiled.

“Good girl.” I said, and she smiled back at me. This was going well.

Taking the loose ends of the sash on her wrists I helped her sit up, guiding her lovely nakedness off of the bed without a word. I stood her up on the plush white carpet and guided her by the trailing ends of the sash through the open french doors to the deck. It was large and private, neighbored only by the apartment below mine. I took her to the railing where the afternoon sun was shining bright, turned her toward me and told her to kneel. She looked a little puzzled and spoke hesitantly. “I don’t know if I can.”

Reassuring her, I helped her to her knees, her bound wrists görükle escort bayan rested on her thighs. Standing in front of her, I grabbed the long, flow of her black hair in one hand and pulled her up to stand on her knees. I gripped my cock at the base and aimed it toward her lips, still wet with saliva. Without hesitation I pressed it in again, reassuring her in a calm tone. “Remember what I taught you.”

I wondered how much she would remember in the heat of the moment with me pushing my cock steadily into her throat. I was slow and gentle, but relentless as I continued to press in. To my surprise, as I felt it pressing into her throat, she didn’t gag at first but let it slide in, accepting a few more inches before she gagged violently. I leaned back, withdrawing. “Very good,” I commented, reminding her, “keep your eyes open, Desiree.” She looked up at me with her watery eyes as a thick stream of saliva flowed down her chin.

She had always been able to give me a blindingly good blow job, and with practice she had been taking more and more down her throat when it was on her terms, but this was different. Then she had control, this time she had very little.

“More?” I asked.

She nodded. “I can do this.”

I smiled. How could I not just love that? I pushed in again, holding her head steady with one hand and angling my hips to make it easier as the thick head of my cock felt resistance from her throat, but this time she pushed herself forward and my cock slid into her throat again. She continued to lean into it as I felt her lips just begin to brush my thin layer of trimmed pubic hair. I let go of her head, impressed and in ecstasy as I felt her lips close near the base of my cock. Not wanting to hurt her I let her go at her own pace. Her stomach convulsed repeatedly as she slowly snaked the length of my cock out of her mouth. As it slid past her lips it sprang upward, slapping just below my belly button and flinging small drops of saliva onto her face, visibly sparkling in the sun. We both laughed as she tried to wipe her lips with her wrists, but I quickly grabbed her wrists to stop her. I had every intention of having this girls fluids dripping all over her long before she ever got any relief.

I helped her stand up and kissed her again, pushing my tongue between her lips.

“You’re doing great Dez, but we’re only getting started. Are you sure you’re ready?”

I looked her over. She was already looking a little worn. Her hair was going crazy directions in the light wind. Her lips were swollen and saliva was dripping down her throat onto her breasts. Her eyes seemed to beg for my attention. She paused artfully with the style and grace I’d come to adore, before stating with a strong, confident voice and the hint of a sly smile. “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.” I said, trying hard not to let my voice reveal how much affection I had for her at the moment.

A small fishing boat was going by. It wouldn’t be too hard for the occupants to see us on my deck, and with a half way decent set of binoculars they would be able to get a great view. I turned her around to face the open sea. The sun shone warm on our naked bodies. I knew she would be aware of how she was exhibited. I watched her face as the realization washed over her. She blushed red for only a moment before regaining her composure. She was committed.

I loosened the bindings at her wrists and used the sash to bind her forearms to the wide top board of the deck railings, leaving her bent over with her large breasts hanging. The boat was slowing down. I had no way to know, but my guess is that they’d spotted us.

Like a cop on TV, I spread her legs with my feet from behind her, just a little too wide to be comfortable. Her pink slit was exposed, the thin lips open and inviting. Her little bum hole was puckered tight. We’d discussed her limits in detail, and while her bum was virgin, after much assurance and trust building she had assured me that her body was my territory. I didn’t really have a plan and I didn’t need one, but I had every intention of introducing her ass to new sensations.

I spoke, letting the deepness of my voice carry the gravity of my words to her ears. “Your sweet little ass is very exposed my sweet virgin girl.” I watched her tense as the words betrayed my intentions. The muscles of her little bum hole clenched tight. I gently swatted her ass. “Oh no. Don’t tense up girl. You need to relax.” I could see her trying to comply as the muscles of her sphincter attempted to let go.

I spread her pink pussy lips with my fingers. She was wet. Her body was announcing her arousal in every way that I could detect. I stood up behind her and placed the head of my cock against those lips at the entrance to her hot little pussy. Her blossoming lips embraced it as I slowly pushed the thick head just inside her and stopped. She tried to push back against me, but I held her firmly in check with my voice.

“No. Don’t bursa escort move. You get what I give you, nothing more.” Her head dipped down in frustration, but her hips tilted upward making my access to her waiting pussy even more inviting.

I popped the head of my cock in and out of her a few times, watching her pussy as it responded to my penetrations before I pulled away from her and stepped back into the bedroom. I watched her as she realized she was alone and exposed outside on my balcony. The boat was moving away, but I knew the gravity of what was happening was sinking in. She was no longer in control of her own privacy or her body. Trust and submission and myself were her only allies.

She turned to look back my way, unable to see where I had gone as her forearms, bound to the wooden rail, prevented her turning far enough without moving her legs. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and here she was, giving herself to me, obeying me. I was falling for her, which only spurred me on. Through my daydreaming I realized that I was stroking my cock. The lubrication of her juices added to the pleasure of it. I stopped myself. I had this beautiful toy for my pleasure. There was no need at all to masturbate. For just a moment I was forced to restrain myself from just heading out there and burying my cock inside her warmth to fuck her like a madman. No, there was still a long way to go before either of us would have that particular pleasure. She was responding well… she was… submitting well. It was definitely time to up the ante.

She was mine to play with. Finally. I was going to show her a hint of how intense it could be. I’d had fantasizes about her for a very long time. I’d coaxed and coached her. I’d tested her responses to a variety of the things that turned me on as a dominant. With all those thoughts in mind I opened the bottom dresser drawer where all of my purchases in the past month were displayed. There was quite a variety, and she’d seen it all. I’d asked her if there was anything in here she didn’t want to encounter. I’d enjoyed her nervous, almost fearful replies. She’d tried so hard to appear confident. It was beautiful.

Last nights question was the launching point. “Do you trust me Dez, to keep you safe and to do you no harm?”

She was almost quivering as she nodded and replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever trusted anyone more. You’ve been so open and honest with me about what you want. I’m not afraid, just nervous. What you describe sounds like the deepest bond and the hottest sex I can imagine. Yes, I trust you.”

My cock was throbbing as I dug through the drawer and pulled out a fair sized silicone butt plug. It was a few inches long and just wide enough to make a virgin ass feel it’s girth. What I looked forward to most was inserting the powerful little vibrator into the hole made to accommodate it and watching her reaction. I grabbed a large tube of lube and headed out toward the balcony with my member wagging in front of me at full attention.

She was gorgeous there, vulnerable, with her legs still spread wide. Her head rested on one of her bound forearms. I set my tools down on a table, pulling it close behind her and returned to her. I had her pull her legs a bit closer together to prevent them from fatiguing too quickly. I went to kiss her cheek but she raised her head and offered me her lips. I sucked the lower one in between my own lips, pulling it gently. She moaned softly in positive response. She was still ok, but I knew she needed this small assurance that I cared.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“A little tired.” she replied.

“How are your arms? Hurting? Tired?” I looked over the bonds to confirm that she had lost no circulation even though the bonds were fairly loose. She hadn’t learned how much I would enjoy her trying to free herself yet. She was focused on compliance.

“I’m fine.” She glanced at my cock. Her breath sucked in sharply. It was obvious that I was intensely turned on. “Fuck me, Steve,”

I smiled. “You’ve forgotten who’s giving the orders lover, but that’s ok. You’re gonna’ learn. I will fuck you girl, but first I’ll make you beg for it.” I watched her face for a reaction. Her eyes closed a little and she took a deep breath. I wondered what was going on in her mind. The only revealing feature was a slight smile.

I disappeared behind her and grabbed the bottle of cool lube. Without warning I squirted a generous stream on her exposed butt crack, just above the hole and watched it slide down over the pink bud, rubbing it in before it trickled down over her exposed pussy lips. By my direction there was no hint of hair on her beautiful, smooth, clean shaven pussy. She jumped, startled by the cold sensation before I grabbed her thighs at the hips, silently directing her to angle her ass higher for me. I told her to hold it there.

Taking the plug in hand by the wide, flared base, I rubbed it along the crack of her ass. She clenched, but I ignored that, watching her muscles jerk as she tried to relax again. I slid the plug back and forth, occasionally stopping to press the tip against her tight hole while I admired her body and the sun glistening on her long black hair as it fell over and off of her shoulders.

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