Grandpa Has A Big Dick 08


Grandpa Has A Big Dick 08

By: DickThePimp

Fake… Fantasy… Filthy As Fuck… Mature Based Shenanigans And Fuckery

My chick Gabbie (Pornstar Gabbie Carter) started a new job recently. She got a secretary job at some small, sex toy company.

It’s a really important job for her. Not because of the sex toy stuff, but because she’s on probation. And… I’m locked up. Some stupid drug shit I got pinched for. So, she needs the money. And, she’s gotta stay on the up and up because of her probation. She got mixed up in my stupid drug shit. Thankfully, she got out after only a month.

I worry about my chick. She’s a really easy going, sweet gal. She’s a party girl too, for sure, but she also is used to me looking out for her. But, I’m stuck in this fucking joint for the next six months… at least. That’s with good behavior. And… I’ve been known to be the opposite of that from time to time. Ha.

“I miss you so much, baby.”

“I miss you too, baby doll. Damn, I miss my bitch.”

“You think about me every day?”

“Every fucking day. Every fucking second of every fucking day. Ha. Those titties and everything else.”

“Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They’re right here for you, baby. Waiting. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I wanna wrap them around your huge dick and fuck it so damn bad. God, I want your cock. I’m so horny for you, baby. I need it so damn bad. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Gabbie has me so hard. My dick throbbing outta control for her. Every call she makes has me ready to bang her beautiful brains out. And God damn… those big soft titties! Fuck! I love her titties! God damn!!! Gabbie’s got such perfect tits. Big areolas too. Gorgeous face. Perfect pussy too. She’s got a heart shaved into her coochie hair just for me. Ha. Fuck, I miss her.

She told me about her new boss too. Some really-fat 60 year-old freak.

“Hal is an asshole. He’s fat as hell and disgusting. He’s always trying to feel me up and do whatever else he can. I need the job though, so I keep my mouth shut about it. I punched him in the nuts the other day.”


“Yeah. He wanted to fuck me. He always does. He wouldn’t shut up about it, so I punched him right in his fat balls.”

“My girl. Ha! Love ya, babe.”

“Love you too, baby. MWAH!”

“I’ll make sure to pay him a visit when I get the fuck outta here and beat the shit outta his fat ass.”

“Baby. Don’t say that. They monitor the calls. I’ll be fine. I can handle him. Don’t worry.”

“I just worry about my woman. I miss you and I worry about you, babe.”

“Awww. Thank you, love. I miss you so fucking much. I think about you all the time. At home and at work. All the time. I miss my man so much. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!”

Gabbie’s got me smiling real big.

Unfortunately, the call had to end.

Back to my cell. Thinking about my woman. And thinking about that fat fuck giving her a hard time at work.

The next day…

Gabbie’s having a little impromptu escort gaziantep bayan numaraları smoke break at her desk. Weed, not cigs. It’s a real quiet office today, so there’s nobody else there running around to narc on her.

Those gorgeous, pink lip gloss covered lips sucking on that joint. Pursed so seductively around it. The smoke slowly rolling from her luscious mouth. Damn, my bitch makes every fucking thing sexy as hell.

No narcs. Except… her mature, fat-freak boss.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Hal waddles out of his office and catches Gabbie smoking a joint at her desk. That’s not good for her probation.

Gabbie hurriedly tries to put it away and hide it, but she’s too late. She waves the air frantically, but no need. Hal’s already seen all that he needs to see.

“You’re so pretty, Gabbie.” Hal smirks. Looking my incredibly-perfect chick over. Her long, light brown hair is so sexy. He plays with the bottom of it as he starts his perverted game.

“Soooooooo pretty.” He rubs her shoulders as he snickers so sleazy. Deep and kinda rough. His big hands strong and forceful. Gabbie cringes, but keeps her mouth shut. Not knowing how the fuck she’s gonna get outta this. If he reports her to her probation officer, she’s going back to jail. Especially since she’s got some extra weed that I had sent to her in her purse… which she’s been selling for some extra cash. She’s on the hook and so am I. Gabbie doesn’t wanna go back to jail, and she doesn’t want me to get in any more trouble either. Both of our potential freedom is at stake.

Hal runs his big, old strong hands down Gabbie’s chest and grabs onto her big young titties. Squeezing them nice and rough through her white, with pink trim, spandex sports bra top. He grips the fuck outta them. Pawing them both with such sleazy, perverted force as he stands behind Gabbie, deviously smirking like a horned-up grizzly bear.

Gabbie lets him maul her all natural 34DD jugs, knowing that she can’t punch him in the nuts again this time. She’s in a mess, and she needs to figure out a way out of it.

Gabbie remains silent. Sitting at her desk. Her obese, disgusting, much older boss standing right behind her, pawing the fuck outta her incredibly-lush breasts. Her nipples hardening very rapidly in her thin top no matter how disgusted she is by Hal. And that just spurs him on even more.

He helps Gabbie up, out of her chair, and bends her over her desk. Smirking away. He rubs all over her sweet ass through her skin-tight white leggings. He squeezes it too. Slapping it, which makes Gabbie snarl with disgust, and bite her bottom lip instead of turning around and punching him right in his fat, ugly face. That makes Hal snicker again. Real sleazy. Real cocky. He slaps Gabbie’s delicious ass again. Harder this time.

Hal’s absolutely loving being in control. Knowing full-well escort bayan gaziantep reklamları that he has Gabbie smack dab between a rock and a very-hard place.

Gabbie still doesn’t say a word. She snarls and bears it. Realizing that she doesn’t really have a choice. It’s her only way out. She knows there’s no reasoning with Hal… especially when he’s horny. Which he most-definitely is at the moment.

Hal grabs Gabbie’s trim hips and repeatedly bumps into her ass with his obese crotch. Faux-fucking her. His massive belly hanging over onto Gabbie’s back as he uses her body for his own wicked pleasure.

Gabbie just keeps quiet and lets him do what he wants. Biting her bottom lip to keep from cussing him out.

“You know… I probably should report that weed in your purse, doll. I mean, I don’t want to get in any trouble. I run a very-clean, proper place here.” Hal mockingly laughs. The very-sleazy undertone to his laugh makes Gabbie cringe again.

“How the fuck does he know about the weed in my purse?” Gabbie asks herself. The motherfucker has been going through her stuff. She can’t say shit about it though cause his brother is a cop. Gabbie knows his brother will take his side and further fuck up her situation. She also knows now that she definitely can’t piss him off now. Gabbie hates it, but… she’s gonna have to play along with Hal no matter how disgusted she is by him.

Gabbie begrudgingly shakes her head, resting it on her desk, and admits defeat. She desperately wants to turn around and punch the fat fuck right between his beady eyes, but she knows that she can’t. She’s at his mercy… no matter how merciless and perverted it… and Hal… is.

“Don’t report it. Please. I’ll be a good girl. I promise.” Gabbie almost pukes in her mouth saying that. She forces herself to turn her head to Hal and give him a very-sexy smile. Seductively batting her eyes at him as well. He smirks so fucking big and and so fucking pervertedly. Snickering away too.

Gabbie quickly turns back around laying on her desk as Hal bangs away on her booty. Grinding deep and dirty on those white leggings as he bumps into her ass over and over and over.

Gabbie grips the front edge of her desk and squeezes it. She’s still so disgusted by her huge, fat-as-fuck boss, but… her pussy’s tingling. She’s actually getting turned on by being used by her disgusting 60 year-old boss. Being his submissive fuck toy. She closes her eyes and fully submits. Giving into her sexual urges over her hate for her boss.

A minute later… “FUCK!!!” Gabbie’s biting her lips. Not from keeping her from punching her old, fat boss. But, from getting his fat, veiny, eight-inch dick shoved abruptly up her 22 year-old juice-pouring twat.

Hal slams into Gabbie’s dripping-wet twat hard. Banging her thighs and pussy against her desk. Gabbie screams out. Her pussy quivering mightily gaziantep escort kız telefonları as Hal forcefully takes it. His massive gut pinning her down on her desk. Jiggling like mad.

Hal slaps Gabbie’s sweet ass hard, grabs her hips again, and bangs her doggy style for fifteen minutes straight. So hard and heavy. Taking that gorgeous, heart-topped coochie pie like it’s his own. Smirking away so sleazy and happy. Knowing this is just the beginning for he and Gabbie. He’s got her right where he wants her… and he’s gonna keep exploiting that for his own sleazy sexual gratification as long as he can.

Gabbie’s crying in ecstasy. Her pussy on fire from being so brutally taken by that humongous, old freak. Her desk is shaking and moving around from the brutal force of Hal’s very-intense fucking.

The cum pours from Gabbie’s perfect twat. Her cream dripping all over the floor.

A few minutes later, Hal’s got his fat old dick up Gabbie’s tight ass, banging her booty just as hard as he did her pussy. Slamming into it relentlessly. Gabbie screaming and creaming once again. Her body trembling so fierce as Hal increases the speed of his booty banging. Faster and faster. That 60 year-old fat, bulging dick throbbing incessantly inside my girlfriend’s 22 year-old gorgeous, smooth ass.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!” Gabbie screams. Squirting again.

Hal smirks even wider. Slapping her beautifully-supple ass even harder. Fucking it like a jackhammer out of control. Slamming fast, furious, and powerfully into that winking rosebud over and over and over and over. His big fat dick bulging and throbbing so excitedly the whole fucking time.

After the butt fucking, Gabbie’s laying on her back, and has her head hanging off of the back of her desk, between Hal’s huge legs. She’s slurping on Hal’s fat old nuts as he jerks off over her face. She slurps one fat nut into her mouth. Sucking it deep. Then, switches to the other one. Moaning happily from the surprisingly-good taste. His balls are extra-hairy so Gabbie gets a couple of hairs caught in her teeth, but she ignores them. She’s too busy sucking those big nuts, waiting for all that cum from them rushing down her throat.

Hal pulls Gabbie’s head down further, her long brown hair hanging down to the cum spattered floor. He slides his fat, twitching dick into her mouth and down her throat. She’s used to deepthroating my much bigger dick, so she doesn’t gag at all.

Hal grunts, and fucks Gabbie’s throat for about ten seconds before his dick twitches hard.

Gabbie smiles as all of that greasy, mature jizz shoots down her throat.

Hal’s shaking excitedly. His massive gut jiggling wild as fuck all over Gabbie’s big, perfect tits as she swallows his seed. Her head hanging down between his very-fat legs.

Gabbie bobs on that fat old rod. Sucking it loud and slutty as she gulps down every greasy drop of jizz he’s got. She sucks him dry. Totally. Hal growling his happy delight the whole way.

“You’re getting a raise, baby.” Gal smirks down at Gabbie. She grins back up at him. Her mouth stuffed full of his dick. “Now… Let’s smoke some of that weed.” Hal laughs. So does Gabbie. She sucks his fat dick some more too as Hal holds her head up for her.

Looks like Gabbie’s gonna be getting along much better with her old perv boss from now on. Much, much better. Ha.

By: DickThePimp

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