Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 02


Her view- I have to wonder why so few women have learned the lessons I have learned. Just yesterday I was getting kind of horny sitting out by the pool.

Honey? Could you come rub some lotion on me? Just like that, my lover came over with a bottle of lotion and sat on a chair next to me. I was tanning on the chaise in the back yard by our pool. It was a wonderfully sunny day as it usually is here in the desert. I was lying on my stomach with only my bikini bottoms on. Ahhh; I love the slickness of the warm lotion and the wonderful coconut smell as the cream is applied. My lover is trained to make sure and rub the lotion between his hands before he places his hands on me. I dislike the coldness of the lotion as it comes out of the bottle. I would hate to assign him points for such an easy mistake to avoid. Small infractions are assigned points to be dealt with at the end of the day. Starting the process at the top of my shoulders he smoothes the lotion into my body. His hands rub the skin and muscles of my back. Slowly the knots and the stress start to leave my body. As he gets down to my ass I gently raise my hips as a signal he can take off my bikini bottom.

Ohh.. I feel his finger gently circle my asshole and then slide in. He has been trained to touch and tease me a little as he does his work. I know my pussy can’t take lotion as most lotions sting me there, but I like the ass tease. Once he makes it down to the toes I ask for a little special attention there. It feels so wonderful to have my feet rubbed. Then I flip over and point to my nipples. Training dictates that this signal means he will softly caress my tits circle the nipples with his index fingers starting a response. Once they get a little attention they do stiffen. He knows next l like him to pull on the nipples just a little bit. It excites me to look down and feel them tugged out. He follows this with alternate sucking until I caress his face letting him know I am ready for some action down south!

Spreading my legs over the edges of the chaise I cup my own breasts. Someone has to keep them hard! I know that what comes next is that silky tongue all around my hot little cunt. Years of experience has trained him in multiple methods of getting me off. I don’t like any “one method” as routine is so boring! I have learned many different ways to build up my orgasm and I have trained him on them all. Looking down at him I have to smile. You see he is getting frustrated a bit. His cock is trying so very hard to get erect but I have Bycasino his cock trapped in an expensive steel belt. Although he wants to; he can’t really play right now . I am such a tease! He smells my musky scent and sees my nipples get hard and he wants to get out and play as well.

Am I in a fantasy? I mean think about it. Here I am in my back yard spread out soft and naked with my hot lover licking me to orgasm. All the while he is under my “cock control” and must perform if he wants any help to get off. He knows if he wants me to touch his cock at all he needs to do is to please his mistress. One would think one orgasm would be enough for him but I am mean and make him stay between my legs until I come three times. Oh such trouble I am!

His view- With all the training I have endured since the start I have learned to respond to some cues quickly. Skimming the pool I watch the mistress as she works on her tan. I am paying attention to her actions. I know that I need to be attentive since I have been locked in the steel belt for 10 days now. I need to find some sort of release! With the cage at least I see my cock and wiggle it around a bit. I know it is a bit of self abuse as it gets hard and trapped in the cage but it is worth the trouble. With the belt on, I can neither see nor touch my throbbing member. The mistress is such a tease and even though I think she might let me out of the belt, I know I will not be allowed to come. At least I won’t be allowed to come in a satisfying way. The mistress is not the sort of person to let me waste away in the belt. She has learned so much herself and she knows that the best way to mess me up is to alternate getting me hard with being locked away in the cage or belt.

She is asking for lotion? Ok, here I go into frustration land. I can feel my cock pushing against the steel cage under my belt already. One would think I am complaining but in reality this has been the best experience of my life. I have not felt so randy since I was in high school hoping to get laid after a date. My mistress has been very attentive and active in making sure I don’t get bored. In fact I can say boredom is never an issue. My only price is I pay attention when she signals she needs something. It is a real win-win as far as I can tell.

When she tells me to get out of the belt I know I will be taken to the wondrous edge of orgasm. I know also that I don’t want to release unless she allows it. Lack of control on my part can lead to a training session Bycasino giriş or longer time in the belt without a tease. This is the “ying and yang” of my existence. It is the restraint and control of my sexual pleasure. It is the constant desire to be erect, to fill her, or to feel her hands on my cock. These feelings are then balanced by the control of the belt and her decision not to let me touch or come unless she desires it. This is a roller coaster I have chosen to take a ride on and I have not regretted one minute.

Her view: Now we are going to have a whole lot of fun. His attention to my wishes today has been delicious. In the first days of our training together I really felt the best thing for him after attending my needs was to let him out of his belt and let him come like he has been begging me to do. But do you know what I found out? He didn’t really want that at all!!

My training as a woman is to please my partner and I would have thought that allowing him to fill me and bang away until he shot his load would be the pinnacle of pleasure for him. But after letting him perform this way in the beginning, I found he would become really moody? Not the response I was expecting! With a little prying I was able to figure out that what is fun for him is the loss of control over his release. I read online once that what he “wants” is to come but what he “CRAVES” is my control. Sure enough, I started learning that he needs to come but not nearly as often as he begs for it. He “craves” for me to tease and torment him which has taken a bit of time for me to learn. In opposition to the guys who think “no means yes” when bedding a woman, I have found that when training with a partner like this, “yes means no!”. When asked if he is ready to come he says “yes” and I say “no”! So here is how I have fun with him.

Honey, you can get out of your belt as long as you do it right her on the patio! Of course he is ready. He has long gotten over being shy outside. I allow him to take the key to his belt from my hand and watch as he unlocks the steel lock and pulls the belt to the side. As usual he doesn’t need much in the way of encouragement to be standing hard and at attention. I take some cuffs from the table and have him turn around. I make him put his hands behind his back and the cuffs snap in place to make sure he cannot touch his randy cock. For whatever reason, I found he much prefers me to restrain him rather than just telling him to hold his hands behind his back. Perhaps Bycasino güncel giriş is it just his personal choice but I am happy to accommodate him.

I then take some lotion and “tell him” to stand next to me. I was taught to “ask kindly” as a girl but I have learned as a woman he “needs” to be told. It is part of my role that I accept gladly! I let him know that he is not to come as I perform this next action. If he does come for any reason he will face a strict spanking with my little heart shaped crop. His last spanking lasted until 75 when he used our safe word. I tell him that 80 will be my minimum in case of his loss of control. He is allowed (and encouraged) to let me know he is close to coming but that in no way dictates my actions.

You see some days I really want to spank him and other days I like to keep him very close to the edge of an orgasm. The first allows him to release his load under very challenging circumstances as he knows the price he pays for this satisfying release. The second way makes him incredibly frustrated as he snaps on his belt after a long tease! With either ending he really gets what he craves and I get to have some wonderful fun. After many tries I have learned that his mind spins in delicious circles pondering what he should choose. He loves this conundrum and he will be so attentive in the next few days that I may have to dream up some diversionary tasks so I can get some rest.

With a handful of lotion I lather up his member and get it slick to my touch. Then I start the game. I start with one long stroke and he has to count to one. I pause then I wrap both my hands around his shaft and squeeze and stroke up and down twice. He is doing ok and counts two. Then comes three times up and down and I can sense a bit of excitement. His last record was 12 before he was begging for me to stop. I know that today is going to be lucky 13!! At the end of ten he says he is getting close. I can tell by the dribble of pre-come forming at the tip. I have also noticed a twitch and changes in his breathing. I decide to slow down on trip 11 to keep him on the edge. Twice I have to let go as his cock starts to jump around. Looking in his eyes I can see he is trying so hard not to come. How fun to watch! The pleasure is so close yet his competitive nature makes him want to “WIN” this little game. He wants to try and control his body even if I am trying to make him spin out of control.

My pleasure comes from knowing I have total control of this game. I can keep him on the edge or with a little faster rubbing and a bit more pressure there is no way he will be able to hang on. I feel his legs straining to keep control. Should I frustrate him or should I send him to training? How fun to be able to choose.

To be continued…

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