Halloween Red

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Hello everyone! *blushing smile* I finally got my nerve up to write one for the Halloween Story Contest 2017. I welcome your comments but please be kind since this is my first story ever sent here. I would very, very much appreciate your vote should this tale give you a thrill or titillation. It was more than exciting for me to write it, but a vote is a validation that may make me write more. — Tender Bottom


The text pinged in: I’ll be home very late. Don’t hold dinner.

Figures. The day I rushed home from work to make a candlelit dinner for him. The table was set, complete with the vase of autumn flowers, and tall, autumn-toned candles. It looked beautiful. As for the dinner? Nothing outrageously gourmet. It would have taken too long. I looked at the steaks and threw them in the freezer for another day. Just as well. He was usually a bit tired mid-week and I had just lost my extra five pounds. Admittedly, I had another few to go so I nibbled at the salad, attempting to make it my lackluster dinner. The sides and bread I tucked away so I wouldn’t be tempted. As for the wine? Could a glass hurt?

My face brightened as I looked at the color of the translucent red Cabernet pouring into the glass. I let the wine breathe. I needed to as well. Within only a few minutes, I returned to my wine glass, and drew a long drink. It tingled deep inside of me. Shed of my high heels and work clothing, my auburn hair was now pulled to a ponytail and I was in my baby blue cotton PJs, the ones with Capri pants and small top.

I set my cell to charge in the other room. Putting my wine glass down next to the bottle, I settled into his oversized leather chair, pulling my legs under me and dropping a throw blanket on my lap. Time to read.

It was then I noticed the sizable candy bowl we had hidden away on the side table. With less than a week to Halloween, it brimmed with shiny candy packages, ready to be handed out. I opened one and let the chocolate caramel goodness swirl heaven into my mouth. Mmm… I sipped the wine.

Another candy, another sip. I sank into a rhythm as I read my book. Normally not one for violence in what I read, being close to Halloween, I felt a titillation at the promise of the dark chill and sank into a suspenseful vampire tale. As the heroine’s heartbeat heightened when the vampire pulled her into his embrace, hands sinking under her garb, I gulped huge swallows of wine. When they ate each other’s kisses, I filled my mouth with chocolates. Bite begat bite. Sucking begat more wine.

I didn’t even hear him enter. All I heard was his deep resonant voice calling out, “Kelly, I’m home! Kelly?”

Startled, I squeaked out a scream. My second (or was it third?) glass of wine spilled out over the leather arm of his chair and onto my lap. My lap! It was filled with candy wrappers! Damn. In a rush of adrenaline, I tried to brush the wine from the leather but knew it had already stained, so I hid it with the throw blanket. Candy wrappers flew.

“What görükle escort the hell are you doing?”

“Having dinner?” my voice squeaked out in a whisper, with a flush of a smile. I leaned onto the stained arm of the chair. My cheeks blushed crimson. The mixture of wine and embarrassment collided.

“Didn’t you get my text?”

“Sure.” I tried to sound nonchalant. “Don’t hold dinner. So, I…”

He took a few steps back into the dining room, and returned, holding out my cell to me. It had been on silence from my meeting at the end of the day. “Try looking at the next two texts and calls.”

“Ooops.” They had told of change of plans. How he was in meetings and had asked me to join him for dinner at a restaurant.


I stood, the remaining wrappers fluttering to the ground. The throw caught on the waist of my PJs, exposing the red stain on his favorite, rather costly chair.

His handsome face turned livid with brown eyes nearly flashing. “Sorry? Oh, you will be!”

I heard the zip of his belt as it pulled free from his slacks and swallowed hard. I knew exactly what was coming.


“Noooooo!!” I kicked my feet and twisted over his lap. Even though I knew I shouldn’t, even though everything inside me told me to not reach back, I did. I had to protect my tender cheeks. I had to rub the sting away.


He had started more calmly, though I knew he was anything but calm. His sleeves were rolled up. He sank onto the leather chair. The same one I had been in. It was wide, so wide that I would sometimes drape across it or two people could squeeze onto it sitting properly. There was nothing proper now. When he slid back into the chair, he noticed the red wine stain, further fueling him. That wasn’t the scary part. It was his composure. He quelled all the roiling anger into a deep growl as he had asked me to slide over his lap.

I did. But he turned me around so that my face was on the wine stain. My belly trembled, the usual comfort of his warm lap, vanished when his hands abruptly positioned my legs up and tugged me so that my bottom was raised up and situated before him.

At first, he had no words. His big paw of a hand rubbed my bottom through my pajamas. I think I let out a moan at the loveliness of his touch. That stopped it.

Smack. Smack. One than another fell. Smack! He hit a cheek. Smack! Another. Then lower on my upper right thigh… six in a row then the same to my left. I shifted and bit back a whimper. He knew it didn’t hurt worthy of my cries. Not yet. The heat was building though.

He returned to the fullness of my cheeks. They came harder. In a footfall rhythm… then his words, cutting in even more.

“Do you have any idea how worried I was?”

Thwack! He hit with a stinging upstroke.

“No answer to texts…”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! I struggled to not squeal. To not reach back.

“No answer to a call.”

He pulled görükle escort bayan my PJ bottoms down mid-thigh. The cool air of the room kissed my increasingly sore cheeks.

“I was with a client. I stole away to call your cell…”

“And…” Smack!

“Do…” Smack!

“You…” Smack!

“Know…” Smack!

“What…” Smack!

“I got?” Smack, smack! Thwack!!

“No answer?” I squeaked out, trying not to cry out. Soft tears rolled down my face. My knuckles were white gripping the wine coved arm rest.

“Yes! So, for each of those attempts, you will get a belting with the full loop of my belt. And…”

“There’s more?!” My words fell out without meaning to.

“Make it two extra strokes. Want to go for three?”

I shook my head no.

“And… for all those candies… a swat of the little leather thong.”

I let out a sigh of relief. It was short lived.

“One for each wrapper.”

Nnn…” I swallowed back my objection.

His hand rubbed my bottom for reward.

“There’s a lot of wrappers, Kelly.” His hand cupped my trembling sex.

“We might have to take count.” His finger opened my slit and pressed in. Air gushed from lungs at his finger’s exploration.

“Do you think you can be a good girl?” His finger rocked inside me while his thumb rubbed my sweet sensitive nub.

“Yesssssss,” I moaned.

“Ask me, my sweet.” His administrations doubled.

I lost control. “Pleaseeeeee. Ooohh. Spank me. Make me take all you give meeee.” What was I saying?

He jammed his finger into my trembling wet hole. So needful and wet. He didn’t stop but picked up the pace, adding another finger. I knew not to cum without his saying so, at least when we were like this. I gasped and tried to hold back, mouth nearly biting the leather arm of the chair. I inhaled the smell of chocolate and red wine. Halloween Red. And I came!

“AAaaaaahhhhhhhhh…” gurgling as my body exploded.

He stopped. Abruptly. Too abruptly. “That’s enough for now.”

“What? But I…”

He pushed my legs off of him and pulled me into a kiss. A deep hungry, ravaging one. One that drew out more of what he had just stopped.

“Uh uh. Not yet, Kelly.” He stood.

“Take your PJ bottoms off and kneel up on this chair. No… face the back. You might want to hold on tight.”

There was only time for one gasp of realization. The belt flew. I heard it in the air then against my bottom. A heartbeat later I felt the sting fly deep into me. I knew he wasn’t giving it to me full force but the fire from it made me scream out.

“That’s one Kelly.” He rubbed my bottom and back with soft caressing strokes. I turned to look at him, tears rolling down my face.

He said softly, “C’mon now. You can do this. Deep inside you want it, don’t you?”

I took several ragged breaths and nodded. I saw his loving face and watched as he swung the next stroke. My eyes widened. No sound came out. bursa escort The fire from it tendrilled into me.

“Hold tight.”

I was lost, only remembering crying out as the next few hit in succession. Without a break, the sting jarred into me and built. When he finished, his hand was there again on my sex. I came. More of a shaking than a rolling wave. Release without the deep pleasure, just the shocking intensity.

“Oh, that’s my Kelly.” He dropped the belt and brought water to my lips. I drank heavily. He put it down.

“Here, let’s start like this…” He tugged my legs wider, knees at the edge of the chair, head near the arm rest. Before I knew what was happening, he started hit my cheeks with a leather piece about eight inches long.

“Oh, now you are getting a glow. A little bit of red, Kelly.”

“Aren’t we…”

“Shhh… No words for a bit, my sweet. I’m counting chocolate wrappers.” He repositioned my knees to the widest point.

Truth was the light whap of each stroke was almost a kiss to my skin. I closed my eyes and drew the feel of it inward, as the tiny whaps landed all over the backs and sides of my thighs.

“I lost count, Kelly.”

I whimpered, remembering not to speak.

“Let’s see if we can zero in on the number.” With that, his hand pulled the leather piece back and WHAP! It landed squarely on my pussy!

“Owwwwwwwwww!” My sob echoed and I reached back.

“Tsk, tsk. Let’s do that one again. Hold the chair, now.”

The leather hit my pussy. The next one my inner thigh. The other inner thigh, my pussy. Again, and again until at least dozen strokes hit me. I lost count. Some landed coaxingly gently, others with a resonating bite. I curled my tummy muscles in tight.

Then it stopped.

His hands brushed across my bottom. He gripped my hips and he plunged deep into me in one solid stroke. My pussy shook, clenching on him, trying so hard to hold back from exploding. Again, and again, his cock drove into my tender, tender pussy! His hand edged under my top, cupping and squeezing my breasts.

He rocked so hard into and out of me that his body slapped my flesh, reigniting the fire of his earlier stinging strokes. I twisted enough to feel his mouth on mine. His kiss ravaged my lips as his cock played riot in my pussy.

I came again when he whispered to do so, not even needing to be asked. This time everything shattered deep inside of me. No breath, no air, just him filling me. I must have screamed before collapsing.

Later, when he had shifted us around, I curled naked in his arms. Sated, kissing, the glow of calm washed over me. With his free hand, he took a deep draught of the wine and then held the glass to the light.

“What a beautiful color red. So lovely in the glass, isn’t it?”

I nodded and smiled luxuriously in agreement.

“Just not so lovely on leather. He pulled me back over, trapping my body to his lap with his strong arms.

“Noooooo!!” I kicked my feet and twisted over his lap. Even though I knew I shouldn’t, even though everything inside me told me to not reach back, I did. I had to protect my tender cheeks.

I knew I was red. I would be red until well past Halloween. Best dinner choice ever.

-Tender Bottom

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