Handy Andy – One and Six Ch. 04

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Andrew was financially secure — having sold his successful home repair business and obtaining a divorce. Now he could spend more time with his hobbies: golf, fishing, and vacations. But he also spent several days a week doing home repair work for those in his retirement community.

In time, several women customers, whose spouses had passed away, became Very Special Lady Friends — — V S L F. He did home repairs free of charge, his Lady Friends provided companionship, conversation, meals, and intimacy.

Stephanie is a Very Special Lady Friend — — he has been in her home often, and deep inside her at different times. Many intimate hours have been spent together — — providing mutual sexual satisfaction.

Many more hours will be spent together on this June fishing — camping trip to an isolated mountain lake. Both will dip rods into the cool water as they fish from the shore and from his small boat during the day. In the early morning and evening, Andy will dip his expandable rod into Stephanie.

His camper is small — comfortable for one person. But somewhat crowded for two people. But all of the necessary items are available for simple camping — but not for luxury camping. There is no electricity at this isolated mountain lake — and no computer or cell phone service. There is no running water. Andy enjoys this style of camping. Stephanie has said she will enjoy it — — with Andy.


The traffic and buildings of their community are about one hour away. Andy and Stephanie are making satisfactory time as they travel toward the distant mountains, traveling in his compact SUV and pulling the small camper. Traffic is very light. Music from an easy listening CD fills the SUV.

Without saying a word, Stephanie unbuttons her shirt. Then she unhooks and removes her bra. She is still wearing her shirt but it is completely opened — — her ample breasts and abdomen exposed.

“Does this bother you, Andy? As we travel, I want to get some sun on my body.”

“No. Not really.”

Andy continues to drive. Several times, when another vehicle approaches them, Stephanie simply covers her boobs or slides down in the vehicle seat.

Andy continues to drive on the two lane road. Stephanie is still getting some sun on her exposed upper body. But now she is massaging her mounds of female flesh and nipples. A few times, Andy quickly glances at her boobs — his manhood stirs.

She slides her shorts and thong panties down to her lower legs. Now, fingers of one hand are massaging her breasts. Several fingers of her other hand are playing with her clitoris and pussy lips.

Several times, Andy looks at her exposed body. He has known her body completely at different times in the past, he will know her body over the next few days as they fish and camp. But he still appreciates and enjoys female flesh and curves. He continues driving for several more miles.

“I want to rest a little before I continue driving. This road will soon be curving and become a dirt – gravel road as we gain elevation. We have a little less then an hour to drive. Then we can fish for a few hours before it gets dark.”

Andy pulls off the road and stops in a small dirt parking lot. There is one picnic table but no other vehicles are in the lot. It is quiet.

“I need to relieve myself.” Stephanie says., as she pulls up her shorts and thong panties. Her shirt is still unbuttoned.

“So do I. But there are no restrooms at this site. Just get behind a large tree.”

“I do not see any pink trees or blue trees.” Stephanie says, and softly laughs.

“All the trees are unisex trees. Just select the size of tree that you want to water.”

Stephanie gets out of the SUV, leans against a tree, and pulls down her shorts and thong panties. Her boobs are totally exposed. Her abdomen and the top of her slit are exposed. Andy watches a stream of urine leave her body; he watches as she uses toilet paper.

“You turn, Andy.”

Andy unzips his pants, and reaches in for his rod. His V S L F watches his flaccid penis — — as a pale yellow stream of liquid falls down to the ground.

Andy takes Stephanie’s hand, together they walk to the picnic table. Andy sits down on the top.

“I would appreciate a quick blow job — while I rest.”

Stephanie bends over, opens her mouth, and starts sucking on his flaccid penis. For several minutes, his entire flaccid penis is inside her mouth. As she bobs her head up and down on his manhood, her lips frequently touch the fabric and zipper of his pants that surround his organ.

Gradually, his penis grows larger, no longer can she take his entire organ inside her mouth. Several times, Andy massaged her boobs.

“I love feeling your penis grow larger in my mouth.”

“And I love being in your mouth. Actually in any of your openings.”

“And I like pleasing you, Andy. In any way.”

Now, Stephanie is focusing her sucking activity on his cock head, rim, Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort and several inches of his shaft. The blow job continues for several more minutes.

Andy looks at his watch. And says: “I believe that we need to start driving again. We can continue out mutual pleasuring once we are situated at the lake.”

As Andy gets back into his vehicle, he glances toward the area that had been fertilized with their urine. The two damp spots, that were made about twenty minutes ago, have completely disappeared. The only evidence of their stop is some damp toilet paper that Stephanie had placed in the large trash barrel.


Andy continues driving on the curving mountain dirt – gravel road — almost always they are gaining elevation. Finally, they reach a pass between the mountains — Andy parks his vehicle. Both get out and look at the mountain lake in the valley. It is an oval shape — surrounded by mountains on three sides. On the South side, the mountains are back away from the lake — only a dozen or so camp sites are on the South side, but most are hidden from view by trees or small hills. Only two small row boats are visible on the lake. Andy sees no one fishing from the shore.

“Possibly there are only a few people here.”

Again, Andy and Stephanie are in the vehicle. Andy shifts into low gear and slowly drives down the steep grade toward the lake.

As the vehicle approaches a fork in the road, Andy says: “The gravel road on the North side leads to several camp sites. I prefer the South side — that gravel road is longer. The roads do not connect — but there is a hiking trail between the two roads. My favorite camp site is at the end of the gravel road. It is a secluded site.

As they drive slowly on the narrow one lane dirt – gravel road, only three parked vehicles with campers are seen. In ten minutes or so, Andy is parking at his favorite camp site. It is a small peninsula of land that has a hook. The actual camp site is about ten feet above the level of the water and on the West side of the peninsula. A ridge of ground, rocks, and trees blocks any view of the site from most of the lake. A small beach is also on the West side. Shallow quiet water is on the West side, but the water on the East side of the peninsula is much deeper.

It is a very secluded site — a very private site. A site where a person can fish — with out being disturbed by others. A site where many intimate things can be done outside between a man and a woman — in and near the water, on the sandy beach, on the picnic table.

Together, both walk hand-in-hand on the small peninsula. For several minutes, Andy does not say a word. He briefly thinks about the times he has been at this lake — with a male fishing buddy. And with several of his Very Special Lady Friends. He thinks about the many pleasures his V S L F and he have had — fishing and nude swimming. And a variety of interesting sexual activities.

“This is really a very nice view — in every direction. How did you find this lake, Andy?”

“One of my fishing buddies told me about this lake — several years ago. Actually we came together a few times and fished here.”

“How often have you been here?”

“I try to get here about three times during the summer and early fall. During the winter the road up the mountain is not plowed. It would be almost impossible to drive up the dirt – gravel road because of snow and ice. Also, the lake most likely would be covered with ice and some snow.”

“It is a beautiful spot. And this is a very secluded camp site. Many thanks for inviting me.”

“You can thank me in many ways during the next few days.”

“I will, Andy. We will have lots of flesh to flesh contact.”

“We came to fish during daylight hours. Let’s fish.”

With Andy’s help, Stephanie was soon fishing in water near the shore. She was using an older fishing rod, a bobbin, and some fish eggs. Her shirt was unbuttoned — her ample female mounds of flesh exposed.

Andy was using one of his favorite flies and casting far out into deep water. In an hour or so, Stephanie had caught and released three small fish. Andy had caught and released two slightly larger fish. But Andy had also caught one large fish.

As the sun set, Andy took some pictures of the North mountain and its reflection in the calm water of the lake. He also took several pictures of Stephanie — she was wearing shorts and her shirt was buttoned.

“I would like to have some pictures of you posing — — partially dressed and nude.”

Stephanie posed. Andy got the pictures that he wanted of Stephanie. A mountain background, leaning against a tree, sitting on a log, sitting on a rock with her feet in the water. In some of the pictures, she was dressed. In others, her breasts were uncovered. In others, she was stark naked. Andy also took some close up pictures of her female flesh — at the juncture of her legs.

Then Stephanie placed the fish in the valley between her breasts. She held the fish in place by pushing her mounds together. The tail of the fish was near Stephanie’s face, the fish’s head near her navel.

“You can not hold a fish in this manner, Andy.”

“Correct. But the position of head and tail reminds me of one of my favorite sex positions — sixty nine.”

“I also like 69 — — both of us can get pleasure at the same time.”

As they talked, Andy got several pictures of Stephanie and the fish.

“But — — — I can hold a towel with my firm erection. You can not do that.”

“Correct. But I have three places where you can put your firm erection.”

“And I want to!”

Using a tripod, additional pictures where taken of Andy and Stephanie close together. Some dressed, some partially dressed, and some stark naked.

As twilight approached, they ate a simple meal: Fish cooked in Andy’s special seasonings — — plus canned pot roast and vegetables heated over a small propane stove. Blush wine, bottled tea, and cookies completed the meal. Both were wearing shorts and shoes. Each had on a shirt — but frontal flesh was very visible.

“I am a little tired from the driving — — let’s have some sexual pleasure then get some sleep. I want to be up early tomorrow and do some fishing.”

“Sound like a satisfactory plan to me.” Stephanie replied.

Evening was rapidly approaching, as they prepared for bed.

“What type of sexual activity would you like, Andy?”

“A hand job would be nice. Then cow girl.”

As he spoke, Andy got on his back. He was completely naked. Stephanie was completely naked.

Stephanie put some baby oil on her hands and on Andy’s flaccid penis. Then she started stroking his penis with one hand, and massaging his balls with her other hand. She grasped his penis at the base — and pulled upward toward the penis head. At other times she grasped and twisted — as she pulled upward toward the head.

“Very nice. Very nice. Always pull my cock from the base upward to the cock head. Just like you are milking a cow — you always pull the cow’s teats from the udder down toward the milk pail.”

“Years ago, I grew up on my father’s small farm. I helped him milk our few cows. There is some similarity between a cow’s teats and a man’s erection.”

Andy smiles — and laughs softly.

His balls were gently massaged. Several times, Stephanie rubbed a finger from Andy’s ass hole, over his twins, and up his shaft — then she circled the cock rim with her finger. Andy’s manhood responded — as Stephanie played all of the correct notes on his organ.

“Yes. Yes. Wonderful, Sweetheart.”

The hand job continued for many more minutes. Rays of light, from the battery operated camp light, made Andy’s lubricated rod glisten. Then, Stephanie quickly placed some lubrication on her pussy lips.

“Do you want me to be dressed or undressed?”

“I want your cock to be bare. When you fire your gun, I want to feel your cum hitting the inside of my love tunnel.”

She was on her knees — her genitals directly over his rod. Holding his rod, she slowly lowered her body and guided his rod pass her pussy lips and into the depths of her vagina. Neatly trimmed female pubic hair mashed against male pubic hair. Andy had his head elevated — he looked over his chest, then over his abdomen — — but he could not see his shaft. It was completely hidden inside Stephanie’s body.

But slowly part of his shaft became visible — as Stephanie raised her body. Then the shaft was hidden — as she lowered her body.

“Get your boobs moving. Baby. I love watching a woman’s boobs swing and sway as she rides in my saddle.”

“And I like riding in your saddle. I enjoy the way your cock fills my cunt.”

“So do I, Baby. — — — — So do I.”

Initially, Stephanie was moving her body slowly up and down — now she is moving faster. For many minutes, Andy’s rod is fishing inside a moist tunnel — sometimes in shallow water, other times in deep water. But the head of the rod is always in the water.

“Love those boobs bouncing around, Baby. You have a beautiful pair of teats. Almost like a pair of matched book ends.”

“I bet you say that to all the women that have sex with you.” Stephanie suggests, and softly laughs.

“It is true that I have some other women that I do repair work for — in exchange for companionship and sex. But I only say something if it is true.”

“You may look at my boobs any time you desire.” Stephanie says — as she shakes her upper body, faster.

“Nice, Baby. Very nice boobs. Attractive boobs.”

Now, Stephanie is riding hard and fast in Andy’s saddle. His cock is hard — very hard. Finally, his cock increases slightly in size.

“Do you feel my cock getting slightly larger?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“My ejaculation is starting. Yes. Don’t stop riding!”

In only a few seconds, Andy has fired his load of cum — deep into her moist tunnel.

Stephanie moves off his body. Both rest, skin touches skin in different places. Several blankets cover their nude bodies. Sleep comes quickly.


Early morning light starts seeping through the camper’s blinds. Almost at the same time, both move. They kiss and quickly have a cold breakfast. Fishing with an attached rod in a moist cunt is important to Andy. But fishing with his purchased rod in a mountain lake is also important.

But Andy knows that it is necessary to catch fish — if you want to eat fresh fish for lunch and dinner.

As Andy walks away from the camper, he looks up toward the sky. The sun is partially hidden with some white clouds. He looks West and see more clouds — — but these clouds are light grey. The calm water of the lake yesterday afternoon and early evening is gone. The wind is blowing, now the water is somewhat rough with small waves. The upper small limbs of the trees are moving.

“I believe that we will have some rain today. Let’s fish from the shore and not use the boat until the storm is over.”

“OK. You know better then I.” Replies Stephanie.

Both fish, from the shore. Stephanie is using one of Andy’s old rods, a bobbin, and an artificial worm. Andy is using another favorite fly and casting out into deeper water. After an hour of fishing each had caught and released several small fish.

After an hour or so, the clouds are dark grey — the sun is no longer shining. The first few drops of rain are starting to fall onto the lake. In several minutes, it is raining.

“Let’s go into the camper, Stephanie, and I can fish in your hole.”

Now the rain is coming down harder. It hits the metal roof of the camper and makes its own music. The swaying trees add their sounds. Now the falling rain is pounding the camper even harder. The sound becomes even louder — probably some hail is hitting the metal roof.

Inside the camper, both are naked — they completely ignore the sound from the rain and hail. They are making their own sounds — — the sounds created by a man and a woman who are becoming very intimate.

“Make love to me, Andy. Fuck me as I scream with delight when I feel your organ moving inside me.”

“You will get an excellent fucking. A fucking that you will long remember.”

They kiss, tongue tips touch and explore. Andy’s fingers are exploring the pink flesh between Stephanie’s legs. Her fingers are rubbing Andy’s cock. Both moan and sigh — — frequently.

“Fuck me, Andy. Fuck me.”

Stephanie is on her back, her head is elevated. Her ass is elevated, her legs are spread wide. Andy is between her legs. He moves forward — and pushes his bare cock against her moist pussy lips. Her lips separate — his cock head pushes past her lips and enters her moist vagina. His shaft follows — as deep as possible. Then he pulls partway out — only to plunge into her moist depth again. Repeatedly, his organ explores a moist love tunnel. The sounds of sex continue.

“Oh, Andy. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

Outside, the rain is pounding down onto the roof of the metal camper. Inside the camper, Andy is pounding Stephanie’s cunt. The rain slows, then stops — — possibly the rain is over. But the sounds of sex continue.

But Andy is still pounding a moist cunt. His cock enlarges slightly — and fires his load of cum deep inside Stephanie’s body. Momentarily, Andy appears to be exhausted. He pulls out — his ejaculation is over. Both rest, only their finger tips are touching.

Inside the camper, both eat an early lunch — peanut butter sandwiches, canned fruit, an energy bar, and water. Then Andy look outside, the weather is clearing — blue sky and small white clouds are coming in from the West. It is time to resume fishing.

Andy is wearing shorts that cover his knees when he sits down, a shirt, hat, shoes, and sunglasses. Stephanie is wearing short shorts, an unbuttoned shirt, shoes, hat, and sunglasses. Soon each will also be wearing a life vest for their safety when out on the lake.

With Stephanie’s help, Andy gets his small rowboat off the SUV roof and puts it partway into the water.

In five minutes or so, Andy has rowed the boat out into deeper water. Both are now fishing. Conversation is brief, infrequent, and soft. Andy is a very serious fisherman.

After several hours of fishing and rowing the boat to different spots on the lake, Stephanie has caught and released several fish — but she has kept one fish. Andy has caught and released several fish — but he has kept two fish.

Now back on shore, Andy takes several digital pictures of Stephanie and the fish that she has kept. Using the tripod, Andy takes pictures of himself and his two fish. Still using the tripod, more pictures are taken together — Stephanie and Andy and the three fish caught. The three fish are still dressed — covered in their scales. Both the fisherman and the fisherwoman are nude from the waist up.

Andy cleans the fish, the fish fillets are seasoned and slowly cooked over charcoal. Stephanie opens canned corn and beans — then sits the cans over the charcoal. In a few minutes, both are sitting at the picnic table eating an early dinner.

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